Fake online reviews: How easily can you buy a reputation? (CBC Marketplace)

(♪♪)>>Erica: We’re in the back alleys of north Toronto getting ready to assume a whole new identity. In fact, this entire story is about deception. And how companies use it to get your money.>>Erica: Hey, how’s it going?>>Hi, Erica, not bad. Yourself?>>Erica: Good, it’s looking good. To start, we need to make it seem like we have a business that’s legit, the kind they write on-line reviews about. Like maybe a trendy new food truck? We’re calling our truck Cheezed Off! Pretending to serve up grilled cheese sandwiches. Our slogan… Come get fed up! Clearly we are nowhere near ready to open. And to be honest, we never will be. Strange thing is the reviews for Cheezed Off! are already in. That’s odd. Just check out Yelp. Someone on that review site says this place has the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever eaten in my life. Makes you wonder when it comes to on-line reviews, how much we really trust them. Just about everybody goes on line before getting in line to buy anything. We want to hear what other people are saying about the latest restaurant, hotel or consumer products on sites like Yelp, google plus and Urbanspoon. Do you ever read on-line reviews?>>If I’m looking for a good restaurant, I’ll look at reviews.>>Erica: It will affect you’re opinion of it? It will affect whether or not I decide to go there, basically.>>Erica: Do you ever check out on-line reviews?>>All the time. It’s good to get someone else’s feedback.>>Erica: Which do you trust more, on-line reviews or traditional advertising?>>Reviews, yeah.>>I think it actually gives me a better sense of trust when somebody who is a stranger tells me that this is good, this is not good, because it’s more from the public than from the people who are trying to sell the product.>>Not exactly what I expected.>>Erica: On line review sites work hard to get your trust. Check out this Hotels.com ad…>>They’re genuine guest reviews that are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there, instead of people who lie on the internet.>>Erica: The better the reviews, the more we trust a business. For companies that means a better bottom line. One extra star in a restaurant review and revenue can go up by as much as 9%. With so much money on the line, no wonder companies might be tempted to fudge their reputations but how easy is it to fake it? We’re using our Cheezed Off! Food truck to find out. Like every new business, Cheezed Off! needs a web site with lots of convincing photos, and that means a trip to our graphics department for a logo and a look. Hi, Tom.>>Hi, Erica.>>Erica: Is this our logo?>>Tom: This is it.>>Erica: It looks great. Where’s it gonna go?>>It’s going to go on the side of the truck and on our web site.>>Erica: How are we gonna get that on our truck?>>We’re going to start with the truck in the garage –>>Erica: Oh yeah, there it is.>>We’re gonna get rid of the window and straighten it out a little bit.>>Erica: Just gone.>>Clean up the sides.>>Erica: Ah, so much better!>>Add all of our our social media branding.>>Erica: Just like that!>>And add our logo that you saw before.>>Erica: Ah, that looks great!>>And add the rest of the wrap around the truck.>>Erica: Holy cow! Where are you going to put our slogan, come get fed up?>>Right below the window.>>Erica: That is scary.>>And then we’re going to add the menus and some orange wheels.>>Erica: That is a whole new truck all at the click of a button.>>All fake.>>Erica: Nice job! (♪♪)>>Erica: To get more shots we could doctor — — Am I turning here? — to put on the web site we’re going to build, we take our truck on a road trip to Toronto’s hot spots like the Rogers Centre so our graphics guy can do this… And this… This time at the trendy distillery district. (♪♪)>>Erica: We even pull up at a local food truck gathering spot. (♪♪)>>Erica: This looks great! Then our web guy, Stuart, uses these tricked out photos… This looks really legit.>>Yeah.>>Erica: To make it seems like Cheezed Off! is taking the city by storm, at least on-line.>>So we’ve set up the website with a whole bunch –>>Erica: Stuart builds us a pretty standard site. You can find it at Cheezedoff.ca. This is our public face, the bait we’ll use to dig deeper into the world of fake reviews. — lotsa mozza… It’s got our menu, our story, and all those pictures. What’s our twitter handle?>>It’s @cheezedofftruck. And we’ve also set up a facebook page as well.>>Erica: Everything we need to make it seem like we’re legit. (♪♪)>>Erica: All right, let me know when you’re ready…>>Okay, I’m rolling.>>Erica: Next step in our creation of a fake business, we make a promotional video.>>First step, put it on to the griddle…>>Erica: How to make a grilled cheese sandwich like a pro. (♪♪)>>Erica: Hi there, if you like grill chees sandwiches as much as much as we do — Believe it or not, there are dozens of videos just like it on Youtube, and now ours is there too.>>Dig in!>>Erica: It’s just one more way to talk up our imaginary truck.>>Come down and see us on our food truck on the streets of Toronto, Cheezed Off!>>Erica: Our ultimate goal, remember, is to see how easy it is to get some fake reviews and fake buzz for our fake truck. We start by giving our new Youtube video a little boost. Only about 40 people have bothered to look at it, mostly us, so we contact a web site called 500 views, and for just 30 bucks they arrange for our video to go instantly from 40 views to more than 12,000. That simple. It’s enough to make us wonder about other videos we’ve seen on Youtube. Have that many people really watched or has someone been paid to inflate the view count to make it seem more popular than it is? Not long ago Youtube cracked down on fake views and targeted major record companies like Universal and Sony. It slashed their combined view counts by more than 2 billion views in one day. The big test for us, though, get some fake reviews on some big review sites, Yelp, Google, Urbanspoon, but who’s going to write our fake reviews?>>Hi there, I’m here to offer you a written review…>>Erica: Not us.>>Fiverr.com is the world’s largest marketplace…>>When we come back, we uncover an entire industry devoted to helping businesses mislead you.>>I think it’s really amazing how easily it is to purchase deception now on the internet.>>Erica: Lie or legit. Do you trust reviews? Tell us on twitter. (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Erica: We all use on-line reviews to check out restaurants and hotels, products and businesses, but how easy is it for a company to fake a good reputation on-line? That’s what we’re investigating with Cheezed Off! That is a whole new truck. Our own fake food truck.>>All fake.>>Erica: Nice job! We want people to rave about our truck on big review sites, but to do that, we need some fakers. Our search takes us here, to a web site called Fiverr.com.>>Fiverr.com is the world’s largest marketplace for the professional and creative services you need to give your business a boost, all starting at just $5.>>Erica: Fiverr offers help for hire. It’s filled with people who’ll do just about anything for 5 bucks. In our case we want reviews of our food truck, and there’s no shortage of offers from all over the world, including Canada, like this woman. She’s known as Veghead Jenn.>>I’m here to offer you a written review for your product or your service or your web site.>>Erica: Here’s another Canadian known on Fiverr as Sanpan.>>I’ll make you a great 30 second or less testimonial, promotional or review video that you can use to advertise your business or web site.>>Erica: She’s willing to say anything we want about Cheezed Off!>>Hi there, my name’s Marie. Hi, I’m Suzanne. My name is Jane.>>Erica: Just like she has about so many other companies. We decided to hire Sanpan, Veghead Jenn and others, and send them a link to our fake business, and ask them all for a good review. (♪♪)>>Erica: While we wait for the results, we hit the streets of Toronto to see how much you can trust on-line reviews by testing how well passersby can spot a fake one. These are two reviews about a Chicago hotel. One of them is an actual review and the other one is fake. What I want you to do is read both reviews and then let me know which one you think is the fake one.>>Okay.>>Erica: So just take your time.>>Sure.>>Erica: All of these folks say they use on-line reviews to help them decide where to spend their money.>>Erica: So pick one, A or B is fake. But, can they tell when they’re being lied to?>>I wanna say “A” is the fake one.>>Erica: It’s fake? Okay so that means both of you say review “A” is fake?>>Yes.>>Erica: In fact, review “B” is the fake one.>>Really!>>Okay.>>”A” is fake. “B” is real.>>Erica: In fact, “B” is fake.>>AAhh.>>Erica: So which one’s fake?>>”A.”>>Erica: “B” is fake.>>Oh, we fell for that one!>>Erica: It was hard to tell the difference?>>Oh yea, big time.>>Erica: Of the eight people we test, only one of them spots the fake review. To learn why, we’re on the trail of a Canadian who’s been studying the problem here at Cornell university in Ithaca, New York. Jeff Hancock’s a communications prof who studies on-line behaviour, especially on-line fakery. How good are people at detecting deception on line?>>Well, we’re really bad at detecting deception in general so the average is 54%.>>Erica: So half the time when you’re looking at something on line you can’t tell whether it’s true or fake?>>Right, and that’s not only just on line, that’s all the time.>>Erica: Jeff’s helped develop a computer program.>>I’m going to grab a fake review.>>Erica: — That can help us all. You’ve created something called reviewskeptic. What that’s about?>>It’s a tool that our research team created to show people how language differs when it’s a fake review versus a genuine review.>>Erica: Jeff says this algorithm is 90% accurate when it comes out to picking out deceptive reviews. You can check it out on our web site.>>So the red words are words that the algorithm thought, mm, this makes me think it’s really deceptive, and the blue words are words that it makes it think, hm, this is associated with truthfulness.>>Erica: Jeff says a sure sign of a fake is when reviewers are too glowing and when they go in to story-telling mode.>>People that write fake reviews tend to use the word “I”, “me” or “my” a lot more than people that have actually stayed there. The reason is they’re telling a story about what they think they did so they’re putting themselves in the story. People who have been there, they don’t have to tell a story. They’re describing what their experience was.>>Erica: Remember all those fake reviews we bought? They’re now rolling in. And sure enough, they’re filled with elaborate story telling. This review from Veghead Jenn says: I was in Toronto for a few days and I found Cheezed Off! This is not any grilled cheese either. It’s grilled cheese jacked up and super-delicious. A review from Kimberly B. says when I had one of these grilled cheese sandwiches they were the best I ever had, better than my momma’s. This review from Czechyourself claims: the truck has an upbeat atmosphere, thanks to the friendly staff who were personable and funny. I guess she’s talking about us, but, remember, we’ve never met. We ask our fake reviewers to post their work on three review sites, Yelp, Google, and Urbanspoon. Popular sites you trust, and within days those phoney reviews start appearing, ten of them all together. Weeks later, they’re still there. Finally we also hear back from Sanpan. Remember her?>>Hi there, I just wanted to make this quick video to tell everyone how much I love eating at Cheezed Off!>>Erica: She doesn’t do written reviews but sends along this video testimonial.>>I love getting lunch at Cheezed Off! They’re fast, they’re friendly, and they make the best grilled cheese sandwich around.>>Erica: By now we’ve got fake views on Youtube, fake reviews on Yelp, Google, Urbanspoon. We’ve even got Sanpan. It all makes us want to dig even deeper in to the world of on-line fakery. When we come back…>>Looks natural?>>Yeah.>>Erica: Just how widespread is it? Our hidden cameras take you inside an industry promising to help us fake it ’til we make it.>>When you say you’ll take care of reviews, what does that mean?>>We create them ourselves or we have writers as well that would do that sort of stuff.>>Erica: Think you can spot fake reviews? Test your deception detection at cbc.ca/marketplace. (♪♪)>>Erica: We’ve discovered the on-line world is fill with fakery. In New York, the attorney general busts 19 companies for flooding the internet with phoney reviews. It makes national news.>>In some cases they went as far away as eastern Europe and Bangladesh to hire phoney reviewers. So this is a massive fraud that we’re determined to shut down.>>Erica: Some of those busted are internet marketers, experts at attracting customers to your web site. The ones in New York weren’t playing by the rules. But could companies in Canada be doing the same thing? We search for internet marketers and come across a company called Emizr. As we scroll through its web site, Emizr lists its different services, including Yelp reviews – and we thought real customers wrote those. A little further down the Emizr page, look at that!>>Hi there, my name is Michelle and I’m a real estate agent.>>Erica: A glowing review for Emizr by one of the people who sold us a fake review.>>I needed to find listings fast, and basically that’s why I hired Emizr media.>>Erica: Seems the internet marketer needed a fake review of its own!>>And I’ve got to tell you that they did just a phenomenal job.>>Okay, we’ll get you hooked up with these glasses.>>Erica: We think Emizr deserves a closer look.>>These ones are tricky. Sometimes I worry that the wires are sticking out of my head.>>Erica: We put on hidden cameras.>>Looks natural?>>Yeah.>>Erica: And head to their office in north Toronto. Inside…>>Erica: We meet an account manager. She pulls up our Cheezed Off! Web site and offers some compliments.>>Erica: But we want to know more about creating a buzz on the internet.>>Erica: Eventually she talks about taking care of reviews for us.>>Erica: Not only will they write fake reviews, they know how to get them on big sites like Yelp.>>Erica: She assures us she can get our fake reviews posted without setting off alarm bells.>>Erica: She also knows how to get us some reviews on google.>>Erica: Days later, the company sends us a contract setting out the deception. Three reviews a month on google and Yelp. No wonder some estimates say many as 15% of on-line reviews could be fake. Down in Ithaca, New York…>>People are becoming more and more reliant on on-line reviews.>>Erica: Cornell professor Jeff Hancock says fake reviews undermine our trust in the kindness of strangers, and they could lead to some real trouble. What about when the stakes are really high, you trust an on-line review for a dentist or lawyer who turns out to be not very good.>>It’s going to become an increasingly big problem as more and more of these high-end services, lawyers, dentists, doctors come on line with reviews. Those are real. That’s not just having a bad meal at a restaurant. That could affect your life in a big way.>>Erica: With so much trust at stake, we want to know why Emizr offers to make up reviews and post them on popular sites. We asked president Danny Han several times to come on camera, but he won’t.>>Hi, I’d like to see Danny Han from Emizr. So we drop by his office. At first we’re told…>>It will just be a minute.>>Erica: Then we hear, actually he’s not in the office. Is he off site or is he here? We do manage to get him on the phone. Han says we have it wrong. The account manager we met was new.>>Erica: And that offering to write fake reviews is against company policy. He says sometimes they help post legitimate reviews…>>Erica: But after hearing about our findings, Danny Han admits wrongdoing. “We apologize and have taken action to correct past and prevent future errors in judgment.” Emizr changes its web site so its services no longer mention on-line reviews. And, speaking of…>>At Yelp we’re constantly working to recommend the reviews that have earned that trust.>>Erica: Yelp is the only review site that catches any of our fakes. Two of the three that are posted about Cheezed Off! Yelp says it’s thanks to the secret algorithm it uses to stop deception. Urbanspoon doesn’t detect any of the three phoney reviews about Cheezed Off! Posted on its web site, and google doesn’t find the four fake Cheezed Off! reviews posted there. They don’t want to talk about it on camera but send a statement saying… “We have strict policies prohibiting fake businesses and inauthentic reviews” and “while we take down thousands of false entries each month there is a small subset of bad apples out there.” Bad apples? We decide to post one more review, this one real on our own Cheezed Off! Google page. Hey, Google, this is the fake food truck we told you about and the fake reviews. They’ve been on your site for weeks now. Thinking the people who trust your site will be cheesed off. Maybe now Google will do something about our fake reviews. So how do companies react when you criticize them on line? We hear from a viewer who knows first hand. Jeff Ollerhead of Sackville, New Brunswick. He posts a negative review on tigerdirect.ca, and they change it without his permission.>>I wrote an on-line review that was posted on your web site, and I’d like to find out how I can have it taken off the web site.>>Erica: Find out why Tiger Direct says they have the right to edit your reviews. That’s next week on “Marketplace.” Meantime, it’s the end of the road for Cheezed Off! But to make sure you don’t get taken for a ride, always check more than one review site. Read at least a dozen reviews, and if the language is too glowing, remember, they just might be faking it.>>Tom: Also next week on “Marketplace,” do you know how much gas you’re really guzzling?>>You never really get what they tell you.>>Are you spending hundreds more than what you were promised?>>I believe the salesperson.>>Tom: What the auto industry isn’t telling you about those numbers on the window. We test how far I can get on one tank of gas. ♪ Raindrops keep falling on my head ♪>>And hit the showroom floor for answers.>>Is that on?>>Yeah.>>Turn it off please. (♪♪)

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    This is why People should NOT Listen to Reviews. Judge a place or Product for yourself Only. You Do not know if the Companies Paid for Reviews or Paid to have different people Leave Negative Reviews. It Happens All the Time. Its the Same thing with Critics for Movies and TV shows or Plays in theaters. The Critics are only doing the Reviews that are based on themselves. What they Thought of the Movie, TV, or Play. Not what Others with think about it.

  67. Troy F says:

    One thing I have noticed is if you leave a bad review on google a lot of the time the business will reply and usually say we don't have any record off you be a customer of ours. It's a way for them to try and discredit you review.

  68. 49jubilee says:


  69. Rhayven Jones says:

    Many places push incentives on people for positive review scores. My roommate left a scathing review on Google for the apartment building we lived in back in college (as well as the land lady who managed it at the time). She was the only person to have a more recent review of the place (there were 2 others but they were pretty dated). Not too long after she did that, up pops a dozen or so 4 and 5 stars. Lol

  70. Barbara Lyman says:

    I find negative reviews the most helpful.

  71. meme says:

    Cheezedoff.ca is a scam link now.

  72. Hugh Janus says:

    This video is the best video I ever seen in my life…


  73. Susan Cronk says:

    Interesting show.

  74. Daniel Davis says:

    Just use your instincts.

  75. Daniel Davis says:

    those video reviews are boring i would not listen to them.

  76. Lynorrie Marshall says:

    I don’t trust them anymore. Unbelievable!

  77. WZX says:

    I think it goes with yt comments too.. I see that same comments all the time by different people

  78. SuperBradC says:

    You can't forget about the Better Business Bureau. They are as deceitful as Yelp and the others.

  79. MANN[][][] says:

    Who the Fak is gonna trust the reviews anyway?

  80. Rukia Kuchiki says:

    I never read reviews

  81. 00 Buck says:

    Excellent journalism thank you

  82. Eazy -Werks says:

    Who else checked the website cheezedoff.ca

  83. BEAST MASTER says:

    Google: We take down "bad apples"
    Apple: How dare you Google

  84. Mar D says:

    people who use online popular sites for their truth and reviews are seriously mentally ill

  85. Keeping It Keith says:

    You are actually starting a business.

  86. ROY FR says:

    Canadian T.V seem good….Shame its so cold there

  87. Tré says:

    Is anyone else bothered by some of the camera angles and cuts

  88. African Safaris with a Chocolate Lab Named Aspen says:

    I’m assuming a insurance company in South Florida does something like this.

    I was hit at a redlight by a person who had “windhaven” insurance.

    Curious I looked yo their reviews.

    About 85 % of their reviews were 1 star from people who were hit by their policy holders complaining how bad they are and how the refuse to answer calls.

    Mixed in were 5 stars with the same exact wording every single time.

    “Great insurance company. “Insert persons name” helped me though everything.

    Literally every 5 star review was exactly like that, the only difference was the workers name per review.

    It end the story, I had to threaten to get my lawyer involved to eventually talk to one of their workers, they gave my 600 bucks and that was it.

    I just paid the rest of the damages myself.

  89. kystars says:

    That really is amazing. haha I think you could really make a business with this.. and the slogan is fantastic!

  90. Sandrine Sparkes Connell says:

    I only use 3stars reviews to actually make my decisions. I trust the bad reviews and compare the 3stars that's how I make my purchases.

  91. MagicK says:

    I love to read negative review thou.

  92. DVincentW says:

    *sanpan lady was a trip..
    heres the video inside the video..https://youtu.be/LY0c-uqrOeo

  93. Peter Quistgard says:

    your site is down,, my mcafee is not expired

  94. thehibernatingturtle says:

    I didnt realize these scams went this deep.

  95. Barb West says:

    I learned a lot from this – thank you!

  96. Axel The Fallen Angel says:

    the video has 1million views. 7.5k likes.. now I'm wondering if your views are faked.

  97. IBe_Creepin says:

    Yall notice at the start of the video guys in the back ground checking her out as shes walking lol so funny

  98. bluesanyu Films says:

    I think its also called ADVERTISING.. But only if you say so..

  99. JK TV says:

    Exposing them doesn't mean it will stop 🤣🤣

  100. Sweetie Pie says:

    I was looking forward to the yellow rims.

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