Elementary and Middle School: School $ense at Royal Credit Union

Royal Credit Union School $ense was
started in 1993 and provides a real-life, hands-on learning experience for
students in elementary and middle schools. It also offers students and staff at those schools the opportunity to make
deposits or withdrawals, just like they would at any other Royal Credit Union
office. I like working at RCU School $ense because everyone’s really nice and
I help you out. It’s really fun to work and, like, you get to do all this cool
stuff on the computers. And you get to have responsibilities. Royal Credit Union’s
School $ense program employs about 350 students each year. Students have to fill
out an application, they have to go through interviews, and of course they
receive training once they’re hired. So it really is a great experience. They
learn about Royal Credit Union’s core values. They learn about our core purpose,
and of course they learn about confidentiality. Remember – what happens at
RCU, stays at RCU. I think it’s important for kids to save at RCU because then they don’t go and, like, say “oooh can I get this toy” and they’ll
break away and it makes them sad They know how to save their money and
not waste on things, and can actually use it for good things. The
Royal Credit Union School $ense programs are typically open once a week
at each of the schools we’re in. We have three teams of students who trade off on
a three-week basis and they all get to do different jobs in the credit union – so
it really is a great experience for them. They learn to count money, they learn how
to work on the computer. The most thing I like about my job
is counting the money. They learn customer service skills when they’re – when they’re working with our Members so it really is a truly authentic learning
experience for our students. We are proud to bring the School $ense program into many of the communities we serve. It really is a great example of how we are
so committed to our core purpose in creating a positive impact in the lives
we touch. “Royal Credit Union School $ense – it’s a blast!”

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