Elizabeth Warren And Amy Klobuchar Weigh In On Economy, Student Loans | NBC News

100 comments on “Elizabeth Warren And Amy Klobuchar Weigh In On Economy, Student Loans | NBC News”

  1. Tobias Forge says:

    Hey Pocahontas, prescriptions prices are so high because of OVER-regualtion. It cost drug companies BILLIONS to bring a single drug to market and it often takes up to 10 years. Republicans are trying to fix this problem and you're against it, you hypocrite.

  2. M R says:

    Group of losers

  3. Matteo C says:

    I’m a college student and I will be voting for Trump

  4. Tobias Forge says:

    Trying to buy votes with the promise of "free" college is unethical. Unethical because it will likely never happen. Plus, if college were suddenly "free" it would completely diminish the little value that college has now. Most kids go to college and come out less intelligent than when they went in. Democrats have ruined the school system. Professors teach Democrat propaganda and have been banned from teaching anything of value or substance. Go ask any college student to tell you about the Bill of Rights or even just ask them to name their State's Senators. You'll see nothing but a blank stare from 99% of them.

  5. Tom Platz says:

    Amy Klobuchar ? Is the woman Donald Trump affectionately calls…. "Snow Woman ?"

  6. John Wayne Pettimore says:


  7. Jimmy Kuser says:

    Trump's in white house.. No dems never again .. TRUMP 2020

  8. Not left vs right, nationalism vs globalism says:

    They have white privilege but Tulsi Gabbard loves Putin. Andrew Yang is the antirobot racist thug beating up robots in Detroit: Become Human. Anti robot politics is the new racism called FantasyRacism.
    Pick Kamala Harris the first Jewish African Female President because she will end whiteness and white privilege.

  9. trueboss926 says:

    You guys are doing a great job of getting Trump re-elected. Keep it up!

  10. Eli G. says:

    Each and every one of them look and sound such a big lier!!! (Especially Cory)

  11. Tiana San says:

    Bunch of haters in the comments 😏🙄👀

  12. Clorox Bleach says:

    Drink me and you’ll never see Trump again!

  13. Jason says:

    Amy Klobuchar killed it tonight!!

  14. Charl0z1 says:

    Where's yang tho

  15. D Dr.Extra says:

    Come to Dallas homeless shelters. You would be shocked by how much people live unsheltered. We have so many of our own people to take care of before we start worrying about the migrants on the other side of the border. We have more than 500000 homeless people in this country. What are the policies you have for them?

  16. uptick 888 says:

    Russian trolls out in full force they must be getting scared

  17. Abhi Patil says:


  18. Vaughn Wilson says:

    Free free free…who can give more free stuff away… who can play the victim card more..

  19. James Lee says:

    I'd vote for someone who has a plan to tackle rising tuition prices at the source instead of using more and more taxpayer money to pay whatever prices colleges want.

  20. American Paisa says:

    She can paint 1/1024th the colors of the wind.🤣

  21. trueboss926 says:

    There is a 1/1024 chance I'd vote for Pocahontas.

  22. Bri A says:

    She has my vote

  23. Define The Line says:

    These people are sick in the head. Useful idiots will run this country into the ground

  24. Sweet Lips says:

    She is an angry fake Indian.

  25. Gcode Mfg says:

    What a debate,,which Wimp wants to be president, last 5 minutes,, views against the president ?? Democrats are done, gloves didn't come off, they forgot their "chones"

  26. Teapartyla says:

    I remember Obama said he would make college free, then he did nothing all 8 years. Awesome 🙂

  27. po says:

    I hope Saturday Night Live does a good skit on this

  28. Alex Ocasio-Gomez says:

    It's not the economy's job to pay off your loans. Just because we have an economy doesn't mean you can borrow money and not pay it back. Every country in the world has an economy and the ones that allow people to borrow money and not pay it back are broke and starving.

  29. mrmashedpotato says:

    It's doing great for Jews and Blacks

  30. rishnado productions says:

    aye shut up like you ever cared

  31. Clare Harvey says:

    Lowest unemployment rate ever for African Americans and Latin Americans. Wrong Faux-chohantis!

  32. 6'5, Give Me Some Leg Room says:

    Isn't she like 0.000000089% native american?

  33. rick Phillips says:

    Where goes ANYONE get the idea of "FREE" …anything ????? Sure , it's free if you take it, but where does the money come from ?….I quess from the "government" !!!!  yes, the GOVERNMENT …and where do they get their money?????……… from TAXPAYERS    …get your wallet out

  34. JAbrmd says:

    Riddle me this how to make the economy better for the middle working class. Give away more free things? Wait what…SMH.
    Money grows on trees we will just print more money.

  35. Harmless Doggo says:

    But where are the child drag queens and trans candidates? We need Pride flags at every podium! This isn't inclusive enough, guys. Why isn't this whole debate in Spanish??? ¡Si se puede!

  36. CaptainSpauIding says:


  37. hudson steele says:

    Lizzy must not have gotten the memo about Trump signing an executive order yesterday to make medical prices more transparent. Maybe he will tackle the drug companies next, Liz.

  38. Nam Do says:

    LATINX? I guest we know who the media is liking .. Pocahontas is a joke

  39. Bearlake1624 says:

    Horrible debate . Dumb questions . Grandstanding ,and gimmicks with language. Few questions really answered

  40. Roman Aguilar says:

    She lost me on latinx lol

  41. Mint says:

    I know everybody likes the word FREE in this world. Everyone knows nothing comes for free. Someone will pay.

  42. Mark Gumpal says:

    Free healthcare! Free college! Student debt erased! Sounds like an "honest" car salesman.

  43. Carl Makula says:

    All losers

  44. Super Channel Awesome Time says:

    You took the loan, you pay the loan. Get your hand out of my pockets.

  45. Matt Gogan says:

    Is Obamacare not working?

  46. Cori Andrew says:

    All talk and no action… they should be pushing to fix problems than just talk about them. DO YOUR JOB and get things Done! They are all idiots!

  47. Leo S says:

    College should be earned through fair testing, but offering it to all will strain the resources by a bunch of knuckle heads trying to extend their high school daze

  48. doitee52 says:

    PU…..what a stinker of a show! Pocahontas time to wrap it up for you. You are completely a drama queen and no one believes it. Terrible.

  49. Chris Otis says:

    Why did they ignore Tulsi Gabbard and then when they finally ask her a question they smear her and no one else? These Corporate news puppets asking questions on behalf of their masters is disappointing.

  50. W TF? says:

    Pocahontas was very angry tonight, while she was spewing her lies and false narratives!

  51. iamjohnporter67 says:

    I would Vote for someone that sees the biggest problems with the Education system and ACTUALLY does something to fix it that will give students a much better school life.

  52. Silvia Chamlee says:

    Elizabeth Warren bless her heart , she just doesn’t sound authentic or capable .

  53. W TF? says:

    This reminded me of my local school's PTA meetings. Who are these unknown clueless Socialist clowns?

  54. zero2a100 says:

    No im watching planes spray chemicals on us .
    Every day !!!
    It is THE
    SO go run vote for the deceptive liers ..AGAIN !!
    They have you ALL so dam easily fooled .

  55. Lene Ring says:

    Elizabeth Warren has my vote. Period

  56. notmyname fornow says:

    Always making an example of African AmericanS… That's say a lot how little they think about us. Wake up my peeps to these fools.

  57. AB says:


  58. NDFOOTBALL says:

    The more homeless on the streets the. More democrats can pitch socialism.

  59. X X says:


  60. Tucson Bushwhacker says:


  61. evilkingstanley says:

    Klobuchar's answer was extremely disappointing. The only thing of substance she gave was doubling Pell grant amounts. Okay, but that's up to congress not the president. After that it was just claiming she'd make it easier to pay off loans. How? What's your idea there? Also, to that little bit at the end there that she clearly thought would receive thunderous applause: the rich don't pay off their yacht, they buy it cash. Debt is a poor people problem. So your stupid rehearsed line that you thought was gonna really stand out doesn't even work.

  62. Tina Rota says:


  63. &* says:

    how about before you give us free college, make sure college is even worth fcking going to. In the meantime pick a trade school

  64. annoyboyPictures says:

    POCAHONTAS: "This Economy is not doing Great for Regular People"
    70% of REGULAR PEOPLE: "This Economy is doing GREAT!"


    Democrats ARE the reason Education costs have INCREASED at a rate of 8 Times the Normal inflation rate…. and like aca this WILL increase the cost Massively , you will get a FLOOD of people wanting to get in , dems will be dragging Every illegal immigrant into the system, people will be Changing their minds on what they want to take 1 semester in costing a LOT more to the schools, the drop out rate will be higher because the student and Parent wont Have any skin in the game . democrats NEVER have a real solution and Everything they do INCREASES costs and only Democrats IN GOVERNMENT get the benefit and increase in revenue .

  66. jeIIy says:

    America needs tuition free college and socialized healthcare

  67. JohnnyDemarco says:

    How about teaching students financial responsibility? Choose a school that you can afford or that wont rack up massive student debt

  68. Mark Allen says:

    ROFL! I never laughed so much during a debate. Thanks, Dumbocrats.

  69. I'm Your President says:

    Chief 'Spreading-Bull' "HOW! Economic policy of my wigwam..good for people." "I have $2. You have $25. Chief now have $27."

  70. Kim Haas says:

    😯 oh my! I LOVE Lizzy Warren. Never thought I’d say that.

  71. deogratius valerin says:

    Just imagine Elizabeth Warren meet..Trump in debate and start calling her POCAHUNTAS..just hypothetically..

  72. Bruno Sammartino says:

    With everyone speaking Spanish, why didn't Warren start speaking Navajo???

  73. Ricky Disco says:

    Amazing how the mainstream is embracing Warren all of a sudden? Anyone but Bernie eh.
    No healthcare, supported every war and voted for the Hide amendment, restricting poor peoples access to safe abortions.
    This is not a progressive people, not by a long shot. Big difference between what we shake our fingers at and what we vote for!

  74. Ricky Disco says:

    Just transferred PAC money from her Senate race account, she is full of it.

  75. jet1guy says:

    She should donate 100% of her salary, along with all the other US Senators who think this way, to pay off Student Loan debt. Ludicrous logic.

  76. Daniel Arroyo says:

    Putoricans need her vote

  77. James Collinson says:

    No way Elizabeth Warren could ever get elected president. Who would vote for a woman who looks like the meanest school teacher they ever had?

  78. Willow Tree House says:

    Hola frijola !

  79. Detra Edwards says:

    I dont know my electric bill did go down this month due to his tax bill…and normally I don't thank Trump..but thanks lol….but I still won't vote for him..money is great but it's also the root to all evil. Greed is the reason the world is going to fail..The rich are draining the pond and soon nothing will be left.. Look at history the moment the greatest dynasties peaked the moment they all started to crumble and that's because wealth is supposed to circulate.. all are supposed to benefit and when you hold onto wealth instead of circulating it eventually it stops growing because there is no room to grow…what people fail to realize is the more people you make richer or wealthier the more wealthier everyone becomes…the more wealthier a few people become the less wealth that will be had in the long run..in other words other people make other people rich..People cannot be rich without each other…When you see the rich get richer and the poor get poorer prepare for dooms day…that's all I am saying..

  80. Detra Edwards says:

    So far elizabeth is the most reasonable person but as we all know it's not about who's the best or most reasonable it's about who's the most electable….maybe her and biden can be on the same ticket if they pick him over her…….we need to start allowing all the candiates who are running for president to run for the electoral college instead of a party electing 2 ppl and then letting people choose between those 2 ppl….I think it would be better for the country…

  81. Larry Smith says:

    Lol crazy Apache warren….demovrat looneys.

  82. Daniel Arroyo says:

    How can I get people like Puerto Rican’s to vote for her

  83. Gravey Davey says:


  84. Cheryl Ladd says:

    What a load of BS. Health care premiums are high because of Obamacare. If we tax those who provide the jobs at 70%, they WILL GO ELSEWHERE AND TAKE THE JOBS WITH THEM. A class in economics should be mandatory for every one of these morons in Congress.

  85. nwilly8 says:

    I have a groundbreaking idea…. You want free college??? (we all know it's not free- just using their lingo) Serve in the military and then you've actually earned the right to an education that someone else will pay for.

  86. Q plus Darrin Rosebrook says:


  87. Eden Conahan says:

    Maga 2020

  88. Shawn James says:

    Pathetic people maga country trump 2020.

  89. Rick Fassel says:

    Warren. Biden my choices

  90. Jonathan Warren says:


  91. Raymond Kidwell says:

    Who is this economy really working for: when you have to claim to be Native American or paint your skin and pretend to be black in order to succeed I can definitely tell you who it is not working for: white people.

  92. Brandon Guerrero says:

    I agree there is no reason why community college can’t be free

  93. Peter Simon says:


  94. joseph guidry says:

    Wait a minute! Didn't Obama take credit for the economy? Weren't Democrats railing about Obama being the one who started it? They can't even get on the same page. This is the most intellectually inconsistent and dishonest group of zombies.

  95. Jim R says:


  96. alex ortiz says:

    No one here has a chance of beating Trump. Midwest Democrats will not go along with this insanity.

  97. bongo fury says:

    O.K. Einstein’s, and what about next year’s students? And the year after THAT?
    And every year to follow?

    Me thinketh the socialist Democrats are promising this thing just to get votes for 2020. With free tuition, how will the universities pay for the diplomas and toilet paper…..2 separate things I think.

  98. Cerebral Caustic says:

    Hey Warren if you want to reduce college debt start with the price of your textbooks


  99. Cerebral Caustic says:

    WTF is Latin-x?

  100. Hunter MacDonald says:

    0:20 actually the African American unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been

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