Banks are really great for society. Debt is the best! Go democracy! It’s great to pay tax and buy property! Yay! Lets support the economy! Catch the train and get a job in the CBD. Get yourself a degree from university. Wars are good for humanity! And there’s no such thing as the illuminati. You could be rich like your boss one day. Keep doing your job. Everything’s okay. You’ll get a paid holiday soon! Better save up your frequent flyer points! We think rich people are great. The one percent are just like you and me. They do normal things like normal people. There’s nothing suss about Bohemian Grove. Boom, Boom, Boom! This is just another song. Ring-a-Ding Ding! Nothing special about this one. We wish they’d put this song on the radio – Because we’re attention seeking fame whores. That’s normal behavior. The UN is great! Nations working together – They only do good things like ending poverty. Everything you see on the news is a fact. DOM AND ADRIAN AREN’T EVEN OUR REAL NAMES! There’s nothing weird about the moon, it’s normal. If you think otherwise, you’re mentally ill. Reality is exactly what it looks like, nothing more. Go buy nice things from a department store. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are great. What’s so bad about a one world government anyway? “Chemtrails” are just exhaust fumes from jet engines. Snopes is a trustworthy source of information! It takes money to make money! Keep saving! Corporations are cool and amazing! It’s great that Governments can read our emails! You’ve got nothing to be afraid of! Boom, Boom, Boom! This is just a normal song, Ring-a-Ding Ding, nothing special about this one. Our real names are Christiaan and Nick – We’ve got girlfriends, and Christiaan has kids. Buying nice things is really great – Money is real, and currency is great. You should work harder and save some more money – Then buy a house, and pay it off before you die. It’s healthy to watch more TV – TV is great for your brain, you see. Famous people are just normal people – When you meet them… they’re normal. … Same… Celebrities do things for charity! – They raise awareness of world issues! Rupert Murdoch is very successful and cool! I pay for all my entertainment! You should watch entertainment legally! Soft drinks aren’t THAT bad for you. Corporations have our best interests at heart – And Lizard People aren’t a thing. In all seriousness though, guys – If anyone from the Illuminati is watching – Please reach out to us, ASAP. We’re sick and tired of struggling. We’ll do anything to get into the Illuminati. We’ll finger a fish, fuck a squirrel, whatever. We’ll totally even suck off old dudes. We’d kill a person if that’s what you want. Boom, Boom, Boom! This is just another normal song! Ring-a-Ding Ding, nothing special about this one! DOM AND ADRIAN AREN’T EVEN OUR REAL NAMES! We’re Christiaan and Nick, and we’ll kill a person! It feels like our shitty careers have peaked – We’ve done all we can without the dark lord Lucifer’s help and guidance. We find the entertainment industry quite stressful. So come on, please… Let us join the Illuminatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Triangle, triangle, eye, pyramid, sun, eye.

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  1. ZiMRA says:

    its wicked

  2. Jools UK says:


  3. CC-4477 says:

    I would buy it on iTunes, but then again:
    "I download all my shit for free"

  4. Mateus Dantas says:


  5. Doll House says:

    'money isn't even a thing' … love it

  6. Stealth_Pool says:

    @1:00 average Australian conversation

  7. Stealth_Pool says:

    @1:00 average Australian conversation

  8. camo_ says:

    is that stonemountain64? lmao

  9. Carter Stratman says:

    Why do these people remind me of Mordecai and Rigby

  10. Adriaan Cilliers says:

    Personal fave

  11. Anthony Tooley says:

    Dude FUCK YES

  12. Rhodesia Mukiwa says:

    Classic COINTEL – so a load of real important issues all mixed in with reptilians and an alien spacecraft and other ridiculous BS, if you have missed that this is to program most that watch it to think of geoengineering, or ban the fed, royal bloodlines and secret societies… as nothing but an entertaining joke, you've been chumped again because most that watch it will think just that.

  13. WatchNox says:

    I love the show

  14. Joel Kingston says:


  15. Aida Farhat says:

    Awesome!!! "😜😜😜

  16. Arcage Hutton says:


    IT's mad!

  17. cSIKES says:

    I love having captions turned on.

  18. Jerrin Joseph says:

    contradictory captions … genius

  19. Arnaud Flament says:

    As non-english native, can someone put the real lyrics in the comments or somewhere else?

  20. Texxi Mac says:

    only just saw this…… only the waking will grasp the truth of it…ive now been awake for 3 years ! ….. its all here…except the nasty plieadians whos deception of love has enlaved us for eons…put that in your next one hahaaa… well done !!! love it !

  21. Ascendaeus says:

    I Download All my Shit for Free!!!

  22. Camcom says:

    When is the new soul mates? Is there even gonna be new soul mates or have you two fucked off to bohemian grove?

  23. Ian Alonso says:

    The captions on this video are hilarious.

  24. Xenowatch Chronicles says:

    And fuck the red team

  25. Tatyana O says:

    I'm going to university not because I want to earn money, or because I'm being forced to by my parents. I'm going in order to further my knowledge and my understanding of the world, and to also further my education after that with medical school. it will be tough and difficult, but it is all for science and the great voyage for knowledge, never, ever even for a second, for money. fuck the 9-5 schedule; I want to work my ass off on a 24 hour-shift where I learn and suffer and be productive. this video just shows the truth in a harsh way, and anyone that doesn't believe all of these truths will perish

  26. Yowie Man says:


  27. Adeline Parker says:

    Has anyone actually watched this with the subtitles? If not, you're in for a whole new experience lol.

  28. ItsNeverTooColdForIcecream says:

    an ad played before this…fucking capitalism. great satire video by the way

  29. Todd Mehlhoff says:

    Lmao the cc are great totally brainwashing and social engeneerring at its finest lmao

  30. Todd Mehlhoff says:

    OMG I just noticed all the stocks are named after satan well all the different names of satan

  31. Ichabod Crane says:

    There is no real MONEY only DEBT. Worthless pieces of paper (fiat currency) backed up by nothing.

  32. Blueapples says:

    sick song lads!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. -Jeex - says:

    There's a secret message in the captions. Turn on the captions and see if you can decode the truth like I did.

  34. J-Rides says:

    fuck i love you

  35. John Doee says:

    Jews not naming the Jews responsible…typical

  36. Maester Willy of the House of Boink says:

    not available…

  37. The Technicolor Nightmare says:

    Just want you guys to know, I'm a musician in the United States, as a matter of fact in a place where we're considered ignorant hillbillies, and I see the intellect and social commentary in everything you guys do. I'm glad you're staying with it, and I appreciate your musical ability and intellect in trying to spread the truth. The best way to do it is obviously to make people laugh and think at the same time, and I believe you guys are at the height of the highest callings. Keep on.

  38. The Technicolor Nightmare says:

    Yahweh, Buddha, Allah, Zeus, Baal, Molloch, Set, Enki, Krishna, Mammon. Just seriously, goddamn brilliant.

  39. Alexandria Scott says:


  40. ice man says:


  41. Empress Prupatine says:

    This is the best!

  42. Frederick Röders says:

    Youre making it all seem stupid, while the elite actually are fucking up everything for the normal person in this world. Thats the truth…

  43. Mubassir Rahman says:

    oh my god! this is such a well made one…

  44. ilkhgs says:

    F#ck you, but still…

  45. Caoimhin Tew says:

    Fuck the banks and their operating governments and corporations by not using their money at all. Crypto!

  46. raijin199 says:

    stupid anarchist hipsters.

  47. lazylank says:

    The banks just charged me CDN $48 for an NSF! And then charged me a $5 overdraft charge!


  48. GAVSTAAH says:

    holy shitballs i just watched this with the cc on hahahhaha.classic

  49. researchfiend says:

    14:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYE11dpwdHc

  50. Peran says:

    kto ogląda w 2018

  51. Bulk Data says:

    fuckin awesome song ever made

  52. doctea says:

    You guys are amazing

  53. Cabbag32004 says:

    turn on the subtitles its cool

  54. gumbykiwi says:

    the captions for this are great

  55. Cabbag32004 says:

    Is there anyone here, Im sad

  56. Christopher Dieudonne says:


  57. bố chim sẻ đi nắng says:

    Words like anarchism

  58. Indigo Savant says:

    Like "Flight of the Conchords" only REAL !!!

  59. BATTSBLOOD says:

    Sounds accurate

  60. Trevon Simmons says:

    I LOVE you guys so much!

  61. JohnNiemsMusic says:

    BRAVO as you guys KICKED ASS here with the TRUTH! We need to keep doing it too!

  62. Powers Of The Universe TV says:

    And it’s true 😁👉✊💦

  63. Melanie S. says:

    Bold and I love you

  64. This Here says:

    If this gets popular it will be even worse than it is now, I am talking about the ''Woke'' movement, you will see. Marketers are like Chamelions they will adopt to anything that's gaining traction, marketers are a virus like agent smith. You can't become woke overnight it's a gradual process, when youtube feeds you this material like food you are not becoming Woke, rather programmed all over again.

  65. Abyssum Invocad says:

    It hurts, cause its true.

  66. Emily Nisbett says:

    Hahaha the CC

  67. aLtEreD stAteS says:

    published 7 days too early

  68. Jazzysnazzy Jason says:

    Look at the captions

  69. Isaiah Korstjens says:

    Come on Pepsi?

  70. Maloneys Digest says:

    Smart dudes!

  71. SPIRITUAL says:


  72. X Roth says:

    Sik cunts

  73. X Roth says:

    Sik cunts

  74. Melody Moon says:

    love love love 🙂

  75. Mark Walton says:

    AND FUARK YOU ALL. Aimed at you all because you all help create the shit these two clowns are fuhking on about.

  76. Dylano Dylani says:

    Why isnt this famous

  77. Ben Anon says:

    Love you Guys😂👌🔝Track,greetings from Germany✌😀

  78. Jimmy Morrow says:

    I really want to buy Doms Gun shirt.

  79. AceMcClutch says:

    Hahaha the captions. Nice

  80. The Centrist American Muslim says:

    Don't they Realize that New world Order want Communism and Socialism

  81. Nazmus Sakib says:

    best song evre

  82. Comrade Artyom says:

    subtitles just…FUCK

  83. VictoriaWood88888 says:


  84. Buff The Nazi Slayer says:

    This is the wokest song on the web.

  85. Freigeist says:

    Capitalism is the solution, not the problem.

  86. timbolicous says:

    Never been a better time to reprise !

  87. nikita bryun says:

    Bravo. Bravo sirs. Well done well done indeed. I'm belated that you all exist. Like a drop of water in a desert land. Thankyou very much. Definitely underrated . my good friend shared your work to me and WOW. Handshake sirs all around

  88. nikita bryun says:

    Fuck you guys are good.

  89. nikita bryun says:

    Thankyou again.

  90. THE BIBLE BEAST says:

    I don’t know why you guys don’t have many views. Your channel is my favourite I’ve watched all our videos multiple times with multiple accounts.

  91. Ash * says:


  92. Allen Coderre says:

    Some cunt had a baby 😂

  93. Jack Kurtis Productions says:

    Man y'all must have some sick equipment in your mum's basement

  94. Bevan Herd says:

    Stalin approves

  95. MK MORYARTY_ says:

    Jjjj very nice

  96. jesskcanada says:

    "Some cunt had a baby!"

  97. Mud Doronkono says:

    awesome, taking care of business…very cool…[email protected]#k the luifarians

  98. C Allen says:


  99. Hamed Esmaili says:

    Just think what they say. Unfortunately this is what happening to the world economy.

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