Ellen Gives Her Bucket of Savings to the Lopez Family

Yesterday we surprised an
amazing family at their home in Red Bank, New Jersey. And we had a feeling we
were going to love them, but we didn’t realize how
much until this happened. [SCREAMING] [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS] What do you have, Josevic? What? I’m going to save a gorilla. You’re going to save a gorilla? Yeah. I know Josevic. That’s why I’m there, because
I heard you were saving all of your birthday money. That’s amazing, Josevic. That is so sweet of you to
think about the gorillas. I want you to get the gifts from
day one of my 12 Days, and day two, and day three,
and day four, and the entire 12
Days of Giveaways that we gave away this year. Thank you so much, everybody. Can you believe that? I love them so much, I
wanted to get them here as soon as possible. Please welcome the Lopez family. Do you know how much that has? No, I don’t know. Tell me how much it is. It have three– I mean, $318. $318? It doesn’t end there, right? It never ends. No, so school ends in June. And then what we’re
going to do in September, start all over, right? Yup. Wow. That is so sweet that you
care so much about helping me with the gorillas. Thank you so much. And this is money that
you’re given for ice cream. And instead of spending it,
you’ve been saving it for me. Yup. Isn’t that sweet? And Serali throws in
her two cents too. Yeah. Are you excited, mama? You excited, mama? She’s very excited. She’s very emotional. She’s like me. You want to give
her another hug? Yes? You can give her another hug. Can I have another hug? Thank you so much. So you started a
lemonade stand, right? Yup. And where did you
start that stand? So my husband plays soccer. And we only did
a couple of times because we didn’t have a banner,
so no one knew we were there. But, we ended up saving $40. And that’s how we started. And it’s been growing. It adds up, doesn’t it? Yes. And you’ll keep doing it. OK, so we surprised
you at your house. Jeannie showed up. What did you think
when you saw Jeannie? It was amazing. We couldn’t believe it. We were so in shock. We still can’t believe it. We gave you all 12 Days. Everything that we gave
away for all 12 Days. Right. What’s your favorite gift? My favorite gift was the big TV. It’s nice to have a big TV. So I can see you more wider. And you mommy? What was yours mama? I love that you’re
seeing me wider. I have the Elsa LEGOs. The Elsa LEGOs. That’s a good gift too, yes. And what did you like? Everything, everything. The baby loved the guitar. The moment that guitar
came inside the house and was put down– Wow. –he started playing it. And nine o’clock came,
and he my husband tried to take the guitar away. And he’s like, no. He started crying. So he literally went to
sleep holding the guitar. Yes. Well, that means he’s probably
going to– if he’s drawn to it that much, maybe he really
needs to start playing. Get lessons. All right, so the reason
that we even found you, because you were on
the news because all three kids– and the little
one is backstage right now. He’s two. All three kids are born
on the exact same day, which is such a weird– and that means, it turns out–
everyone’s done the math. –it’s Valentine’s
Day for y’all every– Yes. Every Valentine’s– So we never really celebrated
Valentine’s Day like that. But after that we don’t. It’s not even on our calendar. What’s that? Like, no. Right. Right. Yeah, turns out you did
celebrate Valentines Day. Yes, used to. No more. All done. We got you a gift to wear
on Valentine’s Day now. Oh my God. Onesies. [INAUDIBLE] OK, we’re going to take a break. And I have one more gift
for you after the break. We’ll be right back. We’re back with
the Lopez family, and I was telling them
during the break, we do a lot and we help a lot of people. But after I did that
segment, I haven’t stopped thinking about
them because that’s just the sweetest thing,
when the family is going through a hard time,
for him to be selfless and to think about
saving gorillas. And that’s just really sweet. I also have been saving money. So do you want to
see what I’ve saved? All right, let’s walk over here. Come on. Walk, baby. Oh my God. Oh my God. A hundred money? I’ve been saving money too. And I thought that
I should give you the money that I’ve been saving. You want to see how much
is in here for your family? Mm-hm. All right. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Thank you so much. You’re welcome. Thank you. [INAUDIBLE] We’ve been
partnering with Green Dot Bank. And Green Dot Bank
is all about helping you save for the future. And they want to give
your family $50,000. And I just love your family. I just love your energy
and your kindness. And I want this to help you get
to do anything and everything you want to do in life. Thank you. I want to thank, Dax
Shepard, Nicole Avant. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
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