Elizabeth Warren and Holly Petraeus Join Forces at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

here this this really is have is brilliant her and the more the more i see from elizabeth warren at
the happy rise with what she’s doing she has just appointed holly protrude prot rates that’s right general per traces wife to the consumer financial protection
bureau office of service of member of fair snap a really in buttresses served as the uh… director
of the better business bureau military line which you have moral lesson sounds like an had a
similar function would teach service members some basics
about finances so that they wouldn’t get screwed of
course they did you know we i recall there was uh… stories of how predatory lenders were
really taking advantage of of military personnel but by bringing in holly per tray is into the into this uh… into the fold here it just strengthens
this consumer financial protection bureau and if you had any doubt that very high on the agenda of the
republican party would be to bring elizabeth of warren in
front of uh… congressional hearings on you know how cruel were being to
predatory letters this is going to helped quite a bit uh… in terms of and not be leaving her uh… or at least in tokyo finger
protecting one of her flanks brilliant move you know and and and clearly harper
trace has served in this function in some capacity
appropri closer so man probably also a good move sort of the two for you get somebody who is a already experienced in this world and
sophisticated as to these type of predatory lending practices somebody’s obviously dedicated to
protecting and military personnel and also somebody who is you’ve got a lot goodluck go with the republican sts
attacking ala carte race in some type of hearing

One comment on “Elizabeth Warren and Holly Petraeus Join Forces at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau”

  1. Boomer1949 says:

    Mrs. Warren is the best. I have been impressed with her from the very first interview I watched. This appointment is one of the finest Obama has done. Her picking Holly to be on her time is absolutely a move to strengthen her flanks…brilliant.

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