Finding Shelter On The Coldest Day | Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton

I’ve had a few weirdos come up
to me, asking me to go back
to their house and stuff. It’s raining, it’s cold.
I’m not well. The news is we’re not on the street
any more. We’ve got a room now. SHE CHUCKLES It was so weird sleeping in a bed. And I didn’t want to get up
this morning. I woke up and I was a bit… I thought
I’d been kidnapped or something. SHE CHUCKLES It’s £100 a week,
so I can shower and cook and I don’t have to
sleep in a wet tent any more. Or beg for money. Because I play guitar and I sing,
so I can just be a busker. Hopefully, this will be the last
time we come here. It’s the last time
we ever have to do this. No, I won’t miss this at all. We wouldn’t go for a poo,
but if we really needed one, we’d have to go in, like, a bag. And then we’d have big bags
of rubbish, so we’d dispose of it with
all the rubbish. This is how we’ve been having to
wash ourselves, but, look, eurgh! That’s all off my hands. So this is what we’ve got to take,
but there’s probably going to be loads more bags from that tent,
as well. In Hastings,
they call me Crazy Kelly. When I’m all happy and stuff, I’m a lot different
to what people may think. I used to be such a loud character. Hopefully, I can get back to that. I get happy sometimes,
but it doesn’t last for very long before I get down again
about my situation. Oh, babe! Ow! Ah! Oh, my God! The hardest bit is over and we never have to see
this godforsaken park again! SHE CHUCKLES Ha-ha! Oh, that’s Rudolph…Rudolph’s… Rudolph’s blanket. It is, it is. Bloody hell. DIANA SPEAKS IN OWN LANGUAGE What are you looking for? I don’t have. Where…where…where
did you leave your drink? Ah, I don’t know. Where is the blue
one? Where is the blue bottle? Are you crazy? That’s why you are so drunk. Huh? She pisses me off. She’s asking for drink,
I’m not giving her. She lost control. It messes with my head and I am
the one who thinks about us. I’m the one who provides for us. And she don’t have respect. In the last couple,
I don’t know, couple of months, she’s uncontrollable now. You’ve drunk two and a half litres
of cider yourself! Look at yourself! Get fucking sober! We’re getting our hair cut.
Finally, I get my mop chopped. You all right, mate? Speaking of the devil. How you doing? You all right?
SHE GIGGLES You all right? Good to see you.
You all right? Yeah, cool. Have a seat, dude,
and let’s have a look. Nice. All right. I work on the street and a lot
of people know you guys. Yeah? People like you. People talk about
what a nice couple you are. Aw! Aw! That’s all right. It’s better than
getting talked bad about, innit? Yeah, I suppose. Yeah. Have you noticed that there’s more
homeless here than there used to be? Yeah, Brighton has definitely got more than it did
when I was last here. Yeah. But I read in the paper the other
day that it’s the biggest homeless population outside
of London at the moment, Brighton. Yeah, it’s crazy.
And females, as well. Yeah, there’s a lot of girls,
and a lot of young girls, too. In a sense, you guys are lucky
you’ve got each other, but it makes it more
difficult to find housing, you know. LOW CHATTER It looks good. How do you feel?
Yeah, good. 100%. You look better. Nice one. Yeah, you look good, man.
Banging. It looks well good, yeah. It does. Do you feel safer that you’ve got
Lance out on the street? Because it can be quite dangerous
out there. Yeah, definitely. Um…I’ve had times where people
have, like, tried to wake me up, even when me and Lance are, like,
spooning on the street, for, like, sex. Oh, really?
Just like that? A lot of people don’t realise
how hard it is for someone. Ah, that’s really nice.
SHE LAUGHS It’s well cool.
Let’s have a look at the back. Yeah, it feels good, the back. It’s just the top layer
you’ll have to grow out a bit. Yeah. It looks well good. BIRDSONG WAVES CRASH Yesterday, I was in Ireland. I was getting on the plane to come
back to England, to Eastbourne. I was stopped at the check-in
for the bags because of the metal poles in my
tent. That was a security issue. I had to ditch my tent.
Now I don’t have one. I left home when I was 16. My mum kicked me out
because I got an apprenticeship. And since then, I’ve been trying
to sort myself out accommodation. REPORTER: What will happen
if you don’t get in? I’m going to need to have to find
a tent, pronto. Otherwise I’m stuck. We’re going to take what we need. Yeah, the most important things. Yeah, the most important things,
and then that’s all, yeah. Because otherwise, the weather
is changing again, they said. It’s going to be bloody cold. Oh, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah,
yeah-yeah. This is something impossible. Plus…plus our health
is deteriorating. Oh, my God! WIND GUSTS LOW CHATTER No, don’t put your coat there. Oh, she’s OCD. Everything. I accidentally put porn on.
Accidentally. LANCE LAUGHS It was an accident. I’ve heard that
one before. It was an accident. Obviously, like, there’s nothing
wrong with, like, being, like, displaying affection and being
close and whatever out and about, but no-one else really
wants to see that shit and it’s, like,
you know what I mean? People think it’s for attention
or it’s disgusting, or it’s shocking or this and that,
and really, it isn’t, it’s just most people take for
granted the fact that at some point
in the day or whenever they want to,
they can go and have privacy. Yeah. You know, like, we can’t just go
anywhere and have privacy, like, any day of the week.
We’d get arrested. So times like this, it’s just nice
to be able to chill out and it’s like our place. We’ve had people come and complain
about the noise and stuff, though. That’s why I try
and make it like home. Yeah, I think that’s
why she rummages about and tidies everything up because it’s a bit
like she’s making it homely then. Yeah. It feels nice. Yeah. Love you. Good. I love you, too. It is really nice. You going to run me a bath, yeah?
Yeah? Not too hot. No, cold. REPORTER: What are you trying to do
there? I’m trying to connect the… Be careful with the gas, Greg. Yeah. I don’t know what I’m doing. OK, I’m going
to ask someone tomorrow. I don’t know. No? Nuh-huh. Where is Rudolph, in there? No, he disappeared. Where is he? Huh? He went…? He went…?
Yeah, to the woods over there. To the park. Ah! Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk! HE SPEAKS IN OWN LANGUAGE Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk! HE SPEAKS IN OWN LANGUAGE Come here, come here. Come here, darling. Come here. See that? That’s what’s called
part of the family. He’s going to be happy. Yeah, that’s…that’s…that’s
ginger wine. Um…it’s kind of all right, yeah.
It’s 13.5% volume. So…we’ve got a couple of those
for tonight. I will get maybe a few hours
of sleep and that’s it, from that bottle. REPORTER: So, you’re going to sleep
here tonight? Yeah. Oh, yeah. We’re going to sleep, finally.
At least, yeah. High-five. REPORTER: Bye. GREG LAUGHS I’ve been a bit upset today.
It’s all sort of got to me
for some reason. We were in a hotel last night,
someone put us up in there and it was just…it was just,
you know, just want to cuddle, don’t you, all the time?
Just want to, you know… It happened last night and I started
crying, like I just want to come and cuddle you, like…want to be
able to cuddle in bed all the time. Everything’s, you know, just out of
reach and then the little, like… It’s all sort of teases, you know. I got somewhere warm, I’ve got hot
food for the night, I’ve got a TV. And then it’s all gone in a day. Leaving there when it’s pissing
down with rain and really cold and you’re back homeless again. All right? Hello. LOW CHATTER She’s normally pretty bubbly. It’s not very often
she has a down day. Normally, we crash together
and then it’s like World War III. No, not really. People assume because of my age,
I’ve got a home. I’ve run away from my mum and dad,
you know. It’s not true. I’ve been on my own
since a very young age, you know. I was sort of falling out
with my mum. The last straw was her making me
sleep in a garage, you know, not letting me in the house.
That was my last straw. I’ve got everything I need,
apart from a home. Do you know what I mean? I’ve got… You know, I’ve got a long,
happy life with Lance, I know that. PHONE RINGS OUT Hello. I’m in the process of
applying for my passport. It says I will need
a copy of my mother’s and my father’s birth certificates. I was just wondering how
I’d go about doing that. Oh, OK. So, I need to look up
the place where they’re born? MAN ON PHONE: Exactly, yeah.
That’s it… OK. Right, so I’ve got the wrong place. I need to look for the place
where they were born and then call their passport office. See, that’s the thing,
I don’t know where my dad was born. I don’t…I don’t know
the exact place. Um…my mum was born in Kenya, so that makes things difficult. She moved to England
when she was about seven and became a citizen here. That’s going to be problematic. I think this is where she is,
I’m not quite sure. But it matches
the description of what she told me about the place
and they have volunteers. If she’s anywhere,
it’ll be here, hopefully. I’ve sent my mum an e-mail and I’ve also sent an e-mail
to the place where I think she’s working
at the moment. Um…hopefully, I’ll get a response, but I’m not quite certain
that I will. I’m off to Hastings
to go and see my family. My mum, my brother, my nephews,
my niece and my sister. It’s my auntie’s funeral tomorrow. So I’m going to go spend the night
with them because I haven’t seen them
for months, and then I’ll go to the funeral
with them tomorrow. I’m nervous to see my niece
and nephews, as well. I’ll squeeze them half to death. Oh, this is so weird. My mum’s not very predictable. She’ll probably just hug me
and not let go for ages. My mum likes it with our hair down
because, like, being girls and stuff.
My sister’s got really long hair. I had a shower and sorted it
because, obviously, we’re in a room now,
so I don’t look homeless any more. SHE CHUCKLES Like…
MESSAGE ALERT Ha-ha! It’s a Minion phone. It was the cheapest one
I could find. Hello, mate. Yeah, I’m on the train now.
I shouldn’t be long. I’ll ring you when I’m, like,
5-10 minutes’ away. Hi, darling!
I’m on my way to see you! What’s the matter? Yeah, I’m on the train.
I won’t be long. I’ll come to Mummy’s, yeah? Oh, I want to see you, too, baby.
I won’t be long. All right. Love you. All right, bye. He says, “I want to see you”. And he doesn’t sound very happy
with me. He’s only four. Tomorrow, it will be really,
like, down and depressive because my auntie was a big part
of our family. We all loved her. I’ve been thinking about her
every day. She quite literally
is in a better place now. Because life wasn’t
that good for her. She was on the streets and stuff,
so… Hopefully she’s in a better place. Thank you. Have a good night.
Thank you. Nice! It’s more the wind. If it’s not breezy,
it’s not as cold, but it’s a really icy breeze
at the moment. My nose gets really cold. It’s in one room. It’s really warm, like, you don’t
need a blanket or anything, like, literally, just a T-shirt. I’ve got loads of nice cushions now. Like, pillows,
and we’ve got a nice new duvet. We’ve put a blanket there and I’ve
put a nice rug down next to it, so it looks like a proper bed and… Yeah, it looks amazing. I’ve got an address,
I would say now. So I don’t see why, like,
jobs and that will have a problem with me getting a job, so I’m hoping
that should be all right. WAVES CRASH BIRDSONG It doesn’t matter now, because I
don’t need any information off her. I’ve got her passport information,
that’s it. I don’t need to speak to her.
She’s in Spain somewhere. I don’t know, don’t care. She’s in her own world,
in her own bubble. Just leave her there,
at the end of the day. I left the night shelter
on the Saturday before last Saturday because I just had enough. Um…got really
pissed off with the place, got pissed off with Eastbourne. I’ve come to stay with a friend,
um…who’s pretty cool. How’s it going? Yeah, just looking
at this, er…passport thing. What’s it saying you need? I’ve got that, my mum’s details. That’s awesome.
So, what’s the next step from there? I’ve been on the streets.
I was homeless. Don’t get me wrong, it was all,
like, self-inflicted through drugs
and in and out of prison and… But, yeah, I was on the streets. I experienced it in the worst place and I really wouldn’t want
anybody else, any young girl to have to go through
what I went through. Maybe that’s why
I helped Ocean, I don’t know. Put the number in there and the date
of issue there and that’s her done. This one,
it’s the birth certificate, which took forever
to actually show up. Yeah, that’s mine. Obviously, she can stay here
until she goes off to France. And if she ever finds herself in any
trouble, she can always ring me. You need a folder.
I might find you a folder. It’s all about… at the end of the day,
saving one another, isn’t it? Simple as that. I want to go by boat
through to Dover because then I can stop off
in Folkestone because I know people in Folkestone
that I want to say goodbye to. Do that, then. And then go through
to Dover on the ferry. I’m just really,
really grateful, um…that… Yeah, it’s just a really good
situation for me, personally. You are beautiful! He’s going
to miss you when you go to France. “Where’s my little Ocean?”
THEY CHUCKLE I am going to an open mic! Let’s give Kelly
a round of applause. APPLAUSE # My lover’s… # I’ll fucking do you! Oh, come on, then! I take it you’ve had your second can
today? You do have to expect
the unexpected. Expect you could be robbed,
expect that you could be beaten up, expect you could be raped,
expect that anything, and I mean anything, could happen.

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  1. pokeballz says:

    I really, really feel for Paige. I feel like she has so so much unseen potential. I'm currently on my sons youtube account. I feel like we are so so much the same. I'd love to see where her life takes her over the next few years. Out of all the women on here I truly feel that she could blossom into something so very special. xxx YOU CAN DO IT PAIGE XOXOXOX Love Bianca xxx

  2. Liv elyR says:

    Ocean so glad you got some support, who chucks a kid out for getting an apprenticeship? Your mother should be glad her daughter has grown up with 'ambitious views!!!'

    Too the guys that beat Charlotte, and told her "It's lucky for you your a woman," Charlotte isn't stupid and asked "What if I had been a guy?"

    You should be 'busted up and hung by a bollock,' you sad little weaklings!!!!!

  3. Queenie H. says:

    I LOVE KELLY! Talk about being an optomistic person! She gets life.

  4. MsDeepVoice says:

    Btw they are not from Latvia they are RUSSIAN ALL THE THE WAY

  5. Stevie Wayne says:

    I said it before and I will say it again. Fuzzy kindness is not the answer here because of the poor innocent
    babies who are the by-product of this left wing destruction of our
    society. We have to come down hard on this scourge young people are
    falling into and put an end to it. Institutionalize all of them until
    they are healed and can join society as productive citizens, or let them
    stay locked up under civilized conditions better than the streets they
    live in now. It would be more humane to them and better for all of
    society. We need to set an example for the new generations that this way
    of life is not acceptable and the consequences are severe. We may lose a
    generation in the process. However, the future may be much better than
    the present disaster we are living with. We have to do something before
    it becomes irreversible. I am tired of this revolving door of drugs and
    the filth it creates that is ruining life for everyone else who are try
    to live life the best they can. It's just not fair to the rest of us.
    Your kids and grandchildren will be next if we don't deal with it now.

  6. Stevie Wayne says:

    I said it before and I will say it again. Fuzzy kindness is not the answer here because of the poor innocent
    babies who are the by-product of this left wing destruction of our
    society. We have to come down hard on this scourge young people are
    falling into and put an end to it. Institutionalize all of them until
    they are healed and can join society as productive citizens, or let them
    stay locked up under civilized conditions better than the streets they
    live in now. It would be more humane to them and better for all of
    society. We need to set an example for the new generations that this way
    of life is not acceptable and the consequences are severe. We may lose a
    generation in the process. However, the future may be much better than
    the present disaster we are living with. We have to do something before
    it becomes irreversible. I am tired of this revolving door of drugs and
    the filth it creates that is ruining life for everyone else who are try
    to live life the best they can. It's just not fair to the rest of us.
    Your kids and grandchildren will be next if we don't deal with it now.

  7. roxanne collins says:

    Kids would rather sleep rough than follow a few rules in there parents house.the worlds gone mad.snowflake generation all started when you could divorce your parents in the then decided not to follow rules because parents never had a say.lack of respect people have so many mental health problems and do not fit into main steam.the government want you to work from 8 till 8 every day just to have a normal ish life just to keep bricks and tax tax all to feed the fat cats.

  8. hugo13231 says:

    I don't understand why homeless people don't turn to organized crime. For gangsters, homeless people would be the best people to work for you since they have nothing to lose and would probably be very loyal. I dunno, but i know that if I ever become homeless I'll turn to a life of crime in a heartbeat.

  9. Khalidah Chen says:

    i'm watching all these documentaries about homeless people… maybe
    first time in my life i feel so thankful to be able to work and to rent a
    flat, to have many things which these people do not have… i think
    they just got used to live such life, so most of them probably will
    never have a normal life (job, home, family, etc.) but i'm praying for
    like seriously, people take so many things for granted…

  10. Random Acts says:

    ​@UC-1L6gSrFl75aGNy3igi1zw For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life. Jesus came to die for our sins even though people tortured him. Now we are not held captive or bound by our sins but God has given us the freedom to talk to Him and follow His path by our choice. Now if people still decide to do bad, the consequence is hell not because God does not love them but, because they did not love God! If they behave badly and went to heaven without repenting that means Jesus suffered for nothing. So this is why we should turn to God and Christ Jesus because God loves us so much that he sent His only son to die for our sins so that at the end when we do well we can go back to heaven to be with God and with Jesus who is in Heaven with God.

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    Lance and Charlotte have beautiful relationship. I wish had something like that

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    I think the reporter were going to sleep in the caravan with them lol

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    How’s very kind of the young man who’s cutting the hair for free to the homeless persons? Goodness bless him and his families. 🙏🙏😇😇

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    the amount of ciders and alcohol the Latvian couple is consuming is epic. The wife drank 2litres of cider, 500ml of cider in cyprus is almost 2 dollars about 1.8usd. So this couple including the wine that might be around 3.8usd have used over 11usd on alcohol excluding the coca cola that guy was drinking and water and still have to buy food. Homelessness to these 2 is a choice based on poor decisions.

    The might be spending over 100 stg per week on alcohol alone, how can you help them if the next cash you give them will upgrade them from cheaper alcohol to more expensive one. I don't mean that you should not give them money/donations but seems like they need an education on money management skills before deciding to change their lives of you will fail. they will end up on the street again

  16. Marina Dubois says:

    Ocean is intelligent and determined even though she is ,when the footage was shot , clearly physically and emotionally exhausted. It’s great that things have turned around for her.

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    Omg seriously, why on earth people kick their kids out? They must be know that they gonna end up on street. I'm asian and most of us live with our parents til we marry. If you're the youngest or the only child, you take care of them n live with them until they die.

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    Get a job!

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    You would never see asian or south asians be homeless, unity is a big part of their culture. Only white and blacks are homeless

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    The basic problem is hidden in plain sight: HOME – LESS. You can't do anything with this existence until you have a secure place to call "Home." Whatever the problem, you can't really feel safe and secure unless there is a place for you. The rest is just nitpicking about this and that. It ALL comes back to having a place to call Home first and foremost. Step One: Find a place to call Home. Step Two: EVERYTHING ELSE. Home is where the heart is. Some people like to camp and live a vagabond life. Fine if that is their choice. If it isn't then you know where to begin. At HOME. Get one and hang onto it. If it's drugs, alcohol, tobacco, prostitution, crime, being a bad tenant, whatever, you NEED an Address. Learn how to budget and produce some Income and get help to exist. I'm ONE STEP AWAY from being Homeless too. When you're young it's rough. Guess what it's like when you get old and Alone? Don't dilly dally. It doesn't get easier. I thought it was romantic, at first. It's NOT Romantic now, I can say.

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    I never cease to be amazed at the commenters who say “I’ve been there” we can empathize and tell you that it’s not easy but fighting out instead of just surviving is well worth it. For those who haven’t experienced it, I hope you never have to and that you will be kind. One love

  31. Ruby larue says:

    King James Bible
    Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Don’t know the mind of God but his mind isn’t ours. No it isn’t fair but it is His choice. Always has been always will be. Otherwise Grace is no longer Grace. He is sovereign or he isn’t. He’s not begging anyone. And a hint: Jesus isn’t teaching Judaism in the New Testament

  32. Ty Smith says:

    I volunteer every week at a store called "it takes a village" where everything is free. You can get food, clothes, hygiene products, dog/cat food, toys, books and everything else you can think of. It's an amazing idea and it should be adopted by every town and city. Check us out on facebook. Just search for "it takes a village"

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    Volume of music overshadows the speaking!!!

  54. Tia Melancholy says:

    Gosh every time the Latvian couple appears on screen, I worry about if they’re getting worse or not. I’m so happy that Kelly and her boyfriend found a place to sleep in and the barber was really kind for offering the haircut.

  55. Gypsy Jena says:

    Wait …I'm in America(Generica) and want my passport to GTFO this communist country with ILLUMINATI government… need to have a copy of your mom & dad's birthday certificate? WTH my parents were Satanic methheads…hope thats not true… Don't speak to either of them, for obvious reasons. Calling on Monday to find out

  56. Jill Harden says:

    First I would like to say God Bless all who shared their life struggles for all to view here on Youtube and that you found relief from the Streets. And how brave each and everyone of you are because I know I could have not have that kind of bravery . I hope the kitty is well too. God bless you all.

  57. Snicker Doodle says:

    What about all the men that are homeless, oh wait thats being sexist. Lets just turn a blind eye, as more and more men kill themselves at insanely higher rate than women. But hey women complain more about their struggles thats how bad they have it.

  58. Letrice Warren says:

    Thank God for that lady who gave that young girl a place to stay

  59. Safia Alexandriya says:

    I was gonna cry when they lost the cat…

  60. Meyah Dupree says:

    He said he provides..NEWSFLASH!!!! You've failed miserably moron

  61. Player 7421 says:

    Greg needs to be deported.

  62. Kementiri says:

    All the women have the strangest laughs….very forced and unnatural. Kind of a dead laugh. Maybe it's just depression or the state of hopeless. Very sad 🙁

  63. Big Valerie says:

    Ha ha.Does that hairdresser fancy himself as a new BBC interviewer? He didn't have them on his salon I saw.

  64. Candice Drew says:

    Theres a special place in hell for parents who can do this to there children. I would NEVER turn my back on my son

  65. Daryl Skinner says:

    Can’t the homeless people just get cash-in hand jobs no CV no passport no C.V nothing needed

  66. James Charles fan and makeup reviews xx says:

    That guy loves the cat more than the wife

  67. Brooke L. says:

    Every1 in these comments needs 2stop trying to exclaim they know the Russian womans been physically abused by her partner! Thats a huge accusation worse ppl are saying straight out like they were there that she was 100% abused by him all bc she had a black eye! Thankgod u guys aren't judges!! 1stly she's an alcoholic & drinks loads of alcohol & that is a fact if u guys watched & listened properly. She explained how it happened & that was walking or stumbling back 2the tent in the dark & she fell over & slammed the ground.(ive seen alot worse from ppl falling over drunk & always amazes me how much damage some1 can do just from falling over drunk bc they dnt feel at the time they always seem2 hurt themselves 10× harder!) If it was a guy with the black eye you'd all be on ur high horses saying how stupid he is & how he needs2 cut back on alcahol! Its so dangerous to go judging ppl with not only no evidence, but everything telling u guys it didn't happen! If it was your son or father i bet u wouldnt be screaming abuse then, youd all be abit more careful to go accusing so quickly. He even stated he was sick of ppl looking at him as if he'd done something wrong. Id love to know what rediculous reason you've all given yourselves to label him as physically abusive& guilty of a crime only all u have decided existed& made up?? Its unbelievable to see how many ppl have decided a crime happened yet if it was a guy with the black eye itd be crazy how quick you'd all change ur 'stories'. Ive been in an extremely bad dv r/ship & i know if i hadve spoken 2him as she did hounding him4 grog when she'd drunk all hers, i would've been in trouble. I was too scared2 try speak 2him the way she has. I dnt think violence is an issue 4them they both seem firey & both prob drink too much. As for abuse i dont think any of us have the right 2go accusing this guy just bc. I hope if any of u in the comments who are judging quick get a fair trail/go if ppl decide on what's going on in ur lives without any evidence, worse with 2 ppl saying thats not what happened. Id think you'd all want ppl to listen 2whats actually happened b4 they go making up stories/assumptions 2suit how they feel. Ppl need 2try empathize better. We know why so many innocent ppl are in jail..

  68. Nijy Islam says:

    Homeless feet 😷 stinks

  69. Nijy Islam says:

    Why don’t homeless people get off there asses n get a job n a shelter !!!!

  70. Raffles 66 says:

    Poor womans face, two massive black eyes.Scumbag should be jailed

  71. Paul Squibbs says:

    Oh dear…. Greg the Latvian doesn't seem too happy….. I foresee another eye-blackening "accident" coming the Latvian lady's way….. Call me psychic!

  72. Paul Squibbs says:

    Some of these homeless folks are rather well spoken for living on the streets….. In Manchester you'd be lucky to get a single coherent sentence out of any of them.

  73. lily blu says:

    Now I'm gonna have to watch this whole series to find out if Diane's alright.

  74. Nicholas Vespa says:

    i can’t even believe they filmed that battered woman, with two black eyes and all… no shame… that man is a monster and a piece of garbage.. i hope she got away from him.. no one has a right to put their hands on anybody.. that ruined the entire show for me

  75. dogsitter68 says:

    don't need a tent you can share my bed 😉

  76. dogsitter68 says:

    all of a sudden 2 black eyes

  77. Mel Marie says:

    You think i beat her?
    Me:… 👀👀

  78. dDlo says:

    How can Ocean’s mother and father even think of themselves as parents

  79. Shaneshoeee says:

    Is that guy gas lightning her??? I hate seeing him makes me worry about her so much!

  80. stuzaza says:

    Kelly is such a sweet child, my heart goes out to her – her giggle and spirit are infectious

  81. Mandi C says:

    I can tell that guys abusing her same personality as a guy I lived with for awhile. He would complain and argue about anything and everything he also would blame everything on me. He said his behavior is justifiable because I got him mad the time he banged my head in the ground and threw my space heater at me along with throwing a glass cup at my head. Hope that girl gets away from him.

  82. Rhoda Yackez says:

    The couple with the cat. Rehome your cat. It's not fair to your cat to be living outdoors. Your cat would feel much better.

  83. Holdyour Plums says:

    £100 per week for a room. And therein lies the problem.

  84. Anna D says:

    Charlotte and Lance are an amazing example of a couple that works/plays and loves together. I pray for nothing but good for these 2 beautiful people.

  85. Asmaani writer says:

    OMG! How theylive there??!Ihave big house where me & mom stay together and if any one need helptell me

  86. Aegon Targaryen says:

    I know everyone blames the Latvian guy Butt they’re both drunks how can you hold one drunk accountable but not the other

  87. Heaven Sent says:

    TF. ???? Her mum kicked her out because she chose to do an apprenticeship? ?????????

  88. Rockguitarnow says:

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  89. graham moore says:

    "i'm the one who provides for us" you live in a tent in the woods

  90. Lewis Helme says:

    I’d marry Kelly

  91. nique123 says:

    Its Sooo clean Out there 😍

  92. Night Rider says:

    she has a boyfriend who she shags at night, then you get to cover her bills during the daylight. perhaps if she didnt have the bad boy boyfriend she would do better in life. when a normal guy once gave her a burger and asked her for a date, she didnt want to know. because she likes bad boys and drugs. so its a choice she makes.

  93. Lewis C. says:

    Kelly would be perfect for prostitution! I hope she takes advantage of that opportunity before her body wears out! She could be making a few thousand a week, if she worked in the right markets! In a few years she'll be old and ugly and worn out, with a super lose pussy! Right now is the time to work, girl. Get at me and lets make that money! 🙂

  94. Michael Williams says:

    Nice go hard girl

  95. Ashley Milton says:

    Ocean, I can't believe your mother kicked you out at 16 for getting an apprenticeship. That's awful.

  96. jack heenan says:

    thick BBC 😍

  97. Dani Doo says:

    They all deserve so much better other than the Latvian guy

  98. Stewart Brown says:

    That Latvian prick looks after the cat more that his wife

  99. Kevin Green says:

    Here look im not a male chuvanist pig but WHAT ABOUT MEN IM HOMELESS TO GRRRRRR

  100. Melissa Williams says:

    Kelly reminds me of Natalie Dormer!

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