Friends Discuss Their Money Secrets

Have you ever gone on a
date for a free meal? Oh, yeah. Let me
just think of when. How much money do
you make a year? I, I probably make
between $15,000 and $20,000 a year. If I’m being
generous with myself. $35,000. I think
around $40,000. How much money do you
make in a year? Oh my God. I’m so jealous. I
could make anywhere between like $10,000 during the year,
but then I could also make up
to like $50,000. I would say somewhere
around six figures. Okay. Okay, cool. Have you ever gone on a
date for a free meal? No. Oh, yeah. Let me just
think of when. Yesterday I went on a
date to the Boston Market. Times are hard. No. I’m going to try
that. No, I haven’t. I feel like I want to
try that. I think I actually was in a relationship
for just going out for free meals. There we
go. Six months of my life I wasted. And
she looked healthy. I have never done that
because even when I have tried to do that,
they don’t pay. So… You’ve tried. I tried. You just sit in the
restaurant and then they’re like, so I left my
wallet in the car. They’re like, you can
go to the A.T.M.. Oh my Gosh. How much debt
do you think that I’m in? You? Yes. Probably like, I want to say like $75,000 in student
loans or something. Wow. We’ve actually never
talked about this. No. Was I right? No. Oh, is it more? Well, this is something that
I can reveal about myself that is personal. You have no
student loans. When my grandpa died, his
dying wish was to pay off my student loans.
Oh my God. That was his dying wish? That was his dying wish. He valued education. So you’re not in
debt that means? I’m currently not
in debt. I actually don’t know what
to say because I’m so in debt. Oh my Gosh. I think I’m going to
be paying off my student loans until I’m 50. But hopefully at some point
I’ll be making enough money that I could make
up my payments from like below minimum.
Yeah. Yeah. None. I just went to
community college, paid it off pretty quickly. Yeah. Yeah, plenty of debt it’s
just not student loans. Yeah. I just figured mine
out the other day, actually. I have pretty
much water on $14,000 left. So I paid off a
lot of it, I went to Rutgers. But yeah,
$14,000 left. So a few years. Have you ever ignored
a Venmo request? Like, hello. Where’s my money? Yes. No. I’ll send money
back to people. So like if someone is
insisting that they owe me for something, but maybe I
wanted to buy it. I’ll send it back and
the note will just be ‘nah’. Excited and
uncomfortable. Probably embarrassed sometimes. I
feel like at my age I could have
more money put away. Could be in
a better situation. Talking about money I
think can be uncomfortable with our age group because
I do think that amongst people our age, there
is kind of an uncomfortableness with saying
that, you know, you’re not
struggling financially. It’s like trendy to
be, yeah, financially unstable. That’s true.

22 comments on “Friends Discuss Their Money Secrets”

  1. Krutarth Bhatt says:

    It is amazing how people in states can make 11/13$ an hour while waiting tables but in India we can't make a respectable income during college days.

  2. Claire Panda says:

    Oooh nooo Did she just say “It’s trendy to be financially unstable”? I heard a “not” in there but it didn’t come from the same woman saying that statement 😰

  3. lll says:

    It's sad how random the student loan stuff is. The one girl had 75k paid off through no effort of her own (ie luck from her family). The other girl will be in debt till she is 50.

  4. Zachary Laid Finding Freedom says:

    Financial minimalism or in other words, being cheap.

  5. Federico Vasquez says:

    Gram Stephen where you at ?

  6. ali ali says:

    Adults on dates should pay for themselves, not pay for the other person. I'd be embarrassed if someone paid for me, I'm not their kid. Also, only fools think its "trendy" to be financially unstable.

  7. Isaiah Lali says:

    And yet they're all subscribed to Netflix and are loyal Amazon prime customers.

  8. kurrah100 says:

    its trendy to be financially unstable? no wonder she makes 11K a year. loose the hipster glasses and get a real job. work a day or two in the week

  9. BelowZeroO says:

    thats why i dont pay for the girls meal lol. EQUALITY MAH NIBBAS

  10. N Mazz says:

    Whoop whoop Rutgers shout out

  11. whatever04 says:

    Student loan debt seems to be a serious issue in America.

  12. K Dilli says:

    What she said at the end actually seems to be true. My broke "friends" love to laugh at their terrible financial situation. They actually give me shit for having no debt and a savings account.

  13. Nourhan MMKhalil says:

    Huge gender gap oh my god

  14. kurrah100 says:

    To Hipster girl with the glasses – i know you're reading the comments.
    Fix yo-self before you wreck yo-self

  15. RichestYou says:

    Wow! This whole video was scary. The majority of them don’t know how much they make. DEBT is SLAVERY…a choice you’re making.

  16. Tania Martinez says:

    Graham is going to have a heart attack with how much they spent on eating out!

  17. Jake Thiringer says:

    I used to bus tables for Joe and Nico when they were both servers. Super weird seeing them on this video…..

  18. HowlBeast says:

    1st 53secs made me reevaluate my life.!! I'm 10yrs older than them 23yr paralegal old & 7 on the finance associate.
    WTF am I doing?? Great content and motivational purposes

  19. Mario Rafael says:

    I was surprised by Jenna's answer I almost make 38k a year in a third world country. I thought tbh most Americans made 40k again it's a taboo talking about money cause my relatives never mention that Everytime I go to the US.

  20. Blake None says:

    And that's why I don't pay for the first date.

  21. Christian B says:

    Six figures? Oof

  22. doomtomb3 says:

    Guys dont get free meals on dates. What is this line of questioning

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