Florida Gov Reacts To Shooting: Saudi Arabia ‘Owes A Debt’ | MSNBC

100 comments on “Florida Gov Reacts To Shooting: Saudi Arabia ‘Owes A Debt’ | MSNBC”

  1. sol rayz says:

    Your appealing to Saudi government decency… when plainly it is barbaric … something drumpf can only aspire to

  2. Sonyag1 says:

    Ron DeSantis' voice is quivering.

  3. John Payne says:

    9/11 was mainly Saudis now this didn't see them on trump's ban list funny that

  4. rdmjn philosophy says:

    “Religion of peace”

  5. Eric Armstrong says:

    So ummmmmm do WHITE AMERICA OWE a DEBT TO BLACK AMERICANS? How about the POLICE FORCE for the unarmed killings. Maybe the CIA for the crack epidemic do to the CONTRA AFFAIR and the WAR ON WEED….I MEAN DRUGS.

  6. BeachBum says:

    Yay, meaningless THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS from the Moron who sells Saudi's Advanced Weapons. Such an opportunity for the sell outs to Do Nothing.

  7. rj says:

    Trump did this too.  And the one in Pearl Harbor (and his family was behind the Pearl Harbor attack on 12/7/41 too. or maybe Melania's family; or maybe both).  And what else happened recently… it snowed a lot in Albany, that's because Trump denies climate change…what else…the days are getting shorter, that's Trump, or maybe Putin, or maybe both again.  Well, you name it, Trump did it.  Drumpf and his band of sycophants.

  8. fahnry says:

    Idk why the people in the comment section attacking the saudi government because of one Saudi individual killing????

  9. William Watts says:

    You can always tell when a russian GOP party member talks. they say a lot and never with real compassion. Always about monetary payback we know the survivors will never see or feel. Trump owes Saudi as he does China and Russia. He owes more than he has which makes him a broke conman.

  10. Sen. Luc Manegold says:

    Absolutely insane! Saudia Arabia's global lawlessness needs to be stopped…

  11. Donna McDonald says:

    Trump and Jared Kushner praise the Crown Royal Prince of Saudi and this is how one of there soldier treat our soldier by killing them on our soil or there base.

  12. Desperado5501 says:


  13. AM 78 says:

    Can't blame the Saudis this was the act of a lone-wolf..isn't that what the administration usually say when there's a mass shooting??😕

  14. ruth depew says:

    DeSantis is sure a transactional Trumpublican. Go for Saudi monetary compensation right out the gate.

  15. liFE 707 says:

    Saudi students got shot while studying in the Us, no one saw a single apology or word from the us, this is just a simple subtle reply to the bombing of the eastern Saudi oil field

  16. Holstorr Sceadus says:

    Because the US pays everytime one of us kills a foreign national… …oh wait, no we fly those people out of the country so they don't have to explain what they were doing driving on the wrong side of the road.

  17. Nurse Jho-RPG says:

    Guy 1: Another one from Florida, huh? Hey chad do we still have them Thoughts and Prayers basket to send out?

    Guy 2: we still have one more but its close to the expiry date. Next shipment wont be til next month.

  18. Dizzy Duke says:

    First time my comment got deleted by MSNBC. I spoke truth to power and you silence me? Strike 1

  19. enigmedic says:

    What kind of trailer trash starts talking about compensation or settlement before the gunsmoke clears?

  20. Nils Telle says:

    Not surprised by what happened just think of the towers,and Trumps backers,

  21. Josef says:

    Praying for their souls.

  22. Magic Unicorn says:

    "Thoughts and prayers,"
    "Thoughts and prayers,"
    They don't get you anywhere.

  23. Blue says:

    bruh why y’all blame Saudi government?! a couple months ago American guy shot a school so Americans government is responsible?!

  24. Alex Hamilton says:

    So I guess the Governor will then expect foreign nations to bill the US when an American kills citizens of their nations? Great idea LOL

  25. Octavius Chan says:

    Americans and their money 🤭 🤭 🤭. From big money corrupting politics, mass shootings in schools to healthcare that forces you to pick between bankruptcy or death – all boils down to the glorious american pursuit of money. Ironic considering how many americans identify with christianity. How did that phrase go again? 'The pursuit of money is the root to all evil.'
    All americans and america ever does is pursue money, so enjoy the karma from decades of hard work promoting that as the centrality of american culture. Sounds like you scums got exactly what you wanted.

  26. Tailox says:

    2 days ago a US sailor did the same, killing 3 including himself in hawaii.

  27. Big Bear Hungry says:

    MSNBC is a leader of spreading hate around the world.

  28. A P says:

    You can not blame a country or a religion for the actions of an individual unless you have 100% factual proof. If you have it then the individual should pay unless they acted with others. You do not blame Christianity for the act of a Christian.

  29. lindy919 says:

    Thought and prayers for gun violence is as effective as traitor trump wishing for a brain

  30. j s says:

    the sauds were responsible for the world trade centers

  31. David Hale says:

    Ban all foreign nationals. If this is what they are sending us.

  32. kassi warcraft says:

    How dare any of you to blame President Trump for this? Ignorant.

  33. mistercohaagen says:

    Why… he was just trying to assimilate into our American culture. All foreigners know that mass shootings are as American as Baseball and Hotdogs… Why are we vilifying this poor man for trying to fit in?

  34. Pinion325 says:

    I'm pretty sure this was an act of war

  35. rowsh says:

    That psycho guy doesn't represent the majority of Saudis, our deepest condolences to victims' families…We all condemn this cowardly terrorist act. Peace and love from us to all Americans 🇺🇸

  36. Bahs Azad says:

    9-11, many more attacks, and now this,….and US still cheers for Saudis while bashing Iran!

  37. bill says:

    And Democrats want to sbolish ICE

  38. Puttentane Same says:

    RIP patriots…Trump's oil pals can do no wrong, right, GOP?

  39. Ron Wuerch says:

    And The Looney Left Are Letting People Like This Out Of Jail.

  40. A As says:

    Our condolences to our American friends , this barbaric act doesn't represent our feelings toward our american friends, i and many of my friends graduated from the US and all what he have is great memories and friendly people , we respect you indeed and this act doesn't represent our feelings as Saudis. may god protect you from any bad feelings

  41. John O says:

    Ban the guns. VOTE out the gop fear, hate and division agenda in 2020!!

  42. Smollet Trump says:

    Just call the Kushners to know how to handle and spin this and never forget, Saudis they pay you in cash so its ok and you dont want to lose billions in business with them just for a few dead

  43. One Love says:

    This guys a pure loser

  44. Yellow Flash says:

    Ron DeSantis, go grieve your displeasures to your "Chosen One" Lying Fat Daddy Trump

  45. Michael Humphrey says:

    Saudi Arabia has owed a debt since 9/11 and Republicans didn't force that issue until it was convenient.

  46. Steve Carr says:

    not the first time. Remember the US trained Saudi's on 9/11. Whatever happened to the 'once bitten …" theory ?

  47. Just Me says:

    OMG people! I understand that the Dem's have done a great job at conditioning their people to only view the world through gender and racial goggles, but come on. One disturbed person goes on a rampage and the Liberals want to nuke Saudi Arabia and incarcerate anyone who shares the same gender or skin color. And yet they call everyone but themselves a Dictator.

  48. Montana fishing Fun says:

    How did anyone choose this guy?

  49. Septembers Whisper says:

    Speaking of muslims how about the muslim rep. of PA Movita Johnson Harrel (D) who was offended by Christian prayer is now charge with stealing (among many other charges) from a children's charity. She has allegedly stolen a half million dollars. I notice everyone is trying to blame Trump for all of this as usual, you are wrong it was your muslim president that is responsible for all this.

  50. Manuela Costa Lima says:

    The Saudi prince has more than enough money to properly compensate the wounded and the families of the fallen. Thoughts and prayers only make the living feel better about themselves.

  51. David Carter says:

    Thoughts and prayers .. yeh right… all good now.

  52. Ogba Icheku says:

    It is 'what money can buy – Sandel' Useless governor: He does not believe what he is saying!

  53. ibra4mufc says:

    When a saudi commits a terrorist attack they label all saudis are terrorist but when an American enters a mosque and shoots everyone they judge him as an individual not America nice logic to keep your name clean 🖕🏼

  54. Richard & Rose Beal Preston/Johnson says:

    This is what you get from making deals with the devil …..

  55. Steve Rauschelbach says:

    Blah, blah, blah…

  56. cmulder002 says:

    So on a military base there where not enough "good guys with a gun" to prevent these killings?
    If not there where will there be enough?

  57. ferasyousef97 says:

    To the comment section:
    Stop stereotyping the Saudis we're 34 million nation and everyone is responsible for their own actions.

  58. James Ricker says:

    Be very careful in choosing your words governor. How much of that big oil money that was donated to your campaign came from Saudi Arabia and was laundered to Exxon Mobil? You really don't want to upset your donors

  59. raven wolf says:

    And America owes a debt to the children it murdered this year at the southern border! SHAME SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!

  60. Michele Dimond says:

    Trump loves Saudis. He won't hold them accountable!

  61. derry667dingo says:

    The government of Saudi Arabia are going to have to “make it up to these victims”? Are we talking serious blood money or just chump change to MBS?

    The use of money to make excuses for cruelty and immortality needs to stop.

  62. perico pinero says:

    wait does this mean iraq has WMDs?

  63. Pepper Quin says:

    It may be ISIS in disguise, joining the Saudi Air Force, then deploy to US, just to attack.

  64. SHell Tanner says:

    When was the last time an Iranian did this. Or used a bone saw in an embassy?

  65. Share Intelligence says:

    Our allies

  66. Debbie Nina Boc says:

    This is what Trump's stupid foreign policy brought to US 💩💩💩

  67. Six Figure says:

    Did you guys said the same to Australia when that Australian hoe killed 52!persons

  68. fact says:

    If anyone is to blame it's the people causing such hate in our country, like Schiff, Pelosi and mainly fake news networks like MSNBC and cnn.

  69. Kurosawa Vermouth says:

    False flag attack, you will never ever achieve your plan which is to take down the Saudi Royal family then that’s it Saudi Arabia will be like Libya or Syria. That’s what Iran, Israel, and USA want so bad to happen, but it’s funny you know why? Cuz u tried to do all these kind of dirty tricks and false flag attacks since 9/11 but you failed and always be failures . The Saudi oil facilities attack that happened on 14 Sept, 2019 was only the beginning to continue the dirty game that you stared against Saudi Arabia since 9/11.

  70. john adams says:

    All citizens of Saudi Arabia here in America for military training should be expelled immediately!! Never forget 9;11. Nineteen Saudi Arabia citizens crashed planes into New York City.

  71. mrcooldeadly85 says:

    So CNN, FOX and MSNBC going to ignore how cops in Florida recklessly killed a hostage and a civilian? How this being ignored that these cops actually used civilians cars (while in it) as shield and end up killing the UPS driver that was the hostage.

  72. Terry Tater says:

    Please note, the last Iranian to attack on US soil was 1983..

  73. Marci Robins says:

    Owes a debt is a code for "Bring money". These lives aren't for sale.

  74. David Blaker says:

    Lol they always turn off the comments, for shooting over ob fox's page

  75. Brad 76 says:

    Anyone noticing a pattern yet?

  76. dafttool says:

    Whew! Just a Saudi. I was afraid it was going to be yet another domestic terrorist Trump cultist on the rampage again.🤔🤷‍♂️

  77. Michael York says:

    The Florida governor is on the take. Probably on the down low too. He probably hired the jewelry thieves.

  78. V M says:

    Dumb White MURIKKKA and this MEXICAN Governor who hates his own people.. Weird Bloody Florida..

  79. Clint Hammer says:

    Is MSNBC for or against this shooter?

  80. V M says:

    Murikkka training more Terrorist to Fly. .. Lovely .. STUPID COUNTRY…

  81. V M says:

    MAGA what you got to say now..

  82. Saudi Ar says:

    We Saudis regret what happened and confirm that it is an individual case that does not represent the Saudi people who condemn all forms of violence and racism against others. We apologize to the American people for it is a pity.

  83. Simon Ross says:

    Blame Iranians. Bone saw prince of Saudi is innocent

  84. day tripper says:

    Highly vetted means it's an inside Saudi government job. Bring them here to stand trail, or will the u s lob a sidewinder from a drone like Obama did to the sheiks son who was a u s citizen and never killed anyone?
    I'm sure that sheriff deputy got a round of high fives back in the station.

  85. Dennis Janda says:

    Let's see, we can't trust them with guns but we train them to fly military aircraft..Where's the logic ??..Just Askin' !!

  86. Freelife Styles says:

    It trump military families are living in squalor

  87. Ziyad Alharbi says:

    Just as the American who killed 59 Americans and wounded 527 from a hotel in Las Vegas does not represent the American people, the killer at the naval base in Florida does not represent the Saudi people.

  88. TheFay7 says:

    As a Saudi woman i'm saddened and heartbroken by this. My deepest condolence to the victims' families. USA should investigate who has pushed the student to do what he did. Saudi people and government won't encourage such act because we look at American as allies

  89. FoolserWisely says:

    NYPD officer bites razor blade inside sandwich at Bon Appetit in Queens

  90. CCJJ160Channels says:

    So does that mean we’re gonna add Saudi Arabia to the travel ban?

  91. Doug M says:

    obama the muslim is rejoicing and bowing towards mecca tonight.

  92. Matthew Lewis says:

    The terrorist is a Saudi national so shouldn't that mean that Saudi Arabia falls under the Muslim ban. Trump said all Muslim countries who carry out terrorist attacks should be banned from entering America. How's he gonna talk himself out of this one..

  93. Greuge 31 says:

    I guess Saudi Arabia won't be accused of not sending their "very best" because of their oil money and the relationship and business dealings with America's CEO

  94. Godspeed says:

    Trump protects Saudi and he makes a percentage of the NRA connection that supply the firearms sales to Saudi . Trump is an enemy to the United States

  95. Hvalpikk says:

    SAUDIS nationals were also the group who committed the 911 attacks, but that was fine because the republican Bush family was doing business with the Bin Ladens and theirs was the only flight to leave the US when everything else was grounded. Republican corruption and treachery knows no bounds.

  96. Charles T. says:

    Guess what country has never been on trump’s travel ban???? Saudi Arabia!!!! Also 15 of the 19 terrorists from 911 came from Saudi Arabia…. but Saudi Arabia puts a whole lotta money in trump’s family pockets so trump ain’t gonna do nothing about another Saudi act of terror in 2019 😳 also guess where trump’s just this year sent thousands of US troop to fight for free??? Saudi Arabia!!! Trump loves terrorists that put money in his pockets…

  97. mambojazz1 says:

    Bigotry is not the answer!! Im military and love Pensacola! But that maniac has NOTHING to do with the government of Saudi Arabia!!

  98. Landon’s Chanel says:

    Oh do they owe us? We gonna still send our troops to protect their oil all the while pretending we aren’t sending more troops to do it.

  99. O’ Honey says:

    Wasn’t he Indicted???

  100. father's daughters says:

    Loyalty over money or money over loyalty debt

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