100 comments on “Foo Fighters – The Sky Is A Neighborhood (Official Music Video)”

  1. jayunited01 says:

    It’s spelt neighbourhood

  2. Christopher Rodgers says:

    Sooooooo foo fighters finally do a song that is related to their names sake. Yah, know UFOs and aliens and such

  3. Alice Cabral says:

    👏👏top demais

  4. RiskyBus says:

    "Mom, we can't get any sleep…"

  5. Veronica L. Vela says:


  6. Amos Batalden says:

    You have 3 or 4 years before the jojo fans get here

  7. Janaina Miranda says:

    Bem que eles poderiam tocar no meu telhado também eu não ia me importa 😀😀😘😘 massa de mais mais essa música véi

  8. tio sasori says:


  9. James Hickman says:

    I know the song isn't necessarily about this, but a lot of people think that when we die we become stars or go to a better place. That all people who are 'good' will be reunited one day. These are big things to think about! -> The Bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of God's perfect standard (Romans 3:23). It's true – we have all done things wrong, and none of us deserve heaven .. BUT that's not where it ends! John 3:16 says that Jesus died to forgive and save all who believe in him! If you ask God to forgive you today, not only will you go to heaven one day, but also have the God of the universe wanting to help you in day-to-day life! What an amazing truth that is freely available to anyone who puts their faith in Jesus! 🙂

  10. Carlos Jesus says:

    Never thought you would make an illuminati video

  11. Papua Montangne says:

    That moment when holes just start appearing in your roof and you levitate towards them

  12. Angrez says:

    Grohl has his daughters in a music video then this year at Leeds his daughter sang on stage with him, it was the best part of my weekend.

  13. Knight Templar says:

    I listen to this and every time say that this is the greatest band in history

  14. Simon Champion says:

    Brillient band 😍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  15. EZKx Run N Gun says:

    "All hope is gone"

  16. Disco DeaCy says:

    If I fund and read the secret book with my sister will the foo fighters come play on my roof?

  17. Daniel Da says:


  18. MXTALMILITIA- says:

    This song, a god tier masterpiece

  19. Sean Springer says:

    0:25 is that 11 from stranger things?

  20. shooglechic says:

    I'd like to see Steve Grohl in the Marvel series, now.

  21. Microwave Ghost says:

    you know shit's real when you and your band gets glowing eyes in the middle of a song

  22. Christian S. says:

    I see those eyes and I think of Sans 😂

  23. Cynoc Lian says:

    Real Shit? The video

  24. Brandon Hale says:

    He has played with some of the best .keep on rockin .

  25. sherrie dilka says:

    ok….. wake up please////just for a min…thanks for long hair

  26. dude bro says:

    Isnt the drummer of Queen of the stone age the singer of foo fighters? Wasnt he that one guy that was in that one band @$ well? Shit what hasn't he done oh wait so if he joined Trent of NIN do you think it would be the best MUSIC ever?

  27. sue Love says:

    Foo fighters just save my life,.

  28. Thicken Little says:

    w o k e

  29. Lee Garcia says:

    Food fight!!!!!!! Yeah! Did I say you no ok shut up

  30. Carla Hollars says:

    They just keep getting better…as if that is possible. Brilliant. We must protect Dave at all costs.

  31. hah says:

    please bang my roof

  32. Xander says:

    When you make a noise complaint to the cops and they make it louder just to spite you.

  33. Youshi .D says:

    This is soo good for new metal songs (2 years new for me)

  34. Alcyone Costa Matos Matos says:

    1:44 parece o Santos Dumont

  35. Lunarwolfiegaming 2.0 says:

    I love this song but I don’t understand the music video 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Bruna Araujo says:

    Amo ….😍

  37. San dra says:




  39. Kesia Rodriguez says:


  40. Raygar cia says:

    When people ask me why i had such a hard time trying to sleep last night.

  41. Green pewdiepie Bird says:

    This nirvana looks like the foo fighters from tenacious d

  42. AriesTheGod says:

    You know shit gets real when the Foo Fighters turn into Zombies from Call of Duty

  43. Sevet123 says:

    Thw girl with short hairs looks a bit like Lachlan Watson

  44. Juan Delacruz says:

    Part of the fake invasion propaganda

  45. Just Fox says:


  46. Kaden Stanton says:

    I’ve always loved the foo fighters and luckily I got to see them April 26 on my birthday my parents spent the money for backstage and I got to meet everybody Dave was also my inspiration for playing drums

  47. wendy llewellyn says:

    I am personaly a huge fan of the foo fighters but I also like red hot chilly pepper,queens of the stone age and pearl jam those bands rock.🎤🎵🎶🎼🎸

  48. Brunard90 6 says:

    Everyone is talking about the ceiling but no one notice that the house dont have a wall wtf

  49. Shadow 257 says:

    I just realized that the drummer is barefoot

  50. Facundo Soto says:

    Sky is reposted in the wrong neighborhood

  51. George says:

    0:50 the new cod bo2 zombies map looks good…

  52. Oats says:

    they should keep it down- those girls will never get to sleep!

  53. Guilherme de Oliveira says:

    cadê os BRs ?

  54. Karolina Lemos says:

    Do karalho!

  55. Luuk De jong says:

    Dave's hair is amazing, just sayin'💪🏼

  56. _.GCutter 900 says:

    Pleaseeeee. Bring bacc rock & roll new generation 😩

  57. Jeff Strange says:

    1 Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

  58. Jeff Strange says:

    Travel to the right and left; whose side Jew're own??

  59. Douglas Borges says:

    The end of this song reminds me so much of Silverchair on Diorama era…

  60. Breno Oliveira says:

    Brazil? 2019🇧🇷 Cadê vocês [email protected] .. Júnior Groovador!

  61. Ellias Razali says:

    by this song i cursed every truth enclosed and its bringing,forever

  62. Maria Gamer says:


  63. Guilherme Oskar says:

    Só que curtiu o show deles no Rock rio da um like

  64. M_ XX says:


  65. bluegold21 says:

    I'm really starting to think that the same people who inspired this song inspired the author Jason Farmer to write Tales of the Sentinel Spectrum. The video is creepily similar to the last chapter.

  66. MastodonManiac says:

    When your dad is a rock star and you're just trying to sleep because tomorrow is the big science fair at school.

  67. Frank Cooke says:

    That's a roof, not a ceiling.

  68. Josias Nicolini says:

    Playing on the roofs reminds me Simple Plan's "Perfect" clip. Anyone else? haha

  69. SAHARAona says:

    I've been listening to this for a week

  70. Insertusername04 Meh says:

    I’m getting worlds end vibes

  71. Jo Bine says:

    Foolish big bang lies. Again and again endoctrinated foolish world.

  72. Alejandra Solano says:

    I'm here after the show in Costa Rica. ¡I JUST CAN'T GET OVER IT!

  73. Guilherme Silva says:

    Cadê os Brasileiros?

  74. Topo Sikosis says:

    Taylor Hawkins barefoot <3

  75. Joshua Bates says:

    legend has it michael bay started directing this music video starting at 0:47 lol

  76. Sandi Angel says:

    What a great song 😇

  77. Bradley R says:

    If their eyes look like that, what are the "stars"

  78. BloodMoonDream says:

    Please for love of all things that rock HARD, please, please, please get back to the style of your first 2 albums. I beg of you.

  79. Adam Stickley says:

    So…you see what happened is Dave Grohl took some DMT, and then ….

  80. Griffin Jenness says:

    1:40 they are celebrating because foo fighters are playing music on their roof.

  81. T. Fwing Productions says:

    Imagine the irony of someone blasting this in their apartment at night lel

  82. ZombieCorp. says:

    The sky is a killing field, don't look now.

  83. C CC says:

    I hear the Greys like it.

  84. Marcos Santos says:

    Necessito de Foo Fighters no meu telhado, alguém me ajuda!!!! Kkkkkk

  85. John Tello says:

    Es mi banda favorita que hermosa música

  86. Ander Silva Joe says:


  87. kokonut jam says:

    Their songs are just rich.

  88. ΣΠIGMΔTIC says:

    Ah yes, the floor is a wall

  89. Minellys Moura says:


  90. Ernesto Jemio says:

    The kid in the house grew up to become Harry Styles

  91. Gisele Coimbra Galvão O. says:


  92. Dio Brando says:

    Im just waiting for the jojoke

  93. Isabela Castro says:


  94. Tha3lab Gh says:

    They look like a death knights(DK) from Wow

  95. Rachel Edwards says:

    there's a lot of them about ain't there???

  96. WHY YOU ARE AN IDIOT says:

    this song is so religious it is insane

  97. Esqueleto em chamas says:

    I love foo fighters

  98. Alice Roque says:

    Absolutamente ninguém:
    Roberval a:
    Trilha sonora 👆

  99. Yassine Mobarki says:

    10/2019 ?


    the trouble of this music is: the end

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