Far Far Away, Artillery Barrage, Compact Confrontation [Payday 2]

Today’s video is on 3 long range achievements; Far, Far Away, Artillery Barrage and Compact Confrontation, which all strangely have a 40 metre range requirement. Why? What’s the strange obsession with 40 metres here? Who knows? Maybe something to do with the 40 millimetre calibre of the grenade. In any case, there are many different heists where we could get these achievements, like Green Bridge, Heat Street and whatnot. But personally, I like Lab Rats. It’s non-DLC, easy to setup and can be used to get all 3 achievements. In Lab Rats, the top of the caustic soda barrel (which is right smack in the middle of the map), gives us a clear view to both extreme ends of the map. Which you might guess, is how we are going to meet the 40 metres requirement. However, the start point is a bit lacking because there’s only 2 spawn points further than 40 metres. So we’ll instead, focus on the other side, where the meth tray is located. This is a gold mine for doing our achievements. It’s so simple that it’s basically a shooting gallery. However, do note that Graze doesn’t work for this achievement, so don’t bring it along. So what we’ll do first, is to enable bots, as that will increase the spawn limit. Not to mention, they will also help to take care of enemies that get too close. Other than that, we’ll just keep our ammo supply healthy by bringing along Extra Lead, for… ex… tra… mmm… lead. Hmmm. Then we just keep pelting any enemies that we see on the ground until the achievement unlocks, and then restart and repeat with the other weapon. See, that’s really easy! “Hold It!” “What about Compact Confrontation?”, you say. Hmmm… tsk. For that, it’s slightly different. We’ll still use the meth tray end, but this time without bots, so that we can have the sniper all to ourselves. On difficulties below Overkill, instead of two sniper spots, only one will be used throughout the heist and this is chosen randomly at the start. So by 2:15 game time, if we don’t see a sniper spawn at the far wooden post, we’ll have to restart. We could also just play on Overkill to ensure that both snipers spawn. In either case, here’s what we’ll do. At the meth tray end of the table, using this ramp as a guide, we’ll walk towards the right side and kind of wedge ourselves into position by walking into the space between the bottle and metal pot. Then we simply turn around and wait for the sniper to show. And once he does, we’ll first take aim at him directly, then shift upwards all the way up to where the wall meets the ceiling, and fire! Boom, sucker! Yup. So that’s all 3 achievements with Lab Rats. Again, stay tuned for some short gameplay clips, and I’ll see you all in the next video.

9 comments on “Far Far Away, Artillery Barrage, Compact Confrontation [Payday 2]”

  1. Crackgear says:

    Short but well made , Thanks for making this helpful video ;3

  2. Faraz Rajput says:

    I always love the bell toll in the beginning of every video 🙂
    In time do all achievements UK 🙂

  3. Davtwan says:

    Oh, good. I can go for Compact Confrontation now. Thanks!

  4. BlackHawk TP says:

    I did all of them on Rats with Vantage Point. Took a little more time but it worked.

  5. Damien Evermore says:

    I thought about doing lab rats but I had to do it on big bank since I have a fear of spiders, so I just told my team to do objectives and have someone close to me with inspire. It worked but took a while. Still not done with a lot of the ranged and special specific achievements, but I'm 20+6 achievements away (6 because I could just infamy).

  6. uh says:

    i don't even have dlc but ill watch it anyways lol

  7. Viscöunt says:

    thanks man, this is very helpfull

  8. Jabberwork says:

    Just out of interest, have you tried the new achievements on the auction already? Ive tried the speedrun achievo solo but it really seems impossible

  9. wayyartone takyinsok says:

    Is for mod ? If unlock

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