12 comments on “FinAcc Pawnbroking Software, Gold Finance Software, Jewel Loan Software, Pawn Shop Software”

  1. Rahul Chawant says:

    am using this software Finacc for the past 8 months. its really good. their support is amazing. their professionals are friendly and flexible. i hope more enhancement of the product from you guys… Good luck ūüôā

  2. Sahaya Raja says:

    Gud work Mr.Srinivasan. Keep going. Create more videos here for basic users like us. Thank you

  3. Le Sun Technologies s says:

    sure sir thanks for your comment

  4. Le Sun Technologies s says:

    thank you very much rahul sir. kindly download latest version and update it. call me for assistance.. Thank you ūüôā

  5. saravana338 says:

    HI .. If its available in time??

  6. gopal krishna says:

    it show error after install (odbc not found like that ) what can i do now.pls help me

  7. gopal krishna says:

    it shows odbc database not found

  8. pradeep krishnan says:

    software is good ,but  tally export ,tamil font on printing is necessary  that is name  adress ,weight , and also software will be moduled as tamilnadu pawn brokers act is nessecary 

  9. Pradeep Kumar says:

    wats the cost of it??

  10. selva kumar says:

    what technology used to develop this app..

  11. AK says:

    hello sir i need your contact no

  12. vijay veer says:

    hello sir,i have problem in downloading this software,i need a pawn broker software..please help me out.

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