1. Gacha AnaPlayz says:

    I love the snakes the best tbh, sorry to the others.

  2. sweet dolce09 says:

    Luv Lucy💛💛💛

  3. Sharondria Jackson says:

    I love your snake

  4. LolChasity13 says:

    keep calm and be pasitytive

  5. Pastel Wolfie says:

    When I grow up I want to be this I want to work at a vet also because I love animals I am really an animal person so yeah and I mean love animals

  6. Patricia Armond says:

    A dor q ela ta sen5indo seu fdp

  7. Undercooked Chicken Nugget says:

    The channel Snake Discovery has some tips on how to deal with that! But your way is good too!

  8. Chelsea Deutsch says:

    I used to be so scared of snakes but watching ur videos I'm not so afraid anymore I love watching ur videos sending Lucy good vibes!!

  9. G8 MAGMA says:

    I will be scared to

  10. Chanita Colbert says:

    When I watch your videos I wish they'd never end ❤️

  11. WeedSmoking Gamer says:


  12. Darlene Cox says:

    shes going to be fine she is a strong strong female snake

  13. Nami Smith says:

    Bring luci to doc pol hes in Michigan and works with all animals

  14. Kaylz Amaral says:

    Haha your snakes died

  15. princess 💚 says:

    Snake abortion is a thing

  16. educational for children says:

    Every thing will be ok she will be fine I promise I'll pray for her

  17. Maria Pires says:

    Haters why wachin🙍‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  18. Shakeel Luyt says:

    I just woke up but I was dreaming about that you brought a bold pithon and I left hearing my garden and she gave birth to live young and I took half and took care of them but one tried to bite me

  19. R Mc says:

    Im new and no nothing about snakes or what business you do with all these animals but i love how you veiw life over profit when getting those eggs. Will have to look to how lucy faired in the 5 weeks (hope it was worked out)

  20. EMi Fine says:

    She will do amazing, she has been through so much and is so strong and hilarious

  21. Yt Tina says:

    You talk so fast! And you are really serious…
    Edit: also I’m a small youtuber please watch my video and like and subscribe I will be glad to have new subscriber. Thank you guys if u do!

  22. Angelynn Morgan says:

    Good luck …i hope u know u inspire many people😊

  23. Dusty says:

    how many animals do you have ???????

  24. Cleo Ritchie says:

    Brian I love snakes 🐍 and I love you channel

  25. Devon cope says:

    i wish he was in england im building a reptariam well my dad 😊

  26. Devon cope says:

    pray for Lucy

  27. Jamari Gathright says:

    Don't fell bad if you pry to good nothing will happen I promise just take care of her a lot

  28. Aceus X says:

    Pops every egg
    Snek: my poor eggs

  29. Ziyhon Wiggins says:

    Good luck

  30. Sierra vlogs #don’t bully says:


  31. Sierra vlogs #don’t bully says:

    Oh my god Lucy hundred prays for you

  32. Javion Early says:

    Is lusy still living I love her

  33. pastel waffle says:

    To get better yoy may have to get worse first

  34. thuglife leo says:

    I still remember sunshine,she was my favorite😭😭and now I don't wanna lose Lucy🙏🏼I hope she's fine❤❤

  35. Tashonda Jones says:

    He said some 2,4,6, (7)!!!! Like count right 😂

  36. Petsforlife 6 says:

    I love you and snakes

  37. Isabelle Sheldon says:

    I love your videos so much ❤️💕

  38. Dxxce Girl says:

    You didn’t want to count so I did there’s nine slugs hehe

  39. Karma girl Angel pain says:


  40. BeeBee Burns says:

    Was the song let me down slowly playing in the back ground at 12:34

  41. Daryah gang Period says:


  42. leilani bernard says:

    I hope Lucy is going to do good

  43. Elora The dragon says:


  44. Alichia Janse van rensburg says:

    Love your videos

  45. Becky Johnson says:

    Call the vet!!!!

  46. Kayla Cobart says:

    She'll be ok

  47. Tiara Kokalis says:

    I remember— he’s dealt with this before. Last time, it was 2 big eggs stuck inside a snake he incubated.

    Should he know what to do?

  48. The absolute cube says:

    I think snake felt pain

  49. Valeria Rodriguez says:

    Witic sanke has the most eggs

  50. Vampire Queen says:

    What’s in a sluger

  51. GcL 0813 says:

    I never have to go to the zoo to know more about snakes. Your video is so informative. I love you and your snakes brian. God bless you, your family and snakes..

  52. John Lloyd Garcia says:

    I like watching this video it makes me calm while watching those snakes living and comfortable and even the big snakes and their eggs.

  53. Ann Monce says:

    i will pray for you

  54. Shandrè Paige Fourie says:

    Stay happy stay happy amazing video

  55. Zay Lgr says:

    Where’s the water in Lucy’s enclosure?

  56. Heidi Rathbone says:

    it will be ok

  57. chandra jones says:

    What is inside of the egg

  58. zaida delgado says:

    Please don’t worry she’s going to be fine l know you love her and me to she knows you love her keep me informed all the best to you and Lucy

  59. Kimberly Mills says:

    Praying for Lucy she's an awesome snake

  60. Danielle Montgomery says:

    Brian, what do you do with slug eggs? Do you just throw them away or do you feel them to other animal?

  61. Am’s Sugar gliders says:

    Hi Brian could you make a video on what wood is safe for ball pythons if you are making a diy rack or enclosure please?

  62. Aldo D says:

    Lol I'm out of breath just listening…. Amazing energy

  63. kaydrian lambert says:

    Lucy is a strong women and she will get through it even you love you guys😂😂😂😂💓💓💓💓💓💓💓😽

  64. janna caraballo says:

    Helllo i love your vidos

  65. janna caraballo says:

    I hope lucy well lay her eggs and get bester

  66. Naya Mardini says:

    I love your animals and you🐍🐟🐢

  67. Shafiq Ur Rehman says:

    Why I don't like your talking style

  68. VPOSADA11 says:

    Keep going

  69. All about me Lydia Simpson says:

    Losy is my fravret snack to be confident and bileve

  70. Sophia Haynes says:

    Work as a team

  71. KittieCat Cuttie says:

    Haven't watched all yet but. Stay calm and live on. I hope Lucy's ok

  72. jessica boo132 says:

    Brian I'm going to get a snake and I wanna know if I should get a ball python

  73. Abi Mundy says:

    She will be ok 😁❤️

  74. Leilani Rumsin says:

    One time snake tried to bite me😚😚

  75. Turtle Discovery says:

    She will be okay

  76. Vicente Velasco says:

    Why they are not aggressive and biting even if he is removing the eggs?

  77. Deena McElroy says:

    Lucy will B okay🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍

  78. Deena McElroy says:

    One like = 1 pray 4 lucy

  79. logan wesley says:

    She will come through

  80. Christine Nagaye says:

    (1 like = 1 prary)

  81. I Am Chedda says:

    Performed a snake abortion..

  82. Naomi Solis says:

    It's okay I hope you he is going to be better and I wish the best for you

  83. micaela sacobie says:

    I hate snakes but I cant stop watching it’s so INTERESTING:)

  84. no vid channel says:

    2:30 dont thank me

  85. Lucas says:

    good job saving her! 😮
    good im not eating. and now my ass hurts too.. 😀

  86. Cool RULES Ruddy says:


  87. Isma Razorblade says:

    Like how he always saves snakes live

    Love him

  88. kate t says:

    I have been watching your vlog again ,,,well truth be have it I have been watching your vlog every night and not just 1 vlog but more that about 10 so I been catching up. I love watching 🤗

  89. lee caa says:

    3:07 THE SNAKE

  90. Diana Smith says:

    Can you please bring me a snake merch

  91. gamer nev rocks says:

    Even if she dies, she will always be in your heart

  92. Dovie Dossett says:

    You dont need positive vibes…you need a vet.

  93. Dovie Dossett says:

    Betadine bath for the crib?

  94. Marci Voigt says:

    She will be okay

  95. briah Alpine says:

    What if the snacks escape

  96. Golden_viper _2005 says:

    I have huge respect for you but please stop breeding Lucy, it barely ever goes right

  97. serena dees says:

    prayers for Lucy may she do grate and heal and be well

  98. Jess White says:

    Good luck

  99. Louise Merriman says:

    hows lucy

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