Exclusive Interview with Ryan Taylor at The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami 2018

hi everybody welcome to – digital cache Brazil we’re here at the North America Bitcoin call friends that I have the pleasure to interview Ryan Taylor to see off – quarantine Ryan welcome to the program thank you very much all right yeah you just made a great speech up there give us a little insight so what was the news they broadcast here in the conference well I I did a few things I gave an update on kind of our goals for for this year particularly around marketing I think that that’s going to be a focus for us as we enter into the spring and in preparation for the launch of evolution the second thing was I had some announcements for the audience of new integrations and projects that were working on so I think there was a lot to share and only 15 minutes to do it in so it was a pretty pretty packed update so today we manage a team that supports and decentralized Oklahomans Network what are normally the dailies duties that you do with the team what kind of boss are you are you the type of boss they say I want everybody to be your desk 8:00 in the morning no coffee break no sticker break work work work 30 minutes lunch how do you run the business yes so – is very the – core group team is getting to be quite large there’s around 60 to 70 contributors paid contributors at this point plus quite a number of volunteers that are involved in some capacity in the project so you know it’s very difficult to stay close to everything that’s going on the way that the team functions though it were very physically dispersed a lot of people are working from remote locations very few people are you know in the Scottsdale office or in a location with each other yeah and so there’s a great deal of flexibility that comes with that at the same time it’s a 24/7 cycle of things hitting your inbox and coming across the the slack channel that we use to work and so it’s it’s really one of those situations where everyone is expected to kind of keep tabs on things throughout the day and as a result people have a lot of flexibility in terms of how they work what matters to us is whether they’re getting the job done as far as like the culture it’s very collegial we started out as an entity in which everyone was a volunteer and so it’s it’s a culture where you don’t demand somebody do something right I don’t come in with a hammer and say you got to get this done or you’re gonna get fired we work together and we ask questions and we help shape each other’s thinking and it’s very pure like when I’m talking to an engineer in one of the teams within evolution on an org chart that person is you know several steps away from from my role but we engage in a very you know peer-to-peer way and I think that that’s true of the rest of the organization as well I think when people are free to speak their mind and free to dispute what I say we’re cats we’re reaching a better resolution it sometimes takes a bit longer to reach that resolution but when we do everyone is aligned everyone is on board with that vision and everyone is bought into what we’re doing and there’s tremendous value in that especially in this type of activity we’re inventing things this is not a call center where you’re carrying out the execution of a script right and there’s one way to do it this is the combination of Technology and creativity and risk-taking and not everything we do is going to be successful so you know we need to leave a lot of room for people to try things and fail and support each other and that’s the kind of environment that I seek to create and I seek to lead what are the advantages for a cryptocurrency for a blockchain of heaven e14 and a CEO well I think that there are excuse me there are advantages and disadvantages to centralization and decentralization and I think that the right combination of those things is completely decentralized technology with centralized decision-making authority that can be revoked at any time and so it’s really hard to follow a strategy on reddit just as an example right you can’t engage in a productive way on reddit and make a decision about a direction for review and oftentimes you know many people making a decision together is not as good as engaging the right people to make that decision on your behalf and so this is this goes back to that debate about centralization versus decentralization where does one make more sense than the other instead of the blanket statement the decentralization makes sense everywhere there are some things where centralization makes sense there are projects here that are seeking to create multiple different versions and people vote for those and that’s what gets implemented but why should people that don’t have any expertise in that area make programming decisions on another network it doesn’t make any sense an expert who really understands the trade-offs that are being encountered in a particular way that something is implemented those are the people are best positioned to do that and so we have to make that careful decision where the centralization makes sense in terms of creating a strategy and executing that strategy that’s hard to do in a decentralized way and come to an answer you need at the end of the day these are human and have endeavors and you need leadership and you need experts in order to optimally execute that vision and so I think that we’re trying to do that in the right way we’ve made it so that a team of experts can come together really execute something and execute it incredibly well and if we don’t do that we can be removed and someone else can take it take a stab at it we already have more than one development team serving – there’s people outside of the dashboard team that are building wallets and things and this is good this ensures that there is competition in terms of the way that we do our jobs but the overall vision and execution of that vision Falls to people that know how to get that job done if today if an exchange wants to end – digital cash is there protocol is there procedure do they call you is there a welcome package they supports the exchange how does it work the relations do safety and security well as you know – is permissionless anyone is free to download the software and implement it and in many cases exchanges do to us that they download the software and add it to their platform and implement it and they require no help from the dashboard group in order to accomplish that in the same way that they don’t rely on other teams to support them in the in the implementation of their coins but oftentimes they’re coming to us most often honestly for support on instances and understanding it better because it’s the one thing that really makes it different from accepting Bitcoin and so they often times will come ask questions ask for support ask for support with promoting it so these are things that benefit both of us right if we can see instance and integrated into more places I’ll provide support all day because that’s beneficial for our users it’s beneficial for our network it adds use cases so we want that and we’re willing to support that in the case of I mean it’s just a win for everybody they get their answers question their questions answered they get some technical support for them it it makes the decision to integrate – much easier and gets us into more places but you know if if truly no support is needed they’re free to implement it okay you you have a background on Wall Street where profits are number one and only goal now a – what is the main difference where goals has changed and is it focuses it’s not profit for usability in decentralization yes so we believe that there’s tremendous value to this technology and the technology can only be realized if these solutions are open sourced and open to audit and to be honestly there’s tremendous value in these technologies prolific for liberating so we want them to be open as we go through our patenting process we’re making sure that the patents the – produces can be used by others because competition is healthy at the end of the day this is a network though and networks derive their value from their acceptance of other from others and so we believe that we have an edge there in terms of how far along we are in the adoption curve and all the exchanges and all of the certain services they’re starting to integrate – at this point it would be really hard for a copycat to catch up to us at this point and so I don’t view it as much of a threat to what we’re doing so I think a lot of the value that we’re creating we’re capturing for ourselves and you know obviously there’s there’s nothing wrong with that we’re allowing the free market to compete with us so I think that in the end the the value that’s being created accrues to someone involved with – either the consumer because they save money on their transactions the businesses because they’re saving money and servicing their clients in a new way as well as enabling payments that might not otherwise be able to take place the network benefits because and the owners of – benefit because the more commerce that’s going across it the value of our holdings go up there really are no losers so when value is being created out of you know the the benefits that these networks can can produce this is new money this isn’t coming at the expense of someone else this is literally new value that’s being unlocked and accruing to the the people involved in the project the exact split of that is really determined by the code and it’s pretty tough to change at this point you know that the network has grown and a precedent has been set and so my job I view it as unlocking the maximum value possible if I can unlock the maximum value possible through my actions and in the way that that I’m I’m helping lead the project then I’m helping everyone recently qui market cap to remove the Korean exchanged from their calculations for the prizes for cryptocurrency making the entire ecosystem drop 30 40 percent in a minutes what is the best way for us for the users to know the true price of net well the true price of – is the price of – in the medium of exchange that they use to get in and in or out of the currency and so oftentimes that means a local exchange in the case of South Korea that market is very isolated from other markets there aren’t opportunities to close those arbitrage differences in price because the flow of money just is not occurring there I think it’s an issue that should be addressed other markets obviously are much more stable but to any one user the price that matters is what is the set of exchanges or brokerage services that I have access to to be able to get in or out now luckily the rest of the world is very close together in cohesive in terms of that but there’s always going to be more demand relatives to supply in some locations versus others and with some services versus others and that’s fine I think that the market has a way of dealing with that and arbitrage those are opportunities to ensure that those gaps if they exist are very small desh Beach no cash kind of kind of rough started changing the name twice from dark point to X point had a problem with the de-mining algorithm and she managed to become one of the top five cryptic breasts at one point today growing non-stop a fortune some people still call Dash’s skin what can you say to everybody that – is one of the top cryptocurrencies today with one of the best futures ahead well I can’t say that I’ve heard that any time recently but I mean all you have to do is look at our track record we have years of innovation we’re the first to market with many concepts that are beginning to proliferate the entire space at this point and we are signing up real Merchants these are not joke integrations and so to continue calling that a scam is bordering on laughable at this point we have over a thousand merchants that we added today to our network that you can spend your money at we have trading volumes sustainably averaging more than 200 million dollars a day which is a number that the Bitcoin network didn’t breach until March we have billions of dollars transacting across our network every quarter in December alone we had 8 billion dollars in transactions we’re on pace for a million transactions per quarter in terms of number of transactions these numbers are not jokes these we are a serious network at this point it’s being used by people in real commerce at scale how is that a scam and final question if Ryan theater had the option to do something extraordinary for the network what would that be if I could do something extraordinary for the network it’s a tough question yeah I I mean I know what some of the top items on the list are and I’m not going to comment on any specific okay no problem access points or merchants I think that the most extraordinary thing any of us can do for the network is to continue to grow the capabilities of it continue to grow the integration points particularly with merchants at this point I think we have really sufficient Fiat on ramps and off ramps there are a few more I’d like to get but it’s getting much easier to get in and out of the cryptocurrency so I think at this point it’s about making it much more usable in terms of the places you can use it and I think that we’re beginning a lot of those discussions I mentioned in the presentation today that we’re in talks with four active integrations with some of the largest gift card issuers were in contact with merchants processors or merchants acquirers independent sales organizations these are the companies that already have relationships with merchants on their payments and they are actively looking for this solution particularly for certain use cases addressing cross-border payments and some other really challenging areas within the payments eco system that we have solutions for and so if we start to bring on large platforms market multi-sided market places and these types of really high growth type opportunities that’s what’s going to allow the – network to truly take hold I’m glad to be a proposal owner with a successful channel in Brazil as well thank very much for your time right yes I really appreciate your leadership and looking forward for another term in the future all right perfect [Music]

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    The Name Evolution SUX … Fire your Marketing guys … People HATE the word what idiot came up with that Name ? Think about it once the technology is implemented, then the word is meaningless… is it still "evolving" ? No, Dash Marketing has screwed up here. Big Time.

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    Regarding the Centralisation thing. What happens when the Fiat system starts crapping out… The Governments will come knocking on your Door – Where are the master nodes. They will find the Nodes and take over.

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