Fraud Of Donald Trump’s Self-Made Persona Exposed In Father’s Financials | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 comments on “Fraud Of Donald Trump’s Self-Made Persona Exposed In Father’s Financials | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Connie McGee says:

    The man is dead! Your dirt on Donald Trump isn't sticking so now you attack his dad?🤪 Hahaha You liberals have made it your life to talk about Trump every second of every day now. How about going after Joe Biden and his side kick criminal son who has taken money from China for shady dealings for years!! You liberals are so shllow. So what if his dad had wealth and wanted to help his son. Find some real news! Haha

  2. joe bama says:


  3. thelasonj says:

    I find it fascinating to go back in time to listen to Rachel's reporting on Trump. He's been a fraud a long time. Sometimes I forget how suspect his personal life is. How was this man ever elected?

  4. The1Returner says:

    Anyone with a brain, knows Trump isn't a good business man. Hes destroying the country financially. ANYONE WITH A BRAIN, who has been around for a few decades…knows he is a GARBAGE BAG of a man.

  5. Rikki Hoffecker says:

    This is quite SHOCKING.
    Said no one with the power of Reason, EVER.

  6. Thomas Ruhoff says:

    Talk about a scheme just look at our government !!
    They take our money and spend it the way they want . We don't even get any poker chips!!🤪

  7. lyubo antonov says:

    Puss in Boots has left the chat. 🤥

  8. Stressy Porkrind says:

    It seems to me the here are just jealous you have no money you're pretty ugly

  9. h mejia says:

    The press and the media are in many ways part and parcel. At least bedfellows. I’m somewhat unnerved by the arm length use of the term the press

    Also the times was the one with the glowing admiration and promoting young trump as a brash wonder kid

    But now exposing him as the fraud that he truthfully is. And always was.

    Can’t present both stories and be absolved of the inescapable if not obvious duplicity.

    If the times deserves praise for its in-depth expose then it deserves to be excoriated for its once obvious shoddy and erroneous reporting.

  10. Stressy Porkrind says:

    Miss mad cow you remember that car you sold you made you made $2,000 profit and did not turn it in as income to the IRS

  11. joey sparks says:

    I can’t wait to see you cry again in T2020. I think that was your flagship’ performance 🤣😅😁 Why is your mouth so crooked?

  12. tuena marie says:

    We have a Con as a President. What does this say about our country? Now Id like to see a video breaking down how our whole country was built by murderer's and Cons, our suppossed "Founding Fathers" finding things and places that were already occupied by killing, raping, robbing, taking and enslaving, but thier faces can now be seen carved in a mountain!!! And this country still honors these dispicable beings, (Year after year, after year etc…) And Columbus Day? Trump is an angel in comparrison to them. Can you post that video for me please. I 'll wait 👀👀 ⏰

  13. Rock About says:

    Bravo!! This, America, is our President!

  14. Randy Potter says:

    Rachel Madcow is a FRAUD. She is the queen of conspiracies.

  15. Guam Jam says:

    Daddy is not coming to get you out of this one Mr Trump.

  16. Doreen Gayer says:

    The RUMP Family Tax/Corporate Scams!!!

  17. Bernard Barnett says:

    #45 the great grifter and traitorous thief nobody does it better. Six times bankruptcies and five times draft dodging moronic con job.

  18. Veronique De Leon says:

    operating the government just like his businesses..go figure …

  19. Eric O! says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself Rachel. …and no, not because of your appearance… But because your report FAKE NEWS on a daily basis. Lying to your viewers over and over again. 3 YEARS of Collusion Obstruction EVERY SINGLE NiGHT…. now on that subject ……crickets
    On to the new outrage…… P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C

  20. Larry Rocco says:

    He also got a four hundred million dollar tax break in his first big real estate deal

  21. Larry Rocco says:

    I would have made more money if he would have just put the money a mutual fund

  22. Paul Warren says:


  23. Nai the fish Guy says:


  24. Geoff Dein says:

    Rachel, adjust your ball sack sweetie

  25. Debate Me! says:

    Media STILL does this. They help frauds like Tai Lopez to build fake personas! Forbes does it too. All they care about is what will sell.

  26. ETC Flyers says:

    Oh poor Robert Redford, comparing the toad trump to Redford? Try comparing trump to a dog turd – that's more like it.

  27. Roger H Werner says:

    Trump is nothing but a self made turd

  28. Dave Doyle says:

    You're not rich if you have to get help on your car lease.

  29. Dale James says:

    mores, ethics, honesty where are you ???

  30. Alaskavaper says:

    Dad, it's me Donald , can you give me a few dollare.? I need help to maintain my image as a self made business genius.

  31. Keith Johnson says:

    This just shows how much Trumps father really loves him! I am not rich, but I did buy for my daughter everything that she wanted when she was young!

  32. Gee Eee says:

    …reported by anonymous sources

  33. Heather Lynn says:

    Hi Rachel,
    How can I get one of those poker chips?

  34. Kathleen Lackman says:

    Thank you Rachel for keeping us sane

  35. Kathleen Lackman says:

    I remember in the 70s when I was a teen reading an article in Cosmopolitan magazine that said he was the worlds most eligible bachelor..I knew as a teen..while reading that..he was not good

  36. donald barnhardt says:

    what is impressive is that he fooled the people to vote for him…….

  37. Jessie James says:

    Truer words have never been spoken 🏧

  38. Chas Glass says:

    There is no statute of limitations on tax fraud.
    Presidents do not have pardon power for those found guilty by state rather than federal court.
    Dear Mr. President:
    Be afraid of your own petard.

  39. morten larsen says:

    Old news is still fact !
    Thank you Rachel 💐👍🥳

  40. michael anderson says:

    Gave his son all that money because he knew his son was going to be a snake just like him

  41. Marnie Friedman says:

    Donald nursed and cut his teeth on Fred’s corruption, prejudice and hate. 👍

  42. Gala says:

    If in your country phedophiles can bale out, why can't the businessmen? Strange…..By the way the phedophile ring does not bother your society as much as almost ill urge to kick your current president out..Really bezzare….Really, really bezzare society…😀

  43. David Guenther says:

    Bla bla bla never happened. O my word I guess liberals will believe anything .

  44. Rico Bonyadi says:

    Well nothing new.. Seth McFarland the comedian said it best at opening of trump roast even.

  45. Kyle Schaff says:


  46. Terri Bryan says:

    Trump senior

  47. Micheal Albert says:

    I’m shocked!! A father doing what he can to help his son?!?! How I American!!!
    Rachel you tossed a lot of numbers around but the important one was what your research determined was the total. I believe somewhere under 500 million in all. It seams to me that he has been a good steward of that money. He has kept it circulating in the economy, creating many jobs along the way and has grown his net worth at the same time. Perhaps you would prefer someone who worked in elected service and became a multimillionaire all with an income of around 200k per year. So many millionaires in Washington and you attack one of the few who made his money by creating something just because he didn’t start from scratch. Your editorial is a joke.

  48. Terri Bryan says:

    1990 before President became a Candidate. And he already was checked if it was possible he could become President and you have no way of being above our election process do you now…. So shut your ignorance down

  49. Doug Shannon says:

    What you are hearing is the homosexual party known as the Democrats running scared that their legal status will be reversed and called for what it is, a mental sickness that can be cured by walking with Jesus. Homosexuality is not a choice but a curse for not putting God first.

  50. Shemeka Jackson says:

    Thank for this news story!!Congratulations on 10years May you have a thousand+years!!!

  51. mike briganti says:


  52. Pancho says:

    We still waiting, when and how, he will start paying the national debt (22.8 T.)
    as he promised in campaign.

  53. Jody Grove says:

    Maddow you are not the only one who has made 10years. Get real

  54. D Casey says:

    Trump the Terrible! The Trump organizations have made a lot of money from human trafficking, illegal dealings, income tax evasions etc. All the Trumps family members, all need to be sent to prison; including Jared Kushner. Trump is a great grifter that is all he is good at. Except hiring hookers, oh he sucked at that too!

  55. Werner Danler says:

    So why was he never charged for any of these crimes before he got a chance to foist himself off on us?

  56. 1JAAJ says:

    This exactly show how rich and powerful can get away with any crimes in USA!
    They become rich and powerful not by honest and hard work but by fooling and buying peoples representative officials!
    Is this the real face of US democracy and constitution?! 😂😂😂😂
    Shame on you US.

  57. MrBadBricks says:

    Didn't this teenage boy go down this road a few years ago and it turned out to be nothing, and it was utterly embarrassed? 🤔

  58. MrBadBricks says:

    This is like the 25th attempt to try to overturn America's 2016 election… the left hates democracy! 👎

  59. nat turner says:

    rachel os fantastic

  60. A. Long says:

    No one with access to daddy's millions and influence can claim to be self made.

  61. Joe Duke says:

    Wow, the money flowing from China into media propaganda vendors like MSNBC must be good steady work… if you can get it, guess MSNBC can.

  62. James Hutchins says:

    So, for committing this scam with his casino all he paid was a fine of less than 1.86% of the money. Daddy bailed him out with over $3.5 million. So that makes him a smart businessman? Anyone believes that has boiled oatmeal for brains!

  63. Haley Leithauser says:

    Let's not forget that Rachel is a phony a fake and a fraud…she is really a dude and is a paid puppet of George Soros! Stop listening to fake people and fake news people! Don't forget about the fake and phony Obama's! Michelle Obama is really a dude named Micheal Lavaughn Robinson. Wake up America to the TRUTH!
    Look it up and do your own research!!

  64. James Barlow says:

    Reason 1: corruption.
    Reason 3: investigation of corruption. They actually are the same as rationales. The US shouldn't send aid to Ukraine if they interfered in our election. Period.

  65. James Barlow says:


  66. Laura Zarboni says:

    you people are as crazy as Nancy Pelosi you all deserve one another. Trump uses the laws in America to his advantage, that makes him super smart not a crook. It's not like he made his own server and kept copies of top secret information at home, then destroyed it all when Congress lawfully required her to turn them in, now there's a crook. Or Clinton foundation taking thousands of dollars for natural disaster victims in Haiti and never giving one dime to the Haitians, now there's a crook.

  67. Pat M says:

    Boy oh boy, nobody saw this coming

  68. RaymondKym Suttle says:

    How can ANYONE be okay with a criminal being in the White House?!!!

  69. Debra Slack says:

    I wonder if Fred Trump would adopt me? I'd be happy with 1 million dollars 💰

  70. Jestda Jantarachote says:

    He's very smart,very smart,he opened his own university.

  71. xrtroger says:


  72. Jim Bendtsen says:

    The fraud of rachel madcow's pretense of sanity.

  73. Shelley Fredrickson says:

    You're way too happy Rachel. Think you're chip faced maybe. Got a really cool link for Clinton cash. Would you like to run with that one? Got more bang for the buck than this lame story. Just trying to help. So devastated after election results came in. The whole collusion story really tanked. This isnt really putting a dent in anything. Put your chips on Clinton cash story. ♡

  74. canucturbo2224 says:

    Haha, not surprising! He's taking credit for Daddy Obama's success too!

  75. best says:

    Maddie is a tool of the deep state. CIA controlled 24/7

  76. nawlulu says:

    Fake News and DemocRats can not wait for the result of election in 2020.
    They know they gonna loose again 😂

  77. the prophet ez1 says:

    Trump is just a superconman.

  78. long drink of silence dude says:

    He got his traction fame arrogance and authority from the American press. They anointed him for the American people and we created our first dictator with him .

  79. Snoozerx says:

    It does not seem to matter what he does or how many crimes out In open… it is amazing

  80. ChopShop Mikey says:

    I liked your reporting in that you seemed to have legitimate sources, but then I had to dislike this video because some monetary references were adjusted to represent higher values and some were not, making this hard to follow and skewing the facts toward a political bias instead of letting the raw data speak for itself. But thank you for reporting something different and more fact-based than the mainstream headlines about secretive proceedings and objective evidence. Well done! I'm a Republican but will gladly watch you again.

  81. bridgebuilder1225 says:

    Sounds like Rachel is jealous.She works for low wages for a fake news network.

  82. Diana Kemp says:

    There’s no proof of things you say, ! Give it up , stop wasting time digging up lies, how about talking on positive things about all the amazing things he has done since he’s been the president!! You’re really sickening!!!

  83. kathryn lebel says:


  84. Cogito Ergo Sum says:

    One year after this went public the question begs: was anything ever done about it?

  85. Roddshooter says:

    Rachel Maddow talking about someone else as a fraud? RACHEL MADDOW??? MSNBC??? LMFAO LOL LOL

  86. Louis Napoleon says:

    He is a sorry little boy, living his father’s life out in public, never leaving his father’s shadow. Most young men strive for independence and rebel from such influence – Donald is still a wee child.

  87. Robert Pol says:

    For me only curiosity is what he willby talking after reading bible.

  88. Noneof Yourbusiness says:

    I remember DT from tv interviews in the 90s. Told myself then that he was a snake oil salesman. Boggles my mind that the US public can be so dense. Another reason civilized places consider the US as a bunch of illiterate country hicks. Why not elect Paris Hilton as your next president, she wouldn't be any worse than what you have now.

  89. Lorraine Roberts says:

    Rachel. What happen to your reporting you are obsessed with trump, how about reporting on real American issues heathcare, education, minimum wage and green new deal. Shame on you. Every night for three years you say the same thing , it's getting very old.

  90. ViolentHistoryChannel says:

    Who are millionaires working for billionaires?

    Talking heads on TV
    Same team, just two different factions of the same snake….

  91. Wesley Smith says:

    Terds below and above!

  92. J Broussard says:

    …and yet he is our President. Seems smart.

  93. Micky Deloach says:

    My president has the best tax Attornies in the world! Try it!!

  94. fredflints says:

    trump must have had dirt on his dad. how despicable!

  95. Elvira-Irina Reisinger says:

    It's October 2019, do the Dems know about this? They slow!

  96. Aussie Shane says:

    👽👽👽👽👽 DONALD J TRUMP 👽👽👽👽👽

  97. Look Foote says:

    Rachel, you are such a cow. I can't understand how people can waste their time watching you!

  98. Dony Corpuz says:

    Funny how you could have critized Mr Trump before he became President, but no he is against your leftest ideals and fake news again, he is our duely elected POTUS and will be 2020, BOOM

  99. Brown Hermit says:

    I haven't visited this site before. My idiotic nit-wit alert went off when I did, though. You people are stupid.

  100. doctordeduction says:

    If the bag man had placed the chips on the roulette table in a one time bet on a number and he lost would the exchange have been legal?

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