Free Government personal loan scheme for disabled person NHDFC 2018 Tamil

Hello friends!!! in this video we will see about “National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC)” scheme this scheme has been introduced on 24 January 1997 and started lets see in detail about who is applicable for this scheme?and what benefits?and in which bank we can clarify about this? disabled person eligibility 1. Any Indian Citizen with 40% or more disability. but i am not quite sure what they mean about 40% but it is better to check with bank (i will say in some mins) 2. Age above 18 years. 3. Relevant educational / technical / vocational qualification/ experience and background what are benefits we get? 1. small business upto 5 lakhs 2. to purchase commercial vehicle and to start the business upto 10 lakhs 3. for setting up a small industrial unit upto 25 lakhs 4. For Agricultural activities follow this website ‘’ to see all information about this scheme. we can set multiple languages in this website. click on ‘how to obtain a loan’? and follow the page why should we follow this page is because, to inquire anything with bank so, to get the bank name and contact details we follow this. select the appropriate state from this drop down list..i select ‘tamilnadu’ click the flag to reveal the bank name and contact details in this we see ‘’ navigate to link for personal banking and follow the link loan to physically challenged if we notice, we see the information where we already saw from nhdfc website but only one that doesn’t i see is, 25 lakhs i am not sure why i dont see here, anyway you can with the bank about that to know detailed about this scheme follow the clink from nhdfc

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  1. ashik a says:

    Any gov job for Colour Blindness person

  2. karthee ban says:

    Tq bro

  3. livingstun m says:

    Bro . 6% வட்டி . ஆண்டு வட்டியா? (அ) மாத வட்டியா?

  4. Ramesh Narayanan says:

    livingstun வங்கியில் வட்டி என்றாலே வருடத்திற்குதான்…

  5. GANESH B says:

    G handicaptkku v2la iruntha mariya ethavathu vala iruntha sollunga &eesiya please g

  6. Leema Rosy says:

    bro enga Anna vuku wright hand elbow joint la irunthu oru accident la poiruchu avangalukku 2 girl baby and one boy baby government la irunthu ethavathu uthavi vangurathu eppadi (person is uneducated) please help him

  7. shiva s says:

    Pension scheme online la apply pandra mari sollunga anna pls

  8. martin baskar ias says:

    Sir ithu distance education ok aguma sir pls inform sir

  9. Anand kollihills says:

    bro stroke handicap listla varuma

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