FJ Quiz Cart – Charley Hoffman

Charley Hoffman My name is David Bone. Great to meet you. Welcome to the FJQuiz Cart. When can I ring this bell? How many rounds must a golfer have played for him to be eligible for a handicap? 24. Twenty-four rounds? No, no! That’s not the time you buzz. It’s ten… I’m sorry. This one is over or under the roots of today’s game can be
traced back as far back in 1605. Under. Under? Now that is correct. Ring that thing! Yes!! yeah! Now, how many shots are in a bottle of scotch? 18 for 18 holes of golf. Get out here
really? Now who is doing the quizzing now. true or false the superhero Iron Man is
named for his long hitting and precise iron play on the fairways. False. Yes! Yeah that is false, absolutely. I think you actually from what we understand used to have a really long hair. I did.
Did you ever get mistaken for uhhh Thor? if you could choose a golfing superpower what would it be? A) the ability to crack a driver 400 yards. B) never three-putt or C) sand saves one hundred percent of the
time? 400 yards. every time. everytime.

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