FirstOntario Credit Union enhances Member experience with Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft plays a huge role in how we do
our business. FirstOntario Credit Union is all but our members, we serve
communities from as far west as Tillsonburg, Ontario all the way through to
Niagara Falls. We have over one hundred and ten thousands of members & close to
five billion dollars in assets. My name is Ken Gallagher and I manage our outbound sales team here at FirstOntario Credit Union. So we’re a full-service financial
institution but we’re member-owned, which means that profits we make are not going to
shareholders, they go back into our membership and into our community which means we can invest in the communities we serve through charitable organisations and donations
and activities that support our communities. My name is Tom Bijvoet,
I’m the chief administration officer at the FirstOntario Credit Union. As a credit union we want to do what serves our members best and what makes their lives
most convenient. We would like to take out the friction in performing financial
services so we’ve been on a journey for a number of years in making that happen
and one of the ways we can do that is by digitizing more of our services and the
Surface Pro is an integral part of that journey because it makes it so much easier to
visit our members rather than having them come to us
but also within the branches to be more flexible and more mobile. So before the
Surface Pro as our credit union started to evolve and started reaching out to
members kind of where they wanted to meet us outside the hours the challenge
was paper, tons of paper: printing paper, dealing with paper,
managing any sort of corrections or changes that the members had, and then
getting that information in the hands the folks to do the administration, the
mortgage documentation, etc. Surface Pro allows us to collaborate
with other departments and other teams seamlessly. So where it used to be a
two-hour process get something signed, into the courier, traveled over another
place, we now do in seconds. After we did a pilot and a few of our employees used the Surface Pros, everyone wanted one! I was afraid of it at first to be honest fell
in love with it within a day it was a matter of playing with it and getting used to everything that it could do you know holding down that
button to speak to Cortana and say “Open my email” that was way easier than typing it, wasn’t
it? As a sales professional when I’m out meeting with our members they think it’s
really cool. So we use Microsoft Outlook and Exchange for our email, we use the
full Office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Our core transaction engine runs on
Microsoft SQL server. We use a lot of Microsoft products and the advantage
there is that it integrates seamlessly. So I do see the day very, very soon we’re
going to be video chatting with our members. I’m not driving to them, they’re
not driving to me, we’re going to do that business right over our Surface Pro. When
you look at selecting new technology to fit your strategies, you’ve got to keep in mind
the human aspect, it’s got to fit what you want to do for your members and the
Microsoft Surface Pro technology really makes it easier for us to do that.

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