hi guys its the Puga sisters today were going to make a review of our toys we
bought from the store with our allowing money our mom and dad gave us some money because we did chores
lets get this open. remember kids do your chores so you could get paid too and get a lot of toys
like we got yeah we’re gonna open what’s in my purse suprise let’s open it okay yeah well where would you bed it then wet
watch me watch me babbit babbit watch me watch me I gotta
wear wear one they’re so cute I’m gonna pump this pickle think old bit
pimple on my arm what’s their name her name is sausage
Sunday and she’s the we and our dog dogs Angelina and her
name is penguin and we have our container to put the suck in and we have
this the activator and regarding I make the mixing spoon and this measuring cup
here we got this chain string and we got these fake fake beans I’m making a lemon cut a wood chocolate
chips I’m making a strawberry to take the
sprinkles a little like this video everything we bought
with our loans money Carol subscribe to our channel like and subscribe and click
on a little bell for your notification thanks for watching

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