Frontier Software Client Story – Latitude Financial Services

It’s such a simple and efficient and
effective system to use It’s stable it’s credible it’s accurate. The fact that you can learn it quickly And it can do everything you need to do. It’s legislatively compliant. It’s got all the bells and whistles that you expect from a really high quality system. The front end or the Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service functionality is brilliant I think it’s second to none It’s simple it’s easy to use it’s intuitive And then that’s backed up by a
a world-class reliable system That’s always on, that has never had any downtime for us at all It’s one of the best payroll platforms
out there you can’t go wrong Latitudes journey with Frontier Software
began about 18 months ago when I got into this role. it was a really exciting
time with lots of strategic change lots of transformation and a
massive growth agenda We recognized very quickly that the payroll system was suffering we had a lot of risk that we were carrying in the old way of doing things and we needed to remove that we had a five-month window in which to
purchase, build and integrate the payroll system with our own Workday software that we were building at the same time in a payroll provider when we went out
to market we were looking for a stable, credible, consistent, accurate system I made the call to Frontier Software sales team And said can you come and have a chat as part of the process we were running And we talked about the risk areas we talked about how Frontier Software could partner with us and work towards a future state that would be low risk and dependable and reliable and out at all that Frontier Software was the obvious choice what Frontier Software were able to do was to come in with a complete end-to-end solution integrations with all of our other software integrations with all of our other IT systems and just create a succinct bundle we knew where we wanted
to go they could do it the system catered for all our needs and so it was a pretty much a slam-dunk we liked the consultant based
implementations Frontier Software do the consultant came in, sat with us, worked with us, taught us some of the things we sort of collaborated on the building of
the system and in the end smashed the target and made it in time didn’t didn’t
lose any money and and everything’s running really smoothly on all marks Frontier Software were able to deliver and it was done very seamlessly we’ve paid everybody accurately since day one and that’s been a massive assistance to us I would suggest that people who are
looking for a payroll service speak to Frontier Software Their business development salespeople are excellent They’re not going to sell you
a dream they’ll sell you the truth and I think that’s really important they’ll look at what your solution needs to do and explain what chris can do to meet
those needs pick up the phone and you won’t be disappointed

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