Fairstone Across Canada

♪ [music fades in] – [Grant] At Fairstone, we know
what Canadians are going through
when they borrow money because we talk to
them every day in our branches
and in our communities from coast to coast. After
almost a century of lending
experience in Canada, we know that every Canadian
deserves a clear, respectful,
and personal borrowing experience. That’s what we
promise our customers and that’s
what we deliver. – [Cheryl] I had a couple come
into the branch. The wife had
lost a job and the husband was an owner of his own
company and they weren’t too
sure what to do. They came through that credit
crunch because I was there to
help them. The wife got back to work. The
husband’s business is booming
and today, they’re very, very successful
so I’m very proud of that. – [Jorge] There was once a
specific time where a customer
was in need. He was a newcomer and obviously
working across the world is a hard situation if
you have family and little ones
back home. Our customers really trust us
because right from the beginning
of the loan process, we’re able to listen in
to really what their needs are. – [Krystel] Helping customers
understand the lending process
is very important so they have full knowledge of what
this loan is going to help them
with, their term, their payments,
their interest rate so there is
no surprise. Our branch is built on integrity
and it means that they can count
on us to give them all the information they
need. – If you feel good at work, you
welcome the clients very well
and to come into a – The customer’s reaction is the
best part, when they’re like, “What? Really? You can help me?”
We’re like, “Yes, we can.” – The best part of my job is my
job. I love to work with
clients. My staff, my training,
my community involvement. – How close we are as a company.
Even though we may be in
different provinces, we all have that common goal to
work together and nothing makes
me more proud to be part of this company. – It’s our people that make us
uniquely Canadian and it’s our
people that make us uniquely Fairstone. Across the
country, Fairstone is here for
Canadians when and where they need us most with the
right solution designed just for
them. That’s our promise. ♪ [music]

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