Final Fantasy VII’s most Contriversial Subject FF7 Earth Liberation Front and US Revolution

you guys noticed this thing about the
new Final Fantasy 7 remake trailers you know there’s a thing it’s pretty
political and the most political part is something I’m really excited about now
the most political part isn’t loot boxes or how Barrett tux Street root how the
game seems to be ever developing or anti foes cup size it’s a little something
else it’s a little something I can’t say because it might glorify violence let’s
let’s watch that trailer oh no that was us I know we have to
think big if we’re going to make a difference do we do that it must have
been something else Oh gruff cloud is on this this that’s
character you have to learn that’s what iraq’s people no one tells
me to live clouds drinking pee-pee did you spot it
did you spot the political this could have been us but what if it was it ain’t
pretty but we can’t stop now this was just the first reactive y’all gotta look
at the bigger picture do you spot the use of freedom fires that use explosions
and fire to get their point across they’ve targeted a specific system an
entity that’s larger than people a system that’s actually bigger than the
government and controls the government something that mimics real-world
violence with political goals literally political goals they say that you
shouldn’t swear in the first 30 seconds of a YouTube video because they detect
that and then block it for advertising but I’m gonna take a chance and say that
maybe I shouldn’t do something else in the first couple of minutes so we’re
gonna try to avoid using the word that you’ve probably figured out we’re in try
to not use it we’re just going to assume that it applies to radical violence used
by a certain group of people for a certain ends do get what I’m thrusting
at in their alternate words that I’m using while avoiding that big scary T
word they pretty well outline my thoughts of using politically motivated
violence against a corporate entity a corporate entity that happens to be
strangling the life from a planet and literally killing it you can go back to
the trailers to get another hint to this and to see cloud drink pee made it
special for him but I want to think about when political
violence is necessary the circumstances in which it’s used and the targets and
motivation of that violence and is it always wrong it’s definitely not wrong
in the case of Final Fantasy 7 as we all know that’s already games they thought
with that and maybe and possibly when we should go and practice political
violence of our own avalanche is a group of ego terr orists and their mission is
to cripple the capitalist entity Shinra which is literally sucking life from the
planet and when you start the game they do this by blowing up power plants I
don’t know if it’s cuz the remake isn’t gonna make it past the first section of
Final Fantasy 7 which is like 1 percent of the game or not but they have really
focused in on this aspect and I think Ghana right as well is right in clouds
characterization making the game a bit more help for a story if I ever thought
they’d be able to finish it that is Comte there’s not a lot here
that’s ok we’re putting away all their violence against the corporation is
justified because Shinra controls every government every city every population
in the world their business benefits everyone who has money and subjugates
everyone who doesn’t have money to slums and the people that have money don’t
want a fight against Shinra because it benefits them the choke hold over the
media information is so much that people doubt if shinra’s even destroy the
planet even while they watch the planet literally die in front of them and
colored go away and how no flowers grow in an entire city
I remember what Gary I was when I played this game I probably could figure it out
if I did math but it was either first a third grade one of those before I even
made it past the first section the section that’s probably gonna be the
entirety of the first installment of the remake I did a report on this game
because its story took up literally all of my thoughts as a child
writing those little child reports I was the majority of the way
through the work the allowance that I needed to write the essay in just
describing what the game was and I believe I ended up with and the game is
fun at the end all I did was describe that beginning scenario before you know
the game even starts to get super complicated well I’m probably
remembering wrong is that I specifically had to find a way
as a child to put a positive spin on the fact that I’m playing as ter rorists I
probably said freedom fighter or something like that but what I do
remember most clearly is the teacher was flabbergasted that all of that was in a
video game when I was little I knew that ter rorism was wrong and pulling a power
plants is very wrong and I’m expected as we would move on that the game would
move on and the beginning thing of ter rorists would move away from as our
characters would grow and see better ways but that’s not quite what happened
what happened was the characters brew but they continued to be avalanche they
continued to fight against the Shinra they continued to fight for the planet
and save it and their mission became even more crystal clear about what they
needed to do as you going through the game because of your involvement and the
selfish nature of everyone that’s running Shinra Corp their plans
eventually fall apart and destroy one another as they come up against you and
you fight them and defeat them and when I heard there was a remake I really hope
that they would focus on that and not say give it the final fantasy 15
treatment where it’s all about two guys with swords eventually fighting which
valency seven kind of wasn’t because it was such a bigger story than that but
all we remember and all that I’ve seen from having children and stuff is that
story it’s Cloudant being angsty and Sephiroth and I really like the
characterization that’s happened in the trailer and how they focused on the
eco-ter rorism and let’s not forget that ter ror ism plays a big part of our world
but not necessarily a foreign part of our world
for a more frankly professional and thought-out look at ter rorism I go to
this episode of KN Skittles where they break down specifically Are Anitha
ter race but they go through several difference between left-wing and
right-wing ter rorism which I’m about to crypt for this video so I’m just gonna
start with the little walk down memory lane now we’re going to talk about Rahm
Emanuel he was a democratic party member who ran the DNC for a number of years
what he would push is a milquetoast idiot Democrat that almost had
Republican views and when those Democrats lost he would pull all of the
DNC funding from that location because they thought they would lose for sure
because they didn’t fit his idea of the centrist Democrat that should win things
and appeal to Republicans and then severals racists won anyway because
progressive ideas are better and he’s an idiot but Rahm Emmanuel’s father
Benjamin Emanuel was a part of a right-wing ter rorist organization he was
a member of I’m gonna say this wrong ear gun it was a right-wing Israeli militant
group best known for bombing the King David hotel I’m trying to say is that
our modern world is not far away from the world of extremist violence it’s
actually connected in inter synced and informs the things we do and how we see
things the fact that a senator a National Party member that told the
demurrer party what to do and coordinated them father can be a
right-wing ter rorist shows us that maybe te rrorism in itself isn’t the black
sheep that we think it is extreme circumstances call for extreme action
Kay says that right wing extremist te rrorists usually use violence against
random masses of people in order to incite fear this pattern not only holds
with the ear guns attack on the King David hotel but also the Oklahoma City
bombing how white supremacists murder black people and how the KKK used to
Lynch black people in order to make the entire life population afraid and also
make white people afraid to stand up the KKK and we’ve seen this also with
this caustic terrace of the what are they often called the lone wolves but
they’re not lone wolves they’re trained by the internet and jokingly white
supremacists until it comes out actually non-compete has a video on it that you
should check out the stochastic te rrorism but again they target random
groups of people civilians concerts gatherings of people on mass like night
clubs they make anti-semitic graffiti they’ve
bombed churches particularly black churches mind you and they’re able to
hide their selves and their influence in the spillover from the malice fear and
the denizens of the internet where their absolute free speech ISM holds Nazis and
is how Nazis getting to people’s ideas this is different from left-wing
te rrorism that tends to target governments specific systems and agents
of those systems eco-te rrorists are probably similar most peaceful once you
can find because most the time their violence is used against
nothing equipment so they’ll sabotage equipment that’s cutting down forests
and building equipment they’ll free animals they’ll destroy traps that they
find they’ll alert animals of hunters course free test animals k outlines that
there is a man who took a sniper rifle and targeted police and direct
retaliation for the murders of black people police being a representation of
the government’s violence against people he directly rebelled against I’m not
saying it’s right I’m not saying any of this is right maybe I should serve this
none of what I’m about to say is completely embraced by me we are going
to be analyzing real-world violence to see the motivation of it and the
circumstances of it and perhaps will come to an area where circumstances do
call for it there is another guy who targeted several senators and a lobbyist
who were on a baseball diamond practicing for baseball as we all
remember that was a couple years ago the left-wing te rrorists targeted specific
agents of systems and government while the right-wing te rrorists targeted
masses of random people or specific minorities in public now there are
outliers and mixes perhaps of both where there you could say there’s a
progressive and a conservative influence on their actions on ideas such as the
ranchers that took over the state part I believe that they were te rrorists but
also they didn’t target random people and more of did an armed protest I would
say but also they kind of were te rrorists because they were threatening
violence so yeah oh no it’s real hard and messed up and if you crawl from cane
skittles video they say that Islamic te rrorism is very costar
right-wing ter rorism and gives the example that here right-wing extremists
target mosques meanwhile in Pakistan and around the Middle East Islamic
ter rorists target mosques but where I’m going to disagree on Kay is the
motivation of the 9/11 attack this is the beginning of the completely muddled
grey area of ter rorism which I’m very afraid of and I’m gonna shy away from
very soon so 9/11 was Islamic ter rorism and did it
kill random masses of people but also it attacked a structure of American
capitalism Kay just shocks the subsequently wanted to kill people which
is probably true and probably what the idea was but part of it was also that
the American economy is bad and they wanted to take a hit at the World Trade
Center and our economy at capitalism which is arguably actively destroying
the world so gray area so I’m not I’m not gonna go heavy to bat for either
side for that one and nor am I gonna go to bat on figuring out whether or not
the US government’s bombing of the Middle East with drone strikes is
te rrorism because it does ter rorize the people there are citizens that are
afraid they hear a buzzing in the air of a plane that is one of our drones and
they fear for their lives we have made people afraid to go outside and gather
together in how we bump civilians teenagers and in a few cases we’ve even
killed American civilians that have been overseas visiting family there are two
videos down below I can’t link to things at the same time where the young turks
talk about the United States drone strike program and how it might be
ter rorism and how it might be bad that our reaction to 9/11 is worse than 9/11
we have killed a million people in Iraq we have killed random people all across
the Middle East and that was started by a conservative present and continued by
a Democratic president and in very conservative and arguably
nationalist president who has flirted with being called a nationalist and a
star being a nationalist so first let’s think about when violence is needed now
the easiest time to embrace violence is in self-defense
if someone is attacking you if you’re going to die there or someone that you
want to protect is going to die that’s when extremists action is used there
very few fathers full of machismo that wouldn’t say like if you try to touch
one of my children I’m coming after you thanks for the toxic masculinity guys
like Jesus and I can’t say I’m not there to I’m making this video whenever I
think about if I ruled the world things get a little violence gets used and
Avalanche is justified in their attacks on Shinra because shinra’s power is
absolute and their goals are negative and bad and actively making the lives of
people te rrible and killing the planet which would you know kill everyone they
have no other means of protest or fighting against Shinra and the
extremists actions are completely necessary in the game they need to stop
Shinra from destroying the world and then they need to stop Sephiroth from
destroying the world but this can get very muddled up very quickly if
someone’s trying to kill you you’re allowed to defend yourself what if a
police officer is trying to kill you are you allowed to defend yourself it better
not leave him a lot how do you explain that most people don’t get to explain
that because they’re dead well there’s still water meaning what if the
president was attacking you what if the president made you defend yourself at
what point is the president actively killing you and you need to enact
self-defense it is illegal to assassinate a president or to say
someone should assassinate a president and I’ve run this soft survey with many
normal people many many many people they’ll say that picking out the
president is wrong and then I’ll ask them person
that they would do it I’m like what if the president was coming after you and
your family Jason style he’s defending herself
against the president wrong and people like ya if the president was attacking
me or my family I would probably hurt him
then I asked what would you think that if one of his staffers just up and took
him out one day they’re like that’s probably
wrong and I asked them what if he was just gonna preemptively nuke North Korea
and they said ya know they can do it to stop nuclear war and us directly dying
I’m okay with someone taking matters into their own hands did you say there
is a point where te rrorism will be alright if it was against the Nazis in
order to stop the Holocaust we have a phrase never again for a reason because
the Holocaust is will be had let’s get specific and talk about some actual
left-wing te rrorist groups so the most well known groups would be the al F and
the e LF the al F focus on animals the Animal Liberation Front the e.l.f
focuses on the earth and nature and particularly trees the Earth Liberation
Front the documentary if a tree falls a pretty interesting watch documents the
life surrounding and the story of one of the participants of two attacks of the
e.l.f he tells the story of how the eeeh formed and eventually fell apart and
years later how they were then arrested for the actions of the al be Elif was of
movement of several small clusters that broke off and would do their own
individual acts of activism three any other movie documents several tree
huggers activists trying to keep trees from being cut down
one such activism that they start is a lot of trees were to be cut down for
development now there was going to be a big uproar at the town hall where they
would say they shouldn’t do this so the day before the Town Hall the trees and
the lot were set to be cleared before the public had a chance to
comment so activists climbed the trees in order to protest them being cut down
before at the Town Hall so that you know the public could come in and they could
have their counter arguments and deny this thing from happening but instead
they were attacked by police one such person took 8 cans of pepper spray to
his legs while he hung there they literally lifted up these asshole police
so that they could cut apart the act of his pants and staus them with pepper
spray what a bunch of pussies don’t you fu cking assholes the police are not shot
in a good light you know cuz police are assholes and not good people you’re not
gonna get fu ckin s hit from me fu cking pigs
so activists and concerned citizens are meant to go through these systems and
powers of government that are supposed to represent us yet when it comes to
actual choices that people might actually try to fight for no choice is
given the lot was always going to be used and approved by the council so much
so that they let the police come in and stop anyone from even letting that be
questionable whether or not the trees are cut down and then those gutless
whelps of policemen are going to pull at the people who are bravely climbing in
trees just so you know the public can be heard and activists noticed this the
activists noticed when it’s the Rangers notice when Ranger conservation officers
are the ones that break down their barrier that stops bulldozers from
coming in and cutting down hundred-year-old trees they cut down
these beautiful giant 10-foot across trees and like o fertile when we cut
that we plant 6 those are not the same fu cking thing a f ucking giant ass
redwood is not the same as six fu cking pine trees you shiftless pieces of
garbage 32 sidetracked by how much cops suck so the first action of the L F was
unofficial it was a reaction to the Rangers coming in and breaking on their
barrier so that bloggers can then destroy the forest so they burned
the motherfu cking ranger station I don’t know if this documentary is made to make
the e.l.f look baller but the EI love has pretty fu cking baller so we have we
have the people who strongly feel one way we have their voice clearly not
being heard so then a physical reaction happens the next target is a horse
processing plant a glue factory anyway the town hated it and is trying
to get it to leave for years and trying to prevent our regulations but you know
the system doesn’t work and when the factory literally clogs the town’s water
system with horse blood so much that horse blood is coming out of the taps of
people’s water it seems like something is really wrong so the eeyow burned that
motherfu cker to the ground and it never reopened what happened to the LF to
police figure out who did it was there an elaborate sting operation well the LF
shut itself down they mistakenly burned down a tree-planting company that they
suspected of genetically modifying trees which is a weird thing to do so several
members of the LF could see themselves kind of getting sidetracked not only did
they want certain businesses to shut down if they were able to get it through
politically or not but they also had their vision obscured by weird other
ideas of naturism such as genetically modified things are bad and after it was
revealed that that company and all those trucks they burned were not for a
genetically modified to think what was bought off by someone else who doesn’t
use genetically modified trees they felt that they felt that in the ranks like oh
we were wrong off the gun and we did damage to this thing and that further
got complicated in them when several members wanted them to actually kill
people so far there had been zero casualties by the a LF they’d only
destroyed properties systems symbols of things that are pressed to them but
several members are like yeah what if we get someone cut in the flames
maybe I’m alright with someone dying if they’re a stupid person or if they’re
a bad person or if they’re a CEO those really would it be more effective to
take down the business and the CEO or branch managers that conduct it then
they won’t be able to invest in more things that slowly destroy the earth
it doesn’t say specifically a documentary what they meant by let some
people die but it’s feeling like that’s what it is because that’s where my mind
kind of goes with it but we learned some things from the documentary about how
the police operate and some things that we actually knew from a television that
they’re liars the police finally make headway when they track down an activist
who is then a burnout and meth addict and they press him and they say they lie
that they know he was involved with fires in arson and the meth addict caves
and tells them about all the things that he knows about the separate fires of the
e.l.f this is also a decade later 9/11 has happened in between the AAF shutting
down and the police finally tracking down a meth addict and the police say
they know on their case that they won’t be able to get anyone with the word of a
meth addict because there is no evidence but they already have him confessed so
now that the man’s confessed he’s screwed no matter what so they make him
go and interview people such as the person we follow in the story who’s
waiting for his trial he’s able to prod his old friend he looks sad his friend
feels bad for his burn out meth addict friend who used to be the coolest guy
who took eight cans of pepper spray for a tree that’s pretty legendary and is
real sad to see what’s happened to his friend so they do end up talking about
the two arsons that that man was involved with then we watch him as he’s
in house arrest and he talks about all this stuff and he sits in his home and
washes plastic bags so he can use them again the police caught him and arrest
I’m at work where he’s working on a blog or some boring s hit in New York the
least threatening person I’ve ever known they go out of their way to arrest and
they eventually get him on ten years and ten years in prison
it’s a super light sentence for te rror is a part of the plea deal is the police
get to count him as a tip or wrist and like that’s it like you’re a token you
officially get to be put on the list of ter rorists that we’ve arrested and we
get to count you on our total number so that we can say we’ve been this kind of
Victorious you killed no one the world is better off for the activism you did
you never hurt anyone and we’re never going to and are the least threatening
anything anyone can imagine but we count you as a win should your
actions even be te rrorism and we caught you because we guessed and lied until
eventually we someone got you to talk about it so we learned is don’t ask
about crimes and don’t talk about crimes even to people you did crimes with
because the police can’t figure out fu cking sh it and they’re assholes and
will mace you with eight cans of spray if you’re inconvenient for a small
stupid not worth anything business niall up has nothing on if I can have a
large avalanche destroyed two power plants shredded through the guards that
were there stole planes blew up cities the government tried to drop a plate on
them that can all be accounted to avalanche and the things that they’ve
done so let’s talk about the other weird anomaly in this whole analysis of
activism Oregon so to kick this off with our premise that we say where people go
to direct action and activism and te rror or is that when
they are not heard in their government when they don’t have a voice when it’s
obviously that the entire system is against them they then lash out as
opposed to right-wing activism where people are murdered randomly in
order to put forth your cause you can throw out an agenda and the other crazy
individualist that feel like they have the same kind of thing might be inspired
to do it as well and also to murder people in Oregon oh man cat won’t wanna
hold you Oregon is one of the places where people are perhaps the most
represented they have near automatic registration 90% of the people in Oregon
who can vote are registered to vote and they have huge poll numbers in like
normal elections I think I read some around 80 percent of the population
turns out to vote in Oregon so if there’s anywhere to feel represented
it’s Oregon who most listens to the voice of the people ex-cons are not
eligible to vote currently incarcerated men can’t vote and they don’t have any
kind of rank choice voting but like other than that it’s a lot of people
actually turn out to have their voices heard in Oregon yet a right-wing militia
took over a state park and they held it because their cattle were not allowed to
graze on state public land they exchanged fire with police but there
weren’t any casualties in fact the only people that died were some of the
militiamen during the weeks that they held on to the reserve there are a lot
of right-wing people that came out to visit them they got little choirs of
children to sing and dance they got to hang out with them in trucks
while they parade around with their huge automatic weapons left wing people sent
them dildos hilariously in the mail but again these are people in Oregon the
state with the highest representation by its voters yet they’re still lashing out
in these extreme acts and in fact still lash out and hold
to militias the Republicans in the state are so against everything that’s
happening the only thing that they can do in order to stop the Democrats from
making the state better is to flee and not be there when votes happen a senator
a few weeks ago went to a militia to hide out with them when there was a
warrant out to arrest to drag him to the Capitol to vote he tweeted you better
bring some people with guns because I got some people with guns what a very
weird thing to happen that a state senator is hiding out with the militia
and threatening the police Robert Evans talks about this in an article uncracked
and also in the even more news podcasts on the even more news podcast related to
the more news YouTube channel Robert Evans details several things about these
militia that I found super surprising weed became legal in a couple of states
and farmers in Oregon grew some weed and got really rich off of that weed boom
and they took that weed money and put it straight into guns for their gun clubs
now their takeover of the park is not what I would categorize as a right-wing
attack because you know it didn’t kill random people and seemed to attack a
systemic problem but these militia members are definitely right-wing
they’re back Republicans in office they hide to them when the Republicans in
office don’t want to vote one of them was in fact a shooter in a deadly te rror
attack talked about in Robert Evans article on cracked funnily enough it’s
so weird that real news is on cracked and then that cracked just like stopped
doing everything anyways these people wouldn’t call themselves at Nazis at
least they wouldn’t all call themselves Nazis and they wouldn’t kick out someone
in their group who called themselves a Nazi and they read books that have Nazi
ideas and Nazi conspiracy theories but you know they’re not not
but they do act on it they’re not racist but they don’t seem to bat an eye when a
book drops the n-word a bunch and talks about how maybe n-word shouldn’t be
allowed to live and they wouldn’t say they’re trying to epicly cleanse the
area but they do fantasize about a doomsday scenario where the earth and
American particular is attacked by nukes and then them and their militia in
Oregon which will definitely be safe because it’s Oregon who is gonna attack
it are then able to go around and take over the surrounding three states and
there they purge the Communists and homosexuals but they wouldn’t death
nicly cleanse an area they wouldn’t say that they’re Nazis or the traitors to
America they just want to do ethnic cleansing so it’s just really weird that
this group of people with extremist beliefs would come together and make an
armed militant group in a state where the population is the most heard in
America now I would say that our voting system isn’t perfect in such but maybe
it’s because they are the extreme minority and when that kind of
right-wing group is able to come together their beliefs are forwarded by
acts of violence and spreading ter ror and their goal is to do an ethnic
cleansing if they call it peaceful or not there’s one way it ends and we
always need to remember that we always need to remember it so it doesn’t happen
again and we don’t vote for people who want it to happen again or support the
kind of people that want it to happen again this smile means I’m screaming
inside this video the thought of doing this video and recording this video is
actively hurting me I am so afraid of everything that I’m trying to convey
right now and I mean it everything this is all very terrifying I don’t want to
try to overthrow the government I just want the world to be better it kills me
that it might have to lead to some kind of violence than there might have to be
a revolution in the last video I suggested that the
first American Revolution was good and maybe another revolution should happen
maybe that again would also be good in this video I am actively talking about
how maybe te rrorism is necessary I am so very stressed I hate all this like I
don’t want to hurt people I don’t want to set fires I I do I do like fire but I
don’t want to physically have to fight people because they won’t listen to
reason or my ideas or actively trying to destroy the world
on that’s that’s to you 100 companies with CEOs all of which we know the names
want to regulate the sh it out of every one of those 100 companies but I don’t
want to set them on fire I mean it would probably work think I don’t know I don’t
think it would work it wouldn’t work I don’t like uh-huh like I stopped
exercising in high school because one time I touched to my mom I helped I
think held my mom and I like hurt her and I didn’t realize I was putting forth
enough effort to hurt someone so I stopped exercising so that wouldn’t
happen again I knew I wouldn’t get weaker so I just
have to learn how to use my body and not like abuse its strength but I wanted to
make it less easy to hurt people it’s why my gun is behind so many locks and
keys that it would take me a while to get to it because I don’t want to
be able to get to it in a hurry or a moment of rage or despair when I clean
it I lock up the bullets somewhere else so that I know it’ll still function but
so that I don’t easily have bullets available when I go camping and make
fires I make I bring gallon buckets of water just in case it gets a little out
of hand and when I’m done with the fire I douse it at night even if there’s
nothing like clearly around because that’s how they taught me fire safety in
Boy Scouts and I still do it I don’t want to have an American Revolution I
don’t want to invade the White House that seems crazy but it does seem like
it might be necessary because politically the system is rigged
politically they cut down the trees and then ask your opinion of what should be
done with the tree lot government regulation like companies cut down
100-foot tall yards thick redwood trees and plant six little trees in its spot
as if it was the same or somehow better I just put out these videos about a new
American Revolution and people don’t stop me no one has stopped me no one is
called me out or tried to argue or given me a clear line item set of goals in
order to make America better like Sanders is running for the White House
but in every other European country he’d be considered a conservative no one is
proposing the extreme action that we need to take in order to survive no one
is doing that no country the Republican Party still has a nebulous relationship
with whether or not global warming climate change is even happening before
9/11 they were actually putting forward plans to kind of fix it a little and
some of them were acknowledging it and Senators that were all for this plan
once now pretend like the plan never existed
like what a bunch of crip it this is not we are dying we are actively in danger
and we are not helping ourselves and we are cooling off and we’re wondering if
maybe you shouldn’t yell at moderators and it’s nuts another thing has happened since I
started recording this video and then sat on it forever and I was completely
unsure a man attacked a nice facility ice facilities are full of people and he
did not kill anyone so right-wing tar rorists still have the
lead on kills this year two are zero two years in a row but this man was shot in
the back by cops this left winger that clearly believed
that the ice facilities are wrong because they’re wrong he believed that
children being separated from their parents and putting cages is wrong
because it’s wrong they’re putting kids in cages and the entire right wing of
the country is ignoring it because it’s politically comfortable because they’re
comfortable or they are because their kids aren’t being put in cages and it is
nuts there are still people that are argue
that Trump and our government is not a fascist government even though we have
several wars going on around the world we are clearly the evil aggressors in
the world it’s us we fought against al-qaeda in
9/11 we created and trained al-qaeda in the 90s and 80s to fight the Communists we created the enemies that now we’re
using as an excuse to attack the world someone clearly needs to stop us all of
Europe doesn’t have a problem with it kind of helped us even France who didn’t
like invade Iraq invaded Afghanistan and supported us through that someone needs
to stop us we need to stop us need to and it’s really easy to see how the
easiest answer to all this would be to drill a couple bullets into a cup alone
but that’s not that won’t work then we’ll get you shot in the back by cops
and as leftist we need to believe there’s a real sanctity to human life
that people are worthy of life that your life is worth more than being shot in
the back by cops that we can come together and work for the betterment of
everyone in America of all the workers and there are several reformers going
for the White House but there’s no one that’s looking to change the system
altogether we might be able to use universal healthcare as a springboard to
real change because once people have something then it’s hard to take that
away from them that’s our hope that once we get something it’s hard to take it
away from us once we have the law that you at least
need to plant six trees it’s hard to take that law off the books even if it’s
not revelry enforced they’ve worked a lot too deep our unions but they can’t
take the unions away we can still draw together to make the world better and
that is our hope because it’s our only hope this is our one action and we need
to take big long game the whole time there might be a nice facility now but
going there with a couple guns isn’t gonna solve the problem making it so we
don’t have any more tension centers is the solves the problem we looking on the
horizon like and that because if the choices are death by cop or death by
global warming then that’s not a choice we need to break the system the system
deserves to crash if raising the minimum wage kills the
economy then it’s time for the government to pick up those scraps and
tell people to get back to work let the economy fall destroy the market
that sustains itself off of destroying the planet and cutting down trees and
putting children in cages that’s not an economy we’re saving an economy that
says that people can either live it in poverty or no-one can live it all is not
a system worth saving it is in fact a system worth destroying but it can only
be destroyed as a group with everyone working together your life is worth more
than being shot in the back by a cop thank you Ron so much your this video
will be like there are so many videos to link in this thing I did not keep a list
I will have to make a list while I edit but Ron made a video about this man that
got shot in the back by a cop who didn’t see any other way but the direct active
way to stop something and he got shot in the back by a cop and your life is worth
more than being shot in the back by a cop if you look at the list of a hundred
companies which I encourage you to do they should be there so you can protest
so you can move your money from the bank that gives them money to another bank so
that I don’t know you can write them letters and complain I don’t know what
to do about a man brave enough to like do a weird revolution thing
I like hurting people but this system sustains itself off of hurting people
off of killing the planet off of making people poor off of being predatory to
people who are poor off of giving stupid payday loans to people whose only fault
is like not it’s being poor it’s their only fault is being poor and that’s why
they need payday loans cuz they don’t have money because the system has failed
them boast about Final Fantasy 7 wasn’t it JRPGs are interesting because all of
them end with killing God Final Fantasy 7 is a small group of people that all
come together in order to destroy power plants and kill an evil deranged super
super soldier and a company that only exists to literally suck the life out of
the planet they have one company instead of a hundred
it’s a hegemon they steal planes from it have wacky adventures they go to space
they kill a bunch of super weapons that the earth spawns in order to stand
around that is an extreme and political message sent by the game that maybe we
have to fight something I don’t think those extremes are necessary or even
possible like I’m not gonna destroy a power plant because I think it’s killing
the earth but there are coal burning plants that maybe shouldn’t exist and
the only way to really start making the world better is to find a way an outlet
to do something not that do something is the message but connect to other people
is the message and I tried one great organization to try out is the
Democratic socialists of America I’ve been sitting in on their meetings I do
not represent them and they do not represent even half the views that I’ve
put forward in this video because a lot of them are weird and extremist and
hopeless when I get down to it and it’s very saddening but these things need to
be thought about and once we’ve thought about them we need to get off the
internet and speak to one another meeting with the Democratic socialists
signing up at their website you are allowed to pay whatever dues you can in
order to be there and you can be a card-carrying member and then sitting in
on the neatest meeting and seeing how they’re trying to make the world better
is amazing and is our answer and the only answer available to us other than
working within our current system and voting for Bernie Sanders who is the
only choice that is remotely close to what we need to do Bernie Sanders is the
kind of president that will not listen to the government and not listen to the
powers that be the companies that are profiting off of destroying the earth do
not have an ally in Bernie Sanders so if we’re gonna keep the system for the time
being or have any shot of fixing it he’s the president that’s gonna listen to the
people to the left-wing movement protests and organizations that want to
not die in the next ten years that don’t want to destroy the earth that don’t see
a marginal profit of a million dollars going to the richest people who will
never spend that money as being anywhere worth it because that’s what rich people
do they just hoard the money and it doesn’t go anywhere or get used by
anyone they just have enough money to like move mountains or take over a
company and fulfill their own goals they don’t even fathom how much money they
have or know how to use it yet our economic and political system has joined
forces to make sure those few people get as much money as possible and it’s evil
and wrong and it’s bad for us so share this video maybe let it play in the
background and you know find someone to join and help it might not be possible
to fix our system we have a very specific system that is a
train is going that on the track it is made to grow it is made to increase GDP
it is made to keep going and there is nothing in the system that will reduce
that but reduction is the only thing that will be able to fix global warming
and climate change and keep those extreme reactions of the atmosphere from
completely making our habitat uninhabitable so it’s definitely not the
free market or the economy that’s going to reduce capitalism is made to grow and
when it doesn’t grow it’s seen as a failure it’s seen as a deficit it’s seen
as a big bad thing where people then lose their jobs and lives their homes
end up on the street and starve and commit suicide capitalism can’t handle
shrinking and it’s not gonna do it by itself and there’s no way it can sell it
to you it can’t sell being less to you so it has to be a work of the government
and if our current government is unable to do that and unable to restrict the
free market unable to make it do less and reduce what we do in order to save
our lives then we’ll need a new system and a new government and if that can’t
happen peacefully through voting and protest and writing letters then it
might have to happen through a revolution revolution is always a
possibility especially when all of the people are being treated poorly where
the majority of people subsist in this system and are in slums and if they’re
not distracted enough they might just revolt and it has been a possibility for
hundreds of years but it might be a necessity and I suggest that maybe we
start to get used to that decision because the worst reaction to dire
danger is to stay still and be shocked when we are in clear and present danger
which we are and the current system does help us will we be able to break it and
that is a question because I don’t know if you will be able to there will be
people that react to this video by down voting as if that’s an opinion it’s not
there will be people that react this by fighting against me and saying no it’s
fine we have plenty of ways capitalism will fix it it can’t it can’t reduce
itself there will be people that react this video by subscribing and maybe
checking out my patreon where I write fiction
that’s about important political ideas and also other things I write fiction
because that’s how I write and I have a patreon because I need money to live and
if you like this share it with someone who needs to see it someone maybe should
get used to the idea that maybe we’ll have to use violence against their
government maybe or a revolution or the government could just cave once we ask
it very nicely – and then and then the billionaires will just cave because the
government that we set up asked them nicely to not be dumb anymore I’m sure
that will happen I don’t see why they’d have an incentive to keep the current
system that gave them everything they have and supports their life when they
benefit from it I’ll see why they wouldn’t see that it’s bad it’s just ie
post democratic debate Raymond here to fix that ending tone of my video a
little bit to say that there is hope and I see that specifically in the
Democratic Party and what happened in the debate and what happened in the
debate I learned from thinking about it myself and watching Jordan Chariton on
status ku is that 2016 Bernie won in this debate every Democratic candidate
is saying the kind of things that Bernie said in 2016 is believing the premises
that Bernie talks about when we talk about workers rights and when we talk
about family having enough when we talk about a
living wage when we talk about how our economy is failing millions of people
the debate is fully acknowledging that and every Democratic candidate says that
no matter how right-wing they are because ever since the end of 2016 ever
since the end of Bernie’s campaign he didn’t stop he continued with his
activism he continued pressuring companies from a Senate seat he got
Amazon to put their wages up to $15 an hour he did he’s working on Walmart now
he got Target to give I think it was increased their wage and paternity leave
there is reason for hope for this because those companies aren’t doing
that to make more money those companies aren’t doing it those
companies are doing it because they’re caving to public pressure and specific
progressive pressure from Bernie Sanders and his supporters and now Acacio Cortez
we need a fleet of Acacio cortezes of younger Bernie Sanders to come in and
make that kind of pressure week maybe fix the system from within it of course
my fears are that it happens too slowly and then doom smacks us all in the face
the groundswell of people and support of workers rights of this is the shirt of
the tenants union that was made in Iowa City preceded by tenants Union in Ames
and hopefully we’ll be able to achieve statewide status within Iowa the
groundswell the fight for 15 Wolfpack in getting money out of politics supporting
progressive candidates and fighting specific companies with these specific
goals is wonderful the outcry of people against the Dakota access pipeline think
it was called is amazing like I still see banners talk about how it’s bad it
went through which is disheartening but people are familiar with the fight and
people are not in support of pipelines anymore so companies paying their
employees more companies paying paternity leave a maternity leave is
amazing because that’s companies willing to have less profits
to slow down their exploitation of people in order to keep existing in
order to subdue the public and that’s nice as long as the public isn’t really
subdued and we’re able to keep fighting and keep voting maybe we can make
capitalism make the kind of changes and adjustments that we need in order to
live but that’s a maybe til the point of this is video is a revolution and
wouldn’t be the end of the world and ending capitalism wouldn’t be the end of
the world and the premise that I’m leaving you with is that capitalism
either has to step down on its own and the people that benefit the most from it
need to shut it down and step back and step down from their class or it needs
to happen by force what we can’t avoid the catastrophe and keep this kind of
exploitation of people and this kind of exploitation of the land and the animals
so I hope this leaves you with some purpose put a comment down there try not
to fight I know a lot of people instinctually defend capitalism and you
don’t have to fight with those people just like oh oh you’re you’re
instinctively defending capitalism without really thinking about it neat
and don’t respond any more to that person and maybe block them so you don’t
have to talk you anymore because they’re probably not worth it and someone else
will have them see the light if they have to like maybe we don’t need them
like this video share it with people that need to hear it I’m a tired I hear
a lullaby have a patreon hopefully that’s helpful ie playing
again Jane Jane clouds drinking pee and if you’re a weird Oregon militiamen
watching this for some reason thanks for making it to the end of the video you
can hit alike but how know you’ve like come together with people you are an
anomaly among right-wing extremists that you’ve actually come together with a
group of people and I don’t know what you do all day
I mean practice shoot guns play with bullets like that’s seems like a fun
time like getting drunk with guns is fantastic I’m from Kentucky and Michigan
where Kentucky’s it’s just about one of the poorest states in the world so what
you do is there you get drunk and what we do in Michigan is you go camping and
those are not unfun and like I get it it’s cool but like at the same time
you’re kinda surrounded by people that are like in it for themselves and not in
it for you or each other as a group and wanting to do a weird purge thing is bad
you might not call it a weird purge thing but it is ethnic cleansing like
exactly what the Nazis did and you say we’re not Nazis don’t compare your first
chapter to Hitler’s 30th you got it compared to Hitler’s first chapter which
was talking about how they don’t like gay people or Jews and maybe the world
to be better without them and maybe they’re a problem that’s how that thing
starts I know why I’m doing the same with you I might not do this and all but
okay bye Jane Jane Jane Jane it Jana Jana Jana

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  1. bryan c says:

    Ff7 has always been a very political game not afraid to show more of its politics and you’re the only YouTuber I’ve seen not be a complete idiot and just ignore all the the coding and politics of this game to appeal to the ignorance of the average gamer, it always confused me that a story like this would ever be considered popular by the majority of brain dead gamers, I don’t think they are actually fans of the game anyway. Only a small minority so far has ever showed how an actual love for final fantasy 7s story. I really don’t think all the excitement for this game is as genuine as they think it is, especially a game with such blatant leftist messages, and the situation we have with our planet on the brink of dying right now.

  2. Adolf Shitler says:

    I like tifas boobs.

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