From Car Batteries to Bank Loans

Today on Designing Spaces,
meet a car battery you can really rely on,
Walmart’s EverStart will never disappoint you. In the market for an
energy efficient door? There’s only one place to
call, Builders FirstSource. When it comes to finding a
contractor you can trust, Contractor Connection makes
it easy to get connected with one. The thought of home finance
giving you the blues? M&T Bank will help turn
that frown, upside down. Designing Spaces begins now. (music)
Just a typical day for the Champagne family,
morning routine in high gear. Coffee? Yes please. I have such a busy day today. Yeah? Yes. Jaden? Yeah? Can you come here? What do you want
for breakfast bud? Cereal. Cereal? Okay awesome lets get
some cereal for Jaden. Jaden, you excited
for Jackson’s birthday? Yeah. You’re getting a gift for him
today, huh? Mm hmm. How was soccer last night bud? I meant to ask you. Good. Did you make some new friends? Yeah. Did you score a goal? Yeah. Of course
he scored a goal. – Good job, bud. – Alright sweetie,
we’re leaving, okay? Okay. – Have a great day. – Alright, have a great day
too. Bye bud, I love you. Bye, love you too. ( music)
– The battery’s dead. With a list of stops to make,
there was no time for the car to stop. We have this
awesome day planned, errands to run, and
what do you know? Our battery’s dead. So the car won’t start? Just won’t start. – I’m gonna have to get your
keys and get a jump so we can get our day started. – We have jumper cables, so
hopefully Curt can figure it out so we can get our day going. – [Curt] Gonna have to
figure out where we can get a battery. – In the meantime I’m gonna
go inside, do some research online, see if I a
find myself a battery. My first thought is, go to, see what they have in stock. Sure enough, they have
something to fit our Tahoe. (instrumental country music)
– Thank goodness that Walmart is basically a one-stop shop. Checked online, they
have the battery we need. – That was perfect. – That was perfect. – [Attendant] Good morning,
welcome to Walmart Auto Care Center, how can I help you? – Good morning, we
have a dead battery. – [Attendant] You’ve come
to the right location. Why you don’t come inside
so we can help you out? – Okay, perfect. Oh yeah, look
at all the batteries. Perfect. You said that you have
issues with your battery. Yeah, the battery
died this morning, we had to jump the vehicle and–
– And I went online at and I saw that we
put our make and model in and maybe you had
something to offer. – We do have the EverStart
batteries, they’re a great battery, and we have
different warranties that we can offer for you. Also, we can check and
test the battery for free and install it for free. – [Hunter] That’s great. – All at the same location. – Warranty’s awesome. – That’s wonderful. – Let me introduce you to
Winton, our battery specialist. – [Winton] Good morning. – Great to meet you. – Hi, nice to meet you. – Let me show you what we got. – Thank you. – What kind of
truck do y’all have? – 2010 Chevy Tahoe. – We looked online and saw
you maybe carried EverStart. – We carry EverStart,
have been for 20 years. H6 will be what
you guys require. It’s designed along the exact
same dimensions, requirements that came in your truck
so it’s a perfect fit. They had done their
homework online. They knew that the H6
was the battery for their vehicle. – What about warranty? Do you guys do
anything like that? – Warranty on the Maxx,
which is what we’re gonna put in your truck, is a five-year
warranty, three year free replacement. If you have a problem anywhere
in the country you take it back to any Walmart and your
warranty will be honored. – That’s convenient. – That’s great. – Walmart was close
by so it’s convenient, Hunter was able to look up
online to make sure the battery was in stock,
and we’re here now getting it installed. – Is there an installation fee? – No installation fee. – Free installation? – Completely free installation. – [Curt] I like that. – [Hunter] That’s great. – What happens to
our old battery? – Walmart is into the
sustainability business. We take ’em back–
– Oh wow. – So 99% of everything that
comes out of these batteries goes back into other
consumer products. – That makes me happy. – That’s great. – You’re getting a top-rated
battery at a Walmart value price, so let’s get
your installation going. – Thank you so much. – So far, customer
service has been great, very informative, they talked
about warranties, battery options for our
Jet ski, our truck. It’s great. – Installation has
started, Curt’s gonna wait. In the meantime, since we’re
at Walmart, I’m gonna get some shopping done with Jaden,
go buy a birthday present, and we’ll get it all
done in one stop. – Hunter and Jaden are off
shopping, I’m just waiting and should be done soon. – [Hunter] That matches
your soccer shoes too. Good job, bud. We’re here at Walmart,
everyone is so friendly and so informative that I’m even
learning some stuff about batteries, which is great. They have a battery for us. (horn honks)
– Now they’re gonna pull the truck in the back with a
trained technician is gonna use state-of-the-art testing
equipment to make sure that the battery is, in fact,
the problem. It’ll test the battery,
they’ll test the system, make sure that when they
leave here they’re gonna be completely satisfied. [Narrator] Once the battery
has been selected, the installation by Walmart’s
trained and certified technicians is quick and easy. Plus, Walmart Auto Care Centers
recycles all batteries that are replaced, taking the
best care of their customers and the environment. – EverStart seems to
be a great product. Excited to have it in the truck. – So how was your experience? – Experience was great. – It was awesome. – Thank you for choosing
EverStart batteries. – Thank you so much. – Thanks again. Have a nice one. Providing the power to keep your
vehicles going strong, EverStart knows
performance is not an option, it’s an expectation. Their favorite sound is
an engine roaring to life. (upbeat music)
As a Fort Worth homeowner, avid gardener
and parent of grown children, Ana Villarreal appreciates
the importance of energy savings in her home. A big part of energy
efficiency starts with the exterior door. – Definitely my front door is,
there’s hardly any lighting coming in, so it’s extremely
dark in my hallway. I think a brand new
door with more glass, more lighting is
gonna help overall. Not only the lighting,
but I feel it would also help the electricity bill. There’s many things that it,
advantages that it could have in switching out my front door. Ana wanted to make
sure a new door was not just affordable and energy
efficient, but also provided a lot more lighting to her home. She found what she was looking
for at her local Builders FirstSource. – We find there are a multitude
of reasons that folks decide to upgrade their front doors,
from energy efficiencies, to aesthetics, to security. The entryway is probably
the least challenging and aesthetically most pleasing
way to upgrade your home. – You mentioned you were
looking for a wood door, and here’s some wood option,
and you have different types of glass. You have different
privacy ratings. – [Narrator] It should be easy
for a homeowner or builder to find the perfect
exterior door or building materials
needed for a home renovation or construction project. Builders FirstSource is a
Fortune 500 company, with over 400 locations in 40
states and Alaska. That means a wide range
of exterior door products available from a large company. But also, the personalized
attention at the local level. – Here, you have
different glass options. This is the flemish
grain glue chip. This will offer you a little
bit more of a privacy. It’s the rain glass,
privacy rating number eight, which will go exactly with
what you’re looking for. – I really like that one. I think I’d wanna
go with that one. – Okay, we can go with that. – Okay. Ana’s receiving information from
knowledgeable and competent sales people. It’ll allow her to make
decisions to stay on time and within budget
for her project. (drill whirring)
(music) – Ana received a door
that she had selected through our knowledgeable
and experienced team that supplied the products. We actually offered
more than a product, we offer the solution,
and Ana seems greatly pleased with it. With installation of her new
exterior door completed, it means
more security and lighting for Ana. And more energy
efficiency for her family. – Hello Ana. – Hi. – So what do you think? – It looks awesome. – Turned out
beautiful, didn’t it? – [Ana] It looks beautiful. – You’re happy with the glass? – The glass is just
what I was looking for. – So that gives you your privacy
and yet, it’s gonna let light come in as well. – I definitely feel that
I’m gonna see the energy efficiency come into play. The door’s beautiful. The privacy is awesome. The lighting is
great, I love it. To learn more about Builders
FirstSource and its complete line of
exterior door products, go to their website, Or go to
to see this portion of the show again. (upbeat music)
A home remodeling project can improve the value of
your home, but pre-planning for the project is crucial. – The home improvement project
can be a huge undertaking. It’s important that you
plan as best as you can. Making sure you have
the right pre-planning done in advance is really
gonna lead to less stress, a quicker project, and overall
better quality project, and obviously more
satisfaction for you. – [Narrator] So before getting
started, homeowners should ask the following question:
– How do I plan for a remodel project? First, all good projects start
with preparation. You need to make initial
decisions on your project so it starts off correctly. – Before you actually start
any project, there are several steps you probably
oughta consider. First, you wanna
collect visual ideas. You wanna get some inspiration
of what it is you want your project to look
like when it’s done. What kind of materials
do you wanna include, and what’s the scope of the
project that you have in front of you. Second, you wanna think about
the contractors that you’re gonna engage in the process
and research those folks, understand what
their background is, what their quality of work is,
and really kind of credential them for the overall project. Third, you wanna fully
understand the contract behind the project and what you
should expect at the end of the project from your contractor. Next, you need to set the
correct expectations for the project. First, you can’t expect that
your project will go flawlessly, every project is
gonna run across challenges from time to time. You also wanna plan for delays,
because they will come up during your project, and you
wanna have a plan so that you will help to avoid frustration
for you and your contractor. Finally, keep to a constant
communication plan for timely completion
of the project. – It’s important that you’re
communicating with your contractor on a regular
basis because it establishes a rapport and it establishes
a cadence to the overall project. If you’re not communicating
effectively, then it can lead to challenges and struggles
that really can lead to a poor project, and lead
to larger issues that you really don’t wanna
have to deal with. – [Narrator] For more
information, visit,
or go to (upbeat music)
– Whether you’re a first-time home buyer,
a move up home buyer, or even planning for your
retirement, mortgage lending does not have to be
a difficult process. I’m here looking at some
new construction homes with my son, and to meet with M&T
Bank senior vice president of mortgage lending,
Scott Vahue. He’s gonna go over some
available mortgage options for me, but first I wanna
check out this house. (upbeat music)
– Ahh. There you go, are you gonna take
a bath? – Yeah. – Laura, what’d you
think about the house? – I love it, I love
this kitchen by the way. I love the white cabinets
and I love that it’s an open kitchen because I have a
son, obviously, and I like to see what he’s doing and
where he’s playing, so I think that’s a big thing for families. – Oh yeah. – They love open kitchens. – Moving can be stressful
enough and we try to make it as easy and as simple as we can. On top of that, we like to have
a really broad product menu so folks only have one
place that they need to come to when they need their
mortgage financing done. – What’s the first step
for a new home buyer? – First step for a new home
buyer is you should really come up with a budget
of what you can afford. From there, you really need
to move to, “Where do I “wanna live? “What type of house
to I wanna have? “Do I wanna be in a
condo, a townhouse? “Do I wanna be in
a big development?” Things like that, then you
can move on to, “What are the “best ways for me
to finance that?” – [Narrator] And whether it’s
new construction to build your dream home, a home
purchase or even a fixer upper, M&T Bank has you
covered with a variety of financing options. – Can you walk me through
some of the mortgage options that are out there? – The first, and this is
probably what suits maybe 70-75% of the population would be
your traditional 30-year fixed-rate kind of mortgages. You might have
heard of Fanny May or Bernie Mac
– Yes. – or FHA and things like that. That really helps
a lot of people. But associated with those
are all kinds of assistance programs for
first-time home buyers and folks that buy in certain
areas around the country. Those are where it
gets really complex. What really surprises most
people is they think, “I gotta “have 20% down,” or
something like that. “I’ve gotta have
perfect credit.” That’s not true at all. Folks can get into houses
for less than $1000. There’s even some very targeted
programs where you don’t even need any cash
to close on them. – [Narrator] For those that
already own a home, M&T Bank offers a wide range of
refinance mortgage options that allow home owners the ability
to tap equity to consolidate debts, make home improvements,
lower their current interest rate, or adjust the
term of their loan to pay off sooner or reduce
their payment. – I didn’t know there were
so many options when it came to mortgages. I had no idea that you could
a bridge loan if you had a house and you couldn’t
sell it right away. I had no idea that you could
get a construction loan, a renovation loan. That’s why I know it’s so
important to actually talk to a lender. – Best thing that happens is
you find out other options you may not have thought about. You may find out about free
money, grant down payment programs, that you had no idea,
or even really discounted rates. We’ve talked about first-time
home buyers, repeat home buyers, and every single
one of those segments could include seniors, so very
important aspect of our product offering, and frankly, an
important aspect to being the community back. – I’m a widow and I would
like to go into a retirement community, but my husband
used to do all the mortgage matters and I just don’t know,
where do I begin? – Have you thought about
how you’re gonna afford this new house? – Well, I heard about a
reverse mortgage out there, but I’m not sure I know
that much about it. – A reverse mortgage is
a really neat financial planning tool. As a senior, we have financial
counseling requirements so these are actually
certified financial counselors that run through what your
situation is and really help you understand what some
of your best options are in addition to what your
loan officer or bank may be telling you. – That would be one thing
that I would’ve been worried about if he didn’t tell me. That gives me a really
good peace of mind. Nowadays many banks also offer
online tools to help get people started. At M&T they have an online
and mobile app where you can get pre-approved or play with
different payment scenarios to determine
corresponding loan sizes. – You always hear that
term, pre-approval. Why is it so important
to be pre-approved? – If you think of what’s
recently happened in the housing market,
there are all these people that are trying to buy houses
and there’s not enough houses for sale, so when you go
to a realtor and say, “I wanna put an offer on your
“house,” they won’t even let you put one in until
you have a pre-approval. Being a part of the communities
we serve is super important. It all feeds into what’s
long-term best for our communities, and it may
sound a little bit corny but I always think about Jimmy
Stewart in “It’s A Wonderful Life”, and that’s the kind
of banker we wanna be. That’s the kind of place M&T is. Being in the mortgage
business, we’re really in the American Dream business. For more information on
available mortgage options, visit the M&T Bank
website at, or go to our website at (uplifting music) Home repairs, it’s part of the
annual cost of owning a home that
everyone should plan for. – The general rule of thumb
is an estimation of 1-2% of your property home’s value
set aside every year for potential maintenance, and
that’s general maintenance. If you’re talking
about remodeling projects, you’re talking
about a whole different story. Which brings the million dollar
question that home owners ask
themselves every day: – Should I do it myself
or hire a contractor? To answer that question, we
asked the experts. Before starting any project
always consider the dangers that lie ahead. – First, from a safety
perspective, really think about, do you have the knowledge
and the skills to be able to complete that project safely? And protecting the
value of your home. It’s the biggest asset
that you likely have and a general contractor, a
professional contractor is going to really help
protect that value through quality work at the
end of the project. Experience is also important. How much experience do you
have compared to a contractor? – Small projects like painting
a room or replacing the screens in your house are
great do-it-yourself projects, but when you get into a larger
project it’s really about having the right knowledge,
skills and abilities to be able to complete that
project effectively. – [Narrator] Finally, cost
savings is the big reason for most DIY projects, but
you should also consider the value of your own time. – [Lance] First, could a
contractor get better materials for a better overall cost? Second, will a professional
complete the project more timely than you can
complete it yourself? Third, are you gonna get a
workmanship warranty when the completed repairs if
you do it yourself? And lastly, the
biggest question is, is that the best
use of your time? If you do decide to a
professional contractor, can
provide you with a vetted, licensed and insured contractor
who will provide timely work, quality work, and
a three-year workmanship warranty on the
completed project. – [Narrator] For more
information, visit For more information on
anything you’ve see on today’s show, or to be a part of
the show, go to our website, You can visit these websites
to learn more about the participants on this
edition of Designing Spaces. (upbeat music)

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