Escape Heists and Achievements [Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, today’s video will be a guide
on the Escape heists and their achievements. There isn’t really much to say about the
heists themselves so we’ll look at the best ways to get the 5 Escape achievements or to trigger an Escape if you’re grinding for the Escape Van Safehouse trophy. And as usual all the strategies involved here
can be done solo or with friends. We’ll first start off with the basic mechanics
of Escapes, followed by strategies for each individual escape/achievement. And after that I’ll put all the detailed
information on the Escapes plus full video footages for your viewing. Time skips and bookmarks can be found in the
description below so check it out if you want to skip ahead. Alright, so Escapes is an extra gameplay that was added on release of the Armoured Transport DLC. It was fun at first but became kind of
repetitive after a while so it’s a good thing that anything past this DLC didn’t have any escapes. So generally, to trigger an Escape, you’ll have to enter the escape box after it goes loud. It doesn’t matter if you escape 1 second
immediately after or if you escape during an assault so there’s an old myth busted. And only Framing Frame day 1 and Rats day 2 has some special conditions or delay. Apart from that, each dead civilian in the
heist will add 5% chance to trigger an Escape, excluding Nightclub and Transport Park. You don’t have to worry about these special
conditions, we won’t be using most of these heists except for Nightclub. Next, all possible escapes for a heist share
an equal chance, so for example Framing Frame day 1 can only trigger a Cafe or Park Escape, with 50% chance for each. And lastly, purchasing the Expert Driver asset
will remove this chance entirely so… no. Don’t buy that if you’re hunting for achievements. Now let’s look at the strategies. Generally for all the strategies I recommend
that you do it on the Normal difficulty except for the Garage Escape, which I’ll explain later. On the Normal difficulty cops will be a pushover,
killing civilians will have less of a penalty and objectives are easier. So for Street, Cafe and Park Escape we will
be using the same heist to trigger it: Ukrainian Job. Ukrainian Job on the Normal difficulty has
a 30% base chance to trigger and can also be completed in around 1 minute, plus there are civilians around so we can increase our chances of getting an escape. So to start off, make sure that we bring Shaped Charges for the safes and some grenades or explosive weapons for the civilians. Then mask up right at the start, do some collateral damage to up our chances and grab the tiara. If you’re going for the Cafe Escape achievement, be sure to grab 1 jewellery bag on the way out. Then proceed to escape only after it
goes loud. And make sure to reach the escape within 45 seconds of going loud if you want to save time. Otherwise the van will leave and you’ll
have to wait for it to come back. The Street Escape is the easiest, just make sure you turn off the AI before starting the Ukrainian Job contract so they don’t accidentally kill a sniper. The Cafe Escape is pretty simple as well;
The heist has 3 corners. We’ll start off in 1 corner and the escape will be either of the remaining 2. So just find a good place to wait, run to the van, throw in the jewellery bag and escape. I’m not exactly sure if carrying loot on
your back counts, so to be safe, secure the loot in the van before escaping. For this achievement, contrary to what the
title suggests, we don’t have to defend the park. From the start, just run straight to the the
open carpark, find somewhere to hide and wait there until the van arrives and you’ll get your achievement. If you start off with the crashed van half
into the south side I recommend you restart so that the cops don’t accidentally walk
through the park. I also made the mistake of suppressing a cop, which made him try to find cover in the park so it’s best you only defend yourself instead
of actively fighting them. I have a video of me using the Free Camera
mod to catch a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on, it’s pretty fun to watch
and you can find it from the bookmarks. The best way to trigger the Overpass Escape will be Rats day 1. Ignore cooking any bags and blow the lab on
purpose for a 100% chance to trigger. Then defend yourself and escape when the van arrives. Rats day 1 has 2 possible escapes so that
means a 50% chance for Garage or Overpass so if you don’t get it the first time, just
quit the contract and try again. For the achievement itself, you’ll have
to ensure that the cops don’t step onto the bridge so an easy way to defend it would
be to bring sentry guns. It’s also best that you restart until you
get the starting point on the roads below so that cops don’t accidentally step onto
the bridge. I’m not sure if dominated cops will void
the achievement so it’s best not to try that. And from here, just keep defending until the escape vehicle arrives and you’ll get your
achievement. Alright, here we are at the Garage Escape
section. By now you should know this is a DLC related achievement but I’ve included a no DLC method of getting this achievement as well if you’re interested. So 2 ways to trigger the escape: Nightclub
for no DLC and Transport Harbour for DLC. Let’s start with Nightclub. Nightclub has a 25% chance to get an escape with 4 possible escapes so that’s a further 25% chance to get the Garage escape. Remember that killing civilians here does not have an effect. For the setup, make sure that we have “More Firepower” basic from the Technician tree for 4 shaped charges to deal with 1 safe and “Nimble” aced from the Ghost tree so we can lockpick the other one. Bring a saw to open the office doors and don’t forget to buy the Loot Truck asset. Now difficulty matters for Nightclub, since
the higher the difficulty the chance for more loot. You can only get 8 bags from at least Very
Hard and Overkill to One Down has the same number of loot so I recommend you pick Overkill. So go loud right from the start, saw open
the doors, shaped charge 1 safe and lockpick the other. Hopefully you’ll have enough
bags so just secure 8 (money or coke will do fine), then escape and hope for the Garage Escape. Otherwise just keep trying until you do. And now for the other map, Transport Harbour, which I recommend if you have the DLC. Transport Harbour has a 15% base chance but has 4 civilians so you can raise it up to 35%. There’s only 2 possible escapes so
it’s a 50% chance to get the Garage Escape. Difficulty also matters here but to a lesser
degree. Normal will have 1 to 4 trucks, Hard and Very Hard guarantees at least 2 trucks and Overkill and above guarantees at least 3 trucks. So you can keep restarting on Normal until
you get at least 3 trucks or otherwise just pick Overkill. As for our setup, get full drill skills for
the trucks and a saw to open up the deposit boxes. So right at the start, your priority would
be to find and gun down the 4 civilians. Uh that’s… kind of morbid but it’s part of the game
mechanics. Then focus on the drilling the trucks open. Now for the type of loot itself, there is
a 75% chance of getting money bags and then 12.5% chance each for jewellery or gold. So if you get gold, it’s time for a restart. After that, just secure 8 bags, finish the
heist and hope for a Garage escape. I’m going to bust another myth here: The
escape can trigger regardless of a boat or van escape. So how does a boat turn into a van? Well, they could have reached dry ground and changed to a van but don’t worry about
the Payday 2 logic and just roll with it. And now, hopefully you’ve gotten the Garage
escape so let’s see our strategy for this. For the setup, since the escape is a short
sequence you shouldn’t be expecting much combat so go ahead and bring Shaped Charges
for your deployable. To move the bags, we will be taking a shortcut straight to the top. When we first begin, we orientate ourselves
by looking towards the 2nd floor. There’s a U-shaped ledge and we want to be facing the bottom of the U. Then we chuck the bags upwards to the left of where we’re facing,
which is the bottom right of the U-shape. Don’t worry about cops stealing the bags,
we should reach them in time to deal with it. Once we’re done with this, turn a 180 degrees and head to the fire exit and get to the 2nd floor. When we’re near the bags there will be another fire exit nearby that will take us up to the 3rd floor. There will be 2 doors in our way
but it’s a good thing we have Shaped Charges. Blow open both doors and you should be near both possible escape van locations. Then just keep moving the bags and you should have at least 1 minute to spare by the time you’re done. So in summary, for Street/Cafe and Park Escape, do Ukrainian job on Normal, use explosives on the civilians, shaped charge the safes, grab a bag if you need and escape. On the Street Escape, don’t kill any snipers
and for the Cafe Escape just… well… escape. For the Park Escape, restart if you start
with a crashed van in the park. Otherwise, just run straight to the open carpark and
hide until the new van arrives. To trigger the Overpass Escape, do Rats day
1 on Normal, blow the lab and escape. Quit the contract and retry if necessary. For the Overpass Escape itself, restart until
you start below the bridge. Run up, deploy sentries and defend until the escape vehicle arrives. To trigger the Garage Escape, do Nightclub
on Very Hard or Overkill with the Loot Truck asset, saw the doors, pick or shaped charge
the safes and hope for at least 8 bags and the Escape. Otherwise do Transport Harbour with at least 3 trucks, hunt down a maximum of 4 civilians right at the start, open up the trucks and hope for money or jewellery bags and then escape. For the Garage Escape itself, aim towards
the lower right of the U-shaped ledge of the 2nd floor, chuck bags up, take the stairs
up, open up the next set of stairs and move the bags to the escape van. Alright and that’s all we have for this
video. More details of the escapes can be found after this, including full length videos
for your viewing. The bird’s eye view of the Park Escape one is fun to watch, so you can check that out. Again, this is Unknown Knight here and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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