(FIXED) Heat Street Glitch [Payday 2]

Nanookmetaal. Took Toot! Hello friends, my name is nanookmetaal
and today I want to show you a glitch That I found in the Heat Street
There are a couple of things that you will need
if you want to replicate it First of all, the “Quick” perk that you can
assign to your bots and some skills that will increase your movement
speed At the start of the heist, interact with the
door As fast as you can and run out and jump on
top of the van Like you can see in the video
The bots will provide you with decreased interaction time
So you can open the door Before the van leaves
And with that extra sprinting speed You should be able to to make it on top of
the van Without any problems
Basically saves you quite a bit of time and You can actually break the game a little bit
further And get run over by the car
If you wish to do so Normally, its supposed to crash before you
reach it Using this glitch will allow you to
Get to the van, to your objective In less than one minute
So you are gona end up saving quite a bit of time
But also you are not as exposed to the cops Because you basically just zoom past them
This is it for this video I hope you enjoyed it and if you did
Make sure to share it with your friends Because good people need to watch
Good videos Thank very much for watching
I will see you later Bye bye

33 comments on “(FIXED) Heat Street Glitch [Payday 2]”

  1. legokid says:

    notification squad where u at

  2. Dog gaming says:


  3. Purple Barber says:

    I see Russian man in video, I like without watching.

  4. AleX says:

    You are the best dude =)

  5. Kaylum says:

    Not only you find this πŸ˜€

  6. WordsPerMinute says:

    I love you so much

  7. Atem says:

    i did them on accitend a while ago,both with van and car crashed into meπŸ˜€

  8. Sandvich Man says:

    Nook Nook

  9. ItsSkrubs says:

    I love your channel man πŸ™‚

  10. Lucas Alfaro Andreu says:

    i always do this, it works if you stay in frontt of the van too

  11. SVAROG says:

    damn i thought it was a turret glitch or something good at least. I've known about this ever since it came out..

  12. Opexxrator says:

    I always dreamt to be driven over by a car KreyGasm

    β–‘β–‘β–β–ˆβ–ˆβ–’β–„β– β–€β–’β–’β–’β–€β– β–„β–ˆβ–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘

  13. Vombat peder says:

    I do this all the time hah,but if you get downed youre screwed

  14. Finn Haberland says:

    Nice vid as always ;D

  15. CocoaAndTea says:

    Less time waste on that achievement where u gotta wait 30 mins I hear

  16. The magnificent Krot says:

    I always get run over by Eddie's car for some reason

  17. Benny Beltboy Oberwinch says:

    Nanook you brought back tour old intro

  18. Destiny says:


  19. Razvan Cioboata says:

    Already knew about this, solo players can relate

  20. Paddles says:

    can you make a tutorial on retexturing loot bags
    i want to but i dont know how

  21. Zaiko LeBolsh says:

    this is not a glitch, this is an exploit, also this was a "secret"? i fucking did it the first time i played the map, also if you are playing online and the other people stay in the spawn point, the cops won't spawn at the crashed van and that person can take the other guy faster

  22. The says:

    definitely using this one

  23. AWPtistic says:

    I found this out a few weeks ago, would of made a video but no one would of watched it. I however didn't jump on the van, just stood in front of it. Hope overkill doesn't patch this because it's only do able in solo with all free bots.

  24. DarkIzo says:

    old intro ❀️

  25. Creative Name says:

    thx mate

  26. jason says:

    I actually did this in a video of mine. Let me beat the heist in 13 minutes.

  27. Oskar Jakubowski says:

    Man, i love your accent! i think i writed it properly. Propably not πŸ¦„

  28. IrrelevantCommentsThatAreSometimesRelevant says:

    Love the intro! x)

  29. Bullet Sponge says:

    You're true Russian.

  30. Freekill says:

    glitch that you found? i dont think so

  31. Dani says:

    I've done it before but just running in front of the van. It clips onto you and seems to work as well

  32. Fang-Ching C-D says:

    I've done it without this trick and looked at the clock and with all the same speed skills it doesn't save much more than like 10 seconds. but still thanks for sharing the info.

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