Farewell, Cutler Dawson | Navy Federal Credit Union

[MUSIC PLAYING] I would like to say to the
team members of Navy Federal how proud I am to
have worked with you. You are the best. It’s really been
the joy of my life. I can remember the first day
that I started at Navy Federal like it was yesterday, even
though it was 14 years ago. My wife got up that morning,
and she made me a breakfast. And she said, I’m sending
you off on your new position, and it was a terrific breakfast. And then I was
laser-focused on what I was about to do at Navy
Federal, so laser-focused that I missed my turn and
went in the wrong direction and started headed
towards Richmond rather than the headquarters. And it took me about 20
minutes to make the turn to get off and head
back to headquarters. I chuckle about that now,
but it was a good reminder that we’re all human. I made the mistake
of the wrong turn. It’s just because I was so
excited about my next chapter. I learned that I was going
to be the new president and CEO of Navy Federal
when I was in Djibouti, Africa visiting
sailors and Marines that were at Camp Lemonnier. I was thrilled when Admiral
Lockard gave me the call to say that I’d been selected. But at the same time, I
came to the realization that it was a tremendous
responsibility, and I was determined
that I was going to do it as well as I could. And I was very proud of the
organization of Navy Federal, and I was going to try
to make it even better. One of my fondest
memories at Navy Federal is going to be that we have
provided a great environment for people to come
to work, a place that they can be proud of. We’ve grown, when I started,
from about 4,000 employees to almost 20,000 now. And we provided
them a place where they can grow and prosper
and have advancement and have a work-life balance
that makes it all work. I think that’s probably
my proudest achievement, and I think it’s pretty cool. I truly believe that
loyalty is a two-way street. We want our employees to
be loyal to Navy Federal. But in return, Navy Federal
has to be loyal to them. And that’s the way we approach
things at Navy Federal. It’s a terrific place to work. As I said about
leaving Navy Federal, I would like to say how proud
I am to have worked with you. And I challenge you to
keep up the commitment, the work-life
balance, all the magic that you’re doing every day. Don’t forget it. And don’t forget
that you are special, and that you are
in an environment, and at Navy Federal,
you are the very best. And I’m so very
proud of you, and I hope that you will
continue all to be proud to work at Navy Federal.

2 comments on “Farewell, Cutler Dawson | Navy Federal Credit Union”

  1. Andrew Ryan says:

    A great leader and visonary. I'm proud to have served with him providing exceptional service to our worldwide membership.

  2. Renee Lynn says:

    I called NFCU as I saw that my mortgage payment had been withdrawn from an external account twice. I was told one was an automatic withdrawl – which is illegal as we did not sign any paperwork authorizing this! I was then told that in order to refund I would need to submit documentation showing that THEY pulled money from other account (which had already come through, so clearly they have it). To top it off, NFCU has no issue illegally pulling funds from my external account, but will NOT refund the money back to the same payment method. They did cancel my (nonexistent) automatic transfer, however, this does not solve the issue of potential OD fees from my other bank, or the fact that this happened in the first place. I now cannot go grocery shopping or pay any additional bills that are due until this is resolved. WORST bank ever.

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