Executive Committee – April 17, 2018 – Part 2 of 2

well members of the executive committee
committee room one for quorum time for us to resume and we have quorum
present and we had we had listened to at we had of course our last definite that
came but we had also had just listened to our first speaker from counsel not a
member of the committee and so I’ll ask because I had no list of other speakers
at that moment who wanted to speak who are first starting with those visiting
with us councillor Fletcher or anybody else on smart track okay so councillor
Fletcher yeah do you just okay you’re on thank you very much this is a long and
complicated and exciting project and I have in word 30 we’re very happy to host
two stations one at the Unilever site which I think everybody knows is a
future jobs growth site with upwards of 50,000 jobs to be located there be a big
driver for Toronto’s economy they’re calling it the second downtown we’ll
also have a relief line station so it really is transit that we’re we’re
thinking ahead much like people comment on how we thought ahead when we put that
fantastic rail under the viaduct which was really thinking ahead so the subway
could cross the river this is really thinking ahead for this job zone and I
want to commend planning and economic development for really being clear and
helping everybody understand the importance of job zones in the City of
Toronto for the future of the economy and for growth and just for everybody’s
future job and the sons and daughters of those who live there now I want to
particularly note that one thing that I have asked for previously and I’m sorry
I didn’t hear all the questions this morning but transit is something where
we really believe very strongly in growth that they’re also growth nodes
you know I’m taking out the Unilever site because it is distinct and for
employment uses it’s designated as part of an employment
area but when I look at Gerard Carla and perhaps other smart track stations for
others there is a real need to look at what will be built in the area
let’s forecast as to the growth the residential growth and build in from day
one from day one affordable housing into the mix so that we’re not just looking
at how high can you go how many units can you have but how many of those will
be affordable housing and they’ll be baked into your ability your ability to
build we don’t do enough of that and I think this is our moment to say any
permissions outside of what’s existing will depend on your ability to deliver
affordable housing and if I can there are other areas where we have closed
stations both TTC and go stations and perhaps we should be thinking ahead in
planning studies as such as at Main and Danforth which is another node
how many affordable units are we baking into that and I do have my Kinki in
Helsinki nail polish on today so I’m I am streaming councillor McConnell in
this because if she were here that’s exactly what she would say we welcome
this new transit transit is missing in the city we’re trying to fast track with
smart track the relief line our LRT lines Eglinton crosstown we’re also
trying to build in community benefit agreements to everything that we do
so that’s while we’re building it and what the future will be as far as
affordable housing but I will just say quickly that I am a bit confused and I
have to sort this out before council because my impression was that Metro
links and the provincial government that are very much on side with smart track
and there are messages that are coming out of staffers up at Queen’s Park for
the government that don’t appear to understand smart track somehow I am
being considered in charge of all of the track work that will be the
electrification that will be all of the construction and I’m very concerned
about that that there are staffers Queens Park saying one is Paula Fletcher
going to do about the sound and vibration concerns about the track work
so I don’t understand that I would hope that staff can look into that let me
know and that somehow this this is now coming on anybody who’s upset about
having electrification and having an expanded corridor somehow blaming the
city so it is quite surprising to me that those who are sitting working
directly for the government are sending out messages of this kind and I would
like to have that clarified mr. mayor between now and council by whichever
staff can because if they’re not clear what they’re doing I can’t really trust
everything that’s in the report that says this is what Metrolinx position is
and what this is the provincial governments position so I’d like to have
that clarified before I vote on this at Council because I won’t support it if
it’s not really clear thank you thank you Thank You councillor Fletcher
we have council cast early next Thank You mr. mayor
this ended a long journey as my colleague council fasciae was saying
back in 2012 we did convene a session here at City Hall to talk about at that
time we didn’t call a smart track we call it you train and yes and we had
councilor visual councillor Jim Jones come down here as well and we are
talking about complete transit not just smart track but smart track forms a
backbone for high-speed transit in whole region and basically back in 20 2006
right after I got elected we are looking at Frances City and the seven lines that
was proposed of LRC’s and I say it’s that’s great that we’re building transit
but what I saw was basically for local transit for longer distances it saved no
time so we needed and also we had capacity problems on DTC especially
along a young line and also right at blue and young interchange was became a
really traffic jam so at that time I attended Metrolinx consultation about
building out the ghost system and at that time I had we identified that the
best way of having the north-south corridor to relieve the congestion on
the young and unity lines is to have other loss of transit corridors and I
had advocated strongly to move forward the improvements on the goal line
the Stovall as well as to all the way to vocational and had been advocating for
it ever since and now I’m happy to see this coming to
fruition and seeing a lot more been been done to implement complete transit
networks in Toronto and in the Greater Toronto Area because although we have
boundaries like Steeles Avenue to delineate between Toronto and the Rio 5
we are all part of the same region they need good transit for our people that’s
not for the downtown owners not for the you know suburban suburban
dwellers but for everyone to get us around my next actually project would be
to look for an east-west corridor too so that people can travel east-west without
having go to Union Station so that it would be ideal to form a ring high-speed
transit corridor that will serve all of the GTE area that help people get around
so I I am expecting everyone of us to vote for us here in the council so thank
you very much for your time and please please move this forward because this
needs to be done thank you Thank You councillor Lee any other
members of council though who are not on the committee who wanted to speak okay
seeing none then we could move to the members of the committee and I have
first councillor Palacio Thank You mr. mayor I wholeheartedly support the
recommendations before us and and I would like to take this opportunity to
thank city staff and for the amazing work that they have done throughout the
years to come to this point I think this is good news great news for everyone and
thank you mr. mayor also for taking the leadership of this one and for your
vision it is good news overall in terms of that’s for transit users in terms of
different choices the ability of mobility that people will have there
were all recommendations allowed that the smart truck stations to proceed to
the next stage work and that’s extremely important and also seeking authority to
proceed with the procurement cause procurement and the construction parts
of all the stations locally mr. mayor and members of the committee this is
great news for the local community that I had the privilege of representing it
the new smart trucks as well as with a sank lair mass
transportation and plan was implemented I think that’s going to create a
tremendous opportunity for the community not only in terms of growth employment
but also in terms of revitalization for the whole north I can only see in a few
years from now having a major transportation happen that the way it is
right now is an eyesore to the community but with the vision that’s before us in
terms of the recommendations that will definitely change takes the exclusive
right away which was supposed to be the prototype for the City of Toronto moving
forward and the concept was fantastic but when we see from point A to point B
and we look at the guns rod at the end the exclusive right away being lead to
nowhere and that’s where they go transit station has no truck go transit station
makes so much sense because that creates the level of connectivity to the north
or south everywhere and and that’s a new smart investment and that’s what people
that’s why people love what they see there and they are there is so much
support forest for it and for those of us that we had to inch bumper-to-bumper
because of the congestion in that part of town especially with all the down
pouring of traffic from the 400 series those are the real economic losses that
is creating a tremendous impact there that I’m hoping that it will change and
all these years of inaction indecision and political interference and
interference and inertia more than anything else it has come to an end so
from that perspective is Williams I just want to touch bases on the Western trail
path that’s an amazing concept moving to the south but also to the north and I
think that that’s what is going to create the bicycle net Network all
through other connects and he makes sense in terms of connecting all
throughout one of the things that I course would like to do to see is that
through the municipal comprehensive review and that’s done through at the
same time that we start with the framework of the five year or the five
year initiative Rubino because that’s one way of looking for opportunities in
terms of growth employment housing and and all of that because that’s what
makes a community healthy and strong so from that perspective mr. mayor this is
great news and and I will be supporting the recommendations thank you thank you
counterplot co-counselor Thompson thank you very much mr. mayor I have a motion
assess the staff to put the motion on the screen the motion is that
so there’s the motion which is to ask that
that report be brought back to executive committee in the first quarter of 2019
requesting Metrolinx consideration for the additional at grade on the Stovall
Barry go corridor which would address some of the issues that we are impacted
by in our community I had asked earlier about the criteria that’s been utilized
in terms of other areas where it seems other areas where less traffic and let’s
have let’s challenging with respect to the great separation and and my area is
still not being considered at this time so I’d like to have that continued
discussion and I don’t want us to be paying the lion’s share of this because
I understand how the formulation works the motion is reflected in such a way
that it would flip it around instead of us being 85 percent would be 15% versus
Metrolinx being 85 percent I too want to lend my voice in support of the smart
track initiative when I was a university student in Montreal
be able to take the train sort of the regional train to go out to the West
Island and so on where I could take the metro the Metro in Montreal and sort of
make the connection and what-have-you it was always a surprise to me that we
didn’t have that kind of essential connection we are very late in the game
so to speak so we’ve lost those opportunities and so we are now saying
we need to get to it I understand it’s not a perfect system and no system
really is I understand that people who came in this morning from from
Scarborough and some in my ward but I have to tell you most of the people that
were here this morning I never saw them at any of the meetings that we had on
transit in my ward I’ve been dealing with this or quite
some time and so it’s really important to understand that there’s been
discussions going Samara I wonder if you could ask the audience basically to
basically not interrupt my conversation please and so it’s really important for
us to understand their challenges and it’s not something that we take lightly
we want to look at it there was a comment about the you know the Midland
and and and at Lawrence the proposal for the station and where the bus will come
in I actually have gone to the other west end of the city
Lawrence Avenue at Avenue Road sorta that at Allen Road that’s a similar
concept where basically you get off the bus basically lay by you go down into
the subway it seems to have worked for many many years
and we did ask the team who came to speak to me about the proposal how could
we if we could actually do the at grade and so on they made a number of
suggestion they said we couldn’t do it but this was going to be an efficient
way to get people into the system it also would reduce the delay of the bus
traveling on Lawrence Avenue which I think that most people would want to be
able to get to their specific destination as quickly as possible and
so on we are also going to see additional development in the area that
is now being proposed without that smart track stop in that area those additional
4,000 units that are going to come on stream would be deprived of the ability
to be able to have transit in this particular area I draw your attention to
the fact that the TTC was actually proposing to close down the middle in
and Ellesmere SRT stop because there was not enough traffic for that but I note
that people came in here today and said well you know we need all of these
locations they were considering to remove a little bit
additionally the the idea around the SRT that it can continue because people have
heard from bus drivers and others and so on not the technical experts but the bus
drivers and that’s not who I go to for my information about whether or not the
system is reliable and in fact can continue as I was dealing with this
system many years ago when we would actually see residents at Scarborough
stop in the middle of the hydrofoil and couldn’t go anywhere because the system
actually wasn’t working so a lot has changed and and so the leadership that
you bring to the table mr. mayor with respect to smart train
I think it’s appropriate it is very effective yes we are going to have to
invest in transit in the City of Toronto because there’s no other way
if we want it we actually have to pay and I understand the issue about you
know perhaps allowing transit to be as cost effective as possible efforts being
made the province has actually introduced legislation to the $3.00
charge an additional effort to be made in terms of contribution to TTC to
ensure that we keep fare as low as possible this is a step in the right
direction and for those reasons I’m supporting this thanks a lot councillor
Thompson on the button I have a clock and five minutes I mean thank you very
much you know I had had two other speakers as yet but who else would wish
to speak honestly okay go ahead counselor Thank You Mara Torrey I’m
gonna be supporting the the recommendations in this report I think
that one of the things that I look at as a city councilor from these Scarborough
one of the things that we always talk about or have been looking about that is
how we can break down the the regional borders in particular between Durham and
Scarborough and how we can get more people onto public transit like GO
Transit and the TTC and off our roads because one of the biggest complaints
that we often hear about and I hear for my residence is the traffic that
comes in from Durham and the amount of it affects them it increases gridlock it
has a huge impact on our economy so I think having an integrated
transportation system across the city with smart track RER TTC GO Transit it
achieves that saying that I recognize as well that public transit is very
expensive having a regional transportation system is very
complicated when you have problem all three levels of government are involved
in this we’re looking at funding from the city the province and some from the
federal government one of the concerns that that leads me to is about tax
incremental financing and that we’re looking at the sheriff from the city of
almost three hundred million dollars in tax incremental financing and I’ve I’ve
read a lot of about a merit or e2 first project that’s really using tax
incremental financing in Canada it’s it’s been used in other places in New
York City they had a huge project in Manhattan that they had expectations
with what they were gonna raise from tip and didn’t and didn’t and it ended up
the city had to backstop that and fulfill those tip obligations that they
were expecting through increased development in Manhattan the fare
integration is is another huge concern I have is somebody that regularly uses
both the TTC and Metrolinx there’s a lot of talk about what fair integration is
and what it means my wife and I have we have three kids I’ve talked with staff
from Metrolinx and GO Transit about what they see the funding model would be and
there doesn’t seem to be any concrete model there’s been no agreements about
fair transfer ability between TTC and and if you’re using smart track or
what’s called RER I think that’s something that really needs to be worked
out with I was a little disappointed this morning when I asked questions to
staff about a report that Metrolinx issued last week where they talked about
scheduling and what they saw is the proper scheduling for for their trains
staff made a reference to it that they thought maybe it was it was a trial
model the CEO of Metrolink Sylvester recently put this report forward at a
Metrolinx board and wholeheartedly endorse didn’t talked about it and my
understanding is that currently go Transit is using that scheduling as
their modeling for trains as their electrifying on the like short lines and
implementing other trains throughout their system so that has me a little
concerned as well it also ties into the residents that they were here this
morning from the Scarborough action scrubber transit action and their talk
about scheduling on smart track that currently they can get on a train at the
Lawrence Avenue LRT every four minutes and how that they be impacted if they
had to go over and use smart track station at Lawrence so I think those are
some of the concerns I hope that they’re gonna be addressed in a wholehearted
manner in future reports on this but I do have to say that as we’re looking at
moving people in this GTA from point A to point B I think that smart track is
gonna play a key component to that but I do have these concerns that I would like
to see addressed in the future as we move forward on this project thank you
thank you can see who else wishes to speak because I’ll say a word or two if
Oh customary viola please going to have a show-and-tell we’ve never seen you do
one of these before councillor holidays I undoubtedly been
tutoring you I need to share with you the best kept secret in Toronto which is
actually the area that I have the privilege of representing if you didn’t
figure that out to this moment which is actually this area over here so in this
area over here in a very short distance we are going to have three smart track
stations we’re gonna have a go station we’re gonna have a connection of trails
that is the West Toronto rail path the guideway the Green Line that we’re
working on so in ten minutes you’ll be able to get downtown in ten minutes
you’ll be able to get to the airport in ten minutes you’ll be able to get to
York University all this because of what we’re talking about in here so it is for
the this part of town that a few years ago when we were talking about expanding
transit in reality we weren’t getting much when we talked about the downtown
relief line a lot of people weren’t aware that the downtown relief line that
we talked about is in the East End and we in the West End have questioned that
many many times so when we saw the opportunity to have smart track to have
these stations to actually bring jobs to our community like we’re doing right now
I have four buildings of employment space being built in my community right
now this is the kind of communities that we want to have in our city where people
work where people live where people play that’s what we’re doing in the West End
with some of this project so it’s a great opportunity for this fort for the
city I’m being very local specifically talking about the community that I
represent and how excited we are about about the problem what the project
brings obviously we know that there are certain things that we need to continue
to be vigilant and we’ve always been a strong voice in some of these issues one
of them the real estate deals that is going on with Metro links we need to
make sure that we’re not only talking about the rail we need to take advantage
of the full potential of what these projects brings to our community so
exploring making sure that connectivities exists making sure that
these trails or our being built or at least protected for in the future is of
the essence and for that is really important that we have the local
communities at the table as well because they know at best
we’ve canceller palácio and i were in a community where we’re talking about the
western oral path going north and it was the community took that port for it it
was the community that really said to the staff you haven’t looked at this in
the way that it should be looked at so it is really important that as we’re
moving forward the local councillors in the local community are at the Community
fairs this is great we have a lot of stops in here but there’s gonna be that
little distance that bus right that people are gonna have to take to their
homes and the intention the way that this is gonna work the best is if this
becomes a true option for everybody so that they can choose if they can get on
the subway or can get on one of these stations if you can to get on the bus
or if they can get you know on a streetcar and for that we need to
continue the work to have the fair integration completely done we’ve come a
long way although I mean councillor Ansley was telling me that he used to
pay six dollars to get one way on the train ride he’s now down to three
dollars we’ve come a long way to make this a benefit these rail lines that
we’ve seen in our communities that we’ve experienced this communities to make
good use for it in here so and at last the planning around these stations we
have to lead this change we have to ensure that the planning is done
properly we need to ain’t change that to ensure that the investment that we’re
doing in transit is going to be captured and ensuring that as we’re planning as
we as we’re working these these zones that we protect for some affordability
in the housing that we put make sure that jobs are being created and we make
sure that we have complete communities as a result of our investment that is
why I will support the recommendations thanks senator Barlow okay councillor
McMahon thank you very much and I think this is a good news story which we often
don’t don’t talk about in this place in the city and we need to and it’s good
news because we have a three dollar fare so this was years a few years back we
thought we’d never get here and here we are with $3 to get on get on the train
new jobs 20 in the city 32 in Metrolinx that’s always good news when we have new
jobs capped financing it’s capping our contribution so we’re not on the hook
more good news Metrolinx is in charge of the operation and maintenance more good
news at six to ten minute fare service or servicing people want to get places
and they want to get there quickly and now we’re at stage Cape is we’re at
stage gate number five we are well down the
we are finally getting there people want to see action this plan is about action
happy to support it Thank You councillor cran others to speak okay well I’ll just
reset the clock and make a few remarks if I might I want to thank all the
members and all the decadents for their comments and III continue to believe as
I did when this idea was first serviced with me and let’s remember this idea had
been discussed better use of GO train tracks for years kind of on an on and
off basis but it moved seriously forward when the idea was presented to me and I
sought this office on the basis that I thought it could be transformational
because it was going to be something that was going to be faster than other
transit alternatives was going to use existing infrastructure allowed us to
partner and allowed us to provide better service both to job hubs outside of the
GTA where many people work but also more importantly to move people inside
Toronto inside the 401 6 where we have a big challenge
it was always predicated on the notion that the province was going to do an
expansion to the GO train system which they chose to call regional Express rail
and it we’ve ended up and again there’s great controversy made about this great
issue made about the fact that there are six stations in fact if you add in the
GO train stations that are going to form part of the network it’s a much more
extensive network than that but the bottom line is we will have six new
transit stations inside the City of Toronto which and if you think about the
great celebration that ensued just a couple of months ago when we opened a
few new transit stations as part of a subway that had been under construction
for many many years this is a very significant step forward to have six new
transit stations in the City of Toronto that we didn’t before I haven’t quite
frankly if you look at the relative cost of that that we’re going to undertake as
some of the questions and comments this morning a focused on the fact we’re
moving any contribution at all make no mistake if we hadn’t made a contribution
of these stations would not be built they would not be built they would have
gone ahead with our er and our er would have moved people as it has done
historically from 905 through four one six downtown and there would have been
no thought given in particular to the notion of adding capacity inside for one
six to move people which is a crucial priority that we have
believe as a city and as a city council and only because we partnered with the
province of Ontario are these six stations being built and we’re
contributing I think appropriately to the cost of those stations being built
and part of that deal was the service plan and again I’ve heard it said many
many times that that somehow we didn’t do better than what was the original
concept and it was only a concept when the election campaign was on to deliver
15-minute service but the fact is that through the bargain that included our
contribution our investment in the stations the six stations that are going
to be built in Toronto we are delivering a much better level of service to people
than was originally discussed at 15 minutes was the original concept it’s
now going to be between six and ten minutes you heard some of the numbers
being discussed this morning you know there was discussion as well over the
course of this debate today about how much the federal government was
contributing and the fact is they are contributing five hundred eighty five
million dollars and the amount that was allocated to new transit in Toronto when
this administration took office was precisely zero there been commitments
had been made for the New York University Spadina subway that was under
construction but in terms of new transit projects it was actually to be fair
Prime Minister Stephen Harper who took the first step to establish a national
transit fund and allocated money for smart track and that was then followed
by the additional efforts undertaken by Prime Minister Trudeau to expand that
amount of money to the point where today from a situation where we had zero the
day this administration took office new transit projects we have today between
the two governments nine billion dollars for new transit for the network transit
plan that we’ve approved as a council on the fair integration again it’s a
subject that’s been discussed for years for years through successive
administrations at the end successive City Council’s and with successive
provincial governments and nothing had been done about it nothing whatsoever so
we’ve had two significant steps and we’re not all the way there but two
significant steps the first being the dollar fifty subsidy I’ll call it for
people moving back and forth between the two systems and the second being the
very important announcement that was made in the budget of a three dollar
err 40 TC or go or inside four one six and that was a huge underpinning of the
success of the smart track project was that you had to have a fair that was
competitive so people would have a true choice and that choice is gonna lead to
significant numbers of people I believe choosing to use the go system before and
during smart track and get them I think some of them off the Yonge Street and
Bloor Street young bluer that whole situation that we know is so dire right
now and then finally I’ll just deal briefly with the financing to say we’ve
talked about the 585 million we can talk about development charges a bit later in
this meeting but on the TIF you heard you know mr. our chief and acting chief
financial officer mr. Frank speak earlier today about the fact they made
very conservative I think we’re I’m not misquoting him very conservative
assumptions about the additional development and tax revenue that will
accrue because of smart track and they took a very conservative piece of that
15 percent of that money to contribute to this and so to me this is a project
that makes as much sense today as it ever did and it makes a lot of sense I
think it always did and that I think the fact that it is changed I’ve never seen
a big project that I’ve worked on in my entire business or professional career
that didn’t change significantly from the first day it was conceived to the
last day on which it was executed that’s the way it goes and and the bottom line
is we’re gonna have transit people are going to be riding on I believe the
number is 33 million rides when this is open and I think that’s going to make a
very significant contribution to the well-being of the city and getting
people out of their cars and reducing congestion so I hope that members will
support this and I’m looking forward to the debate at City Council as well so is
there anybody else just before we move to dealing with the amendments and the
matter councillor Palacio Thank You mr. mayor I would like to ask for the record
about the party boat all right and we’re going to deal first think we only have
one amendment that we have a motion move by councillor Thompson so I’ll put that
up and I guess would you like a recorded vote on that as well or just on the item
jokes a we the amendment can be done in a voice vote counselor plazo says so we
have councillor Thompson’s motion here on great separations all those in favor
opposed Kerry and then we’ll now have a recorded vote
the main item has a minute all those in favor of the item councillor Ainsley
councillor Bulow councillor Burnside councillor Crawford councillor DiGiorgio
councillor McMahon Deputy Merriman and Wang Mara Tory councillor Palacio and
councillor Thompson the item passes unanimously
thank you very much okay so we had said we would move to time the would buy an
item for the first item after lunch and as soon as smart trek was finished and
that’s where we are right now smart crack is finished for today that item
and we can move on to the expanded gaming at Woodbine Racetrack oh and just
before we do that calculate I believe you had a motion data and item of new
business which we can deal with so there’s a motion to add an item that
would become I don’t have a number on it here but it’s become maybe a X 1933 19
and it’s solid waste 2018 capital budget in 2019 to 2027 capital plan adjustments
and it’s out on the pink paper maybe people want to just have a look at it
they have it already very quick mr. mayor we had to council the budget
meeting this Thursday due to quorum and this has to get through before council
so we wanted to make sure that got through it there’s no no impact
financially all right but that’s the reason maybe we will do is let you have
a read of this just while we’re dealing with Woodbine and then we can call the
question on this a little later on so that brings us to Woodbine and we have
some deputations we have about 13 and will revert to the three minutes for
deputation and three minutes for questioning of decadence and we’ll call
them here unless otherwise requested in the order that they appear on the sheet
so the first three just so people can be ready Rosemarie Powell from Toronto
community benefits network John Cartwright from Toronto region New York
Toronto New York Region Labor Council and Joanne Braun from UNITE HERE Local
79 so Miss Powell if I bake Brighton oh it says 79 on here 79 is the city
union 75 is the you know you hear sorry about that
okay so Rosemarie Powell please as Miss Powell here good afternoon welcome and you have
three minutes alright so as a resident of
Rexdale having lived in both councillor vincent croissant ease wards and michael
ford’s wards i’m really pleased to see the local councillors here today Michael
Ford has been very gracious with us as the community inviting us in and talking
about our issues and the Toronto community benefits network is actually
heartened by the city that the city staff has considered our proposal for a
comprehensive community benefits agreement for the woodbine casino we are
also pleased that the city further consulted the community to create a
report that reflects many of the priorities that the community has been
advocating for for the last decade including hard targets for a local and
equity hiring and targets for local procurement CC BN is a community labor
coalition of over 80 members which initiated the first successful community
benefits agreement in the city for the Eglinton crosstown LRT transit project
dozens of community groups and labor unions and hundreds of local residents
have indicated their support for TC BN to be led to be the to lead the
community voice on this issue and I have some packages here that I could share
with councillors today so while this report recommends some key elements that
will be critical for the success of the CBA and future agreements of this kind
between the city and its developers there are some key issues remaining to
be addressed there forty c BN and as community partners will keep working to
improve this agreement and we need our elected representatives to stand with
the community it is essential that the community remain at the heart of all the
decisions Council makes about this proposal for this reason let’s take a
minute to review what we know about this commune
of Rexdale and the broader community in which it exists the City of Toronto
Rexdale is a community in which every neighborhood within it is considered low
income to very low income a trend which has become more polarized over the last
thirty years there are no neighborhoods in Rexdale or north Etobicoke considered
middle high or very high income according to the United Way’s recent
report the opportunity equation citing income averages for 2015 the average
income for residents of Rexdale is very low income neighborhoods are as low as
63% below the average of the city’s forty percent lower in low income
neighborhoods another way to look at it is that 73% of
rec sales population is considered as racialized with income in these families
significantly lower than average salaries across the general population
of Toronto for both men and women therefore this is a casino development
that the downtown of the City of Toronto did not want in its backyard and so it
was sent to Rexdale a community already under stress despite knowing the
vulnerability of this community I’ll have to ask you to sort of get towards
your conclusion because we just passed the three minutes okay so we have to get
this agreement for Excel right it will be in effect for 22 years a whole
generation of young workers parents and children from this community could
benefit from good jobs and better family incomes if we get this right
or we’ll miss out if we don’t that will make a big difference in the lives of
our families what we would like to see a stronger community and labor
representation on the various oversight committees TCB End and experts explicit
union and work a representation on the employment working groups a seat at the
table for coalition members at the steering committee more frequent
reporting that is accessible so that the public can be assured that targets are
being met ma’am I’ll have to ask you to conclude now
I think this is doable right now yeah and we want to see counselor stand up
for the community hear our voice and help to strengthen this community
benefits agreement we have an opportunity now to get it right before
we move forward thank you thank you very much sorry about that but if we gave you
no I understand we have some questions which will allow you to make some more
comments okay Sharon had a question I think did I see with the question yes
thank you very much through you mr. mayor mr. Powell
um there were a couple more points I think on on on your list of what you’d
like to see but I’d like to like to ask more specifically within the community
benefits agreement what what improvements would you like to see in
order for for for in your opinion for the community to shoulder the burden of
hosting the facility thank you very much for that question but what we’d like to
see is more local hiring the community had asked for sixty percent we got
twenty percent of local hiring and twenty percent of social hiring we would
like to see that forty percent at the minimum is local hiring in fact when we
look at full-time targets that’s been proposed by city staff we see that forty
percent has been recommended which is great but currently the Woodbine casino
actually has a 55 percent employment full-time employment outcome right now
we’d like to see it at least 55 percent we would like to ensure that women are
able to access the jobs and opportunities and that’s by providing
good accessible childcare on-site we would like to make sure that the TC BN
and our labor partners actually have a seat at the table and that there is
regular reporting and that there is accountability that the community meets
regularly with the key decision-makers and that this the reporting actually
gets put back into the out to the community on a quarterly basis this is a
the this notion of fifty five percent currently are considered full-time at
Woodbine so you mean this that the proposal that’s in front of us is four
lower than what we currently have that’s correct we currently have forty percent
being profile be proposed devices staff and we’d like to see this increase
to at least 55% the on the accountability mechanism after the
casino is built and whether or not they meet their targets along the way after
the casino is built do you know if there’s a mechanism for the city to
actually make the the casino proponent fulfilled these other obligations is
there a mechanism to to to force them to do it well what we understand is that
the community benefits agreement will be tied to the subdivision plan and while
we think this is great mechanism we’d like to see that because that’s going to
be in five years that they’ll come back asking for additional planning changes
what we’d like to see is that within if on a yearly basis or that we are
actually able to have a mechanism in place that will hold you the the
operator accountable now and then on an annual basis than having to wait until
the next time they ask for an approval it’s safe to say that the 60 percent
local hiring the 60% full-time the the additional services to ensure women can
get involved in the workforce the accountability the community access this
is the price of admission to your community for the casino last last
question absolutely this is what we this is something that the community has been
asking for for many years a court community organizing for responsible
development has been advocating for a community benefits for some time now and
finally there is an investment happening in our neighborhood we have not have
this level of investment in Rexdale for a very long time we want to ensure that
we get it right and that there are jobs and opportunities that are created for
the residents there thank you very much there may be another question for
somebody else just to before you go as well anybody else going once that’s okay
Oh councillor Thompson yeah thank you very much thank you through you mr.
mayor um I you know your presentation is quite
strong and so I thank you for that but um
what about daycare are you asking that that be provided as well as an option
absolutely the community has met many many times and we’ve discussed the
different elements that we would like to see incorporated in a community benefits
agreement and at the top of the list for residents was actually a daycare we
wanted to make sure that we provide for all the residents in Rexdale especially
women who are oftentimes the the the breadwinner for families we want them to
be able to go out and to have access to the jobs and opportunities but within
this 24-hour operation environment folks need to be able to have access to
daycare in the morning in the afternoon at night but it’s it’s done elsewhere
this is not unique no this is absolutely not unique right so just looking through
the documentation reading through in the construction piece it talks about
reasonable efforts being made in order to ensure that there is the the
contractors are able to hire the the trades and so on what is your sense of
reasonable efforts what is that to you how does that sort of play to the
community because anyone can rationalize reasonableness what is the definition of
reason list would you prefer to see an actual target number in place versus the
concept of reasonableness so much for that very important question because
equity hiring it’s very hard it’s hard work and there’s a process that has to
be in place I am from the employment sector myself I know that you have to be
able to prepare people you have to do training and recruitment and you know
look at it from an equity lens you gotta do their wide marketing and you have to
do things that are different from what the company already has been doing
because obviously it hasn’t been working so saying that you will have the you
know reasonable efforts that’s not enough we really need to put in the
Sims and resources necessary to actually make this happen and so that’s why we’d
like to see that actually struck from the community benefits agreement that is
proposed at this point right now I believe you said in your remarks you’re
asking for the Toronto and New York Region labor council to be involved as
part of this process to be instituted in why is it not in place now did you ask
for it before that’s more of the discussion that has been a part of our
proposal from it and it has not been accepted in we’re disappointed just the
last three seconds what would be the rationale and benefits in terms of
expertise and we brought to your group to strengthen the ability to be able to
deal with this company we want to ensure that there is a welcoming workplace when
people actually get on the job and labor they are the experts at this and so when
you talk about labor market you’re talking about the the the system that is
within the workplace that is going to support the workers related to their
benefits and their conditions at work so you want to make sure that the people
who are actually delivering on this work are actually at the table and that you
can get advice and support from them and processes that they they operate or the
company might not be able to know all on its own
thank you thank you thanks counselor Thompson okay I’m looking for other
councillor bylaw councillor to Georgia to question this deputed okay councillor
Barlow is the deputy mayor bylaws next and then councillor George oh so going
back to the reporting you said it would take five years for us to get reporting
well there are phases so for the first phase the next time that the development
the operator will come back to the table asking for additional planning changes
might be in the next five years and what the city councilor is sorry city staff
has put forward now is that the first report will actually go out in two years
so there’s going to be a two-year period where the community the public will
actually not know what’s happening in terms
of this community benefits agreement and we’d like to ensure that this reporting
is going out on a quarterly basis more consistent so we could track and monitor
and ensure that it’s happening and and and work with the applicant wouldn’t you
say because it mean at the end of the in two years if you’re not meeting what we
all work together towards it’s kind of late
that’s right it’s kind of late and we don’t want any surprises and that’s the
way how we work correctly with Metrolinx and the Eglinton crosstown project we’re
actually at the table we’ll often a report we meet quarterly and as needed
we even have subcommittees that we’re able to create as the need as the needs
emerge and the reporting is made public through the TC BN we communicate to our
eighty plus members and to the community at large and we’re able in that way to
be able to address any kinds of issues as they do come up great going back to
the child care so how many people are gonna be working in this facility well
we understand that they’re gonna be thousands of people actually shion’s
hired and many of that those jobs are shift work we’re not sure of the
conditions of that work but that is what we would anticipate because it’s a
24-hour operation your child needs 24 hours that’s right
and is this really easy transit accessible absolutely it’s not and
actually accessible transit was one of the demands that the community had put
forward in our proposal it’s really bad getting around in Rexdale
so for a woman that needs to get to work at 7 o’clock in the morning it might be
really hard so to have a childcare facility on-site
that would help with that absolutely it’s it’s part of Workforce Development
to give the opportunity to that women you need to create the conditions and
the environment that she can flourish is that correct you are absolutely right
and this has been one of the number-one demands from the community to have
accessible childcare that is free preferably or at the very least
subsidized thank you thank you Cassie Barlow
councillor to George oh thank you mr. mayor I just want to get some
clarification on the comment that you made with respect to the community
having a seat at the table my understanding is the
community benefits agreement is a two-party agreement between the
developer and the city and there has been a tremendous amount of consultation
in arriving at the nine social conditions that form part of the
agreement so are you suggesting that you want over and above whatever community
consultation has been done to this point you want continued consultation to occur
well we’re confident that city staff has listened to us we’re really pleased with
the way that you know we’ve been able to come in and to meet with them the city
the local councillors have also met with us and so we think we have another two
weeks where we can actually get this right and that’s all that we’re asking
for and you made a comment with respect to day care being made available so my
understanding has a day care it is not currently one of the conditions that has
been agreed to unfortunately city staff were
constrained by the 21 conditions that had been imposed in 2015 by council and
so the additional community benefits that the community were requesting many
of them have not been incorporated into this report unfortunately and we’d like
to see that improved and strengthened and we’d like to have city councilors
actually take up some initiative on that and to move some motions that would
actually get some additional commitments for the community in this agreement
thank you thanks counselor DiGiorgio I had one more hand I’m sure I saw but
maybe not I’ll for this step you know well thank you then Miss Powell very
much for all of your time and all of your answers appreciate that and heart
rate is up next from the Toronto in York Region Labor Council good afternoon good
afternoon mr. mayor councillors we’re here supporting the improving of the
community benefits agreement for Woodbine the labor council represents
all of the unions that are currently representing members working at the
current Woodbine facility and the trades that will be building the new facility
so in our view this is an opportunity to have a project to provide shared
prosperity for an entire generation so 22 year deal
the Global Mail says that they expect to ten to fifteen percent return on
investment annually for 22 years so we think that there’s an opportunity using
your powers to determine if this is going to be a great project or we’re
gonna have something more like Atlantic City where you have poverty on one side
of the street and glittering towers on the other we’re involved because of our
deep commitment to social justice equity on a highroad economy with good jobs for
our diverse communities the labor council on our affiliates have a long
history of workforce development through our own labor education center which is
done labor adjustment for hundreds of workplaces our trade links operation
which does pre-apprenticeship training for people from diverse communities our
own construction unions are millions and millions of dollars of our own members
money and training the next generation like the carpenters and laborers and
iron workers and electricians who sent your letters supporting this and also
the hospitality workers center and local 75 members are here they’ve built a
training center modeled on the Las Vegas Culinary Center which is incredibly
important for a highroad strategy for hospitality and gaming we’re a founding
member of the TC BN and our experience working with cross-links and the
Metrolinx has been really important in informing what we believe could be
strengthened in this community event of its agreement the staff has done a good
job in taking the 21 conditions and trying to negotiate with great Canadian
Gaming as some of the goals that identified by TC BN and for cord for the
ten years before that a of organizing and Rexdale
but there’s actually what we have in front of us is not a significant stretch
for the operator in terms of what it would do normally and so there’s a
number of things missing including a living wage childcare hard targets on
construction a labor peace agreement that was supposed to be part of the
original frame and monitoring enforcement so what we are saying is
needed number one is all targets needed to be improved there needs to be local
and full-time targets that are higher than what has currently been recommended
and moved up at least to the minimum of what the current operation is doing we
need to drop the commercial reasonable efforts or construction that’s a
loophole you could drive a a Mack truck through we’re doing 10% and
and that’s now become the common number we’re working with infrastructure
Ontario on a number of projects as well and the trades are recognizing that
that’s where we’re going to be up there should be ongoing funding stream for the
community including childcare and we want to make sure that the expertise
that our affiliates have is at the table the the labor market and workforce
development table as well as the labor movement having a role at the oversight
because honestly when we’ve worked with Metrolinx and cross-links it’s the
knowledge we bring to that table when we look at shortcomings we don’t point
fingers we say let’s discover solutions and we have actually helped to make
solutions happen we believe that you can make this a better agreement and it
should be a better agreement by the time council finally approves it thank you
thank you John are there questions of the deputy councillor shiner I think
you’re right here quite right calculate and you’d be first yes my apologies for
right that was a little slow getting in the hand up there thank you very much
mr. Cartwright the so the targets that that you’re hoping to see are the local
2 to 60% the and the full-time to 60% is that correct that’s correct
well as we would think 60% full-time is a good number because they’re doing 55
doing 55 now so there there’s also an issue with how far those jobs and those
targets extend are you comfortable with how it’s at the community benefit is
written now we thought that those jobs are extended from beyond at the casino
floor the food and beverage but into admin professional yeah we actually that
was one of the areas that we had brought to the to the city staff in our
experience of Metrolinx most community benefits in north america are only about
construction trades or the full-time employees we actually have very
successfully gotten opportunities for internationally trained professionals
new graduates and newcomer communities to go into engineering technical
financial professional admin work there and that’s been a success and
staff took that back and I think they’ve been able to add that into the into this
that’s in front of us so we’re very happy to see that good the ongoing
funding stream this this notion of the community give back local community give
back I can can you evaluate what you think we should be including in the what
the TCB n maybe in what’s included in this report to if this is truly the
price of admission well I mean there is money that’s going to go through the
provincial agreement to OLG and some of that’s back for problem gaming there is
there needs to be money for the kinds of thing this community and this is not a
union issues this is what we heard from residents they want things like an
endowment funder scholarship for young people they certainly want childcare so
being identified as a huge barrier for both the residents and employees and
that kind of thing typically in community benefits agreements across
North America there is a contribution back over and above taxes to an
endowment fund or some form of fund that is used for those things identified by
the community we think that should be part of the COS of social license for a
casino in this city so let me ask you this given that there’s only 10 to 15
million in new funding coming to the city from revenue and new funding do you
think that that ongoing funding stream or that additional community benefit
should come from the city’s take or from no we we believe it should be over and
above that’s the typical tradition or the typical experience in other casino
and large developments across North America great thank you very much
ex-con sir Layton councillor wong-tam thank you very much mr. mayor I want to
just have understanding labor council has been involved with the employment
and labor market advisory working group sacra no you have not no the it it has
not been formed yet sorry and and on that there is no representation from
labor or community benefits that it’s proposed Humber College the Y and some
local agencies but nobody from labor and so thank you very much for clarifying
and do you think it would be helpful to have labor represented at that advisory
working group absolutely because we as we talked about
with Metrolinx our experience we hear back from the reps and the people who
are actually on the job sites telling us there seems to be a problem here or this
doesn’t seem be working we can bring that up and we can find solutions and
the long term for the for the ongoing operations all of the unions that are
involved in the floor now that see what’s actually happening in the skills
that are necessary in the work that’s being done can feedback and suggest the
kind of training that’s would be necessary and have those conversations
with the EO agencies and Toronto employment social services and others
bringing that expertise right to the table yeah okay thank you very much with
respect to your comments about the the package that’s before us or the the
loose outline of a package it’s it’s a good start but you’re not more not there
yet and you said that that perhaps it hasn’t been stretched that the that the
proponent hasn’t gone far enough to meet the requirements of local community
expectations and needs can you elaborate on that well I mean you’re gonna put a
casino in in the middle of Rexdale you’re gonna hire some degree locally
because of the demographics there some of those folks are going to be from
communities of color you’ve got to do that training and we don’t see over and
above what might be business as usual other than tracking it that there is a
big financial investment back in the community and that’s what we think is
important again that’s not a trade union issue but this is because for ten years
particularly unite here 75 and others have been working with the community to
find out what residents need is a very a lot of challenges in Rexdale a lot of
newcomers a lot of folks who’ve found that when they’re young people are
sending out resumes they’ve graduated from university and they and they sent a
hundred resumes and don’t get a single answer that’s a reality we want to
change that outcome for those young people
and in the report it’s not clear what the oversight mechanisms are to hit any
type of voluntary targets what would oversight look like for you
well we understand that the it’s gonna be in a subdivision agreement
but we in order for the city to adequately see whether or not these
targets are being fulfilled and are on track to be fulfilled
you need expertise at the table you need actual reporting quarterly that’s
transparent so that it can be judged by the community and by others who know
what is real and then that needs to ensure that as the city is judging
whether or not this is care taking place it’s not you’re going to have once a
year full report to Council but you need more often quarterly in order for that
to be on track and with respect to other states agree thank you with respect to
other community benefits agreement is it very is it very explicitly clear that
there are targets there are there is oversight mechanism and and and that
there’s a way of measuring that yeah in fact I’ve got with me a document from
the partnership working families in the States that says common challenges of
negotiate and community benefits agreements how to avoid them and the
mistakes they talk about our agreements that don’t have hard targets that don’t
have actual ways of confirming that the employer is carrying out what the
promises are and the other major mistake is not having the community at the table
just having it kind of delivered by the the local government and and the
proponent without adequate community involvement thank you thanks counselor
other questions councillor Holliday deputy mayor Holliday Thank You Mara
Torrey I’m just over here serving can you help me understand just to clarify
you mentioned that the Toronto and York Region labor Council is a founding
member of the Toronto community benefits network are you here speaking to us
today as a member of the Toronto community benefits network or with with
your capacity with the labor council I’m here as president of Toronto in York
Region labor council I am also the co-chair of the T CDN but I’m making the
point from the labor specifics but our experience is about partnership and the
reason I ask that is I have heard daycare childcare come up in a few
different forums including today in a few different formats and I want to get
some clarity on if there is a singular view on what the ask is
I think in your presentation if I heard it correctly I heard the words free
childcare and you can correct me if I’m wrong on that but I wanted to get a more
detailed view on what your vision is for childcare is it something specific for
the casino workers is it something more specific for the community which I heard
before is it something that would be open to the community isn’t it is it
something that’s to be paid for by the employer or is it simply something open
and could benefit the workers I wonder if you could elaborate with a bit more
detail so I understand better so from the labor council perspective it would
be a childcare that is there primarily for employees of the entire operation
and of course the operations not just the casino it’s the hotels and and the
other facilities as you see in Vegas so it’s a full full service will be for
those employees because you’ve got people working shifts we believe it
should be free it should be a benefit that’s provided to those employees and
because majority those employees will be from the local community that will be a
direct benefit so that we think is a reasonable request that actually enables
the workforce development and young families because you know even with two
parents working childcare costs at this point in time were four hitters that
allows young families to be able to come into this workforce is there a
requirement for it to be on-site what if it was provided by an operator off-site
I think as long as the the question is is how easy is it for an employee or a
mom to be able to deliver that kid and get to work so if it’s in the vicinity
of the of the casino facility i I think that would be reasonable but you want to
make sure that transit is also a simple option and is there a view that it’s to
be directly operated by the casino or or something that’s more open as a concept
as a benefit provided by the casino to its workers well there could be a number
of options there when we talk about ongoing funding for you know a funding
stream it could be that it you know that funding stream goes to an operator that
that operates that but it is supported by money and from
from the woodbine okay and final question do you see any benefit to the
community at large so should community member not be employed at the casino
directly would there be spaces for those that live in the area well that’s a
question that that I’m not sure how to answer because I know there’s gonna be
resistance to having a child care to start with some I don’t want to create
something that the employers would say why am i forced to do all these other
things if the if local people feel that’s the appropriate thing if the if
the operator is willing to do that I think people who welcome that but we
want to make sure at least there’s childcare for the people that are
working there that’s part of a workforce development strategy so holiday other
visiting members of council wishing to ask any questions of the DEP unit other
members of the committee wishing to ask questions of the deputy councillor
Shriner so I’m back John I I I’m just trying to understand then you said your
co-chair of the community benefits Network it’s great so you have been
working with residents and our staff towards this agreement yes and you’re so
there are areas that they’re not in agreement because I was trying to figure
that out what can you just list for me the issues
and I understand childcare you’re looking for childcare for both employees
and for the community am I correct as I said our initial request is that
the childcare be provided to employees that’s part of a workforce development
if the operator wants to wants to say be wide open to the community that would be
a wonderful expression of solidarity with that community I had and that’s
been expressed to them already and their staff certainly the staff knows that the
staff has done a very good job of taking the 21 conditions that City Council set
in July 2015 sitting down with the with the operator
and saying we’d like to get there the staff has told us that they’d be
constrained what was load line in those 21 conditions childcare wasn’t set back
in 2015 it’s been part of what we’ve tried to bring into the conversation in
the last year and I meet with I don’t think we ever said you can’t
bring something I think we said what we’d like you to bring in the 21
conditions and I and I guess the the proponent is saying we’re only required
to offer so much because of those 21 conditions and our perspective is we
should be continuously improving this thing so it’s the best it could possibly
be and you’ve been trying to get that so what else besides the employee the the
childcare we want to we want to improve the targets driver we only have three
minutes move the targets on full-time jobs improve the target on local and
equity hiring we want better accountability reporting that’s
transparent and and frequent so that we get this right and you don’t wait for a
long time to try and correct something that’s not going right and finally we
want the labor council to have a seat at the table at both the Oversight
Committee and also the employment and Market Committee because that’s the
expertise we bring to a labor market conversation and that’s been relate to
our staff who have said the casino is saying
21:21 conditions you didn’t ask but you don’t get it well and I guess the the
the that mindset where I understand they are negotiating with the operator and
the operator is saying this is what we’re willing to do and we’re not
willing to do other things and so the opportunity of City Council does go back
and say well actually those other things would make it better that’s and I would
say one last thing there’s also labor that’s what well I’m trying to ask you
questions I’m sorry I’d love that you’re trying to see other things too but
that’s what you would like us to add to this agreement and that’s why you’re
here today that’s correct and what else did you
want to say there was a labor peace requirement that that was put in the
original 21 conditions the casino has said you’ve asked us thank you the
answer is no we think that should be brought back in thank you thank you
Council Shine or any other questions of mr. Cartwright thanks very much for your
deputations and your answers Joanne Brown UNITE HERE Local 75
masta Torian counselors Donna Bob stop sorry oh right coming after me she’s
gonna come after you yes okay duh miss Babcock thank you for
coming and you’re you’re on for three minutes thank you my name is Donna Bob
stock I have worked at Woodbine Racetrack for 15 plus years as a server
I am a member of UNITE HERE Local 75 my union represents 8,000 hospitality
workers in the GTA including workers at the Woodbine Racetrack UNITE HERE Local
75 is the hospitality workers union achieving remarkable standards for
workers in our industry improving the lives of the most vulnerable and
precarious workers in our sector particularly immigrant and racialized
peoples UNITE HERE Local 75 has been fighting for workers and members of the
Rexdale community for many many years we’ve been a key leader in pushing the
interest of community members forward through empowering local voices and
centering their needs with these values in mind Union helped found Court
community organizing for responsible development our work in the Rexdale
community began over ten years ago when a major expansion was announced for
Woodbine Racetrack with our coalition partners we fought for benefits that
expended not only to the workers but for the Rexdale community as a whole our
union worked tirelessly with the glocal community and our Accord partners to
ensure that any expansion at Woodbine will directly benefit those of the
community our union has been at the forefront of fighting for responsible
development our union is currently working with the Toronto community
benefits Network T CBN to build on our experience to make sure that the wood by
casino redevelopment project meets the demands
of the community through a legal binding community benefits agreement in
partnership with major hotels in Toronto and with the help of councillor Pam
McConnell god rest her soul our union establish the hospitality workers
training center the hospitality workers training center is a not-for-profit
organization where employees contribute to the provision of employment support
and high-quality training to people interested in becoming part of the
hospitality sector as well as to existing workers all free of charge to
those who seek such training in our sector the highly successful hospitality
workers training center was modeled after unite hairs culinary training
academy in las vegas which has trained over 40,000 workers in free high-quality
programs was facilitate entry into the hospitality industry and improved
workers ability to move up in their careers our union has achieved
incredible gains for workers in the hospitality industry and the realm of
benefits better quality of life for families and respect and dignity in the
workplace therefore we see good unionized jobs is fundamental to the
Rexdale community and this project great can the Canadian gaming must agree to
labor peace with our union as we have achieved labor peace with numerous
corporations all over North America it is fundamental that we achieve this with
the woodbine developer as a union for hotel and hospitality workers mr. you
done there I’ll have to ask you to wrap up though if you’re not just we’re just
at the limit now don’t you finished oh you were faster you Alphonse there okay
well thank you very much for those those comments and we’ll see if there are some
questions for you will start with councilor maverick thank you very much
sir mr. mayor um as I understand it you will have or unite here will have will
be only one of the unions that will be on-site is that right
do you know how many I could ask staff this but I’ll just oh you’re here four
four four unions but not everybody else will be unionized is that is that there
there’s some some that will not be unionized I think its management
it’s not unionized everybody else is no no not everyone else is okay sorry sorry
well just we can’t have okay you’re trying to be helpful I know but when you
come up if you’re coming up my question is really around not so much the
unionization question but the the wage that people will get do you think that
this agreement should have something in it around a living wage recognizing that
there’s the minimum wage $14 maybe $15 in a year
there’s the fair wage which is the industry average but in some sectors the
fair wage is actually not a living wage should we be should we have a living
wage as part of this community benefits agreement yes which means that a worker
would be able to earn enough to raise a family and there are institutions that
figure out what that fair wages sorry what that living wage is for the City of
Toronto do you think that that should be in the agreement yes that’s Thank You
councilman havoc did I see councillor Layton’s hand up I just can’t recall
there was one other hand up over that way when I recognized yes I did
all right sorry I I just wanted to confirm this number that there’s
currently 55 percent of people are full-time at at
Woodbine okay sorry my apologies thank you very much though
all right thanks calculating caster thank you very much
just like my question to a John Carr right earlier about his union or his
organization not being represented on the advisory group unite here has not
been invited to be on this employment labor market advisory group is that
correct yes and as far as you know none of the
unions are on this labor market sorry employment labor market advisory group
that correct as far as I know and do you think it would be possible to
achieve labor peace without a conversation with labor which is one of
the requirements you’ve just stipulated that you’re looking for labor peace for
unite here with hospitality workers and the card check neuter ology those are
that at least two things that your union is looking for yes in the in the
community benefits peace not to mention the fact that you it’s something that
all unions are generally asking for and and oftentimes by right they have the
ability to achieve correct yes and so how how much faith you have in this
report right now considering that staff have said that they’re largely satisfied
with every single one of these conditions being met and yet the pieces
that you’re looking for is one of the four unions representing workers there
are not even in the report well these these two are very vital to me so so do
you have faith that your issues the issues that your union is looking for do
you have faith that it will be addressed in the final agreement that everybody
else is negotiating yes and and how how will you see yourself influencing that
decision if you haven’t been able to influence it to the state well we would
like to be part of it and and has there been any invitation to your Union to be
part of even early discussions not that I know okay thank you very much there
are questions of this evident all right well thank you very much mrs. Babcock we
appreciate your time and now does that bring us back to joy and a brown dran
Brown rather from United 75 you are Ms Brown
I am Joanne Brown thank you very much I mean and you have three minutes thank
you my name is Joanne Brown for 32 years I am a proud employee of wood bye
racetrack I’m a proud member of UNITE HERE Local 75 and gratefully I want to
talk about the community within a community at Woodbine which includes a
card check neutrality agreement very important which guarantees good union
jobs it took us a long time to get here and we need to build this this community
within a community this will sustain the horse racing
industry which is number one priority at Woodley it’s horse racing it will also
provide for a training center which will educate the local hires a daycare center
for the 24-hour operation and that will provide care for children so their
parents can work in good-paying jobs with benefits Rexdale is a destination
to be proud of and I know this because I brought my children up in Jamestown many
many years ago I left the community and I came back about ten years later back
into Rexdale and I was hired at Woodbine Racetrack
two of my sons worked with the horses in the back stretch and all three of my
sons work in hospitality industry so I know it’s a good place to live I know
it’s a good place to work and I know that it’s a good community and I’m
hoping that great Canadian Gaming will work with Woodbine to know what a great
place where unions work and how Woodbine can help them to know how that works
and that we won’t have to fight about having unions at great Canadian game
we need to build this it’s an opportunity we need to make it happen
I’m hoping that you will make it helped make us happen and we need to be at the
table thank you questions of this deputy all right well seeing none well thank
you very much for your don’t you appreciate that Christine’s falling
UNITE HERE Local 75 just falling here okay come on up Pete Peter Peter de
gamboa I can’t see he’s with it listed with acorn oh there you are okay perfect
so welcome you have three minutes sir good afternoon my name is Peter de Gama
and I’m the Acorn Etobicoke co-chair a long time north the topical resident and
activist a committees victory on behalf of Toronto acorns nor to the Pope in
North Etobicoke members and thousands of low to moderate income members across
the city about the community benefits agreement of woodbine casino the
benefits proposed and staff reported a great support to lower income members in
the North Otago community our target of 40 percent hiring from historically
disadvantaged neighborhoods half of which is minimum should be local is is
an improvement and something we fought for hopefully there will be greater
movement to to the forty percent target so we can achieve 40 percent local
higher low and moderate-income members have children and we know that in order
for them to work they must have access to childcare acorn has been calling for
affordable accessible and fair child care to our $10 and change campaign we
know that 1700 month average cost parents for a single child in daycare is
much more than many parents can pay that is why we calling for on-site affordable
childcare provided for employees and there’s other things that that we would
like to see improved in the support one of the things
that’s already been mentioned has been accountability and enforceability of the
targets in order to make this report staff report go from a good CBA to one
that is a great CBA and that can compare that some of the ones that have been
achieved in the states it’s important that we have enforcement measures and
quarterly reporting secondly it needs to be inclusive more
inclusive we’d like to see greater labour representation in the employment
working group eight corn has worked with the labor in the past and we found that
the experience is valuable and we would like to see this reflected in both
employment working group and the Oversight Committee on the Orca sighted
the committee is important that other coalition members like labor also be
represented and we ask that a corn can be represented on this committee
downtown councillors know that there are condo developments go up and the day and
there they can make use of section 37 funds being Rexdale don’t have that
opportunity too often so we asking we will be asking Canadian Gaming is to
provide additional supports and investments into the community childcare
scholarships and an ongoing investment fund in which is to be invested in the
community based on needs a dress needs established by the oversight committee
the community has asked for some reasonable investments like I said
childcare and we would like to see post-secondary scholarships for local
residents and the other things that sense I just mean you have to bring it
to a conclusion that’s all I know I just the other thing is just wanted to
mention that this report should represent climate change goals of the
city and see them all right thank you sir other questions
for mr. de Gama members that can’t have their wong-tam over here
hi I just wanted to ask regarding your position on the living wage acorn is an
organization that advocates to end poverty fighting for those low wage
earners the report does not speak to the living wage the proponent is not
agreeable to the living wage how important is the living wage to your
organization in measuring the successful outcome of this this phase of the
discussion I think that’s that’s very important concern that was a part of our
proposal and just eat that it’s not a part of the staff report I think it’s
something that has to be corrected corrected in future motion do you want
to speak into your microphone yeah yeah I think that’s that the living wage
issue is something that needs to be addressed because many many of the
people in write still even and then the minimum wage was $11 dad
it’s a struggle to live in with the going up to 14 and 15 dollars it might
be a struggle so I think the CCP has established a living wage of 1852 and I
think that should be a target that we should have for workers who may not be
part of a union okay thank you very much Thank You councillor Wong to him any
other questions from councillor holiday there’s some questions Thank You Mara
Torrey mr. Digby I’m just over here on behind the projector you brought up
daycare is several times in speaking to us and I’d like to ask you a similar
question about what your vision is for this thing that has come up several
times I had asked one of the previous speakers about who should pay for the
daycare and I guess the answer I got back was that it was an employer benefit
for the workers there how do you see it a different agency your acorn speaking
to us about the community do you see the necessity for seats for the broader
community whether or not they work there what’s your vision I think initially
initially it should be for the workers who work there and there’s a residential
community if it can be can if the gaming can work with that community and we can
broaden it to include them that would be so how did how does it work though with
with who pays for the daycare would that with the casino be paying for community
daycare spaces and how would it work within the workforce let’s say there’s a
manager there that’s making six figures would they be getting free daycare as
well or is there a means test within the organisation I I think it’s important
because it keeps coming up about to understand what the asset coin has been
campaigning for $10 and there is a provincial election and
they care as has become an important issue it’s a the funding should come
from different bodies provincial would be asking that space be available at the
center okay and that’s very important so the distinction I’m getting now is that
you use you have a vision for a space for a daycare as opposed to the actual
service overlay or the provision of a benefit if I got that right for the
workers day and I think the employer should make a contribution for the work
is in the day care okay okay so it would be like a flat contribution it’s not a
benefit to the employee it would be the employer making some kind of
contribution to set up a day core organisation in a space as you put it I
got that right space I mean it should be spaced like specialised for daycare I’m
not just saying provide give us a space and then you they establish all the
things that go with the daycare and okay thank you thank you
councillor holiday other deputy mayor holiday are there others wishing to
question this Japanese councillor Nunziata it’s a clarification on the
questions that comes from father they asked so at community council that
question was asked and you made a deputation so is it the community space
that you’re asking for in the daycare space there are two separate spaces or
is it all one space because this space is a different thing at the planning
Planning Committee I think I think one of the members that stuff suggested that
daycare space could be provided within the existing phase that’s different from
the community space community spaces things for like access to hosting
community events like festivals and that’s that’s anything in this report
but you would like to see more more things involved like a community center
which is not in this one they certainly be in phase 2 yeah that’s what we heard
at community council the community center that’s what you were advocating
for no no I understand I just wanted clarification on what you said now and
will happen that community counts so there was a little bit of a confusion
there thank you thank you councilor on Sierra other questions of
this deputy all right well thank you very much then mr. de Gama for your
representation and for your questions patience
that would bring us I think now back to my list to Kristine Smalling local 75
not here not not here okay Nadine mandal UNITE HERE Local 75 Colette Murphy was
next executive director of the Atkinson foundation hello miss Murphy see you
thank you for being here three minutes thank you for having me
mara Torre Executive Council members good afternoon I’m one of several
Torontonians who have been working with city staff residents groups community
organizations unions private developers and other orders of government to put
equity at the center of local economic development community benefit agreements
are a critical tool to help realize this principle I’m also the executive
director of the Atkinson foundation your partner in this kind of city building
since the 1940s this report demonstrate that Toronto is
becoming a city that expects more from their development process more for their
money more for their residents and more of themselves and their partners like
other thriving North American cities you expect investments to do double duty not
only create world-class entertainment attractions like Woodbine but to create
wealth and opportunity for people who are persistently excluded and
marginalized a strong community benefits agreement associated with the Woodbine
expansion is a critical step on this path the agreements impact will be felt
for a generation most acutely in North Etobicoke to ensure we can extract the
most benefit possible for residents who urgently need access to economic and
social opportunities we recommend improvements in two key areas employment
and labor market plans and supports we applaud the city for setting robust hard
targets with local and equity hiring and construction and employment operations
as well as targets for FTEs we note an absence of any commitment to a living
wage floor and employment operations and would encourage its inclusion to support
the creation of decent work opportunities and in line with the
city’s poverty reduction strategy recommendation to champion a living wage
we would encourage raising the minimum number of new hires through local and
social hiring from 22 from 40 to 60% and include associate workforce wraparound
supports like childcare finally we were at become in removing the strengthening
the language associated with the 10% construction targets by removing the
clause reasonable commercial efforts secondly related to accountability and
oversight research and experience demonstrates that key to the success of
any community benefits agreement is transparent regular monitoring as such
we recommend publicly accessible quarterly monitoring a first full year
report back in 2019 not 2020 and ensuring meaningful representation in
the oversight process including Labor’s expertise in closing I want to
congratulate everyone involved in putting Toronto on this more
equitable economic development path but I especially want to thank reps tell
residents Mustafa Abdi and Peter de Gama community members and local organizers
who spent the better part of a decade working to ensure their aspirations and
expectations of people living in their community are reflected in this I want
them to know we share their vision for a model of economic development in the
city that lifts all residents no exceptions and I want to assure them
that the Atkinson foundation is ready to roll up our sleeves and work with others
to ensure this happens thank you for your leadership and for the opportunity
to contribute to your deliberations thank you miss Murphy we had a question
I think from first from councillor want an okay thank you very much for your
deputation just to clarify you have been involved with the process of trying to
in to assist the the proponent of meeting the 21 recommendations is that
correct we have been working with the city and TC bien and their efforts and
more largely in the community benefit space and the the piece that that seems
to keep coming up as a reoccurring omission is and there’s several of them
I’m just gonna focus on the living wage component how important is this
community benefit without the living wage the opportunity here is to create
good family sustaining jobs for people who need opportunities so having a wage
floor that will allow people to participate fully in their communities
and cities is critical so a living wage floor as a minimum is a great starting
point and because I haven’t been part of those discussions but you have it has
been brought up it has been raised several times I would imagine in the
discussions I have not been in the discussions room but I understand as
part of the 21 conditions it was not included and therefore has not been
vigorously discussed and so as as it sits today the your remarks tells us
that we have some work to do still and if we don’t hit the benchmarks that
you’ve identified removing the reasonable commercial efforts with
respect to targets for full-time employment and I think there was another
piece in there about regular reporting and monitoring if it doesn’t hit those
three pieces for you would you deem the agreement as something that the city
should sign that that’s enough for the City Council to endorse the the proposal
the city is committed to building a community benefits policy framework this
is going to be one of your first pieces of the gate and we want to ensure that
the floor of this kind of work as as strong as possible and that equity is
baked in not sprinkled on and so I I think that I mic our colleagues and
staff has worked very hard to get us to this point I would encourage you to push
harder to make sure that out the gate this is a two decade plus agreement and
so if in the first round not out I’d look to see if there was something that
could be put in that this is revisited in three years or two years 2020 at the
end of phase one but I would not be happy to see twenty two years from now
we get to have a discussion about living wage thank you i next had councillor to
georgia if there are no other visiting members wishing to question I had
counselor to George oh and then deputy mayor viola Thank You mr. mayor so I
wonder if you could just clarify for me the comment you made with respect to the
elimination of reasonable commercial efforts which happens to be one of the
new I guess the wording and in one of the conditions here can you sort of
clarify why you want that eliminated because if it’s not a hard target
somebody can say hey we tried we did our best but we couldn’t make it when we
said at our of 10% there’s an expectation you
deliver on that this language provides wiggle room to get around that it also
has a certain amount of flexibility from a contractor’s point of view because if
I am a main contractor and hiring subcontractors and I put in a condition
that they have to hire 10 percent from the local community obviously there will
be some contract some subcontractors that will comply with the reference so
that I put out there and some that will not so I think there’s sufficient
safeguards in place but I’m not sure that the elimination of that kind of
flexibility for a main contractor would accomplish what history tells us and
from our studies as a foundation that’s looked at it in other jurisdictions when
we leave those kinds of big off ramps then we create an ability for us to make
best intention but not deliver I think right now the city is doing an
extraordinary job building something called construction connections that’s
working to put supply residents who need opportunities and are interested in the
construction sector with contractors and subcontractors who have those
opportunities agree with me that the weather this the service provider
complies with that condition is a judgement call that the city will make
because they’re really a party to the agreement that’s right there’ll be they
are the signatory as I understand it to the agreement I guess what I’m saying is
I believe that the city would hold the provider to that particular condition
and it’s not a hard condition to satisfy in my view agreed all right thank you
thanks councilor DiGiorgio councillor deputy mayor bi-lo just a
very quick question we’re talking about living which could you could you give us
an example some numbers just for people that are not familiar with it what are
we talking about when we talk about living wage I think when it was last
updated and I’m not quite sure when it was just under $20 per hour q but I
defer to someone else in the room who might have the most up-to-date
number 1852 is that class I think it might be 1852 62 1862 yes all right that
all the questions are ok thanks deputy mayor Barlow do I have anybody else on
the speaker’s list for this deputy area questions this for this tap okay thank
you very much miss Murphy much appreciate it now then we are miss
Smalling and miss mantle Mandal both passing or waiting another time or I
just want to make clear what I don’t want to pass you over but you’re both
you’re okay thank you very much that brings us to Theo lagakos president
public servants Alliance of Canada local 5:33 Thank You mr. mayor councillors
just start last summer Woodbine employees like myself were locked out of
the old G because we raised a variety of concerns including job security and the
fact that we lost our provincial pension plan before the lockout our part-time
employees were able to get at least three shifts per week which meant that
they could keep their benefits since the lockout has ended the average part-time
employee now only gets two shifts a week and at that rate their ability to keep
their benefits over the next year will diminish my personal concern and the
concern of the local is that great canadian keeps its full-time part-time
ratio and does not keep moving towards for reducing staffing levels as this the
current practice this union is also not in favor of casino Woodbine’s decision
to bring in outside workers during bargaining unit work which is the case
right now this local is deeply concerned about the way which promotions are
implicated which creates for the people packing the facility to the point in
which the main entrance had to be closed I’ve raised this concern with management
but they do not believe I do not believe they take us seriously in regards to
safety and I urge the city to investigate the congestion on the gaming
floor particularly during promotions like to
like on Thursday evenings my understanding is the Newcomb
he keeps a larger portion of profits by I did a number of slot machines on the
gaming floor so they are indifferent to both the patron and the ploys concerns
regarding cramping space all for making more profits
also since wallet buying is no longer government agency but a private operator
given a 22 year lease by the one government
it appears the casinos priorities have shifted making profit is taking
precedent over everything else in fact the AG CEO has deregulated and
made J many changes concerning casino operations with less regulation it is
more likely for problems to rise I’ve worked at Woodbine for over eight and a
half years and if you ask me if there’s anything sadder and more pathetic than
an individual addicted you gambling I would tell you it’s a government’s
addiction to gambling revenues the health and welfare of our community
should be should take precedence over profits I understand we can’t go
backwards and stop gambling and that the future revenue sources is important to
the city and the province but I also believe that now more so than ever we
need tougher rules and regulations government should not rely on liquor
gambling and in the future selling weed to balance its budgets and also law
should be the same throughout the board for example do you know at Woodbine we
still have a smoking section that’s less than 9 meters from the building this
Union has been played to authorities over years regarding smoking however
there’s some sort of legal loophole that allows this to exist
I used this example to illustrate to you for the need to have laws that are
consistent before you decide to give the green light I urge you all to remember
your civic duty don’t just give in to expansion for the sake of inspection
expansion sake allow the company that makes don’t allow them anything that
makes billions to get away with posting part-time jobs that are only two days a
week make sure that a 24 hour casino operates and pays for 24-hour day care
center as this community and the employees are desperate need of I have
to ask okay lastly our jobs at Casino Woodbine our present and our only
guaranteed until January 23rd 2019 as per the Ontario government steel of
selling the business the workers and the people of wreck still deserve better
than this reality we asked City Council to assist us and making full time shares
and making full-time jobs not disappear thank thank you very very much
are there questions of this deputy council a yes thank you very much hello
I didn’t recognize you there well that’s several years ago that we had the
pleasure of of discussing this very same issue yeah the issue with the full-time
and part-time jobs I read your letter but then saw you shaking your head at
the answer so can you give us an answer to whatever proportion of full-time job
that we are four different unit unions local 75 represents the unionized
workers at Woodbine Entertainment Group that’s the racetrack okay I represent
the four hundred employees that work at the casino side that used to be called
the Oh Gees thoughts of Woodbine there’s 55 percent part-time employment not
full-time employment down at the casino and we’re worried that that number is
going to increase sorry it’s 55 percent part time
part-time part-time and you’re worried that’s going to increase because the law
your your members are being restricted to two shifts a week because exactly
what the reality is that ever since we’ve been privatized everything ever
since we just agreed to a collective agreement and we try to get labor peace
the amount of ships available to people has been being reduced to the part-time
staff all in the stake of making more profit and the excuse by the private
operator is well the government wants more profit from us so this is the way
we’re gonna give more profit by cutting hours to employees so if if we don’t
have a good strong percentage of full-time employment on the site
you think that that that number will decrease in order for for the operator
and the province to maximize absolutely mr. Layton and I also want to tell you
that at least a couple years ago if you look at the Ontario reports that come
out all these thoughts at Woodbine generated six hundred and twenty five
million dollars in profit so when these private operators are crying that they
can’t afford daycare or they can’t afford to give people than more than two
shifts per week something is really really wrong and when you’re a part-time
employee you don’t qualify for benefits you do qualify if you get a certain
amount of hours but if you don’t maintain you those hours those benefits
disappear and do you think that given the the city gets such a small share of
revenue that whether or not we have a 40 percent full-time or a 60 percent
full-time will really affect the amount of money that the city receives exactly
because if you if you look at the gaming industry these guys these guys live and
breathe out of trying to squeeze as much money out of people’s pockets as
possible you said it I didn’t just say that
later that’s that’s the reality and they’re gonna try and squeeze as much
money out of the City of Toronto and they’re gonna dangle this carrot and
they’re gonna say well we’re gonna build hotels we’re gonna create all these jobs
it’s your civic duty to make them responsible to create good jobs because
you know having been in the Rexdale for over 30 years I could tell you that the
people there deserve better and if we’re going to get a world-class facility in
Rexdale we deserve better we don’t deserve to be
shafted I I couldn’t have said it better myself
thank you very much you’re welcome other questions have come for councilman havoc
yes you’re saying that right now the position for the people running the
gaming machine sir well I’m sorry I’ve got a public glass back on
is 55% our part-timers and 45% are full timers in and about I mean it fluctuates
it fluctuates that number fluctuates there’s nothing in your union contract
that says a certain percentage must be full-time part-time no but if you like
to come with me next time in bargaining I’d love to have you next to me sure
okay and what do you think is a fair seeing that it’s not in your contract
what do you think it’s a fair ratio full-time versus part-time well you know
how should we because at the end of the day we need to establish targets and if
if I’m not sure what this is doable but if there is going to be a target it has
to be a numeric target I’ll answer that by giving you a little reality check of
what a regular employee does when they come to me at the union office
they’re usually breaking down they’re usually
distressed because they don’t have a consistent schedule their schedules all
over the place there’s no consistency in the schedule and they don’t know whether
they’re going to keep that to that to day part-time job or not give that from
the to day part-time job and to have people after people coming in to me
breaking down you know in this day and age I say to myself you know there’s all
this wealth in Toronto apparently but we don’t have enough money to have
full-time jobs you know everyone has to work two jobs three jobs everyone that I
know of my family my friends and Rexdale everyone has to have two or three jobs
is that the norm now you have to have two or three jobs and try and get some
benefits here and try and get some benefits there why isn’t government
helping and supporting workers where why the absent in that why is there’s this
big void between the haves and the have-nots so if to put it numerically
then I think what you’re saying is is that all the jobs that can be full-time
should be full time so that we can provide as we said our poverty reduction
strategy quality jobs and livable incomes absolutely
thank you Thank You counselor my headache counselor or cancer one can
thank you very much mr. Merrick and can I just ask the the the speaker with
respect to the lockout that took place can you just stay for us again what year
was that lockout it was this past summer it was just this past summer and what
were the issues that caused so basically what’s happened is we were a crown
corporation and basically 8,000 jobs across the province of Ontario all the
casino operations which are profitable by the way the wind government decided
not to sell them not to even privatize them because that would mean real
competition instead what the premier decided to do was to give a 22 year
lease very similar to the floral 7 project because they didn’t want to have
the headaches I guess of running the the casino and the operations as a result of
that what did we get we got a one year guarantee that we’ll have our full-time
jobs for one year and our pension plan which was very good was replaced with
not a comparable pension plan because there’s no wording in it the government
didn’t allow us to have a comparable pension plan this is the province so in
a lot of ways we had no we had no other recourse but not but but to fight
basically the corporation so that we could have a living wage so that we
could live our lives so that we don’t have to have this crazy schedule you
know that’s all over the place but I think unfortunately because the OLG
generates so much revenue and provides so much revenue to the media none of the
media wants to write any real in-depth news stories about what was going on
inside the oil gene can you give us an update on the status of that labor
dispute well I mean we we signed the collective agreement we’re back at work
but what I indicated to you is conditions of work have changed safety
conditions have changed because they’re jamming all the slot machines in there
to make as much my as possible the part-time workers are
getting less hours so that’s changed as well
people are disgruntled and with respect to the report that’s before us which is
largely premise Thanh the proponents satisfying at least of 21 conditions do
you believe it’s strong enough as it stands right now absolutely not
and so considering that your your labor rights have have seen an erosion right
we don’t start from a position of strength do you think it will only get
stronger after we sign the agreement or will it get weaker afterwards I think
you have to hold you have to hold big business accountable and if you don’t
hold them accountable they are going to manipulate you every single time they’re
going to say to City Council here we’ll throw thirty million dollars your way
keep everything quiet let everything roll let them keep smoking at Woodbine
who cares what the rules are the rest of the province you know you have to hold
them accountable don’t let them manipulate you thank you
Thank You councillor Wong time other questions of this deputy counsel deputy
viola you mentioned childcare yeah what could be the impact of childcare on on
on the site so we have a lot of single moms and a lot of times they’ll come to
me again they’ll come to the Union office and and they’re trying to do to
to manage things manage their life and most of them can’t afford any type of
childcare in terms of you know unless it’s someone taking care of their kids
within their own community you know because it costs so much if you’re
making 17 bucks an hour how can you afford childcare even in rec still you
can’t that’s most likely the average of many of the people though absolutely
absolutely so then you know you hear horror stories sometimes someone will
say you know you know they’ll tell me in confidence you know I’ll leave my kid at
home and and work you know work the night shift in
you can’t do that but people are desperate
that’s what Rexdale is it’s a desperate desperate area of the city
and no offense must afford there but nothing nothing has been done in the
last 30 years of rec state my opinion some people have questioned I mean why
would you put you know a childcare in in there do you think there are issues I
mean these are people that are going to work to work at the hotels to work at
the casinos you see any issue other than facilitating it for the workers to have
the child I I only represent the workers there now I’m only talking on behalf of
the workers I’m not representing anyone from the community even though I lived
in the committee living in the community for 30 years like I said but it’s it’s
it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a fact of life
you know people people are trying to get into these jobs and the employers know
that workers are desperate and once an employer knows a worker is desperate
Union or no union they’re gonna squeeze you as much as they can
is this been done with in other places that you know of in terms of providing
daycare I mean these are you know things that I’ve read in the media and stuff
but I’m not an expert in it all I know is that there’s a great demand for it
that’s all I know how many people are gonna be well
there’s 404 of 440 people which are my Union and there’s another 150 people
that represent security and then another 30 people that represent surveillance
that’s right now on the site that’s right so you had about 700 and something
this is at the casino they’re saying they’re gonna double that number they’re
gonna add another 300 if they bring in the table games which is fine but at the
same time and the hotel workers and then the hotel workers and all that which is
fine but make sure that you’re operating the the property with with best business
practices you know the old G’s sort of failed at that and I don’t see much
difference in the new emperor you know so go ahead yeah thank you so
through your mr. mayor sir I think I’ve heard you here before it good yes and
you just said something which I found rather interesting and I wonder if you
could expand on it you said that in 30 years nothing has been done in this area
yes sir I stand on it so tell me that nothing that has been that so you’re
telling me that all the councillors and all the people worked in the area and by
the way yeah I also did make a decision to actually vote to support a casino at
this location so nothing has ever been done in 30 years because I’ve heard you
say things like that’s right that’s right laughing okay what about school
violence in the area has that improved in the last 30 years I don’t think so
well you know you know I don’t look after school we’re not we’re not having
a debate we’re having a question-and-answer period so Oh Jesse
the councillor Thompson asked a question and mr. lagoons is gonna give an answer
and then we’ll move forward all right I was just gonna answer that in all the
time that I’d lived their Police Department fire department up and down
Kipling all the time a lot of unfortunate events going on in
the schools in the area over there it’s very very sad very very sad and you know
I grew up near lads down in Dupont 4 first 20 years of my life and I could
tell you wreck sale compared to lads down at Dupont Rexdale has not has not
progressed as much as the rest of the city and that’s why everyone here is
fighting for a little bit of progress and we’re giving you a real reality
check on what’s happening on the work sites all right thank you both okay
thank you mr wegg Arcos Thank You Jane Mercer Toronto correlation Coalition for
better child care Mercer hello hello three minutes you
have and thank you for your patience thank you no problem
good afternoon counselors and thank you very much for giving me the opportunity
to speak to this item and most excitedly the community benefits agreement I’m at
the Toronto Coalition for better childcare we’ve worked with families
right across the city to do as much as we can to bring affordable high quality
accessible childcare to communities from north and south and east and west I
decade ago had the opportunity and the privilege to work with the Rexdale
community as they formed Court I worked with folks in the community with unite
here 75 and I tell you I learned so much about that community about our city it
was so exciting for me as a learning opportunity and I think there was just a
debate there about how well we know Rexdale we really have a huge
opportunity to support this community an opportunity that they’ve been
desperately needing for decades this is our opportunity families who
work at Woodbine they are all of those employees that we’ve been hearing about
the vast majority would be earning low income wages certainly proportionately
the vast majority are women I would say the majority of them given the age
groups would be mothers of young families they work shift works shift
work and they are trying desperately in the hospitality industry to get their
children to childcare so that they can start a shift on the other end of town
for six o’clock in the morning this is our opportunity to put childcare on site
yes on site and primarily for those work but definitely it can be for the
community this is our opportunity when this was drawn up the community benefit
agreement I keep hearing 2015 it floated around well we didn’t have our Toronto
child care growth strategy then Council has passed a Toronto child care growth
strategy last summer that was very impressive we are very excited we are
also excited by the investment of funding from senior levels of government
this is our opportunity and there won’t ever be a better sight than to make your
first real hard investment in child care and hold your developer and your
employer to account to the community you alternative is you know we can either
build and have families living and working and supportive with child care
in the community or they are ping-ponging across the 401
trying to get their families cared for and get to work on time let’s seize this
opportunity put the toronto chalk hair growth strategy overlay it with this
community benefits agreement and let’s show the rest of toronto what can really
happen when a community gets together all right thank you very much we gave
you a few extra seconds to finish up there and appreciate that so we had a
head first on my list councillor Davis and then councillor Wong cam and we’ll
go from there thanks Jane I did just want to ask you I’d heard
there were many questions about what workplace child care might be and who
subsidizes it and operating versus capital and operating budgets there
there are many examples of workplace child care center both in this city and
in the province correct there are sometimes the operating costs of the
facility the capital costs of building plus the operating costs
some kind of operating subsidy can be given by the actual employer in order to
give either preferential admissions or or to reduce a mr. chair it’s really
hard I can’t even hear myself in order to ensure that the employees can have
access to a quality childcare so it takes various forms the in terms of the
levels of subsidy that can be available from government or the employer is that
fair to say absolutely and I mean you start with the capital investment and I
think we start from a premise of expect an expectation of developers not can you
put a childcare in here but where will the childcare be that’s what we have to
start with we have development expectations that say X number of
parking spaces we have development expectations on all sorts of things we
need a development expectation that says where is the childcare going to be and
24-hour workplaces are a challenge but there are places that have provided
extended hours at least for workers who are working in 24/7 operations correct
that’s correct I mean you may not get to 24-hour right
away but you certainly can to extended hours
which might start at 6 o’clock on-site as opposed to 7:30 on the other side of
town so you can go a long way with those extended hours ok and we have examples
of those yes we do places thank you thank you
all right Davis thank you very much councillor longtan thank you very much
mr. mayor with respect to the the requirement for childcare just about
every single speaker that has today has said that childcare was
definitely a requirement and needs to be on the include in a community benefits
agreement what’s what’s this community benefits agreement worth if it doesn’t
include child care at the end of the day you know we know we know it’s just
getting increasingly difficult to live and work in this city if you do not have
access to childcare I don’t know how you’re expected to do it on an $18 an
hour wage even two jobs which sadly is what we’re pushing families into you
know even with that wage there is no way that you can participate in our
workforce without childcare if you have a young family and if you’re not
participating in our workforce then you’re going off to whitby or Hamilton
or somewhere else to raise your family we are going to lose a whole generation
if we don’t pull them back by making sure that our city is not just
employment it’s also families homes and we have I was here for the morning and
it was wonderful to hear how smart track or our transit system can create real
hubs and communities well childcare is just like transit you
cannot work without it and considering that women are the prime oast of the
time are the primary caregivers without the provision and inclusion of childcare
in the community benefits agreement do you think that we’re going to have a
workforce there at the new expanded wood line that will have women gainfully
taking advantage of these new economic opportunities without well I think sadly
and there will be better experts than I on this but you can see it tipping but
if you don’t provide the opportunity for really good jobs not precarious jobs but
good jobs with childcare when you provide that people can grow
in those jobs and develop in those jobs without that kind of support you’re
going to find a very precarious workforce that will come in when it’s
desperate I’m sorry Mike my question was that if childcare is not provided if
it’s not included in the in the CBA the final draft of the CBA knowing that
women are the primary caregivers who is going to get these jobs these new great
jobs that would bind well it won’t be women that will stay it will be people
that are exploited because they’re desperate and then they will move on I
don’t know who’s going to get those jobs I suppose young people without kids I it
will not build a strong workforce and it will not build a happy or stable
workforce or community thank you thank you thanks counselor Wong time I had the
next counselor all of a deputy mayor ala day thank you Mary Tori and sorry about
the get a visual connection here again similar to the other people that spoke
to us child care has come up and I want to try to understand a bit better on the
detail of thinking that you got and how this might work the community benefits
agreement pertains to a section of the site that’s being developed and do you
vision this child care being inward focused on the workers and I think the
total projection is 5,000 over time or do you see it just as a general advice
to this table here about the need for child care in the area and how do you
see this serving the workers versus the the broader community I think absolutely
it we need to have childcare on-site okay definitely the workers will need
that okay however I don’t think that means you can’t work with the community
there are often workplace childcare programs that first of all developed by
the developer or the spaces provided by the corporation the owner the operator
that’s an enormous benefit to your Anto and then it can be but maybe there’s an
agreement where priority goes to employees that are on the wait list
employees that may well be eligible for a subsidy under our current children’s
services system so I would say the majority would be eligible sometimes
they can’t find the space now you’re giving them the space it can still be
open to the community it may even be operated by a community partner up in
Etobicoke we have several strong childcare programs that may operate
several sites they may be happy to come in and operate as a not-for-profit
existing community partner within Woodbine so it isn’t Woodbine that has
to operate it but again it’s an opportunity to work with the community
with 5000 workers projected according to the report and if you know the site do
you do you how big do you see the childcare being like how many seats
would you call it in order to serve the workers on-site in the community and do
you feel that that that geographic location is a suitable place for
childcare well as for how many spaces I would certainly say your staff have a
very thorough children services plan developed over the years they have a
very thorough Toronto growth childcare growth strategy they could probably nail
it like that exactly how many sort of spaces we would
look to put in there is an optimal number that makes it a good operating
number and is it an ideal site if the workers are there or if people are
living there that is an ideal site for childcare Thank You Deputy Mary holiday
deputy mayor viola councillor Anna oh you’re up
yes thank you could child care be an impediment for some of those women to
have access to the jobs the lack of the lack of lack of
childcare absolutely especially because like I dunno having worked with you
night here before you know just how many people work downtown but live up in
Scarborough or Rexdale or wherever I have to make it down
childcare is a huge lack of childcare is a huge impediment to women across the
city but when you are low income women we’re not talking cashing in your RRSPs
to get child care we’re talking you know becoming homeless to find childcare so
people are making terrible choices without childcare and as I say because
we now have our Toronto childcare growth strategy a much greater investment the
time the opportunity is right now to put it in place so your message is basically
take advantage of the opportunities we’re planning this age what it will be
a huge employment center yes you have the conditions for everybody to take
advantage of these what could be with good jobs absolutely and I think just
like with transit you know we’re already behind in the development of chocolate
we don’t want to look at this in five or ten years and say I can’t believe they
didn’t put childcare there below now do I have members of the other members of
the committee wishing to ask questions of this deputy going once going twice
and well thank you I’m sorry that’s alright councillor Thompson sorry I’ll
be quick mr. mayor um thank you very much miss Mercer I didn’t get are you
you do you live in a tropical no I do not but you work in the Rexall area with
respect to your so you know I worked in that in that degree in that capacity yes
I worked on behalf of the Toronto Cola coalition in childcare right and so
could you then speak to child care services in that area at the moment well
yes they’re pretty lean yes tobiko like Scarborough is quite spread out right so
of course if it’s there’s a neighborhood talk here but it’s still three buses and
and 45 minutes to get to it so that’s why bringing it to a workplace is really
the so if it’s inadequate now and we’re looking forward to having more women
into the workforce yes we’re saying that there’s a
necessity to ensure that to advance the opportunity for people who would like to
have an opportunity yeah there should be a place in collaboration with the
employer but child care services is providing you’re not suggesting that the
employer themselves provide it there other agencies who they can work with
and in conjunction with the city in order to make that available absolutely
so I think it is like certainly the capital costs and certainly let’s get it
in on the ground floor literally but then we’re working with the city to make
sure the subsidies are there for families and the community too it’s all
got to come together at the same time okay thank you thank you very much
thanks counselor Thompson other questions of the deputy okay well thank
you very much for your very thoughtful answers and we appreciate your time so
that brings us on the list – Pedro Parata from the United Way senior vice
president of the United Way there he is counsel
for this opportunity and thanks also to city staff for their hard work and
significant community engagement in getting us to this milestone this is a
good day for Rex Dale and for the North West of our city this agreement is
really welcome news it brings jobs to neighborhoods where they’re needed most
it’s a major win for the city’s poverty reduction strategy and it also builds a
strong workforce and fills labor market gaps specially given demographic
pressures regarding the skilled trades we welcome the inclusion of employment
targets that connect disadvantaged populations with job opportunities and
construction in social procurement on good full-time jobs around operations
and through access to community space we know that setting targets works not only
because it sets a standard for accountability but also because it gets
everyone on the same page about how we need to work together to meet that
target on the Eglinton crosstown setting a standard has helped to create 150 good
jobs career kind of jobs and more than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for
social procurement and that’s in year one alone and after a lot of work by
many organizations United Way included we are now on the cusp of doing
something amazing on the Crosstown and we can do that here too one important
innovation that’s happened out of the cross down that we can apply here is to
break silos and to align employment programs that help the city province
community trade centers work better together fewer programs operating as
ships in the night greater clarity and efficiency when it comes to connecting
people to resources and so working with a city with labor with the province we
have created a new one-stop shop client center construction pathway that’s
called construction connections it’s helping young people navigate from
whatever situation they find themselves in to real careers and so we hope that
in this report you’ll consider naming construction connections as a successful
initiative worth building on regarding Woodbine we also ask you to consider
that labor be included in the Oversight Committee and the employment and labor
market advisory labor are essential partners or have been essential partners
in making crosstown work and we need their knowledge and access at the table
here too we also know from both the Crosstown and
programs like pay that investing in
young people through wraparound supports is a way to ensure their success things
like child care housing mental health supports all of these are essential for
us to break the cycle of poverty and we hope that this agreement will prioritize
youth facing multiple barriers and the importance of wraparound supports in
connecting them to opportunities as we implement provisions around social
procurement I also want to point out that the Toronto Enterprise in Toronto
Enterprise Fund a partnership between United Way the city of Toronto the
federal government and the province is building supply of social enterprises
and acts as a one-stop shop for employers and contractors and to wrap up
I hope that as we break new ground on this project we we can really contribute
to new thinking and new ways of working we’re very pleased as United Way to be
part of a community oversight committee and to ensure that it is a success
we believe that quarterly quarterly reporting a clear measurement and
evaluation framework and regular dialogue with community is essential
we’re pleased to join with other partners such as TC BN and the city of
Toronto to contribute in many tangible ways to make this visionary agreement
work for economy for our workforce for young people and for strong communities
thank you for your time sir Mavic and then councillor Layton I think I saw
your hand at night and okay we’ll go from there cosmetic thank you very much
mr. burrata you with the United Way Toronto New York Region you’re I’m the
one might be surprised seeing you here focusing on on Woodbine why is it that
the United Way has an interest in this area this piece of work and this
traditional social service provider and so we we we are actually in either way
Greater Toronto and as of April 1st we we have joined forces with Toronto York
and Peel Region and what we see especially based on the latest research
from the census income inequality is that need does not
see geographic boundaries and we’re seeing that for example the difference
between north Scarborough and Markham or the difference between Rexdale and
Brampton is not that different in terms of poverty in terms of need and in terms
of what we’re facing in terms of precarious employment we are main our
main job is United Way is to help ensure that we have community services at the
local level that are meeting the immediate needs of residents but we also
have to realize that we can’t just be happy with a revolving door of charity
model when we’re facing growing precarity in our labor market and a real
crunch around affordable housing and we also know that the solutions for the
problems that we’re facing now are not easy ones they’re not solutions that are
going to be just about the private sector just about the community just
about government they have to be about new ways of working together in
leveraging each other’s resources and just being willing to take risks and
being willing to innovate community benefits as we’ve seen on the Crosstown
and now as we have an opportunity to see here on Woodbine are exactly those petri
dishes where we’re going to drive innovation where we are going to bring
it every resource at the table where we are going to break down silos and make
sure that we’re meeting the needs of clients when and where they need them
both in terms of social services but in terms of careers as well in our work at
United Way we have done tremendous work with the city in building new community
hubs in creating resident leadership in bringing services where they’re needed
most and as we go back and speak with residents we hear that all of
these things are really important and we need to continue to build on them and
and do more but that people are also hungry for jobs and opportunities and
this is a concrete way in which we can really build a better future for
everyone Thank You councillor where did I written down over there where no I
haven’t I haven’t I had to accounts a long time I had another hand and over
here accounts the laitanan councillor johnson okay so long time constant long
time counselor late in the councillor Thompson thank you very much mr. Merrick
with respect to the the the slide presentation that you’ve just shown us
you’ve obviously identified that there are some some gaps in the the staff
report with respect to the CBA as being proposed right now out of the five I
think five key areas what is the one that is the most
important to you if you can even choose one that is a difficult question but I
would I would start with that with the people who were we’re here to serve and
and I would start with just really ensuring that we prioritize youth and
populations facing multiple barriers and that we do the hard work to make sure
that the wraparound supports are there and that the integration of services is
there to really get at those populations so I think that you know defining the
targets and reaching into communities that are farthest away from the centre
is is our job we have to take on the hard stuff and we have to challenge
ourselves to make sure that nobody’s left behind and with respect to the
report itself it doesn’t actually meet it doesn’t specify any targets it talks
very sort of vaguely about the types of people that that they are sort of
targeting would you welcome emotion that’s that gets a little bit deeper and
and starts asking about youth and and equity seeking groups primarily youth so
my understanding is that the report does have a very comprehensive definition of
disadvantaged populations and of local populations and if that’s if that’s not
coming out then the more that we can do to strengthen that
then we should do it I certainly have seen it there and I’m just underscoring
how important it is that we focus on those populations but you you you
specifically name youth that that needs to be included because it sits in your
five page presentation here how appropriate is it for youth to be
employed at a casino we are looking at young people who are starting out in
terms of their careers and what we’ve seen in terms of success around
construction careers in construction and we have seen that by working with
communities and by connecting young people to those careers that they can
really thrive we have also seen on the across town that more white
quote-unquote white-collar jobs like professional administrative and
administrative and technical jobs are also really important pathways for
newcomer populations who come with international with international you who
are internationally trained and also for young people so I think that there are
many ways into into a career thank you it’s my time up I think my is my time up
mr. mayor do I have one more minute because I think if it was packed on to
they you’re right means you have 30 more seconds okay so then my final question
is a city council directed staff to identifies some cost associated casinos
especially social services additional anticipated additional policing costs
that information is not contained in this report and you are the United Way
and you represent the United Way many of those social services are you’re funded
agencies will you have the capacity to meet the the the elevated service
requirements based on the fact that you’ve got a large and expanded casino
coming so we certainly look forward to being part of the because we are the
oversight table we hope that one of the things that we’ll be able to do is to do
continued monitoring of what the impacts are and to work with all of our partners
to make sure we are we can get ahead of those challenges as much as possible and
that we can do planning around meeting local needs and
and let’s be clear I mean the challenges that you know are facing the northwest
of our city if you look at where neighborhood improvement areas are
located the investment it doesn’t have to wait the northwest of our city is an
area that already requires significant investment as many other NIH do so you
know certainly that’s a focus for our own strategy we have shifted our
strategy so that two-thirds of our investments are going to the inner
suburbs and that’s a strategy that that that we certainly would encourage other
partners to engage in thank you thank you sir Thank You mr. bratter and now we
have cancer Laden thank you very much and most of the a couple of my questions
were actually asked by Councillor wrong time but just on the the the oversight
piece there aren’t many many tools we’ll have to ensure that we’re meeting these
contractual obligations as set out in the community benefits agreement so what
value do we have by ensuring that these committees have the right people asking
the right questions well I think that there’s a lot to be said for
transparency and for public reporting and for a commitment to engage regularly
with with the community and experts around this file and we have seen how
through the Crosstown the kind of DNA that you build around just having those
expectations on the company and also building conversations that are about
you know everybody being part of the solution goes a long way in terms of
making this work I think making those making those expectations clear and
making them part of the the expectations of of woodbine is going to create the
process that we need to create transparency and accountability so I
don’t know about you but I’m not a I’m not an expert on on labor relations or
or how how this sector responds to to to their labor issues and I would just be
is that one of the reasons why you think that labor council that they should have
a seat at that that table so we brought labor we brought the suggestion
forward to include labor in terms of the the oversight and certainly the the
working tables because we have seen that on the Crosstown labor has the
experience in terms of what are the needs how is it that we get young people
into into training centers how is it or what are the kinds of wraparound
supports that need to come from the community sector to make sure that a
young person can make it from point A to point B and we feel you know having
worked with many different traded trades training centers that there’s an
understanding that there’s a great demographic shift that’s happening
there’s a great need to bring in young people into a career in the trades and I
think that that is unique knowledge that we’re really going to need to just make
this work practically so just as a just as a problem-solving and good
intelligence point of view I think it’s smart to include labor in this process
Thank You captain council Layton and within it councillor Thompson there
hello I’m sorry counselor Davis go ahead question would you agree that child care
would contribute to stability for current staff and new recruitment for
expanded staff and towards employment equity do you think that having
childcare on-site affordable high-quality would contribute to
achieving those factors that happen to be in the employment and labor market
plan conditions that sounds right and I would
also take us back to the wraparound supports piece that I mentioned earlier
you know if you are coming from a background where you face you know
significant multiple barriers there are a number of things that we have to be
very deliberate around filling those needs and childcare affordable housing
mental health supports these are really going to be the deal the deal makers in
terms of bringing in people who are far from the shore in terms of the kinds of
opportunities that allows them to get ahead so child care along with mental
health affordable housing counseling programs all of those are essential in
any kind of model that’s going to help person facing multiple barriers get
ahead so I I think you’re right thank you and then councillor Thompson thank
you very much mr. Mehra through you too mr. beretta um you have obviously done
work in the Rexdale area in the past sorry yes yes and how long have you and
United Way been doing work in rec still I would say close any eras 15 years 20
years 30 years would say close to 50 years but I we certainly we certainly
have recognized that there are unique challenges to the Rexdale community that
require it’s no work additional one and so have you done work exclusively with
respect to the United Way of you collaborated with the city have you done
partnership and so on we include the years we always worked in partnership
for the city one of the I think one of the most important things we’ve done is
to bring a community hub right and to the Rexdale Larry to councillor Chris
antes word right that has been a real anchor for services in the high-needs
community so what I through you mr. mayor I submit to you that in 30 years
things have happened in Rexdale and it’s in this area from a community
services point of view as we’ve gotten ahead of the curve and we still need to
move forward absolutely but you would agree that
things have happened yes so if someone were to issue a blank with Sam and
saying that nothing’s happened in 30 years would you agree with that no we
wouldn’t okay thank you so I’m going to move a couple of motions addressing the
issues as you pointed out in terms of ensuring that labor is involved with
this process and the reason why I’m moving it because I think as you’ve
described a councillor Layton that there is a level of expertise and a level of
sophistication that they bring to help collaborate with the community is that a
good thing absolutely we have seen that on the Crosstown it’s absolutely
essential if we’re gonna move forward thank you very much Thank You mr. mayor
you wait because I have a couple question three if the others are all
done and see it was councillor Thompson finished I apologize it was just he
probably is let me just do that then while he’s doing what he’s doing if I
may I we’ve talked with councillor Thompson just now about Labor
representation on the on the community benefits side of things and you talked
about the desirability of it I accept all of that what form has the labor
representation taken on across town in other words there’s been I as I hear it
have been various people today saying we should be represented there and I wasn’t
entirely sure when it was all said and done whether it was all of them are some
of them are one of them but could you tell me what you said something had
worked there it had worked on crosstown who’s at the table or who’s at how many
tables that’s a great question your worship and there’s layers to this so at
the at the highest level which is around who has signed the agreement with
between Metrolinx and cross-links the Toronto community benefits network with
labor as a very important co-chair has been one of the signatories to that to
that agreement when you when you go down to the accountability and implementation
table you see that Toronto York Region and Labor Council is the representative
for labor along with United Way and others sitting down with cross-links and
metro links to make sure that we are meeting our targets and working together
you get further down to construction connections and some of the
on-the-ground crunchy work of actually making the construction connections
pathway work and you get a combination of Toronto York Region labor Council as
well as trades training centers so LIUNA 183 Eli you know yeah 5:06 the
Carpenters Union the iron workers union there are multiple locals that all have
training centers that are part of the conversation and our and are around the
table around implementation because I think that they recognize that their
shared value here we cannot afford to have a construction industry that is
going to continue to grow over 10 years 120,000 prospective new net jobs are
required those have to come from somewhere and we have a lot of young
people who right now income with 40 percent youth unemployment and
we have to connect the dots better I think labor is an absolute essential
partner in that that’s helpful secondly I suspect it isn’t a relevant comparison
but I just want to ask anyway has there been any thought of the childcare this
is a bit different cuz it’s one workplace where is the Crosstown project
to spread out all across the city is there any has the bending down about
that or did it come up or has it you know the child cares because again it’s
been a big focus of discussion here this afternoon of course and you know working
with the city in the province United Way runs a program called career navigator
and career navigator essentially overlays the whole process of recruiting
a young person from the community getting them assessed getting into a
pre-apprenticeship program putting them in a trades training centers and
overlays person-centered support spiel a mental health child care affordable
housing whatever they are they’re tailored to young people’s needs
childcare is one of those issues that really has to be responsive to the
situation that people are in and we look forward to being part of the oversight
and the working tables to identify what is the best intervention for the people
who are going to be employed as part of Woodbine
I use the same example as I would with mental health say we have a young person
who has a mental health challenge I have a really hard time telling you right now
if the solution is let’s build a hospital near Woodbine let’s build a
community agency there would bind or let’s bring a worker that’s going to be
ready somewhere to go and help that young person in in Woodbine on mental
health issues we don’t know we need to set up the process ahead of time wreck
it we are going to be dealing with in terms
of population commit to resourcing those needs and then figure out operationally
what the best way is of doing that and I think that at this moment it’s it’s
difficult for me to make an operational decision without having all of the
information in front of me but I know for sure we’re gonna need childcare
supports for the people who are going to be there thank you okay oh sure one more
from Council pass back there just seems to be a little bit of confusion around
the table on why you’re here now it the position united way that a casino is
is an okay tool for economic development we are here to speak to the community
benefits opportunities emerging out of this infrastructure project so we have
worked very hard on the Eglinton crosstown we’re currently working with
communities on the Huron Theriot line we are working with York Region to identify
potential projects that’s that’s all fine I mean I can tell you there’s a big
difference between a transit project and the spin-offs from that and then you
know it’s quite different so I’m surprised United Way is here talking
about the benefits community benefits of a casino I don’t know whether maybe
there’s been a pivot at United Way or they’ve thought of new well counselor
this was a decision by council and it’s it’s it’s a decision that’s moving
forward we see a community that has high needs and a community that’s hungry for
economic opportunities so you know if the community is asking to have a
community benefits agreement and we are in a position to to work with the
community to make that happen then that’s what we will do so okay so you’re
okay to advocate for parachutes or soft landings if this if this in fact gets
approved that’s why you’re here I’m not sure I’m entirely following you
counselor but well I don’t know he’s here and he’s a member of the public and
he’s not only that an executive the United Way and he is entitled to come
here and comment as is everybody else so I don’t think we generally question
people and whether alright no I’ll leave it at that but i think i think you see
my our concern yeah so any other questions for mr. bratter all right well
thank you very much a very helpful contribution thank you so much next in
on the list is Mustafa Abdi good day sir
thank you for your patience and you have three minutes and then I’m sure there
may be a question or two twenty-five years and have been working within the
community for the last ten years I’m here to speak today about the upcoming
developments in my neighborhood and the potential opportunity now impact I
emphasis the word potential because if it’s done correctly it can remove many
barriers that the residents of Rexdale are faced with one in particular that
I’m here to talk about today is employment as someone who’s worked in
the community and has also experienced firsthand employment and the lack of
opportunity to meaningful employment is a huge issue in Excel as a university
graduate I experienced all types of barriers from postal code discrimination
to simply not knowing the right people in the right place in the right position
I had had difficult time finding full-time employment and enough ended up
going to Alberta to start my career in the trades now when I went out there
there was an opportunity that I’ve never was never brought to me while I was here
in Toronto and that’s the trades when I came back to Toronto and I said to
myself you know what there’s all these cranes there’s all these condos being
built for these jobs and construction how come so many of the young guys and
the young people in my community are not working and then there’s this different
I’m not just I’m not a special case this is continuously in my community too many
people in my neighbourhood are told to go to school get an education and you
should be fine I did that sorted a lot of this and they all had the same
barriers and this is what I hear every day when I’m working in the community
parents coming and asking how can I help their children find work they’re all
post-secondary graduates but they can’t break into their field of study now I
know this is an issue all across the city not just in Tobago
however we have an opportunity today because we’re talking about this
woodbine development expansion that we’ve been talking about since 2008 or
2009 and when I talked to the residents of
Queens play which is literally right across from Woodbine I had a mother come
up to me and told me her daughter has graduated couldn’t find a job so she did
research on her own went across the Woodbine marl and went to the local
banks there and asked all the tellers where they’re from not one from Rexdale
not one so in this what we have today in front of us is a good start we talked
about targets it’s 40% maybe that’s bump it up a little bit to
60% we talked about construction but then there’s this term that’s being used
use all reasonable commercial efforts why can’t we not commit to the 10% and
take that right out of there the one thing that I don’t see in here is the
professional administrative and technical jobs why can’t we have a
target for those now I know this is a start and it’s better than what we had
yesterday but again this is this is where I
believe we should have more consultation done with the community and ensure that
there’s community representation at the table to ensure that these tweaks and
these documents can be done thank you thank you very much yes sir
so we have some questions for you starting with conservation thank you
very much mr. Abney thanks for coming thank you for coming here today just
just to make it clear you’re you’re coming from the community down to direct
City Council or request City Council that in in order for the community to
accept this proposal we need to see real changes to this
community benefit agreement so that we see 60% local employment so yes because
so to be completely honest when I talked to the community members no one is
really interested in seeing a casino being built there’s a lot of negative
stuff that come with a casino so we have to ensure that the benefit outweighs the
negative impacts 60% sounds a good benefit to me it’s a start so you
acknowledge that like there there will be significant impacts to the community
the price of admission then for this for your community to say yes
we will shoulder these additional costs but you need to you need to show us that
there’s some benefit to us and that looks like 60% local employment 60%
full-time employment and if I can add to that to remove the use of all reasonable
commercial efforts to just 10% construction trade which would
essentially make that 10% could be a a 2% or a 0% essentially exactly thank you
very much councillor Davis you probably don’t know
the actual numbers but would it surprise you that you are definitely in Ward one
the second worst served in terms of the amount of childcare available in the
subsidies available so I wouldn’t it would it would surprise me but to be
honest I’m I’m coming from a family of 12 where my mom stayed home so we really
weren’t looking at child care but I wouldn’t be surprised okay and is it
your view that the women who are working or trying to work in your community need
childcare that’s affordable to be able to go out and participate in the labor
market I definitely agree with that yeah and that it would help this
community if this project were to include childcare well if it didn’t
include childcare then it wouldn’t help us at all right so I definitely agree
with your statement okay thank you councillor Hoff a deputy mayor Thank You
Mara Tory and mr. Abdi I’m sorry I’m hiding over here thank you for speaking
to us if I recall correctly you came to the topical York Community Council when
we were looking at the plan of subdivision and you mentioned a term
today part of me postal code discrimination yeah and I remember I
think I remember you told a story about a resume and using a mississauga address
I remembered that and I wondered if you could just repeat that and your
sentiment about about where you lived and what that
meant about getting a job so yeah the story I gave was when I was
straight out of university applied for one job with where I live using the my
address I didn’t hear anything back I applied again just for just to see
what happens with my aunt’s address who lives in Mississauga and I got an
interview with the same resume so I don’t know but I feel that that’s
supposed to quote discrimination the one thought I have though is would you say
that this is limited to the neighborhood you live in or there might be other
parts of the city that suffer the same the same sentiment because of where they
live or the near the street name employers are looking over their resumes
I definitely would agree to that there’s not just north of tobiko but because
we’re talking about the development in north Etobicoke I’m talking about my
experience is dirty thank you that’s the wrong time thank you very much mr. mayor
Mostafa you mentioned that if the the CBA did not include childcare it’s not
going to help the local communities are correct yes and the CBA also does not
necessarily endorse a living wage without a living wage as the cvaa helped
the local community know I also believe that the living wage should be included
in there I when I was mentioning just a few points is because I no longer had
three minutes so I just try to put in as much as I could and let me ask you a few
more questions if the CBA right now does not mention labor peace or carjack new
neutrality will it help the local community in terms of securing good
unionized jobs well if there is if there’s no one representing the workers
then as history shows then it won’t be good jobs and if the CBA does not give
us very clear full-time targets on hitting the 60 percent is it going to
help the local community I believe all targets should be
specified clearly okay and if the if the CBA does not have a clear regular public
and transport a transparent transparent accounting will it help the local
community well that’s because if we talk about all this and
put it on paper but there’s no accountability then it’s not gonna go
anywhere so right now it does not include any of those yes so like I said
it’s a good start but there’s a lot of things that could be fixed and do you
think that we’ll be able to fix it between now and the time that council
needs to it needs to report back to Council in July I’m hopeful that that
they will taking the taken that what’s been said today if they take back
recommendations then I’m hopeful that they will and what would it take for for
all those criterias to make it into the CBA what would it take to take labor
community well yes everybody would and the proponents working together getting
it done they would yes I believe that need needs to be more space for labor
and community at the table in order to meet that deadline right now labor is
not at the table yes so they need to be at the table okay thank you very much
Thank You council Wong time other members wishing to okay councillor Chris
Andy Thank You mr. mayor and and thank you most awful for kind of for coming in
so you said earlier they that well first of all are you in favor of this
development I am in favor if it’s done correctly yes okay and you’re in favor
of it because of the jobs potential jobs that could be created here because of
the potential opportunities that will bring directly to my neighborhood and
the surrounding neighborhoods okay and you and you you recognize that that you
know you need the right circumstances in order to attract development and and one
of those ingredients and and the catalyst that would drive to is the
driving force of force moving this thing forward is the expanded gaming at which
council approved conditionally back in 2015 correct yes I understand that
however without the conditions being met then I don’t think it would yes
absolutely so this is why council set those 21
conditions and and we know that you and others negotiated and sat down and met
with staff and and I believe we have a strong framework
to start with right now correct we have we have a start
we just need to tweak a little bit and go back to the drawing board but I but
this is a good start however there’s always room for improvement
agreed all right and you live in Ward 2 correct yes thank you thank you very
much other questions of the SAP unit did well thank you very much mr. Abdi for
very thoughtful presentation I think we have two more mr. Kusa Baker mr. Baker
here thank you for your patience mr.
Baker NORs please go ahead
good afternoon local councillors and Executive Committee I’d like to start
off by thanking city staff local councillors my preferred and distinct
interesante for your continued support in ensuring responsible responsible
development as part of that would bind casino expansion the staff report on the
eight community benefits conditions set in 2015 steers us on the right track
however I must say that there’s still some work to do to ensure that we
mitigate the health social and economic risks that are involved with this
expansion of gaming TCB n a labor community coalition of
over 80 organizations including cored have been organizing in the local area
since the woodbine live development in 2007 during this time we have seen a
significant drop in employment opportunities which has resulted in
residents having to travel further to access work from taken out from cities
of toronto stats from 2009 to 2014 the area of rec still seen a significant
drop in employment opportunities by a specific drop of eight point nine
percent this is the highest and any other area in its local vicinity with
this casino expansion brings in which includes non-gaming employment
opportunities brings an opportunity for local area resident
to not only secure a job in their neighborhood but also contribute to the
sustained economic development to the local area this is why it is important
that the community needs are addressed currently what we have here is a
framework for a local employment and procurement agreement what additional
benefits the local community of this development bring other than limited
access to this space many jurisdictions across North America where community
benefits agreements have been signed include an expensive and wand wide range
of community benefits provided by the developer including job training for
local residents community centers sports and entertainment and recreational
facilities community grocery stores and public spaces like parks this is where
the current CBA framework falls short the city needs to create a stronger
community benefits agreement that is based on the Rex Dales real and
quantifiable needs the most pronounced of which include the need for more jobs
for local people and also in the current agreement the jobs that provide living
wages to address the low income and very low income circumstances of Rex tell
families and tackle child poverty in a meaningful way the needful childcare for
workers within the this proposed city within a city and that will sync up with
construction schedules and once the developments are built operate rung
round the clock the need for additional supports and investment that will help
the community adapt and can cope with additional pressures from the
development and support the development of a strong local workforce this
includes things like creating a child care and scholarship opportunities that
many of our residents have explored today thank you thank you very much
mr. Baker are there questions of the deputy did you have your hand up there
consolation yes yes thank you very much I’m going to this will be very brief
just very quickly so where would you like to see and where do you think we
really need to see change happen in the community benefits agreement for the TC
BN and more importantly the local community to be satisfied that they’re
getting the getting an appropriate benefit for
shouldering this burden well I think I want to I want to start out by the
framing of this because right now what we have is a local employment and
procurement agreement we actually don’t have a community benefits agreement
there is nothing within this framework that actually provides any additional
community benefits to the local area so I think we need to start with that but
in terms of what we need to include to ensure that this is actual community
benefits agreement would be a living wage so not only are we focused on hard
targets for the jobs but what are the quality of jobs that are there so we’re
actually a living wage want to ensure that there’s that the community is also
at the table not only overseeing the committee but also at the employment and
labor market table we have four in-house unions that currently represent workers
at the site how is it that these four unions don’t have any representation
around the employment and labor market plan
so that would be another thing that would be additional another thing to
also include as part of a community benefits agreement would be supports and
investment that go directly from the developer into the local community to
mitigate the risks around social mental and economic that risk that many health
reports provide okay thank you thanks Council Aiden and any other questions to
mr. Baker otherwise I’ll thank you very much again sir thank you that that is
the last deputation so that would then bring us to questions of staff and I’ll
start with members that are not on the committee but are visiting with us today
who have questions of staff counselor Layton yes thank you very much these
questions are directed to the medical officer of Health in in 2013 the medical
medical officer of Health Report warned that a casino could cause an increase in
problem gambling is this consistent with your findings through the chair the 2012
review that you asked us to provide indicated that proximity to gambling is
associated with problem gambling so we would see an increase in problem
gambling in the areas around a casino so our report anticipated that you would
see increased problem gambling in proximity so accessibility and
availability yes and 2012 the the medical officer of Health reported that
an Ontario study of regional variations and access to gambling reported that
problem gambling is modestly but significantly associated with proximity
to casino and race tracks with slot facilities as this as your current
thinking that’s maintained so we did an additional review in 2015 and reported
on that the same finding that proximity does increase problem gambling and our
position is that in both cases we didn’t recommend expansion the same report said
that people who experience higher rates people who report it as being having a
problem gam problem with gambling experience higher rates of health
problems financial problems and an increased consideration of suicide is
that correct so through the chair it is correct that the health impacts from
gambling include suicide ideation which is thoughts or completion mental health
depression as well as Co addictions such as alcohol or gambling and how much more
common was that those those considerations of suicide in the people
with prowl with problem gamblers so the the issue is that the baseline varies
depending on studies and locations in some cases you’re looking at a new
facility so the baseline is zero in some case you should looking at expansion but
the issue is that proximity to gambling does increase health increase health
risk for those issues that I mentioned so I think you mentioned this just now
but are there specific demographics that are more susceptible to problem gambling
so the literature in both of the studies that we looked at showed that low-income
males and certain racial groups are a greater risk and in in 2012 the MOH
couldn’t recommended some conditions to be placed on the casino are those
conditions within the current recommendations that the city is moving
forward with so given the the decision to move forward with
expansion our role became one of providing advice on mitigation measures
so those mitigation measures were provided some of them not all are within
the conditions that are in the report before you so can you tell us which
conditions are not 24 hours operation is one of the main ones the others relate
to on-site brochure on-site promotions such as messaging on machines or
availability of electronic gambling so there’s a lot of other detailed ones
related to the on-site support but the biggest issue was opening 24 hours so
you might not be able to report on this but a report that I believe camh and the
medical officer of Health did was there they had a percentage of casino revenue
that comes from problem gambling do you know what that is so in Ontario it’s
about 24 percent so 24 percent of the income being brought in by a casino is
from people with gambling addictions it’s through folks who are gambling in
that casino so your recommendation is not is is that the city not change its
position and in fact maintain its it with no expansion at Woodbine or 2012
and 2015 reports both had the same position which is because of the
increased health risk by proximity to gambling that we didn’t support the
decision however when council made its decision to go for it with expansion our
role changed to one providing a list of measures that would help mitigate the
health risk fair enough so we had this and this I have no more
questions for the medical officer of Health I guess this would be for the
acting city manager there was a request in the 2015 council decision that looked
to try to get some idea of what the costs associated with addition with the
casino would be to the city additional policing additional sofa
surfer social service costs so that we could address them in the agreement with
the operator do we have we quantified what that cost will be
no staffer undertaking some additional work but we don’t I don’t believe any of
those numbers yet so wait a second so we don’t have those numbers yet so we’re
voting to accept something that we don’t know as the financial implications will
be just just to be clear we don’t know what the cost will be associated with
the casino the so staffs there was a direction in 2015
city staff started to review the initial assessment in 2015 it was there were no
additional incremental costs identified and right now it’s staffs opinion that
we need some further we need further numbers and a concrete understanding of
the full build-out before we can come back with those incremental costs thank
you thank you we have just oh I know who else wants to be on the less councillor
for it councillor for sanity councillor Davis and council wants half so next is
and councillor holiday so deputy mayor holiday so we’ve now got the councillor
fort I thank you very much mr. mayor and through you to the appropriate staff
member so just in general to start off and isn’t of your opinion that Council’s
conditions that were set out in 2015 have come to this committee satisfied
through the chair yes it’s a staffs opinion that the 21 conditions have been
met okay and furthermore than that there’s been some dialogue in the
committee about the conditions and and adding they’re taking away some of the
conditions more so adding on page 13 of your report half way down under City
Council consideration of the 21 conditions you say that
so as report to say Council 2015 any say council withdrawal of the resolution
under this regulation at this time must be in good faith and explicitly linked
to the failure that the service provider to meet the city’s condition
additional conditions cannot be added at this time so if there were stuff changed
to the agreement how would that affect us moving forward well as the report
indicates in 2015 there was a description of the process the council
was embarking on and by virtue of the provincial regulation we have an
opportunity council had an opportunity to consent at the start of the process
what we worked out was a process where council consented with conditions and at
that time council was advised that when staff reported back with respect to you
know the end of the process and the conversations of the proponent council
would not be free at that time to add further conditions it would have to
limit its consideration to whether or not the conditions that had previously
set had been met or not right so to be very clear at this point through you mr.
mayor not this is not an opportunity to be changing the conditions or adding
it’s not an opportunity to add conditions all right what could be the
ramifications of council were – well as noted in the report there’s concerns
about this process that council act in good faith that nobody had a complaint
against the city that it is somehow violated the good faith terms of the
process and what that really comes down to is that in 2015 a list of conditions
was established those conditions were communicated to all the potential
proponents responding to the provinces RFP and subsequently discussions and
presentations were held with those proponents so what is coming back is the
result of a response to the conditions that were set at that time and and the
staff recommendation is is that we then you know consider those conditions on
the response to them okay thank you very much I like to direct the question
through you mr. mayor specifically to the community benefits agreement and I
know staff has worked on this extensively
one is staffs do you the staff believe this is a strong community benefits
agreement for the people in the Northwest in the City of Toronto through
you mr. mayor the approach to the community benefits agreement was to
achieve the best outcomes for the local community and something that was
achievable and attainable through the proponent this is new territory we have
not had community benefits agreement similar to this magnitude before so it
is new territory the targets that are are recommended are beyond what we’ve
seen in any previous agreements and we believe we pushed hard committee and
council may direct us to look again but we feel that we’ve put forward
reasonable hard measurable targets in the CBA okay and you know what one of
the biggest things that I have heard there’s a local councillor and I know
staff have I know mr. bronzer has been a member of those meetings is a seat at
the table in your recommendations do you believe that the local community will
have a seat and does have a seat at the table moving forward the steering
committee which is the key oversight mechanism actually contains two seats
for local residents as well as a seat for the local college and perhaps most
importantly a seat for Toronto community benefits network and then ikenson
Foundation and United Way round out the membership right and last question
through you to miss mayor to staff is the revenues being
brought back into funneling back into local community coming into the city I
should say specifically in surprise about 15 million dollars of new revenue
and is it of your opinion that somebody some of those revenues can filter
through to the local community for improvement such as community you know
community centers community space childcare after you mr. mayor so one of
the directions that one of the recommendations speaks to staff coming
back once we understand the full revenue stream that we come back with an options
for looking at increment how to allocate that incremental revenue and couldn’t
look looking at some sort of community fund Thank You mr. mayor
thank you council for councillor chrysanthus it was nice yes thank you
mr. mayor so to the appropriate staff first of all I just heard from through
councillor for questioning that staff responded that all the 21 conditions
were met so we heard all the deputies this afternoon I think the common
denominator that we we have is that everyone essentially indicated that
there is room for improvement in certain areas potentially in the living wage
area and in daycare I also would like to as part of that question asked if
daycare itself was a topic of discussion during your meetings with with agencies
and and other individuals with respect to community benefits in a CBA agreement
through you mr. mayor through the consultations yesterday care child care
and more specifically workplace child care was raised a number of times okay
and in terms of what you heard this afternoon for the last couple of hours
and with respect to the point of room for improvement how would you respond to
that because I also heard you say that you negotiated you know what might be
considered a precedent-setting agreement staff undertook to negotiate within the
scope of the 21 conditions established by council in 2015 we had no mandate to
negotiate beyond that scope childcare was not within the original scope of the
21 conditions we did mention it in the body of the report along with a number
of other potential benefits but all clarifying that they were outside of the
original scope okay we’ve you’ve negotiated community
benefits agreement in the past the number of them correct I don’t believe
this is the first community public community benefits agreement being
brought to this council because it was council who established the requirement
for this community benefit agreement coming forward okay thank you with
respect to through jobs at Woodbine how many current jobs are there at Woodbine
Racetrack right now in terms of headcount 723 I believe and that
translates to 579 full-time equivalent positions that’s a total at the Woodbine
Racetrack that’s the the total employment at this point in the in the
the gaming facility I’m talking about Woodbine as a whole several thousand
so town so yeah I heard upwards of seven thousand roughly would that be correct
okay so our development of this of this nature would would help sustain the
current jobs that are there yes and how many in in terms of attracting new new
jobs as a result of not just expanded gaming but what could come above and
beyond the gaming itself so our report indicates that we expect ignoring the
construction period of time but on an ongoing basis about 1,600 net new jobs
to the economy of the region there’d be over twice that in terms of new jobs at
the location itself but some of those jobs will reflect the spending there
instead of the spending somewhere else okay then would you agree that that
moving forward with with not only with the expanded gaming but the potential
new development that can result because of that that that could create a
stronger or a strong business case for further investment both in transit and
in housing specifically the potential extension of the Finch West LRT that
currently terminates at Humber College so the potential expansion of that down
to Woodbine and then looping around to to the airport possibly and maybe some
further investment in revitalization with respect to our own Toronto
Community Housing sites so I’m not a transportation expert I’ll ask somebody
on the other side of the room dines for that certainly we’re we’re we’re aware
of discussions between major players up in North Etobicoke Humber College the
hospital Woodbine right and others who are very much engaged in seeing the
transit that’s plan to Humber College get extended so
to include this site and eventually to the airport that was the last question
Thanks that’s fine Thank You Amir councillor Davis isn’t it the case that
actually this corporation will decide whether or not the conditions have been
met when Council approves it yeah well
that’s the role of counsel at this point is to look at the responses to the
conditions and determine whether there they’ve been met so we’ve received staff
opinion about whether or not those conditions have been met but it’s up to
us to determine whether or not they have been met that is the purpose of the
report yes but the important point to be made is is that it is doing that
evaluating the response to the condition the concern is not imposing new
conditions I understand that so I see a term sheet here that under attachment
one and the employment labor market plan which attack discusses conditions 14 and
15 and it says the purpose of the employment and labor market plan that we
had they have to satisfy us about has three streams stability of current staff
expanding employment or new recruitment and employment equity and I don’t know
whether I would ask the city manager I could ask Toronto employment and social
services probably anyone mr. Brill injure don’t you believe that access to
childcare has always been it will continue to be fundamental to
maintaining stability of Curtin and staff and recruiting new staff and
access to the labor market has that not always been fundamental to achieving
those things through the chair there are many considerations that are fundamental
to achieving those things including childcare okay
doesn’t put them in scope under the 21 conditions oh well I just heard that the
scope is something that we will decide and I guess if I were to ask Toronto
employment and social services isn’t the the most challenging condition to get
people to the labor market that you see is being able to access job fair one of
them for sure through the chair yes I would agree that
access to childcare is a challenge we do work very closely with children’s
services to access our childcare subsidy we also use our own funds under the O W
Act to gain priority access to childcare for Ontario Works participants great I
wonder if I could ask miss long ere we have many examples of how employers
support childcare from providing operating money to capital money and a
combination of those in fact we have a workplace childcare on-site here is that
not the case both in the private and the public sector that are supported in
different ways through you mr. chair I can’t
unfortunately speak to the detail around private employer provision right at the
moment though I can get the information for the counselor the City of Toronto
operates directly child cares those child cares are available to their
employees and are also available to other members of the public there’s a
child care in this building in which the city supports as the employer supports
that child care center to give priority to those employees and it allows both
workplace parents as well as access from the public as well is that not the case
at st. Lawrence at Ord at other places in the city I counselor
would describe those as agencies with whom we have service contracts who offer
childcare to their employee but they’re examples of workplace support and it’s
possible that in order to maintain employment stability in order to ensure
new recruitment and in order to ensure employment equity in this labor
employment labor market plan we could ask for some level of support for
childcare to ensure that there’s greater access for the 5,000 employees that are
expected and finally maybe that’s to rhetorical there’s at least you you
asked question 400 would you not agree that North Etobicoke is one of the
poorest served communities in the city in terms of access to childcare are you
mr. chair at the present time Ward 2 is identified as a high priority for
childcare capital expansion excuse me expansion at the present time they have
only enough space to serve 20 to 30% of the children who are living in
low-income Finn and a wait list of hundred you counselor Davis thanks
counselor Wong cat thank you very much mr. mayor I just want to come back to
the questions regarding public health you you said that that the most likely
individuals that will become clients and users of the casino will be low-income
males you started to talk about other communities at risk including racialized
groups racial groups can you be more specific which racial groups threw the
chair there were comments specifically made that our earlier reports that were
done back in 2012 did show an association with a sense that there
would be higher use amongst those we saw lower income young males
with respect to racialized groups I’m not sure what styles or turn it over to
my colleague here sure there are some studies that show among indigenous
populations higher risk sorry sorry can you just say that again so among
indigenous populations are showing up in some studies but overall the bigger risk
was for males comma and low-income okay thank you very much and because we don’t
have the Associated cost that will that will most likely rise because we’ll have
some they if you’re going to expand the facility will have some expanded needs
for social servicing and policing we don’t have those costs before us
today that work is still to be carried out but we do have a sense we already
have a sense of what the new revenues will be can you give us a guess an
estimate on whether or not these expanded service costs will be met by
the expected new revenues is there a way that you can take a take a stab at it
now or if you can’t just say you just don’t have the information you you won’t
guess through the chair no we don’t have the information I would if you’re asking
for a complete guesstimate assume that increased revenues would exceed increase
costs we simply don’t have the data to provide information on increased cost
okay and when you complete that that work and that data about the increase
cost for the social services and those programs will you take into
consideration the service deficits that are already in existence in that
neighborhood because it’s been brought up several times that the area’s already
underserved and they need social services and supports today so through
the mayor that that work of understanding what the service deficits
are is in fact ongoing and stop would continue to report out on those service
deficits regardless of a casino development
or not so yes we will continue to report that you will continue to report that
but but will we see that report before we have the the final bullet on council
well we get a sense of whether or not this revenues the social impacts are we
going to be able to cost recovery will it be net neutral no we will not have
those numbers before the April council meeting okay thank you and with respect
to the that targets and the hiring targets full-time employment I noticed
that in the report is it generally speaks to food and service but are those
targets do they extend to management jobs professional services
administrative services are those full-time targets only for food and
beverage opportunities no they would be applied throughout the organization and
is there a way to create an expectation that perhaps 50% of the of those 60% of
those full time jobs will be this category or this category through the
employment and labor market working group we would look to identify those
categories so that we have proper tracking and reporting and can I just
come back to the the first comment about the the staffs the staff being satisfied
with the the the conditions being met that the process is that if this
committee adopts that it goes the City Council of City Council adopts the
recommendations that all conditions have been met then we have there’s no ability
to layer on anything else is that correct
so if childcare is not there it then it will not be there we will not be able to
insert new conditions will not be able to insert a new condition into the CBA
so we can insert living wage we cannot insert labor peace agreements we cannot
insert mandatory regular quarterly targets and report outs is that correct
through the chair you can’t insert a new condition beyond the 21 a couple of the
points you just mentioned are modifications of existing 20 and the 21
conditions yes there can be clarification or modifications to
something that’s already included in the 21 conditions okay thank you very much
counselor a deputy mayor holiday face Thank You Mara Tory I think my first
question will be to the solicitor today we heard some advocacy for things
including an employer paid day care and increases to the wage to what’s called a
living wage and they strike me as awfully centered towards the employees
of the casino whether or not they’re from the local area the employees as a
whole I wondered if the solicitor could comment on the appropriateness of the
city entering those types of discussions given that maybe they belong at a
negotiating table or is a discussion between the employer and the union
themselves and they strike me as something different than what we’re
talking about with respect to a community benefit well this is obviously
an unusual circumstance I mean you’re right in general we would not insert
ourselves into an employment relationship under party are there any
cautions or risks of entering that type of detailed discussion at this table
given the community benefits agreement is outward focused at the area is the
area surrounding this this site well I think probably that’s something I want
to get the benefit of my employment law colleagues to comment on again I mean
the the issue for me primarily right now is this distinction between new
conditions and a response to a condition that council has set thank you my next
question would be I guess staff from Children’s Services or if there’s
someone representing them here we have not had a lot of benefit of analysis on
the notion of a daycare being put on site I wonder
if staff could provide some comment with with respect to the suitability of the
site I mean I know it’s under a final approach path of the airport just the
fact that it’s a casino operation you know is that compatible with the
installation of a childcare center and you know how big would it have to be and
does that fit you know our plans to serve the community in general not just
this employment site you mr. chair Council has endorsed a growth and
capital strategy which directs where we will be expanding in terms of how large
an on-site childcare would need to be it would depend very much on the number of
employees and the number of hours people are working in which shifts they’re
working so I can’t comment on that in relation to the suitability of locating
a childcare in a casino the province of Ontario has very clear
legislation and regulation in regards to the licensing of a childcare and I would
be anticipating that they would be licensing their childcare would be
required to meet all of those requirements so that’s that’s all I
would say at this point in time not having full details on the design or the
setup of the the property and the resources there from what you know would
it be a practical endeavor or would or we would we best spend our efforts on
some other ways to serve this particular concern that was brought up through this
chair I think it would be safe to say we’d have to study it further it really
would depend on where they located it within the casino what protections they
had etc so it’s really – I would think it’s too early to determine that we
would have to look at it a little more fully would you be able to comment on
whether or not it offers benefit to the community versus benefit to the
employees depending on where it’s such our that we would have to
definitely provide probably benefits to the employees you’d have to survey them
to understand how many of those employees would take advantage of a dare
care located within the working facility in terms of the community we’d have to
do some analysis and consult with the community if that’s the right location
for them without undertaking that work so before we decide on locating a
daycare somewhere there’s a lot of factors that we have to review we
haven’t had an opportunity to take all that into account for this particular
site thank you I think my final question is for the city manager’s office there’s
a map in the report that describes what is the local area I know wonder if you
could provide some comment on how you analyzed and created that area it’s a
very distinct boundary I guess people have referred to it as Rexdale and
there’s probably a lot of different versions of that but we do have a
working map and if somebody could offer some comment on on how that map was
created where the lines fell there were a number of factors looked at we also
raised the question with the local community the boundaries reflect the
federal riding in that part of town it also includes a number of neighborhood
improvement areas identified by council thank you thank you deputy mayor holiday
so are there any other members of council not on the committee that want
to ask questions that happen I think that pretty well exhausts that list so I
only have one at the moment a member of the committee that’s deputy mayor Barlow
who wants to to ask questions so we can proceed with that and see who else wants
to volunteer so this is the first Toronto community benefits agreement
that we have but we have agreements in other projects for example Lawrence
Heights is that correct not community
benefits agreement but employments with apprenticeships targets we have other
ones through through the chair yes working with
Toronto Community Housing there’s a percentage of employees that I have to
be employed as fact they pioneered the employment related community benefit
payment and have we heard through this experience that one of the most
challenging things to get vulnerable youth involved especially women is
childcare have we heard that from our experience that has been raised as a
primary barrier to accessing those programs so if that is a barrier how do
we fulfill a condition knowing that we have targets to meet to meet and there’s
no way to address the biggest challenge to fulfill those targets with our new
partner at the table through the chair there are many barriers to accessing
employment childcare is a key one for many housing is also a key barrier for
others there are other barriers no employment labor plan but it is it is a
chance every night it is a challenge it is a significant challenge so council
could take that in and ensure that in order to meet the targets that we’re
setting ourselves right here we could address that in order to fully fulfill
to ensure that we have some security and fulfilling those targets correct that is
correct it remains outside of the twin okay so
to planning I mean I have three big developments in my area all of them I
requested a daycare would it be a good planning practice giving what’s
happening in this area with the amount of employment coming and development
coming that we have daycare in this area from through the through the mayor from
an overall perspective yes there are considerations that are unique to the
site it’s been noted for example with the NEF noise contour being extreme in
this location there is another portion of the site that’s slated for
residential development later there may be that is outside of the NEF that could
be in the future a more appropriate
location for us but there’s definitely a conversation that should happen around
child care yes in a planning perspective to have a good community to serve the
residents that are coming in that residential part and also what we’re
dealing right here in front of us to develop and create good employment on
the site this is something that should have done both from a living and working
point of view yes and as as even if for some people that are not interpreting
this as a condition given that this is a new relationship that we’re having with
a good partner you would just assume that this new partner that were bringing
to the table would actually be willing to develop this project this community
with something that everybody agrees would be in addition to the community at
large the city and the employees I can’t I can’t speculate on their on their
interest in this topic that’s okay I want to talk about reporting so one of
the things that I hear about these agreements in Regent Park and Lawrence
Heights and so on it’s also making sure that we are getting the youth that we
should that needed the most and we’re getting those numbers so I heard here
that we’re not gonna get a report for two years so how do we make how are we
gonna make sure that these targets are on the way to being met through the
chair I think I think there’s some confusion over who’s getting reporting
the the report outlines that there would be a staff report to Council on an
annual basis regarding achievement of targets there will also be quarterly
reports in some cases monthly reports through the employment and labor market
working group those reports that regular quarterly reporting will flow to the
steering committees so that where the community is sitting so the community
will receive those reports on less than a quarterly basis okay thank
you those are my questions Thank You constable okay counselor DiGiorgio Thank
You mr. mayor my understanding mr. Lyne turned was that when council approved
the master plan and overall densities on the site we actually gave up the
opportunity to to provide some section 37 benefits like community sorry like
daycare is that correct through you mr.
mayor right so the the current zoning and Official Plan regime was approved by
City Council in 2007 as Woodbine live development and a large degree of
development was provided by Council as an incentive for Woodbine life to emerge
at that point in time section 37 was not part of that regime so there are there
is no opportunity in terms of the current applications that were
considered by community council and will go to City Council on April 24th for any
section 37 that is correct so if there are some residential developments
possible in the next little while because it’s within the overall
densities approved under the master plan section 37 will continue to not be
applicable through mr. Marin no that’s not correct councilor the regime that
was implemented in 2007 spoke to all of the employment uses the residential uses
that were provided for were provided for in the Official Plan but the underlying
land use designation on the lands where the residential designation was applied
to still employment so it will require a zoning bylaw amendment to implement that
and that will represent an increase in height and density from what’s currently
provided for so that will open up those section 37 conversations all right thank
you thank you cancer George Oh counselor Ainsley thank you three men mr. Mara
Torrey so I just wanted to follow up so when it comes to community benefits for
hiring targets how do we enforce that like I know there’s annual reports and
there’s as I think you say quarterly report mr. Bollinger so if we don’t meet
those targets or the proponent doesn’t meet those targets is there a penalty or
how do we say you know you didn’t meet those targets like it’s great to have
targets but what if they’re not met through the mayor so the intent is that
issues would be identified through the governance process who’s a different
table so as because the city is there the service provider is there and that
those issues would be addressed and problem solved and as part of that
process should there be issues that don’t get a
rep address then the opportunity would be as the city and the service providers
the signatories to the agreement to have further discussions in addition to that
there are planning approval requirements and there they include that there be a
community benefit agreement in good standing in order in order to proceed
with planning approval mechanisms the additional issue in terms of oversight
and enforcement is the report recommends a number of recommendations to
provincial authorities to increase the oversight opportunity but one of the
recommendation I don’t mr.brother I don’t understand what that
means so they have targets they get a rope we get a report in quarterly or
annually that they didn’t meet their high ring target so the penalty is to
have heard more discussion or to reach out to the provincial government know
the the enforcement mechanisms available to Council will be through the land use
approvals process that there has to be a community benefit agreement in good
standing the determination of whether or not the CBA is in good standing with
the annual reporting that we will be doing the council council has an ability
through the land juice approval regime to enforce a community benefit agreement
right okay all right the other question I had merit or II was
around condition number 17 and I’m trying to understand that that lays out
a number of different conditions if if all of if the conditions are met and
number 17 does that allow the proponent to expand the gambling operations
without the consent of council I will last legal to respond to that well I’m
not I’m not sure that I would specifically reference that condition
one of the recommendations and the reporters that we’re asking the province
to give us further consent rights in the event that a proponent expands a
gambling facility that’s because that doesn’t exist right now and so I mean
right now technically speaking we have approval rights
but if they meet those conditions in number 17 can they turn
around and say you know this is an agreement that we start with City
Council here’s are the conditions under number 17 we met all of these we’re
gonna expand the gambling we’re applying the OLG to expand the number of slots on
can they do that yeah I mean we would want presumably at that point we would
want to have input as to whether the agreement was in good standing overall
but yes I mean if as long as the agreement was in good standing we would
have to assume at this point that they could expand that’s why there’s a
recommendation in the report asking the province to give us additional consent
Authority right but that means we would I agree would we want to have input but
if they meet these conditions then legally they could expand
Gaming beyond what their what they would have yes no as long as long as they’re
under the olg process and they get the approval they needed that okay
Thank You Mara Torrey Thank You councillor Ainsley other questions of
staff by members of the committee ah sir Alessio Thank You mr. mayor
Oh through you just some verification to City Council back in 2011 we have
approved 21 conditions to be met from those the planning conditions having met
is is that correct that’s correct yes that’s correct it the first 12 of the 21
conditions were related to planning conditions and as per our report through
Etobicoke your community council staff of the opinion that the 12 planning
conditions have been met now with regards to the 9 social conditions is
according to the report also those conditions having met is the correct
through the chair yes to see opinion of staff that those have been met now there
is one point in terms of the minor technical amendment as he relates to to
the performance standards for parking is can you please clarify that aspect
through you mr. mayor yes this is one of the one of the
requests that have been made through the bylaw amendment application was about
the parking requirements that attach itself to the casino itself and so we’ve
addressed that in the draft zoning bylaw amendment that it’s booked that is going
to go before council on April 24th so that would be okay as well yes now to
mr. Pillinger is with regards to the community benefit
agreement is there any other jurisdiction within the province in
Ontario where you have these kind of agreements
or is this perhaps of course one that we’re gonna move to it I’m not aware of
any other agreements in the province of this scale and magnitude No
so this is the first one I know this magnitude this scale and magnitude yes
thank you now I’m planning to put a motion forward
and it has to do with municipal contribute a contribution agreement and
this question will be to the city manager or the Treasury as City Council
back in 2015 did ask and through city staffed to us
the province to reconsider the remain the existing mca formula how we receive
anything from them and how we have anything from the province from the
perspective through the mayor yes okay so there was a direction in 2015 to
request the province to amend the hosting calculation and that request was
made and it was we have not received any confirmation that we haven’t received
confirmation now what’s the percentage of the city gets it in terms of a
hosting fee at the moment two point three percent who did through the chair
yes the actual hosting fee is 16 million dollars which represents roughly 2.2
percent of the total revenues that are generated from the slots at Woodbine but
what to be the total gross revenue forecasted for yeah so that that works
out to in fact seven hundred and fifty million dollars in gross slot revenue
from the og financial statements so it will be fair to say that the amount that
the city gets it is a very very small amount so that we
heard say through the chair I mean we’ve had all j revenue coming into the city
since 2000 and typically over that course of that time period it varies
between 2 and 3% so it seems like now everything is falling into place
and we’ll be communicating finally with the province will be appropriate to have
this motion that I did a check with city staff as well maybe just for them to
look into it where we have nothing else to lose but perhaps to to gain that
certainly we could petition the province to to amend the hosting fee once more no
further questions thank you Thank You council as you are there any
other questions of staff by members of the committee and I’m just checking now
councillor Thompson is there and councillor bio that was here a minute
ago just concerned else is here oh they are kind of things
easy okay all right questions of staff then we’ve moved on from that and we
would go to then the speakers from outside of the committee and council
lady thank you very much and I’ll be very brief out of respect for the
committee because I’m actually gonna walk out of the door right after this to
go and pick up my daughter daycare it’s gonna come as no surprise
that I won’t be supporting this item at City Council more specifically I won’t
be supporting the planning application that that goes before City Council I
won’t do so because five years ago when we debated this item for the city and
for in particular for my community I went at when researching the impacts of
community of casinos on local communities determined that a it they
had they increased the proportion of problem gamblers from the local
community around the casino because of proximity and be most of the money that
was taking in by a casino was from problem gamblers or from people that
live close to the community I think that’s something that I would want in my
community and I and I wouldn’t put it in any other
I’m not gonna play that game second and I learnt this over time as I was
exploring the notion of a casino because I don’t have a moral objection to a
casino but it started to occur to me that if we are r8 if we are putting in
more casinos to raise revenue which is what what the province is doing to do so
on the backs of gambling addictions is wrong it’s the wrong way for for
governments to raise revenue having said that council has determined
we will undertake this if the deal is right so I am determined to try to make
that deal right what we have in front of us despite our staffs accomplishments
and some of the things they’ve achieved this is a bad deal first of all for the
city it’s a bad deal we only get 15 10 to 15 million new dollars remember when
it was a hundred million dollars and city would get they actually said the
the OLG president not running to be a for a Conservative candidate in the
upcoming and upcoming election said Toronto get 50 to 100 million our city
manager said anything less than 100 million is a bad deal this is 10 to 15
million dollars of revenue and we’re gonna have to shoulder the significant
burden that comes up in all the literature we heard some of it today
from the medical officer of health but it’s also a bad deal for the local
community because if they’re gonna shoulder the majority of the burden of
this facility it shouldn’t be forced down their throats and what they have
come to us and said is the price of admission to this community is 60
percent local hiring 60 percent full-time jobs a fair living wage they
have said that there needs to be accountability mechanisms that bring
experts in to give advice about whether or not they’re achieving these targets
they need things they need community benefits like day care so that single
moms or families can go and work at night where they’re actually the more
lucrative shifts in the casino because tips so they can get some of those good
chefs but they want to have their kids in a place that’s safe they won’t have
access to community facilities they want to see a piece of the action if you’ll
allow me my first of what will be many casino metaphors they want to see a
piece of the action directly from the casino now one thing that we haven’t
seen come up is the notion of protecting the community from predatory lenders um
it won’t come as a surprise on next week at Council I’ll be putting forward a
motion around restricting payday loan operations at the facility and in the
surrounding area well we should not be determining that our recommendations
that we made our requirements are being fulfilled if the community is still
unhappy and I appreciate I appreciate the work that counsel that the staff has
done but I don’t think we’ve come even close to achieving recommendation 20
around ensuring that the operator is meeting and addressing the impacts of a
casino on the local community I don’t think we’re even close and I’ll put on
notice the Executive Committee mayor staff all be coming to look for emotions
they get us to a point that we achieve the community benefits that the
community has come here demanding in order for us to approve this and it may
very well be that we say we have not met they have not met this requirement and
we need to send them back to get more to ensure that all of those all of those
impacts are being addressed to the satisfaction of City Council because I
think that was the original intent and that’s what we need to get to I should
also note though that it’s very disappointing to see there’s no
quantification of the actual cost implications of a casino if we’re only
getting 10 million we better make sure that the costs are gonna be less than
that Thank You councillor Layden councillor Davis I won’t address all of
the other conditions that councillor Layton has identified
that should be improved for this to become an acceptable agreement I am
going to focus as you can imagine on on the childcare piece the term sheets well
let me just back up I know that our staff have brought forward to us what
their in their opinion meets the requirements that we sent them off to
meet but it is up to us at council to determine whether or not it does and
whether it’s good enough that is our role so to simply point-blank say Oh
childcare is beyond the scope somebody has interpreted that but that’s not
beyond the scope as I see it it’s very clear in this term sheet and in what we
sent off in terms of conditions that they were to address the three streams
of employment stability for current staff new recruitment and employment
equity in the employment and labor market plan if you’re going to have an
employment and labor market plan that addresses those three streams you have
to do something about making childcare available now it may not be paying 100%
of the capital costs the operating costs and any subsidies and it may not be 24/7
despite the need it may be something less than that but there is no attempt
here whatsoever to address the shortage of childcare in that community and for
that workforce clearly it’s a problem now and clearly it will be an even
larger problem in the future this particular community Etobicoke north
at least 400 spaces to bring it up to equity it is one below counselor
Burnside’s Ward 26 he has the worst service in all of the city in terms of
childcare service this is number two and of this employer that is intent on
hiring locally they will be hiring people who need childcare so I it
doesn’t satisfy me that they have done nothing to address childcare and to
bring women into the workforce you will need childcare and some level
of support so employers of various kinds have provided support in a variety of
ways and I think they need to be challenged to go back they can build a
facility and commit some capital money let the city the province in the federal
government with their new childcare money contribute some but they have to
do something that’s what employers have been challenged to do for many years
when they introduce large new developments and so I think that it’s
simply inadequate and not in this way and in many other ways and in its
current form I definitely will not be supporting it and I hope that counselor
bylaws motion is broad enough and is interpreted broadly enough that we can
ensure that there is a report that comes to council that encourages some dialogue
between now and then with the with the with Woodbine about what they’re
prepared to do about childcare thank you Thank You councillor Davis I have here a
list that now has on it counselor forward and then deputy mayor Holliday
and over there thank you very much mr. mayor and members of the executive as a
visiting member of Council of course and the visiting member Council to the
executive committee and co-counselor representing atomic
Lenore’s who has worked very closely with many of the members of the public
in this room with city staff which me the agencies and with people who living
directly around this project I’m here to speak in support of our community for
this significant investment before I do that I do want to take a moment and and
truly thank all the staff who are around this room who have dedicated so much
time to this report and to making this work I know firsthand of the hard work
they have done so on behalf of the Atomic endorsed community
I have sent at once I will continue this and and hopefully I can say that Council
thank you for all the work you have put into this and I think the depth events
and the many community organizations who have come out and shared what they
support on this some of the concerns they have and as we move forward we
continue to work with the challenges we face in North Otago not quite frankly I
know many deaf students and that goes beyond this development it goes beyond
that and it goes to community building and and there’s the city continuing to
make the significant investments we need in north to tobiko so I am very glad to
hear that one of the things and also I thank Great Canadian and Brookfield and
we’ll buy an Entertainment Group for being very open and collaborative
partners throughout this process one thing I want to mention and respond to
one of my colleagues I know he left the room but to say that this community does
not want it is completely backwards from what I have seen not what duck didn’t
hear today although there were concerns there were opinions made not one person
has come to myself or even in front of this committee or a total your Community
Council or any of the public consultations and said we do not want
this investment about one person and I can safely say that I think this go
to the bigger picture of the economic impact this investment will have not
just a casino but what comes with it and what investments are brought into our
community investments that we are actually currently seeing right now and
we have been seen in the last six months that this is already leveraging and it
doesn’t even have city council approval and we are seeing that firsthand and I
think this is going to leverage more investments for this part of there in
the northwest part of Toronto through transit about connecting the west to
transit through City Council’s approved transit expansions along the Finch LRT
Eglinton LRT and of course hooking it up to the airport this is one thing that
actually makes this a reality I think the community benefits agreement
once again a lot thank staff for for putting this out I think yes there will
always be more work to be done you know I look forward to seeing some of the
motions that come forward whether it’s in this committee or City Council which
I’m sure that will be the case you know then I think this community benefits
agreement and what and who I have spoken to our own staff and and industry
experts in you know the the emerging community benefit agreement perspective
and approach to city building says this is actually precedent setting precedent
setting not only in our city that we have heard from our staff but our
country and in North America and a lot of cities will be looking to us to see
how we move forward with this so you know I think these significant
investments in 40% jobs that are currently in here it is massive for our
community there are statistics in the report that say that we have about 8,000
unemployed and when you do the math that works out to almost about 3,000 which is
a significant job investment which would bring us well under the city average
in unemployment if you add in all I don’t find we won’t do that here you
know and and as I said it’s it’s about the master plan and I think it’s about
what and I invite all my colleagues to look at not just this phase of the
project but what goes beyond this project and what they’re looking at in
phase 2 and phase 3 and let me tell you it is a it is a miniature city of
investment about connecting with the local colleges and universities in the
area creating green space residential development in the whole nine yards and
I invite my colleagues so if you haven’t seen the master plan that is not fully
in front of us today please come by I might be happy to walk you through with
it because it is the greater vision for the
northwest it’s not just it just doesn’t stop here you’ve had the local
councillor bonus here and I can’t ask you to just wrap up I will I’ll say my
comments for City Council mr. mayor I do believe that this is a significant
investment and some of the challenges we see in North Dakota grow this will go a
long way to help us improve the economic viability of the Northwest so thank you
very much thank you deputy mayor holiday
Thank You mr. mayor hopefully you can hear me what would one of my discussions
be without a picture as an elected representative of a vitoca Co of the
City of Toronto and a resident of Tobago I’m happy to say I support the proposal
before you and I’m confident that this committee will do the same I wanted to
offer two thoughts I’ve been listening the discussion today I had listened to
it at Etobicoke Community Council recently where we discussed the plan of
subdivision it heard from a number of people to come out and speak to us about
that but the first was first point I wanted to bring across was my concern
about the definition of the local community the report has included
something in here and it talks about what the local community is and they’ve
drawn a seven kilometer circle around it and they’ve roughly defined it as mr.
Brill enger’ told us as as the local riding and I think they’ve reached some
conclusions than they done some analysis to to articulate what that is mr. Abdul
I think it’s still sitting here he came out and he spoke to the community
council about this and he left us with an idea called postal code exclusion and
he talked about it very very well the first time I heard about post Localytics
postal code exclusion was within my own community and it was right about here on
the map just outside that circle I have I have an area of my community where
there have been recent homicides there are racialized groups there is poverty
there is unemployment and they’re just outside of this circle but then I heard
today this press to change the ratios of local hiring to go from 40 to 60 and
that worries me because the folks that I represent directly are just outside of
this circle but I’ll put to you if you hop on the 427 from that intersection
you’re like a four-minute drive to this site I shop nearby I’ve taken my kids to
the to the racetrack to look at the horses they had a great time it is part
of my local community so I would ask the committee that if you’re you’re getting
requests to start to play with those ratios they come at a cost they come at
a cost and they start to become postal code
illusion of those that do live nearby just outside that community and I think
there’s plenty of neighborhoods just like the one that I represent that sure
could use the jobs that are available through this and you know let’s let’s go
and see what those ratios that are currently prescribed show us I’ll also
offer you a second thought I know the site well in fact in the era of BC
before children my wife and I would go to a cafe at the Woodbine Center just
across the road from this site and they would set up an outdoor cafe and they’d
have a really nice acoustical guitar player playing the problem with that is
it was hit and miss when we would go on a Friday night because if they were
operating the North runway on the airport this is directly in a flight
path we wouldn’t be having this conversation I didn’t hear the acoustic
the acoustical guitar and that cafe didn’t do so well that night a lot of
people have talked about day care and I asked a bunch of very specific questions
about what their vision was from day care and I heard all kinds of things
from a site to a component to a place on site to a place off site I did hear a
lot about employer-sponsored day care or essentially a benefit I think my message
to you is I had not heard much about day care I think one person brought it up at
the community council meeting there was more about a discussion about a
community center this seems to be an idea that’s come up recently there
doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what that means I’m not even sure it’s a it’s
a suitable site for a daycare there’s you know it’s it’s a commercial location
it’s near a flight path heck it’s a casino site and a racetrack I don’t even
know if you can set up a suitable daycare in there and I’m not sure that
the staff could give me an answer today so before we rush down a path I think I
think we deserve to think about what that is and what the people have asked
for today and unpack what we’ve heard I hope you’ll leave you with those two
thoughts and I trust the wisdom of the committee that you’ll move this this
proposal forward I think it is a good thing for the people of Etobicoke the
people of North Etobicoke and of course the people of Toronto thank you
thanks deputy merry holiday are there other members of the City Council
deputy councilor Grisanti yes thank you mr. chair so I too want to add my
support to the proposal in front of you and ask that the executive committee
moved this initiative forward and and and it’s been just a moment to to also
echo and my thanks to all the staff that participated in the reports that we have
in front of us for the many months and and now going on close to a couple of
years where where you put in a lot of time dedication and effort and making
this happen I also want to particularly mention a couple of people John Libby J
Pelageya of course Chris Bollinger who’s with us here today as well and the late
Peter Notaro who spent so much time and dedication on this file and I can’t tell
you the number of meetings we’ve had when he was here so and and and the
deputies that are that are here today thank you for coming out we were
listening we all took notes and at the end of the day it is about a partnership
I also want to thank the partners by the way who who are with us here today as
well it is about a good partnership it’s a it’s about what’s happening here in
front of us today it’s about creating jobs this journey started many years ago
some of you may recall on an issue on initiative a called at the time would
mine live and that never got off the ground and I didn’t get off the ground
for whatever reason it just wasn’t the right time the right ingredients were in
place its back on the table now I think now we have all the right ingredients in
place we have 700 acres of prime land we have an area of the city that needs our
attention as a council we need to address the issues any topical northen
and the first thing we need to address are the time is the job issue and the
only are going to create jobs is by creating a better environment and
shirring that there’s development that’s going to bring jobs and this is what
it’s about it’s about the jobs so in July 2015
council supported and endorsed expanded gaming couldn’t conditional on the 21
conditions so this is what it’s all about right now the 21 conditions not
whether or not were interested in its pending gaming we have that we did that
we’ve done that so now we’re got to move forward and staff did the heavy lifting
I know having both of councilor Ford and and the community the time that was
spent in in in consulting and in putting together this report a lot of hard work
a lot of evenings a lot of weekends and we have the results now we so we as
council have to have the confidence when staff tells us that the 21 conditions
are met that we should move forward and let’s make sure we get the shovel in the
ground as soon as possible in terms of the community benefits we
have assurances from staff that they have negotiated diligently with all
stakeholders and and and and again they reiterate that you know the the they
have a framework for an agreement in place are there certain things that
could be tweaked and improved absolutely there’s more that can be done and more
will be done this is just the first phase remember there’s 700 acres and and
in this expansion of the casino and all the amenities that come with it and
making it a premier destination place and creating those jobs is the catalyst
that will invite the interest and the developers that will come knocking on
our doors saying we’re interested in continuing to build it’s about housing
it’s about jobs it’s about a lot of things so I’m asking the committee to to
endorse this this and then hopefully it’ll be the same and one more thing to
it is also about protecting their current 7,500 jobs and in the horse
racing industry that are there that’s also critical we have to protect those
jobs so those are my comments mr. mayor thank you Thank You councillor Santee
are there and other visiting members of council
think there’s any left that haven’t spoken so I think that would move us to
members of the committee wishing to speak and who would like to go first
councillor Thompson thank you very much mr. mayor there are three motions that I
have and maybe stuff can put them on the screen I’ll try not to really go too
much over in terms of what has already been stated other than to say I agree
with many of the comments have been made I’m not a gambler I’m not fascinated by
gambling and or facilities I am fascinated by the opportunity that they
do present to communities and so on and how we manage those opportunities the
motions that I’m putting forward is seeking to assist I know that the staff
have done an amazing job I want to congratulate the staff by the way again
and done that they have sat with me they’ve sought out to come and give me
an opportunity to learn about why they have actually made the different
recommendations that they have and so on then the agreement process and I think
they have done a phenomenal job but we’re always able to provide additional
oversight to examine and re-examine and put forward ideas and or through as they
are recommendations to substantively change things I want to thank the
members of the community that are here to come out to fight for their community
and so on and I certainly want to thank the folks from the greatest Canadian
gaming company for being here because obviously they’re hearing what is being
said amongst the members of the community and so on I think it’s
important in terms of our duties as elected officials to ensure that we can
collect create this collaborative process in spirit from an economic
development perspective clearly the winners can’t just be the companies and
the corporation so community also have to win they have to be winners as well
and beneficiary to the great benefits that will come as a result of this
particular facilities I was part of a process before where we were negotiating
with the OLG and promises were made but obviously promises were not kept my
motions are not intended to that promises are kept it is that we
distinctively put in place what we really need to happen where there’s an
opportunity where labor can be involved in the process and we’ve heard about the
expertise that they can actually bring to the table to assist
luckily the company and the community because at the end of the day everyone
will benefit I suspect that not everybody will agree
with that particular comment but I think that this is in the best interest of the
community the notion around daycare and other services that we’ve talked about
here today I think it’s actually essential and in fact I think it’s a
benefit it’s a win for the company so that you can have people in the local
community being able to go to work having that level of confidence quite
frankly that their children are being taken care of and the employer is able
to realize that the employee is absolutely able to go to work and and
provide that level of work and they’re happy and they know that their children
and their children’s welfare take care of that’s a really good message in my
view the the idea around the money I was uncomfortable about the smallness of the
amount of money the 15 million dollars quite frankly yes I understand we were
topping it up so to speak I would have liked to have seen a different
formulation but I think that I’m going to obviously agree with the staff and
the process that has been I guess agreed to in terms of in principle clearly I
guess we could change that if we wanted to but I think that I’m going to be
satisfied with that for the moment the wood wine community is a fantastic
community at one point I owned a home in around the area and I’ve seen a general
decline in the nature of the community I’ve seen the impact and we’re talking
about racialize know people often used to use the notion of racialization and
so on but there are a lot of black people like myself in this area that are
not benefiting and there’s a real need to ensure that their spirit and their
desire is not amputated there’s a need to
or that when others are benefiting that they too could be part of the success of
the community it ensures that everyone wins at this particular point in time
otherwise we’re failing the community we’re failing the diversity that we so
proudly you know cherish and we talked about globally
about how we are a diverse the city we are a diversity but we have to ensure
that that diversity is also benefiting from this city and the city’s reputation
so for those particular reasons mr. mayor I’m going to be supporting this
particular item as it goes forward to Council I’m hoping that the motions that
I put forward that members can can support them and I’m also supportive of
any ID you know I think I’m heard that there’s probably an idea a recognition
that perhaps we should maybe send this on to staff for further review and so on
and to bring the matter back to Council as it to allowed to come forward I’m
okay with that as well because if we’re not happy with the results at that point
I’ll move them again at Council thank you thank you
councillor Thompson councillor Platt CEO Thank You mr. mayor
I’m sorry oh there so there’s number seat number one or whatever number C
travel and region labor council Toronto community benefits be included that’s
motion B motion C so we didn’t see a yet a following amendments so it’s taking
out the words use all reasonable commercial efforts that was something
that’s discussed quite frequently as you said during the vacations yeah so there
there are the three but they’re questions people had I think these were
widely discussed my house during the deputation so okay so no questions of
the mover we’ll move on to the next speaker who I believe was councillor
Platts you Thank You mr. mayor I’d like to move have a motion as well in essence
is that City Council requested government to Ontario in the
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to amend a system in eSport hosting fee
formula considering the problem a the costing fee is governed by a standard
province-wide municipal contribution agreement which must be reviewed to
reflect a fair equity return it canceled consents to expand gaming at goodbye
miss mayor and I would like to thank city staff as for the missing water like
Adonis literally three long years of hard work and and they have done due
diligence in terms of making sure that when recommendations having met they
propose giving expansion on the current gaming facilities about job retention
job creation it’s about economic revitalization and prosperity for the
west end part of the realm of ragsdale this equation that’s desperately in need
of revitalization this is a great opportunity to not only to protect the
system jobs that we have there but also to create thousands and thousands or new
jobs in the end in locally and that will most definitely foster economic
development and growth and economic sustainability as we move forward that’s
extremely important now in terms of what I can just see the wave that part of
town is going to be transformed is going to become a destination for a
destination place I can only imagine having a modern world-class
entertainment destination there is and of course that’s going to benefit the
city of Toronto’s will in terms of the assessment base that’s going to to
increase the revenue fees even though I’m not happy at all with what’s on the
table sixty million dollars and that we are getting into
skids the most thirty million dollars but this recommendation that I’m putting
forward is about fairness is when the provincial government will be getting
1.3 million dollars in those are the stats that were given to us in 2011
today I heard also the minimum of seven hundred million dollars so when the city
gets a paltry amount of 15 million dollars which is equivalent to 0.3% it
seems that the serious and order of government and being the major economic
engine of the country literally speaking we have nothing to lose
but to gain and to ensure that things are done properly is some of the
potential impacts and that’s something that we discussed that at a topical your
community council and for in those are the things that we have to be very
mindful about it it’s how to mitigate those human social impacts that
eventually is going to happen they cost in terms of policing fire and emergency
medical service and all of that those are calls that have to come from
somewhere the casting layer discussions and with regards to the middle child cut
of child care now as the area gentrified as numerous as
new people are moving in they need is there and it only makes sense it only
makes sense to have to have a system that’s going to help those in need in a
child care a good shelter at an affordable childcare is something that’s
extremely important and that’s something that I’ll be more than glad to support
those are my comments aims me Thank You councillor Palacio so other speakers for
this matter that’s deputy mayor mr. mayor I have a couple
of motions motion a I think and these word had advanced circulation so I think
everybody’s expecting that its motion be has actually been something that has
been negotiated already and motion a is something that I’m hoping that it will
be negotiated we have an opportunity to bring good jobs to this part of town we
heard from evidence today this is an area that has 63 percent of its
population living below the average of the City of Toronto this is an area that
needs the jobs that needs the investments that needs the the attention
and the care that comes from a development like this but most
importantly through the Toronto community benefits network that we’re
doing here this this has to benefit everybody it needs to benefit our
partners but it needs to benefit the benefit the employees that are in there
and the residents that are in there and I think that we have a strong foundation
I think everybody acknowledged that we have a strong foundation it’s good to
see the city moving in that direction it’s good to see that our partners are
still talking I mean this motion is something that staff has as actually
asked me to move because it is the the conversation that continues to happen
between the partners the motion around the childcare is really something that I
am hoping I think I believe I personally believe that it is part of the 21
conditions I think you will not be able to fulfill the 21 conditions if you
don’t have the childcare that is my interpretation and I think many
councilors actually chaired that but I think that as a new partner that is
coming that is going to be dealing with the city with this community creating
jobs that is gonna be it being here for 22 years the matter is not if it is part
of the 21 conditions are not the question should be
can we deliver on something that we know it’s gonna be a major issues for
employees and community in here we have this experience we have it at Lawrence
Heights we have it at Regent Park and that’s why I’m so keen on putting this
forward we know from our experience that this is a major issue we know that this
is a big piece of development that is not easy to access that has shift work
that is gonna be hard if you’re a single mother that has to start a chef at seven
o’clock in the morning and needs to drop off your child to check on a childcare
center this is a major issue if you’re trying to create opportunity for all
these targets that we’re trying to implement through this this project here
this is a major issue so I truly hope that we can have a dialogue and that by
council we have both part both sides of the city submitting a report that we
have this employee delivering on this because that’s how you’re gonna build an
exciting project with exciting employees working for you creating good jobs
creating good communities it’s by coming to the table without arguing if it is a
way to fulfill one of the 21 conditions or not the reality is experience shows
us that if you don’t have things like this in place it’s gonna be hard to
create the opportunity for the people that need it the most for the people
that we need your help to create these opportunities in the
City of Toronto so that yes we can be extremely proud of the entertainment
facility that you’re gonna be creating an amazing state-of-the-art facility but
we’re going to be equally proud of the employees that we have in there the
conditions that we have for those employees and the all the community
around that so I’m looking forward to the results of the conversation thanks
deputy mayor Barlow I had councillor Ainsley next and then councillor Robert
thank you so I guess I have some concerns around this just that I don’t
want the city to be on the hook for any of this
you know the casino should be I know I understand that the process you need to
go through right this is not locked locked into the these the conditions but
you’re proposing this be considered reviewed etc so my issue is
I don’t really want the city or taxpayers of this city to be funding
this endeavor I would like to see the casino if this if they go down this path
to fund this so my question is whether it would be a friendly amendment to put
in at no cost to the city so we have a childcare plan what this area is already
childcare deficiency I agree with you my wish is and what I would like to see is
to have the casino come to the table we ask that of our lawyer developments like
I said when I spoke I have three large developments in my area and they’re
paying for the capital costs of that of those daycares I I think we need to give
the indication to staff leave the Box open so they can have those
conversations and those negotiations and then see what’s gonna come back at
Council and then vote accordingly and and you know comment accordingly change
accordingly with what is there I agree with you I think the casino has the the
should be the one helping us with the these expenses shouldn’t be coming just
at the expense of the city are being just part of our childcare expansion
plan the reality is that this area is already child care deficiency and we
should be working with this with this facility but I think we need to leave
the Box open to have the negotiations take place okay I guess I don’t believe
residents should be funding a childcare facility at a casino that could clearly
fund it so my issues I’m struggling you know I would like to support you but I
I’m I’m struggling with that piece that that’s not really taxpayers
responsibility to fund a daycare facility within a casino so I don’t
think that this should really impact residence it should only impact the
owner of this facility that and so that’s why I’m not you know I’m not
happy with this unless it unless it somehow indicates it would be private or
it would be at no cost to the councilor I would love to use your wording I was
advised by legal not to do it that way and to leave it open to allow the
negotiations to happen I agree a hundred percent and I think
that’s actually very healthy that we’re having these conversations because I
know that everybody’s in the room and so that people understand where the will of
a lot of people are that that would like them to come to the table and as the
negotiations proceed that they clearly understand that there could be actually
an issue if they don’t come to the table on on on things like this
okay those were questions of the mover any other questions of the mover all
right quick question mr. Muir through you to council bail out your motion
isn’t presupposing that the daycare is actually in the casino it could
absolutely not be some way far away and as long as it’s yeah I mean nobody’s
okay there’s good no I don’t want nobody’s asking for a daycare in the
middle of a casino with the slot machines going to entertain the kids
what we’re asking is what we’re asking is for young gamblers right what we’re
asking is for childcare yeah for the workers of the hotel for the whole
entertainment there in a big site it’s a big site there’s all kinds of
constraints we heard it here planning even mention a few we need to ask staff
to have these conversations and come back because we know how important this
is in order for us to fulfill those targets to go really and and and and get
the jobs for the people that need it the most
this will be an issue and we need to facilitate this thank you other question
question of the mover Thank You mr. mayor
my understanding of casinos and daycares is casinos are actually very
enthusiastic about building them then when it comes to their scope and their
mission they want them to be a play area where people coming to the casino can
drop their kids there go play the tables or the slot machines for five or six
hours and grab their kids back what regulations or conditions do you see in
place advocating for a daycare that doesn’t then
morph into a play area that’s really there to to kind of watch kids while the
parents can I think any childcare or daycare in the City of Toronto you can’t
just go because drop off your kids there’s regulations they’re licensed by
the province and we are a service manager for Children Services as well if
if the casino intends to do a facility like that for people that go to their
cuz you know and drop off their kids I think that’s up to them you know it
that’s not what we’re talking about here what we’re talking about here is the
hundreds and hundreds of workers in and and people that are going to be living
and live in that community that are is already child care deficiency and that
we have an opportunity to have a facility we have hundreds and hundreds
of workers that are gonna be working shift work in an area that is not the
most you know transit friendly accessible and we’re trying to target a
lot of these people you know to create jobs and careers actually more than jobs
careers for you know some of the you know the most vulnerable in the area
good careers for them and we know that child care is a key component of that so
that’s what we’re talking about I’m not talking about dropping off kids to go
play and or to gamble I mean I know nothing about that I know the experience
that I have with some of the projects that we have that in order to create the
opportunity for I understand the difference between the two Thank You
Council has kinetic any other questions of the mover alright then we would then
move to the next speaker who was councillor Ainsley Thank You Mara Torrey
I’m I guess first off I’ll be supporting the the recommendations in the report
and and the emotions the motions that are associated with it
you know we’re trying to put our move this forward I don’t think we’re putting
our best foot forward I can think back to when I was on council when we had the
debate about the downtown city council or a casino I’m putting a casino on the
grounds of the CNE and it was tied to doing a casino at
the wood pine entertainment complex I think at the time was called Woodbine
live we defeated the casino at the CNE and then we looked at the one I would
buy and almost like a consolation prize and we put a number of conditions on it
21 conditions that we’re looking at here today and questioning of staff about
condition number 17 and if they meet all the conditions what authority do we have
to keep the casino from expanding and even more the residents that we’re here
today I want to thank all the residents and the groups that were in here to
depute I think community benefits are very important I’ve learned from
experience though when you’re trying to get jobs from organizations through
community benefits for example in my area the PanAm Center we put very
specific conditions on the contractors and construction companies that were
building the PanAm Sports Center that they’d had to hire locally when we went
back a year later and asked about hiring locally staff said they couldn’t
there’s no statistics the we they couldn’t give absolute numbers on how
many jobs were given to local youth local on people are unemployed from the
Scarborough East area and so I also same condition about that here and staff said
well you know what are the penalties if you don’t hire locally and you know stop
said well we can have a discussion we can go back to the provincial government
so those are a number of concerns I’ve had there first and foremost though as a
as a ward in eastern Scarborough I can show you a map of my ward three quarters
of my warder are covered in neighborhood improvement areas if if I put in a
casino or an entertainment complex whatever you call it down in my ward and
I said you know we’re gonna hire 5,000 people the majority those people are
gonna be part-time they’re gonna be minimum wage people are gonna say to me
well where’s where’s the daycare how like I already have enough trouble I
work two or three time part-time jobs to make ends meet I’m gonna do it again but
I’m gonna do it at a casino where where’s the daycare and in this
situation you’re gonna say I don’t have a daycare and you know I’ll make
reference to to counselor Ford who earlier said you know when you put all
this together the casino and Woodbine Square it’s almost like a small
community and one of our other colleagues I think it was councilor
Holliday said you know this is 700 acres of prime real estate
well it’s 700 acres of prime real estate that’s undeveloped and if we’re gonna
build a community on 700 acres a prime real estate I think one of those
components that we would look at is daycare on one level I’m almost
surprised that the proponents not here saying that yes there’s 5,000 jobs
coming this is what I’m doing we’re gonna you know the big topic of
conversation in the room is daycare I’ll commit to sitting down with staff and
we’ll look in at building a daycare because I can’t really believe that
through all these negotiations and discussions that the topic of a daycare
didn’t come up and the proponents said you know what if that’s what seems to be
the big concern and you want to make this project work we’ll commit to make
building a daycare for you even in this building the number of employees that we
have in this building there’s a daycare rate under us we can make a daycare work
in City Hall I can’t believe that a casino operator or an entertainment
complex operator whatever you want to call it between now and city council
can’t commit to building a daycare within this complex so I look forward to
hearing the report back I’m going to be supporting councilor by those motion in
particular and I hope we’ll see some inclination some outreach from the
proponent that they’d be willing to put a daycare into this complex thank you
thank you Katherine’s the counselor to George oh thank you mr. mayor I will be
supporting the the recommendations of staff along with councilor
those motions I just want to make some brief comments about the the overall
context of the master plan of the vision that one has of the 600 acre site and we
shouldn’t focus on the gambling aspect because that seems to be the catalyst
that will get the ball rolling and there are all sorts of uses that will be
attracted to this site and there will be plenty of opportunities to get the
daycare facilities that one looks for through section 37 by the way I’m not
suggesting that we not have some daycare right up front but I do not I do not
support having a daycare in a casino I mean to me it makes no sense whatsoever
I I think there are in proximity to the site you might be able to find a daycare
facility that we can establish with the cooperation of the proponent but those
are things that councilor bylaws motion is basically saying let’s look at and
consider or negotiate something in the short term that we can do but I think
you need to recognize that this is a future destination it will be a
destination for people not only in the northwest but in across the whole city
and I think there are all sorts of positive attributes to this plan it just
takes a little bit of time for it for it to come to fruition and it’ll be a great
great great destination for the people that live in the northwest
it will provide plenty of job opportunities over the longer term only
but what is it four or five thousand in the short term but in the longer term
it’ll be even better now the other thing I might just comment on very quickly is
the kinds of sort of support mechanism that has been put in place I mean we’ve
got this monitoring committee that includes Ministry of Health and long
long-term care center for Addiction and Mental Health cam H William Osler Health
System we’ve got the proponent the City of Toronto and we’re
all making sure that whatever potential problems that erupt from from gaming and
there will be some it’s inevitable but the support systems will be in place to
take care of that now you know even if we didn’t get the revenue that we’re
anticipating from the province just the fact that jobs are being created and
we’re getting the development of the very underutilized site that in and of
itself is positive the revenue I think is gravy the revenue 15 million whatever
it is I think that needs to be treated as gravy the real revenue is in the job
opportunities have been created so I’ll leave it at that mr. chair and I hope
people will support this what is before us Thank You councillor Joe other
speakers after a deputy mayor Airmen walk I’ll just speak briefly because if
I don’t I’ll be the odd person ever because I expect all I’d be the only
person who’s being I’m not supporting this application didn’t at the beginning
I I just think gambling drawing I I don’t say this very often but I’m with
councilor late and on this one I will say just parenthetically all these
motions and I think we’re going down a slippery slope this is a planning
application in the licensing application but all the things that we’re requiring
them to do it’s a remarkable thing the places that we’re going like you know
the how organized labor is involved and their conditions for this and conditions
for that and we were taking out clauses with about you know commercial viability
and so super so we’re putting imposing lots of conditions on what’s
fundamentally a business I just think it’s a horribly slippery slope that
we’re saying that they have to have a daycare way to say we have to have a
daycare since when does this governing miss me this municipal government tell a
business all the things they can and cannot do who they can’t and can’t hire
you know that’s just this is not what we should we this is not what we’ve done in
the past and this is not what we should be doing we should be I I just think
it’s wrong I just think it’s wrong and I won’t be
supporting those motions that do those things Thank You deputy memorandum or
are there other speakers councillor Robinson take 30 seconds to say I also
am NOT a big fan of casinos period philosophically I’m certainly happy it’s
not at the waterfront and you know my understanding is the local councillors
in the area are big supporters big fans and you know certainly this is a better
option than what we had before us last term so I will be supporting it having
said that you know I don’t think the city should first of all I don’t think
we’re getting sufficient funds but it is what it is and it’s all been worked on
very hard by many staff but having said that I don’t think the City residents
the residents of the city should incur any costs including associated with
daycare because if these are individuals that are working there and using this
service for their families because they work at the casino the casino should pay
for it so I feel very strongly about that as I’m sure many people would be
yeah this is a corporation a commercial entity and I’m going to be supporting
councilor bylaws motion with the with the you know the thinking that it
there’ll be no cost to to the city on this thanks that councillor Robinson any
other speakers well I will just say a few words to conclude then if I may
first of all I want to say thank you to the staff and to all the partners so
there’s been a lot of people even some who’ve come forward as decadent today to
say they’ve been involved in all this and I think they’ve done a lot of hard
work and I think it’s been pointed out a number of times this is a first in terms
of our community benefits agreements and I hope it will be the first of many I
respectfully disagree with my colleague deputy mayor Minh and Wong in the sense
that I think especially when it comes to an enterprise like this the only reason
you can make it palatable to the greatest number of people is if you do
actually impose some conditions on it if it was kind of left to be the Wild West
where they could do whatever they wanted I think there would be a lot of people
to be uncomfortable I have said many times publicly that I’m not a great
proponent of casinos I would have against one downtown if I’d been here at
the time that was voted upon and and I’m I’ve said many times that I’m satisfied
as one member of council and as the mayor to see one located in Northwest
tronto in part because it is a place where there’s already gambling taking
place in a very substantial way but more importantly because this is the best
chance I think to spur other economic development and jobs in the northwest
part of the city and so I think that is extremely important and I guess one
final point which is that under provincial policy and this is not a
reason in and of itself to approve a casino but in an under provincial policy
there is going to be additional gambling establishments in southwest in southern
Ontario GTA anyway and if we’re gonna get some of those jobs in an area of the
city that desperately needs them and it’s gonna go way beyond a casino which
is certainly always been a prerequisite for my support for this that it goes
well beyond a casino to hotels and I hope offices and retail and other things
that will be on that 700 acres of land then I couldn’t go so far as councillor
Layton didn’t describe it as a bad deal for the city no such thing is a bad deal
for the city that produces 5,000 or more jobs for people who need them and many
of those jobs are going to go to local people and so there’s no such thing as
that being a bad deal you won’t hear me describing a bad deal
out of thousands of jobs for people however I will say and I have a motion I
forgot to put it up but I have a motion which which takes suggests to in and
commence to you referring councillor Thompson’s motions to the city
management and I’ll be very open about why I think that is a better per
approach for us to take when you are in the midst of negotiating an agreement
which is what we’re doing here I think it is better for us to have our
negotiators we are like the board of directors we’re the deciding body and
Council Davis was right when she said that we make the decision on what’s
acceptable ultimately but it is the job of our very competent professional staff
to negotiate the best deal that they can and I think the appropriate way to
handle this in a spirit of partnership with the people who are the proponents
who also have to agree to this as part of the community benefits agreement is
to go back to them on these things much in the spirit that somebody was saying a
couple of minutes ago about saying well look we hope that they have an open mind
about these things and I know some of them are probably even in this room and
I think the points that I’ve certainly heard mentioned that need to be
discussed further with them our childcare they are what I’ll call harder
and perhaps more ambitious targets and the important question of representation
a representation meaning at the table as we go forward and I actually again take
a very different view than deputy mayor Minh and wrong about this I don’t know
how you could possibly have the kind of open and collaborative arrangement and
call it a true partnership with respect to producing these community benefits
which are important if the people who are going to help you do that are not at
the table a partnership involves by definition people sitting at the table
working on something together and so I don’t I don’t pretend to sit here and
prescribe who should be there and this is why I want councillor Thompson’s
motions to go to the staff I think it’s up to the staff to go and talk to the
proponent and say look somebody needs to be at the table who can help with this
from the community benefits world or the labor movement it doesn’t matter to me I
don’t see any inconsistency in that at all and I point as well to some of the
very successful programs we’ve had with the carpenters and with LIUNA and others
where they have been at the table and they’ve actually helped to deliver the
training and other kinds of things that have been most valuable in that regard
and I want to so I would just say send it off to the to the staff ask them to
report directly back as my motion says to council on what progress they’ve made
or not and hopefully that means we’ll have a stronger community benefits
agreement but let’s try to get an agreement first before we try to do
something that is not in that spirit if we try to impose terms I want to make
one final very important comment if I might then that and I speak only for
myself as the mayor and is obviously a member of council I will be watching
very carefully to see how our commentary about these matters today is responded
to by these proponents because I’m not a strong component of casinos in and of
themselves I think these kinds of points where we are here to protect the public
interest partnership with the proponents and
others involved including would buy an entertainment it will be very important
to see how they respond and I think that certainly for myself I’ll be watching
very closely as we approach the council meeting how they respond to that because
I think these are important points I don’t want to prescribe the answer but I
sure do want to give our staff a good chance to go and and get some things
that I think will help us to have a better partnership and something better
for the community it isn’t a bad deal it just needs to be a little better a bad
deal is not a bad deal if it’s got 5,000 jobs attached to it or more but it needs
to be a little better in the cut in the context of that partnership so I will
conclude on that note with apologies for the 40 seconds and I think now if you
have madam Clerk the motions here I believe I was told by Josephine that
mine is too dealt with first because the referral motion of part of the part of
the emotions of councillor Thompson so I will call the question and on the motion
that I put here that’s in front of you on the screen to refer to the interim
city manager for report back to Council on the 2018 the results of some
consultation on councillor Thompson’s motions so I’m ready to ready to the
question all right all those in favor opposed carried all right which one is
next caster’ Palacios motion is next this is to do with communicating to the
government of Ontario about about our our share as it were ready for the
question all those in favor pose caring counselor of allows motion a which is to
do with the childcare all those in favor I’m a recorded vote sure accorded vote
and canna slip allows motion a okay those in favor councillor Ainsley cancer
Bulow councillor Burnside councillor DiGiorgio maher tori cancer palacio
councillor Pasternak cancer robinson councillor thompson those opposed
I think deputy mayor deputy mayor man Wong how did you
yes counselor deputy mayor minam Wong in the affirmative
please Cary’s thank you next motion be to do with the hiring although ready for
the question all those in favor pose carried next is item as amended then and
ready for that will have a recorded vote on that those in favor of the item as is
the staff report as mandate councillor Ainsley can Subala cancel Burnside
counselor to giorgio maher tori cancer palacio cancer Robinson councillor
Thompson those opposed deputy mayor minam Wong
plans to pasternak motion carries thank you very much and thank you very much to
all the people that came and spent the time today it’s a long day I know for
you and we appreciate all the input and I hope you feel it was taken seriously
so ladies and gentlemen I think we’re actually doing quite well believe it or
not so meritorious the sort of so ladies and gentlemen you just those could leave
the room could leave quietly we’ve got business to carry on with here so what
we have left to deal with just so you know we have the development charges by
law review which is next then we have a couple of matters that were held we have
some deputations on that and then we have I think three relatively short
matters including the Smart City challenge with a presentation excuse me
we’re trying to carry on with the meeting and everybody know their are
people who want to leave and so do we eventually so we’ve got we’ve got to
carry on our business here and members of the committee if I could ask you to
come back because I know you’re in the room so we have to technically have
quorum but I want to make sure we’re paying attention here
are there any castlevanias Li you had I have two i merit oriole – I have motions
a motion on each one they want the one struck me and I don’t know whether on
the nuclear whether that’s gonna prompt a long discussion in which case I can’t
really treat it as a quick release item I can put up there I’ve had both of the
motion circulated okay good I just let’s see I’m just trying to
figure out who’s in the room because I can’t proceed here if we don’t have
sufficient numbers yeah we’re short I don’t know everybody went counselor
Burnside is here that six counts for by law allowed everywhere by a lot of seven
so they all right all right please could you please come back to the table
counselor Burnside deputy mayor Barlow we need to keep forum here do you want
to just put up if you would madam clerk counselor means these motion on nuclear but I can speak to a briefly meritorious
is so my words in the East End in Toronto this is a motion that basically
replicates what the region of Durham Windsor Ontario immerse burg Bruce
Peninsula they’re all asking for the same conditions around safeguards to be
put in place for a public awareness program if there’s any issues in any of
the nuclear power facilities in Ontario if there’s general concurrence that
people are satisfied with this and treating it as something where there
aren’t a lot questions to staff or any or sand people
wishing to speak we can just call the question on it if people think it needs
to be put over we can do that okay well then I’m ready to call the question on
it then all those in favor opposed carried and then that would make item as
amended we’d have to vote on that or was the report just to be received for
information okay well then we’re well then I’ll just ask
for the question on the item of the report to be received by the committee
as well all those in favor opposed Karen okay and what was your the other one you
said you have so the other one is number 13 what in heaven’s name to possibly
cause you to hold that acreage and tonnage taxation system for railway
rights away I have a motion meritorious so this basically stems do this
basically stems from my appointment by the City of Toronto and the board of
directors of the Antero good roads association there’s a number of
municipalities across the province so the current practice is included in the
City of Toronto for railway right of ways we tax railway companies based on
acreage we’re one a few provinces and one in Ontario that does that I’m sorry
in Canada that does that there’s a movement across a number of
municipalities in Ontario that the taxation be done done based on tonnage
we have some of the largest railroad terminals in the in Ontario that come
through Toronto we’d see a lot more money based on our tonnage then on the
acreage one of the issues that we’re having with the railroad companies is
actually getting them to release this information to us and I think that’s
mainly stems from the fact that they would have to substantially increase
what they pay to municipalities in Ontario in particular Toronto and so
this is basically asking staff to continue to negotiate with the
provincial government and the railroad companies all right I think it’s a
fairly straightforward request to have our treasurer continue to work with the
province to see if we can get this chain a basis of Taxation changed and thereby
get more money for you because it reflects the traffic as opposed to the
narrow and I think another number of municipalities including those in
Northern Ontario would appreciate our leadership on this matter are there any
questions of staff people want to ask any speeches people want to make
otherwise I’m ready just to call the question on this and all right then
we’ll call the question all those in favor of the amendment and then the item
has amended all those in favor opposed Carrie
okay queue think sorry I’d hate to have made them wait but the Smart City
challenge is gonna be last the next thing we are going to deal with is the
development charges by low review I’m sorry what did you did we not oh we left
over the new business item review just so people could have a look it’s on the
pink paper it was the it was a very straightforward housekeeping matter to
do with the capital budget of the solid waste and and we just left it so people
could read it because it was handed out and it was brought here by the budget
chair because of the failure of that committee to be able to carry out its
work so are people ready for the question on that probably wouldn’t even
been held if it had just been on the agenda all those in favor opposed Kara
okay so on the development review I’m gonna relinquish the chair for just a
very short time I’ve just got to go to make a brief speech at a dinner like
literally very brief just around the corner and the deputy mayor is gonna
take the chair we have some deputations to start with on Monday three four five
six seven so I can’t leave until somebody else comes back all right
that’s fine we’ll start Danielle chin building industry build building
industry and land development association you’ve had a long day yeah
no it’s okay I’m not saying that to just slow you down I’m saying it’s a long day
in terms of your patience waiting to be heard thank you for being here
a good evening mayor Toria members of the executive committee my name is
Danielle Chen and I’m here as a senior manager policy and government relations
at the building industry and land Development Association build is a
non-for-profit trade association representing 1500 member companies and
today I’m going to speak to you about the economic importance of our industry
the effects of the development charges and the revised proposal that you have
in front of you today in the staff report so in the spirit of economic
development I’d like to highlight that the building industry is a core driver
to Toronto’s economy new residential development creates jobs and encourages
non-residential development in 2016 alone the residential construction
industry in Toronto generated more than 68,000 on-site and off-site jobs in new
home building renovation and repairs and it’s one of the city’s largest employers
these jobs paid for million in wages and contributed 11.5 billion in investment
value to the local economy our industry is fully committed to pay
its fair share of growth related costs but increasing costs have become very
unsustainable on average taxes a municipal charges account for twenty
five or twenty percent of the price of a new home and when new new charges are
fully implemented DC’s will nearly double to almost 80
thousand looking at the numbers it’s clear that new homebuyers in the City of
Toronto are bearing a heavy weight for the cost of new infrastructure so it’s
important that it is implemented fairly and in terms of the review built has
been actively engaged in technical working group meetings with city staff
with the objective of reviewing the fairness and reasonableness of the DC’s
in accordance with the Act build has been very aligned with other groups as
well such as neigh up real PAC and GTA the consultation process has been a very
very meaningful and in November it basically took full swing
today you have before you a staff report that includes a proposed compromise
agreement that was established between builds and the city through very active
discussions with our industry the revised proposal is in an effort to
mitigate the effects on new homebuyers that have already assumed and planned
for certain costs and this includes a 9% reduction in the quantum and a phasing
in of the increases through our discussions build has also raised
significant concerns about their practice of requiring developers to pay
DC’s on the issuance of first above-grade permit and we’re going to be
engaging with staff further following the enactment of the bylaw the key
sentiment that I want to deliver today is that this compromise is by no means
perfect but it is very much an improvement to what you had before you
in January and throughout this process we’ve expressed the concerns that heavy
increases can have the adverse effects on projects being delayed we’re not
completely certain that this transition will mitigate all that we need to
mitigate in terms of negative impacts but we definitely do appreciate the
movement that has happened on this file since January and as such build Toronto
chapter is agreeing not to object this revised proposal in the interest of
keeping things moving in the City of Toronto and providing some leeway for
pre-sold agreements to be protected we appreciate this executive committee’s
willingness to also listen to our members through the past few months in
closing I just want to thank you for the opportunity to address you today and ask
you to support the staff recommendations in the report I’m happy to answer any
questions you may have thank you miss Chen and you got the patient deputy
bonus if sorry I tried how the problem you did well are there questions of this
deputy we just ask you know we’ve interacted over the years on various
issues but certainly when I go to public meetings I have a lot of development in
my ward people in this room know that Bayview
Avenue Yonge and Eglinton in the park area and I spent a lot of
evenings at public meetings and every time I go to a public meeting there’s
always two or three questions about developers and DC’s and our developers
paying their share of infrastructure in our city so are you aware of that
sentiment out there that public certainly in my ward I’m not going to
speak for other councillors but in my ward
people are saying our developers who are really it’s a bit of a heyday or it
feels that way certainly in the last several years certainly if you look at
Yonge and Eglinton I think it’s unprecedented the level of growth there
are you aware of that sentiment from residents that they feel that developers
need to pay pay their share I guess in response to that through you mr. mr.
chair I would I would say that yes we are as an industry aware of that
sentiment I think everyone would sort of look to developers to pay more and I
assure you that you know there’s a rigorous exercise that your staff go
through through the background study to make sure that they can collect as much
as they can and then we’re on the other side of it making sure that you know
everything is allocated like reasonably through the methodology so I don’t I
don’t think that there’s any sort of lost you know revenue that that’s sort
of gone through the process how would how would you how would you what would
your feedback be on the process there were the review of these DC’s my
understanding its I mean I’d I stopped this but it’s every five years right
what comes your feedback on that process so we’ve been finding that it does come
forward earlier than anticipated and then because of that it is challenging
to assume costs as a part of business plans so I guess that’s just part of the
reason why when we asked for transition you know we really do need it as a part
of those but plans that have already been put in place okay that’s it thank
you ex consular Robertson other questions of this deputy
okay thanks to miss Jen very very much appreciate it so that brings us to in
Underwood chief executive officer Habitat for Humanity another patients
all I said another patient soul my deputation begins with good morning and
something on this agenda has to come at the end then it’s just it’s only item
three but it just took this long to get here thank you for being here go ahead
having been in and out all day I actually want to say to you it’s been
really impressive watching you in action so as a citizen and a leader of a
nonprofit in this city just listening to the thoughtfulness and attentiveness
that you put to these very complex issues I don’t usually spend this much
time watching you and so I thank you for what you’re doing I’m here today to
express my wholehearted support for one aspect of the report before you and
that’s the one regarding the conversion of the Toronto home ownership assistance
program into a development charges deferral in January of this year the
Urban Land Institute published this book building equitable cities and it
basically rules around it’s grounded in three premises one of them is that
equitable and inclusive cities are the most vibrant and economically successful
the second is for affordable that affordable housing with access to
transit and amenities and jobs is a key underpinning of equitable cities and
that intentionality in the city’s use of its resources and in the policies that
you said in that city said is an essential driver in realizing equitable
cities so the recommendation to defer development charges in our view is a is
a perfect example of intentional action in building an equitable City and as I
think you know for for a development charge deferral program for us at
habitat GTA and for other nonprofit ownership providers will enable us to
build more homes with the resources that we have
I think everyone understands that those homes that we build will be
transformational for the families living in them in terms of how their
kids do how they do but beyond that for us as of city those homes that this
program will help us build will increase the supply of affordable housing in the
city both by the homes themselves and the rental units that are vacated as
people move out into those homes it will still generate a positive return for the
city on the development charges that will be paid with a with interest at a
future date it will reduce the administrative costs of the affordable
or administrative burden of the affordable housing program and it gives
us more positive steps towards a more equitable City for all so I just want to
close by saying we at habitat appreciated the opportunity to work with
the other affordable housing providers with finance with the affordable housing
office on getting to and exploring the options here and we are fully committed
to working with our partners and with finance and affordable housing office on
sorting out the details of the program to come back to the affordable housing
committee nine seconds left I was just gonna say congratulations that was well
done are there questions of the deputy well may I just say to use and to return
the favor I think many of us probably in this room have been out to various
builds over time and just are aware of the work that you do and we see that too
and thank you very much for that and thank you for taking the trouble to come
down and comment on this today and for your patience well it’s important to us
thank you very much thanks much appreciated
Heather Tremaine options for homes that’s no problem that’s all we just
want to make sure I called her name in case that she was somewhere in the
environs and we didn’t want her to think after all this time that we’ve just
friend that if okay well that brings us then to to questions of staff on the
matter in front of us and so I’ll see if there’s anybody nobody here who is not a
member of the committee they’ve all dispensed with us are there questions
from members of the committee on the development charge bylaw report
councillor Robinson how did we end up where we are now based
on the report with lots of negotiations meetings what was the process that got
us to where we are with these numbers through the chair we’ve commenced the
process some nine months ago when we engaged the development community in the
calculation and in the calculation of the development charges by law we’ve had
extensive discussions with all the stakeholders we arrived at a background
study in draft we’ve had technical reviews of the assumptions and the
methodologies that are used in that background study to arrive at the
quantum of the charges and through that process we’ve been able to agree on the
methodology and the quantum which reflects it and about 85% increase to
the current rates one of the issues that was raised at the last meeting the
public meeting held in January was the degree to which we phase in those
charges and we’ve agreed to phase them in over a two-year period where 50% of
the charge will come 50% of the increase in the charge will be implemented upon
bylaw expiry which is November 1st a year later 30% of the increase will be
implemented so that will effectively have an 80% increase of the of the levy
done within a year of Baal expiry and the balance will happen two years
thereafter there were a number of other stakeholders that are indicated concerns
with respect to policies and we’ve been able to deal with those and these
primarily dealt with how we treat affordable housing providers as well as
the rental apartment markets we’ve made a number of relief provisions provided
certain relief provisions in the bylaw to address those concerns and it seems
to us that everybody appears to be satisfied
with the resolution and how would it compare to what we did lot the last
round so the last round the last bylaw was implemented in 2013 at that time we
were faced with 70% increase in the rates and again and they were phased in
over a two-year period sorry what year was it that was in 2013 2013 yes the
bylaw has a life of five years and unless it’s updated and amended within
that five year period it becomes stale okay thank you very much that’s helpful
Thank You councillor Robinson other questions of staff okay then if we can
move on from that two speakers who wishes to speak accounts about deputy
mayor thank you I have a motion as staff mentioned there were a few issues that
we had asked staff to work on after the January presentation of the report and I
have to thank them because they actually went and met with the not only the
industry but also you know the universities that we had issues with the
rental sector that we had issues with and the affordable homeownership
providers that we had issues with so we’ve we’ve actually created a number of
solutions that that I think are very good they’re going to be creating the
opportunity for example of from how we heard from Habitat for Humanity of
increasing the number of units that we’re gonna be having in our city
through affordable homeownership and this the Ferol program this is something
actually that the sector had been advocating for quite some time also the
the rental rebate program that is being proposed through this this report is
something that for a long time the sector had been asking for and the only
issue that we’re still working on were almost there I think is really the
secondary Suites and and I’m hoping that by council we’ll have it all resolved
and and we’re gonna be able to to get a report that as the industry said you
know they’re not happy about it obviously who’s happy about paying more
for anything but that they acknowledge that the methodology was applied
correctly that there’s consideration given to the sector in the way that is
being implemented and that is going to be responding to some of the housing
policies that we have in our city so not only are we having a huge increase in
the percentage that is going to be given to affordable housing I think is that if
I remember correctly is it two hundred and seventy percent increase that is
going to go from the DC’s to the affordable housing sector we know we all
know well that housing is a major issue in this in the city that were you know
in order to continue to attract jobs to continue to have an equable City it’s an
issue that needs to be addressed and so we we have to do it at different points
in time and and have housing policy be the ones leading a lot of these things
and DC’s could be a good tool to have an impact on our housing policies and I
think that from January to today what we’ve done is have this revenue tool
that we have in the City of Toronto and really have it talking to our housing
policy that we’re trying to create and the way that we plan our city so
bringing together our our housing policy our planning and our finance department
and I think we have some some good policies in front of us some good
recommendations and I thank staff for all the work and the sectors for coming
to the table and and developing some of these solutions Thank You deputy mayor
of Iowa are there any questions of the mover others wishing to speak I’ll just
say a couple of words if I might first of all I want to say thank you to the
staff again to our acting chief financial officer well I have I have a
motion to that I’m moving in in the stead of councillor Crawford that
proves the establishment of an obligatory reserve fund account name
developed the charge of shelter services and there’s to be no contribution put in
at the outset but something that he was going to do if he’d been here I guess
that he was so if there any questions of staff about that motion they’d be better
to ask them of the staff than of me I’m not sure there’s a provision for that in
the rules but so I’ll put that on the table I want to thank the staff one in
particular the the active chief financial officer but also others
involved from the planning staff and elsewhere what I’m happiest about in
terms of this the list when I say happy I don’t want anybody that’s gonna end up
paying for this to misunderstand but you know when councillor Robinson correctly
made reference to the fact people ask us about development I’m asked when I go
around the city probably even more frequently than she might be asked about
whether developers are paying their fair share I’m asked how it could be that we
allowed over so many years going all the way back so much development to take
place without the accompanying infrastructure and what I’m happy about
here is that I think what the staff did was put together a complete list a very
complete list of the things we must do when it comes to transit projects and
other things that are gonna accompany growth and that must accompany growth if
we’re gonna try and keep up and so in that sense that’s what ended up
compiling the list that led to the initial number of more than a hundred
percent increase in these fees and then there have been discussions that have
taken place that have led to some moderation and that I don’t think
without sacrificing anything that’s on the list and a transition period that I
think is fair and consistent we’ve done in the past and I think those things
reflect really just a need for a degree of sensitivity on our part to transition
from one regime of fees to another to maarten the fact that we’re operating in
a marketplace we meaning both ourselves but also the development industry are
operating in a marketplace that changes all the time just because that’s the way
the world is nowadays end to I think the important question of the public
interest which is our responsibility being best addressed by a resolution in
this manner as opposed to other things that might have transpired and so to me
watching as this unfolded and as we went through this further period of
consultation that this committee requested and instructed be done
resulting in this report here today with the concurrence of the
largest portion of the building industry as being as it being fair I’m sure
they’d much rather than if we were coming back with something that was
lower and had a much longer transition period but bottom line I think they’ve
recognized that we do have to build this infrastructure we have to pay for it
that growth is in this case paying for growth and that this is something that
is as you heard I said something that they’re they’re content with and so on
that basis I would just commend this and I will commend councillor Crawford
motion only because he was supposed to move it and I’m sure if it’s council
Crawford and he’s the budget chief he knows what he’s doing and somebody on
our staff has recommended this needed to be done
so on that note I’ll conclude my own remarks and we can proceed if there’s no
other speakers to the question so first I guess was the councillor George or I’m
sorry you’re ready to go we had this this is the only motion then to a man
where’s the other one it seems well of course
so we deal with them in order that first counts their bylaws motion to report
directly to Council on the elimination of development charges for secondary
dwelling units all those in favor opposed carry the second motion is the
one that councillor Crawford asked that I move in instead which is to establish
this obligatory reserve fund account name development charge of shelter
services all those in favor opposed carried and the item as amended all
those in favor opposed Carrie I believe now we had the one matter left and again
talk about patience our friends from the smart cities challenge had a deck
prepared that I think has been circulated to you and I think what we’re
going to do rather than have a presentation that we were counting on
was to have it circulated to all of us I can tell you I had a chance to go
through at the last day or two and I think if you listen to all the
commentary today about the challenge of trying to deal with inequity and in our
city and the helping people get on their feet our smart city that what this is
essentially as our bid or our tree into a contest that could win a
huge prize but it’s all about bringing digital services I mean I’m
oversimplifying a little bit but bringing digital services is some of the
more disadvantaged areas of the city that have what I call a digital deficit
you know where they just don’t have high-speed availability and so on and
our project is going to put that forward and I think the intention was that we
would just receive the report as was contemplated by the recommendation
itself and not hear a presentation that is no disrespect for the work that’s
gone on there’s a lot of hard work on this and for our best wishes for success
in this contest which will benefit Toronto immensely if we do or to the
deputies who came I think there were a couple people who want to speak in favor
of this but I just think in light of the hour that we wanted to just proceed to
to receive the report but countries who did you want to I just said I just had a
quick point of clarification Myra Tory the I appreciate everything that mr.
combs and mr. mica are doing I just want some clarification that by receiving
this sorry and mr. Williams one of the the neighbourhoods that’s outlined in
the report is in in the middle of my ward and the kingsroad Galloway Horton
Park and I just want to make sure that we receive this report and the work is
still gonna go forward at Lorenson or Lawrence and Galloway
could somebody will put that as a question to staff can somebody just
answer that question mr. Hall yeah so we use some illustrative neighborhoods in
the in the over in the proposal that will go in next week to the federal
government so we can have more conversations about that if you’d like
counselor but that was one of the illustrative neighborhoods I would like
to thank you I think I think this is actually something that we’re gonna
circulate this to all members of council as well we’ll commit itself to its a
very worthy project for us to put forward both in the in the sense of the
social justice aspect of it but also the technology and smart cities I think it’s
a very it’s a good idea so on that note I’ll ask if you could vote then on the
question of receiving this report did you want to speak I’m sorry counselor
Thompson the technology advocate had asked me to move a motion on her behalf
and the motion we’ll put it on the screen like she has
discussed it with mr. myko and basically it is asking for a provincial digital
literacy day and asking council to ask the province to designate May 30th 2019
for such a day its extensive reason it makes a whole lot of sense for all the
reasons that you described as part of this particular report and of course
engaging in getting young people really involved in this notion we had a last
week I think are this month was the financial literacy literacy month and
and so it stands a reason that we really should be looking at this as an
opportunity clearly if Robins had designated that we wouldn’t be required
to do this at this particular point in time but Kara Holland is asking that we
move this by moving this on our behalf okay
are there any questions of the mover or other questions other people wishing to
speak on this all right well then what we’ll do is we have the one motion here
which is the motion just put by councillor Thompson on behalf of
councillor Holland and I’ll ask the question I’ll call the question on that
all those in favor opposed carried councillor Barlow voted in favor and
then the item to be received the item the report to be received on this item
all those in favor opposed carried with thanks again for your patience and for
your hard work on this and best wishes in the competition to us all any other
business that we have to do with today you have something just motion to
adjourn all of the beer carried thank you thank you very much

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