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[music playing] I’m a warehouse manager for a wholesale company that deals with home and garden decor across North America. We have incoming freight all day and outgoing freight all day. It’s constantly going, it’s so fast-paced. [music playing] Brian has full custody of Rylan. They only have each other so he has to work a full-time job, while providing for his son who has extra care needs. My son’s a hyperactive child. He’s a great social guy but he does need a lot of structure. My name is Victoria and I’m a key worker for the Simon Fraser Society for community living and we work with children with neurodevelopment disorders. Brian’s a very devoted dad and at home, he has a really good handle on his son but there were some school issues so I was invited in and worked directly in the classroom with his teacher and himself putting some strategies into place. We used the Lego with a lot of the boys especially that we work with because they love Lego. Rylan can’t always follow a sequence in terms of a story or an order of things so we ask them to build and create a story and it’s all about slowing him down and teaching him how to follow a sequence, which will then translate into a classroom setting. [music playing] He can be a handful. He struggles to understand consequences, to predict what’s going to happen. He has five minute warnings for things like that. His sensory perceptions are very different than most children. Loud noises, bright lights, even food textures have to be catered to him. Yum. I can’t be there all day with him. I have to go to work and he needs to go to daycare and socialize with other children in a structured pattern. The teachers went on strike – that affected me needing daycare for a full-time longer. I didn’t have the luxury of staying at home. What do you do now when you lose your whole structure that you’ve been working so hard for? I needed a loan. On my way to work, a commercial came on… … a Fair & Fast Loan from Vancity Credit Union. I thought it was kind of like this is just someone speaking directly to me because this is exactly what I needed the same day. As soon as I got to my office I called them up and I went in there. I think it was four o’clock. I walked out with the money in my hand at about 4:30, that’s including the line up to get back in to go get my money. I have used another company for a payday loan. They gave me this big contract about 40 pages and signing my life away and then I’m looking at the interest rate and I’m like what, that’s insane. It’s almost like a trap because you can’t get out of it. With this Fair & Fast Loan, it’s so easy to pay back. I just needed it for a short-term, I don’t want to have to go into another debt but with the Fair & Fast Loan, I don’t even notice any payments being made it’s such a minimal amount but you know you’re paying it off. You’re getting ahead rather than getting yourself deeper into a hole. [music playing] Brian has worked very hard with his own difficulties and his own struggles to learn how to parent a challenging child and he’s been incredibly successful. Rylan’s a very great kid. When you get scary things happening in your life, you just sort of look for help. The structure that the daycare gives him keeps me satisfied that he’s okay. Considering how successful Rylan has been, he’s a brilliant father. He’s well taken care of and I feel that I am too. Vancity Credit Union was there for me.

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