(FREE) Gunna x Roddy Ricch Type Beat 2019 – “Starboy” | Free Trap Type Beat 2019


16 comments on “(FREE) Gunna x Roddy Ricch Type Beat 2019 – “Starboy” | Free Trap Type Beat 2019”

  1. Gibbo Beats says:

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  2. Noah Cuz says:

    hard 🔥

  3. bolaxabeatz says:

    I already signed up for your channel💰💎💸

  4. Silver Palm Records says:

    I see you gibbo

  5. LIL KEY says:


  6. Heat On Da Beat says:

    awesome 👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. The Skylark says:

    U killed it again bro 🔥

  8. Beats & Instrumentals by Grizzly Beatz says:

    This beat is lit

  9. Based Yung says:

    Those drums slap bro. Check out my beats. We should work together💯

  10. Олсоск Лрлрлрл says:

    Pijam lenn jasum fenej pijem lennee sakam lenn ejj ko ke pijam lenn sum fin ko na cocain ee ne sakm samo lenn dojsmi dve casi i spraite i nekoj sirup protiv kaslica i nekekoj drug

  11. PVNOS Beats says:

    love these 808s man 🔥

  12. Prod. Kish says:


  13. GARIBEATS says:

    Shiesh bro, this is it chief🙏🏻

  14. Trippin Beats says:

    Thats a fkn banger you allow me to upload? 🔥

  15. WAX says:

    Melodie is nice 🔥 hat's Roll creazy 🔥 Miau 🔥💥🔥💥

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