Financing your new home with Interra Credit Union

We like working with Interra mortgage for
several reasons. The main reasons would be the personnel. Very friendly and very knowledgable. Interra is easy to work with, they make it
a hassle-free experience for our homeowners. There are no surprises for us and there are
no surprises for them. Building a home is stressful all by itself. And to have a lender that takes at least that
part of the stress away is invaluable to us. The homeowners that we have come here to Interra,
we feel that they’ve got an advantage dealing with the people here, dealing with the mortgage
program here, over some of the other lenders in the area. It supports our belief that the building process
can be a stress-free thing. People here at Interra help facilitate that
because that’s what we stress, is a low drama experience and fun. Team puts a lot of trust in the personnel
that we deal with. We do feel that they have our best interests
in mind, but more importantly the best interests of our homeowner. As I look to the future, I can’t see our relationship
with Interra mortgage doing anything but growing. It’s comforting to know that we’ve got the
individuals here that have the same values and the same desires to have a good experience
for the homeowner.

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