Explore VA Benefits: Overview of home loans and how to apply

[MUSIC] Did you know eligible
Veterans can get a VA home loan at any age and can reuse the
benefit multiple times? Did you know unlike with
conventional and FHA loans, most VA loans do not require a
down payment, leaving more money in your pocket? Did you know VA guaranteed
$36 billion in home loans to 629,000 Veterans and
Servicemembers in 2013, the highest loan volume
in program history? In addition, VA Specially
Adapted Housing grants may help eligible Veterans with certain
service-connected disabilities modify their homes to allow them
to live more independently. VA-guaranteed home loans may
offer more favorable financing terms to Veterans and their
families than conventional and FHA loans. In addition to no
down payment, these loans typically save you money due to
competitive interest rates and limited fees charged at closing. VA loans have no private
mortgage insurance requirement, lowering your monthly mortgage
payment and saving you thousands of dollars annually and over
the life of the loan. The process for obtaining a
VA-guaranteed home loan is simple for Veterans who meet
VA’s eligibility, credit, and income requirements. Start by obtaining a Certificate
of Eligibility online at eBenefits.va.gov, then contact
the lender of your choice. In gratitude for Veterans’
service to our nation, VA serves Veterans through our home loan
guaranty and housing assistance programs. Find out how you can
benefit. Explore VA today.

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