Fugu Fighter [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey people! Today we will look at the Fugu Fighter achievement; have at least 3 enemies poisoned at the same
time. There have been multiple changes ever since
this DLC pack was released, like the poison damage update and health update for the enemies, which makes this achievement harder to get
now. But that’s what we’re here for today and if there are any further drastic changes I’ll post a new video. So I’ll do a short explanation of how poison
works first and then we’ll work on the strategy. So as of 30th January 2018 up till today,
March 2018, here’s how poison works. Chance to inflict poison; Shuriken 100%, Kunai 70% and everything else 50%. Poison deals damage over time every 0.5 seconds
for eleven times, except for the Kunai which is only once. Inflicting poison multiple times will not
stack but will refresh the duration, so the second shuriken on a poisoned enemy
will cancel off the first set and begin a fresh set of poison damage. The total poison damage inflicted will be 11 times 250 (total 2750) or a one time 250 for melee. Looking at these stats, the previous favourite Kunai is no longer
viable as chance-to-inflict is not 100% and the poison will wear off by the time we find a 3rd target. The high damage for the other poison weapons
is also an issue as even most Death Sentence enemies will die. And our strategy for today; converts. With Partners in Crime (aced), even a 40 health guard convert will survive
one full set of poison damage so for this we’ll grab all the convert related
skills. If we have at least 2 players, this achievement will be a breeze; just shuriken all 3 converts within 5.5 seconds and once the last shuriken lands the achievement should unlock. Otherwise for a solo player, here’s what we’ll do. For a solo player we’ll have 2 converts so we’ll need a 3rd target; any enemy that has more than 100 health as the Shuriken will do 100 melee damage before inflicting poison. Personally for me, stealth is the easiest way as we can dominate enemies instantly and without
hurting them. And what enemies can we find with more than 100 health and in stealth? Murkies, on Very Hard and above. So either Shadow Raid or Murky Station but Shadow Raid has a longer loud countdown
timer so we’ll use that. So start up Shadow Raid on Very Hard, along with convert skills and optionally, maxed out ECMs. Then we’ll sneak in to the warehouse, drop an ECM if needed and dominate three Murkies. Once stealth breaks, we’ll have one minute to get things done. Convert two Murkies and run to the last one. Once both converts settle down, shuriken both, then the dominate in the body and the achievement will unlock. Alright, so hope this was helpful. Stick around for a gameplay clip and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

9 comments on “Fugu Fighter [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. Janko Petrovic says:

    Please make a tutorial how to scrap metal trophy .

  2. TheShocker says:

    I didn't even know you can poison enemies xD

  3. Damien Evermore says:

    Hey UK, is there a strategy or tactic that you can come up with to get the "Get Off My Property" achievement? I've been struggling with that for a while.

  4. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    do crime spree for this ach

  5. magic goat says:

    Another great video keep up the grear work man

  6. Agustin Pellizzari says:

    You could use the airbow from the h3h3 pack since it has 5 arrows it's kinda easy

  7. Virgo Maquiavelico says:

    Exelent, thanks.

  8. A Human says:

    Is that the interceptor you’re using?

  9. Unknown Knight says:

    Stupid me! Poison proc chance is 100% for all types. The percentage values listed is *chance for poison animation*, also know as vomitting. For No DLC approach, use the Deca Technologies Compound Bow with Poison Arrow mod.

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