Embrace Home Loans

Your home reflects your style, your
personality, so when these newlyweds
became tired of their outdated kitchen
they started looking into refinancing
their home. Hi, so great to meet
you! Seth, hi! Nice to meet you. Today they are meeting with Brad
a loan officer from Embrace Home Loans
to discuss their options. I met with Seth and Lindsey, a
nice couple who have owned their home
for a couple years. They wanted to
talk about refinancing so they could get
cash out to make those renovations. I
remember you telling me you put some money
down originally so it I think we have
some equity to work with. Yes. So you
can get some money out to do. Yes, thank
goodness. So
let me tell you about the process. Okay. At Embrace Home Loans they can
help you buy the home of your dreams or
make your current home all that you want
it to be. What type of upgrades are you
looking to do within the kitchen? We want
maybe more contemporary because right now
it’s a little bit 90s. Definitely the
counters and countertops, appliances. Makes sense, how
long have been in the home? Two
years. Two
years, okay yeah great! Since mortgages are all they do
you can rest assured that they’ll do it
fast and they’ll do it right because at
Embrace the customer is their priority. We’ve
been around over 35 years and 46 states
and D.C. We know the ins and
outs of mortgage lending and have found
that our different approach, one that
puts the customer first and absolutely
every step of the process makes a
difference. We
believe in this goal so strongly that
each employee is empowered to do what
they need to do to ensure we meet this
goal. This commitment is what
attracts people to work at Embrace so you
get happy people who genuinely care
and want to work with you. Brad showed
Seth and Lindsey the simple online
refinancing process and also cleared up a
few misconceptions about home loans
too. One
misconception most people have is about
down payments. Everyone thinks
you need 20 percent down to find
affordable financing options. Nope, not
true. There
are so many loan products out there for
every different need and we can find the
one that works best for people just like
Seth and Lindsey. Refinancing is
just one of the many solutions Embrace
Home Loans offers. Another challenge a
first-time or for that matter any time
homebuyer might face in today’s market is a lack
of inventory. Too many buyers not
enough houses. There are often multiple
offers on a single property for sale. Competition’s fierce that’s
causing prices to go up. Buyers who are
not pre-approved can find themselves
unable to get an offer submitted
quickly enough and sadly they lose out on the
home of their dreams. Which is why
Embrace came up with a proof to move. A proof
to move is powerful. Each buyer is just
as good as a cash buyer and by changing
the timing and tasks associated with
the loan process we can get buyers
an actual loan approval before they even
start to look for a home. Not a flimsy
basic pre-approval, a full approval. The loan
application is fully underwritten we run
their credit and complete the verification of their income and
assets. We meet all program conditions
up front we even provide them with a loan
estimate which tells them exactly what
they will pay. Many believe that
a basic pre-approval will do the trick
when in fact in most cases a basic
pre-approval is not that hard to come by at
all. Every
lender will tell you that they offer one. It’s what’s behind the
pre-approval that matters to a realtor and a
seller and that is where we distinguish
ourselves. This is how we put our customer
first, we turned our mortgage process
completely upside down and created our
approved to move program. Want to see what
Embrace Home Loans can do for you? We
continue to challenge ourselves every day to
innovate and achieve new levels of
satisfaction that we can bring to the
customer experience. In Seth and
Lindsey’s case a cash out refinance will
give them the added money and flexibility for their kitchen
redesign. Buying or refinancing a home
should be an incredibly fulfilling
experience, not something you dread. Yes
sometimes it’s challenging but leave the
challenges and the mortgage up to us. Enjoy
your experience of making a house a
home! Go to
Embrace Home Loans dot com forward-slash
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