Friendly Societies and Credit Unions (Regulatory Improvements) Amendment Bill – Committee Stage – ..

the question be now put those of those in favor say aye to the contrary no the question will be put the question is that David Seaman was amendment to Clause 4 in amendment inserting new Clause 42 a city out on SOP number 40 be agree to those in favor say aye to the contrary no the noes have it party boat is called for the club to conduct a party vote it will be done so in silence New Zealand national 55 boats post UV on labor forty six votes proposed New Zealand first nine votes opposed Green Party eight votes a post acne villain one proudly in favor older folks will be conducted in silence members the eyes are one the nose 118 the SOP has not agreed to the question is that David seemed was amendment inserting new Clause number seven sit out on SOP number forty we agree to thousands of those in favor say aye to the country no the noes have it I’m sorry our party vote has been called for the clerk will conduct the patty third New Zealand national 35 votes opposed use the only forty six votes opposed New Zealand food nine votes opposed green card eight votes opposed why don’t favor members the eyes the one of the nose are hundred and eighteen the question it’s not agreed to the question is that parts one and two the schedule the clauses 1 2 3 as amended just no sorry apologies clauses 1 2 3 stand part those in favor say aye to the contrary no the eyes have it I will report this bill without amendment their houses June mr. speaker the committee has considered the friendly societies and credit unions regulatory improvements amendment fell and reports it without amendment Mr Speaker I move that the report be adopted the question is the report be adopted those of that opinion was a I country no the eyes heaven the bill oh sit down for third reading sitting down I call on members order of the day number two domestic violence victim Victims Protection bill said

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