Failed Assassination Trophy [Payday 2]

Oh, this trophy. I remember this being a difficult one when
it first came out, and I’m sure it still is, because of the requirements. But no worries! Unknown Knight is here to save the day! Let’s start by clarifying the actual requirements. Everyone killed by melee must be zero. So a melee strike that is non-lethal is fine, like hitting the taxman, or accidentally hitting
an enemy without killing. But of course, the less we touch the melee
button, the less accidents are waiting to occur. Next, everyone killed by grenades must be
zero. This refers to the grenade or throwable slot, and like the melee requirement before, as long as it is non-lethal, it is fine. Like concussion grenades and perk deck specific
throwables. Also to add on, enemies killed by exploding barrels are not
considered grenades or explosive weapons, so we don’t have to worry about them. Explode away! Next one. Everyone used a sniper rifle. This is based on shots fired and is different
from the equipment requirements. Luckily this only applies to human players
and not bots. Oh, did I mention bots? Heh heh. Difficulty must be on at least Overkill. Nothing much to say here. Everyone must equip the suit, with no skills
and a sniper rifle as a primary. Again, only human players and not bots. See the pattern yet? Bots are not restricted by these requirements
and can use any setup. And with the requirements clear now, let me show you the legit way to do it. “What? There’s a non-legit way?” Ssshhh… I’ll tell you later. After hearing what I’ve said so far, the first thought that some of you might have, is bots and how to configure them so let’s focus on that first. Bots, are powerful allies, especially when we set them up and use them
properly. Weapons wise, there’s a whole video worth of content to
talk about but I won’t do that here. The short of it is, there’s really only 2
good choices; LMGs, or automatic shotguns (the Izhma or
Steakout). Then crew abilities, which everyone probably
uses the same, except that I picked it in this order; Piercing, Interact then Inspire. For crew boosts, it largely depends on which
perk deck we are going to use. I personally like Sicario, so I’m going to pick boosts that synergises
or enhances the deck’s capability to armour-gate. Dodge boost, to trigger the deck’s armour
recovery card more often, and the armour boost to make the effect even
better. Then I picked regeneration since Sicario has
none, otherwise the health boost can be a good pick. I know most of you are used to having Accelerator (or the 50% reload and weapon switch boost), but it isn’t necessary for this trophy, since we’re going to have the bots do most
of the killing. Then deployables, of which the only real choice
is the medic bag. A sentry for the Sentry Glitch can be good
as well but I didn’t bother with it since our AI buddies
are already good enough. With the bots now set up right, the next important part is positioning. By ordering them to hold position in the correct
places, they will tank all the shots and kill everything
that comes their way. In my gameplay, you’ll see that I positioned
the bots to intercept all incoming enemies as well as to protect the powerbox, which kind of makes this trophy look super
easy. So position your bots right, kids, and all will be a breeze. Then for a full crew of meat bags *Cough* I mean humans, there are more variations to work with, like
deployables. Either a mix of ammo and medic bags or just
full-on medic bags, depending on the team’s ammo management and
survivability. Then we have Perk Decks. We can focus on survival decks like Ex-President,
Hitman, Rogue and whatnot, or support the team, with decks like Gambler,
Maniac and Crew Chief. I haven’t tried a full team of Gamblers yet but that does sounds pretty powerful on Overkill, with like almost unlimited ammo and constant
healing. Then apart from that, here’s a few tips to help with the gameplay. One, is that when we’re getting overwhelmed, it’s ok to run away, compared to going down
and then into custody. Or even worse, having another teammate try
to do a rescue, and enter custody together. Which brings us to the second tip. Going into custody is not the end of the world. In fact, custody has its own rewards, if the team can survive the handicap. The teammates getting out of custody will
have their ammo and downs back to full, and the assault size during the next assault
will have less enemies. Then the last one, a short analysis of sniper rifles (which I assume the Platypus or similar) versus Overkill difficulty enemies. On the Overkill difficulty, the Platypus’
480 damage will be able to 1 body-shot all tans and greens
(which includes shields) and 2 body-shot Tasers and Medics. Otherwise, the remaining Cloaker and Bulldozer
dies to 1 headshot (broken visors of course). So considering that the enemies are constantly
rushing us, we can spend less time aiming for the head
and just do body-shots, except for Cloakers and Bulldozers. And that’s all I have for you guys, so stay
tuned for a gameplay with bots, where I made use of proper positioning. Enjoy watching, and I’ll see you guys again.

11 comments on “Failed Assassination Trophy [Payday 2]”

  1. big z11 says:

    Welcome back

  2. uh says:

    nice to have you back

  3. Chuchu says:

    Congratulations for your back!
    Have you seen how fucked up the game is after they fixed Fade exploit? Spawn rate is huge and cops running speed too, both of them making the maps severely full of enemies and sometimes fade phase only last 3 second aprox.
    Maps like Undercover, Slaughterhouse and Panic Room are a hell even on low difficulties… Can you just imagine One Down right now?
    I'll say you, solo players are fucked up either you'll be left without ammo expecting their numbers go down or cops would knock your bots down like if they were the turret on high difficulties.

  4. The Endleader says:


  5. Vincent Ong says:

    You forgot to teach us where to position our bots for solo legit gameplay to defend the boxes.
    And, I still find it difficult to survive while the saw is active. Any tips?

  6. A. C says:

    Nice work 🙂 Thanks for the guide!

  7. DemonsGalore says:

    Thanks for the tips on how to do this. I tried it multiple times before and couldn't do it. I did it first try now after watching your video 🙂

  8. Swedish Cancer says:

    You deserve more subs and views

  9. Unknown Knight says:

    Damnit, I messed up with some information in the video so I made a cut. Anyway, the best to play with 2 humans and 2 AI.

  10. yan tang says:

    Sooooooooo what Sniper do you recommend? I have a hard time choosing

  11. Hendrik1901 says:

    It seems to be not working anymore. Just did it with a friend and 2 bots. We both had only the platypus sniper rifle and 0 skills. Didn't kill anyone with melee or grenades and both did not get it. So frustrating. All the pain for nothing :/

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