Eclipse Research Facility – Easter Egg Tutorial (PAYDAY 2)

If you have played Eclipse Research Facility heist normally, you most likely noticed another vault. But have no idea how to open it. If you didn’t notice it, you’re most likely blind It’s right next to the vault that is the objective. Yet you can’t drill it and it doesn’t seem to be part of the heist. Maybe you thought it was just a prop to make the facility feel bigger or something. In fact you can open the door Opening this vault is part of that easter egg. Clues how to complete this easter egg can be found on the level itself. If you want to figure out this puzzle Easter egg yourself, stop watching this video right now. I will spoil you how to complete it Completing the easter egg itself is not Super hard Figuring out what to do was harder at least for me. Some people might have figured it out faster But it did take a while to me to actually find Everything needed to complete the easter egg. If you do know the steps required the to the puzzle, finding the clues of course Isn’t needed anymore. I Will show you these clues anyway because that is how I found out what to do the first time around. This easter egg requires you To play loud, so you cannot do it stealth Sorry, you can also complete it on any difficulty solo or online. For the purpose of this video I did it on normal difficulty So I wouldn’t fail and have to redo it five times before completing on one down or something Clues about the puzzle are around the level as mentioned before Note bad number one can be found at the end of the Hallway near the vault for me Notepad number 2 is on the lab, on the next room, near 2 Workers. Notepad that number three is a restrooms that has four workers inside And finally notepad number four is inside a camera room From these notes we have to follow it. Step 1- No prisoners. Step 2 – Rewire the power Step 3 – Disable security measures Step 4 – Defeat the armored giants First step I figured straight away. There is a jail and inside the jail there are civilians not hard to guess what you have to do. NO PRISONERS First I tought killing the civilians was the way, but opening all the cells doors is actually enough. Whether you kill the civs or not, It doesn’t matter That’s up to you. step two is also quite easy=find some power boxes and no these are not the big boxes that you use in stealth If any of the cell doors in the prison are closed you cannot interact with any of the power boxes After all the cell doors are open there is a small audio que to let you know you have done it correctly. There’s a total of six boxes you have to interact with. Four of these are upstairs and two downstairs First off we have one “Tools” room downstairs It’s always in the same place. Second up, the second one downstairs is next to the vault. Just go through the lasers, it doesn’t matter if there’s lasers or not. Next up, we have 4 upstairs You can find one box in each of the bigger offices upstairs One in the smaller room and one in the bigger room next to a vending machine After you have interacted with all of these another audio cue will play and let you know that you have pressed all of them correctly This also triggers easter egg music the sin and the sentence by Trivium. While the awesome music is playing Which I had to mute for copyright reasons you may continue the step 3=disabling security Measures. This step is actually pretty easy, just takes time. Go to the security rooms inside You can see four computers. one of these computers is turned on and you can interact with it and start a hack After that hack is done Move on to the second computer and so on until you have hacked all four of them. All of the hacks are different lengths But it takes about 15 minutes to complete all of them Which is quite a while while doing this you might want to do the main objective Which is drilling security barrier and the normal vault. While you’re hacking computers you can also do a smaller easter egg Which is not required to do the main easter egg. To do this “side” easter egg, You need to press three buttons? One is in the prison the last cell on the left. press the button One is in the “Tools” room Press that as well. And the last one is one of the offices upstairs. Press the third button and you will activate another And you will activate another easter egg song. Again muted for copyright reasons After you have completed all the four computer hacks in the camera room step four triggers Defeat “The armored Giants” You might guess it’s bulldozers Yes, indeed. Rules of Nature from metal gear Revengeance starts playing while you battle minigun dozers They are coming from every doorway so you better prepare Have an ammo efficient build with you, because this takes a while. You need to kill 75 of them. You heard right. 75 minigun bulldozers After step 4 has been completed the vault opens revealing it’s loot for you to take. At this point It would be useful to have the normal objective completed. Otherwise You can’t secure the loot. And that’s all I enjoyed this easter egg a lot. A lot more than the one in project eclipse. This was more complex and Well it takes a long time. It’s fun to do and so on and now you can do it as well. Enjoy! I’ll see you next time Master Indigo, signing out.

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  1. Nate says:

    hey whats up

  2. Nate says:

    hey indigo can you give me a judge anarcho

  3. Paradox Gaming says:

    hint: use carry stacker for the love of god

  4. Lfren38 says:


  5. Viritos says:

    Really sucks that you can only interact with the boxes in stealth. Found the first two notes, but couldn't advance since i was going loud.

  6. ChirpieGames says:

    Ehem overdrill ehem

  7. eXeK says:

    why. the. fucc. secret. laboratory. has. god. damn. cocaine.

  8. Nixube says:

    i dont play loud usually, but this i might actually try. its interesting

  9. diamant 2521 le p g m says:

    how to create a custom heist

  10. Stret1311 says:

    I wonder the payout on One Down

  11. Blicz B says:

    Jumps on missiles RULES OF NATURE !!!

    Man, this music reminds me why Konami is the worst company ever – making Metal Gear Survive but not Metal Gear Rising 2 is a sin that is unforgiving. Also, treating their employees like shit isn't a good thing either.

    But seriously, loud, stealth and easter eggs are better then on the first heist. Some may say that distance between bags and van is long, but this distance in first heist was WAY worst. Enemies are placed better, and 75 minigun dozers… Man, if only Overkill could accept custom heist into main game, Eclipse Research Facility would be there in no time !

  12. Deep Gaming says:

    Hey, nice video! I just wanted to let you know that your channel and your content is what inspired me to make my channel and make my own videos. I get a lot of inspiration from your editing style and I really like it. Keep up the good work!

  13. Izaac Goudreau Reloaded says:

    im sure with the update 4 hours ago you can stealth it now.

  14. Daniel Dimov says:

    Thank god for subtitles.

  15. Martin says:

    Where is this heist from? I've never seen it anywhere, ever. I'm so confused

  16. Tacozone says:

    Title has eclipse in it.
    Solar Eclipse happens on the 21st.

  17. THE EQUALIZER says:

    for some reason i found all and hit each buttons but it wont let me advance to the third step

  18. replingham153 says:

    i found i couldnt interact with the small boxes 🙁 no prompt i did step one though

  19. Brandon Bariel says:

    Hey master indigo max out far away in shotgunner it gives u like 10 extra rounds in shotgun magazines

  20. WiktorMlyna says:

    "Easter Egg" So now this game is Call of Duty Zombies with police force instead of zombies?

  21. Danger Noodle says:

    It reminds me of the second mission of black ops where he is at the prison

  22. ricardo martinez says:

    C H A P E D C H A R G E S

  23. 私。 says:

    How to Play that heist? I dont have it

  24. viske says:

    After an hour of doing it and securing all possible loot and going back to the van
    "Application has crashed: access violation"

  25. Coolbien says:

    dumb question: is this heist on ps4?

  26. BEAR6 says:

    before: this is not hard to do
    after: u need to defeat 75 minigun dozer

  27. Marvinwum says:

    Does anyone know the pattern for the power boxes in the new pattern on this map? you cant just interact with them anymore and it looks like the pattern starts with

    the one at the vault
    the one in the office at the main entrance
    the one in the tool room

    i have found the other 3 power boxes but i can never interact with any of them after the first 3.

  28. Agressive Parmesan II says:

    bulldozers didnt spawn for me

  29. TurboCake17 says:

    i was kinda not interested after you said the hacks take fifteen minutes. But then you have to kill 75 minigun dozers.

  30. Go commit stand in the middle of the road says:

    4:50 that is a lie you can secure the loot even if the icon doesn't show

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