Fox News Guest Rips ‘Liberal Math’

newt gingrich but when i left i guess they
see below sea issue he said that republicans of the party of paychecks and
uh… democrats of the party of food stamps an exit polls he objected to that he fought
back about that and uh… and so then gingrich was on greta
van susteren show on fox news channel and that is that’s what about it and he has
a curious answer because remember they suppose he said actually food stamps
are unfortunate because we don’t want people getting
food stamps in a lot economy doing poorly but off i have a good multiplier effect uh… because the more money for the food
stamps the more circulates throughout the economy
apparently gingrich is not agree suggested that their policies kill jobs and therefore that food stamps eat
may be the right some of the democratic party unceasing get very upset i think i think i would see didn’t like business
and the way it was framed as a is that the choice a talent for republicans
may go out there and you can either say the debbie did say the democrats are the party
of food stamps well malden g_o_p_ as the party for paychecks i think and then she responded
she said for that that food stamps and biggest bank in the back when you do food stamps in
unemployment surest it’s the biggest bank for the back and he says that for every dollar
person receives in food stamps and our seminars but back in the economy when i carried around a uh… bumper sticker that says to plus two equals
four so i’d be very curious how a dollar given
to somebody becomes a dollar seventy nine and i think if we could get back to work with
the u_s_ treasuries of people gave the treasury eight thousand dollars it became seventeen
hundred ninety dollars than we could pay off the federal debt never worry about spending
i think i mean i don’t know is somehow an honest and how liberal math turns one dollar into a dollar seven f olesco bat map it’s ok i’m liberal now you are really explain unit united states uh… agar called her department
says actually close is wrong food stamps multiplier effect on the economy
is not a dollar say nine sexy a dollar eighty-four expire now they there’s one article here that uh… explains that they have better than any one
else can thanks for the wall street journal and i’m
sure the wall street journal is not doing liberal map they explain s you know anybody who with any bit of sense in at in the loop knows a little bit about economics understands uh… different things the government does
have different multiplier effect some economy so for example what when you give food stamps people they spend it right away in fact eighty percent
of the hussein’s gets spent in the first two weeks ninety seven percent of them it spent
within the first month so they go directly into the economy right away and it doesn’t
get state right and when it goes into the economy kicks off uh… as cycle where of the for
example grocery store makes more money the owner of the grocery store makes more money uh… the people were giving grocers for me
for money but also the people who let’s say pick the corn they make more money and all the people who
made more money from the food stamps going in there then wind up spending more money as well which
then also gets into the economy and it creates a virtuous cycle and food stamps as they get
spent so quickly at antony most assuredly i have the best multiplier effect on the economy and that’s how it works at every economists the country understands that concept
including preserve the ones but now isn’t that newt gingrich doesn’t understand
that it is stupid no there’s a plenty of dumb guys on the right
but newt gingrich and one of them and he knows exactly how a multiplier effect
works but he doesn’t like their mac that’s coming
out so she tries to this message because he thinks the box news audience as
bold idiots who work in understanding so if they thought that proposed bogota jumped
out at their multiplier effect who blew up the car the mood of the move about a year it what you want to resist it doesn’t like
food stamps that helps the poor but there’s a second because if you look at the multiplier effect
of all the different ways the government to spend money to come out the works so it could be over a dollar with those are
good because that music your getting a virtuous circle or four dollars spent by the government
it’d be under a dollar which means it’s not productive annual vicious cycle you know there’s something good things that
come out of like savings to be fair right but that he doesn’t go back into the economy
stimulate the economy so one of the two uh… proposals that we can do that fear the
worst well into this the coming in at uh… second for the bottom is cut the corporate tax rate that is a multiplier effect of point three
oh meaning for every dollar that you cut the pork corporate taxes it only brings thirty cents back into the
account sold out of course there homes i want you
to know that because what is their proposal eric cantor
republican leadership in the house he says their proposals to cut the corporate
tax rate zero percent that is their proposal so they don’t want you to it back that the
public and other wall street journal eyeball battle it out here and it’s like a mistaken but the last working the lapse make bush income-tax cuts bhai came in at all point through nine the worst multiplier effect anything the government can do and newt gingrich doesn’t want you to know
that he was a call that liberal and as stephen colbert once famously and awesomely
put it reality has a well-known liberal bias apparently
so does matt

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