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Hey guys damn three or the mortgage update question I got for you today. Do you want to be a part of the 1% Club? I’m gonna show you how if you would click below and subscribe I’ve put together a nine video series set To help walk you through every piece of this puzzle and help you go from One closing a month to one closing a day So what I want to go through in this in this video as well as the nine video series is What are you doing different to set yourself? Above the rest are you doing anything if you don’t want to get there And you’re happy so in one house a month god bless you But if you want to be one then what part of the 1% Club please subscribe below I’ll set you up with this video series. There’s nothing there’s no strings attached. There’s no cost you’re not going to get solicited It’s basically I want to get you to that next step, so One of the things I want to talk about in this video is the Millennials if you’re not sowing to them you’re missing out you’re missing out on a huge boat and The Millennials, it’s a good market, but there’s one thing that they’re all lacking They’re lacking a down payment Why the rents are too high, and they got student loans so we put together a series here I want to talk to you about what is the lowest down payment programs out there? You probably Don’t know this answer and that’s maybe why you’re selling one loan a month or selling one house a month and not one a day So I’m going to go through this real quick with you and kind of explain to you each category And then this new program that I have is 1% down to get you into the 1% Club so there is a home ready product that is 3% down it comes with discounted rates and Discounted PMI to give you a very low payment or lower than a lot of these other programs There is an FHA program great program for those with lower credit scores and high debt ratios It’s a great program the IDA program. It will give you up to $7,500 to use toward your closing great There is then there’s the standard conventional loan with 5% down ok? So let’s go through each one of these and see you know why why aren’t these the best deals around? so if you’re looking to buy a $250,000 home The home ready program requires three percent down That’s seventy five hundred bucks that might be 75 But that might be five thousand more than they have so can you fit him in this program? No the FHA program requires three and a half percent down That’s eighty seven fifty it can be a gift so can the 1% a program that I’m gonna go over here shortly One of the bad things about it though, and you might not have an any options on this But it comes with an upfront mortgage insurance a four thousand two hundred twenty one dollars on this particular scenario Okay, that’s a lot of money plus it has PMI for the length of the loans for though for thirty years You’re gonna pay PMI on this loan the IDA program. Seventy five hundred bucks like I said before however It’s a lien on your house for five years. You can’t refinance or sell Without paying that or paying it off the standard conventional loan Five percent down. That’s twelve thousand five hundred. I’ll stop there So let’s talk about the one percent program that I have to offer and if you don’t know this program You better click below and to find out because this is taken over. This is the lowest downpayment Possible how are we doing it well? It’s it’s coupled with the ninety seven percent loan to value program So you’re gonna say Dan its ninety seven percent so ninety seven – under three percent down correct However, I have a lender set up. That’s actually going to contribute two percent So you take the three percent difference? – the two that they’re giving us leaves your client only needing on one percent, okay, so what’s the catch okay? Let’s go through the criteria 720 credit score is needed kind of high, but this is an awesome program. So do you have somebody it’s 7:20 We need to look at this Another factor is and some of these other programs On the other on the previous slide the home ready as well as IDA There is income limitations in certain counties, so I’m gonna link below and There’s gonna be a map that you put in the zip code of where you live and it’s going to tell you if you hit That if you’re in an area that this affects now in most counties its end $9,000 as you can make that or less however in Cook County in a lot of the surrounding counties There are no income limitations So please we got to check that map to see in in a lot of these areas you can make a hundred two hundred thousand Dollars and still qualify for this program, so it’s not only for Millennials But it’s also for you know somebody that might not have a big down payment Other than that we run them through Fannie Mae’s system, and we call that D You desktop underwriter, so if you apply online, and you send this to me. I can have you an approval within an hour, so Please you know learn more about this again click below. Give me a thumbs up below I’ll be happy to set you up on this nine video series, so If you want to be part of the 1% Club you need to know about this the lowest Downpayment conventional loan there is out there, and I’d love to help you so to get in touch with me Go to the mortgage update net or you can call me directly in 90 percent of the time I’m the one answering this phone, and if not please ask for me. You can reach me at six three Oh three three at eleven sixty or probably one of the best ways to get me as dan dot Frio at Thank you so much for listening please subscribe below I’ll set you up on that nine video series And I hope to get you saw in a house a day god bless you and have a great day

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