First Entertainment Credit Union and Its Members

STEVE: Why I love it as a financial institution
is that it’s, you know, it’s specifically is targeting members of our
entertainment community. The credit union is great and has always been there for us for whatever service we need whenever we need it. It’s wonderful. JIM: You said, you know, there’s this great
place, First Entertainment Credit Union, and if you need, if you need loans, if you need stuff,
go to them because they are entertainment receptive. It’s a place
for crafts folk to find help and to find a home and to find a future. SHAWN: I found
that using the debit card for First Entertainment turned out to be super
convenient, and it’s always right there on the corner. ERINN: I was working on this show
on the spot for WB and he was on the lot and the bank’s where you can just deposit the checks right there. Like actual people talking to real people and treating them
like people.

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