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Techie commits suicide due to High Personal loan debt. The opposition party has raised the voice regarding the issue The opposition leader has demanded to waive off all personal loans of techies C M responded to the matter by saying that his government will open center in every area to hear the reasons behind the personal loan of techies After having conversation with everyone , only eligible techies loan will be waived off There is festival going on in my native …..they have posted me in personal loan dept here,so I could not go but they are streaming it in FB live and we can send offerings from Paytm….what a technology you too take aarati …. What’s your name My name is Janardhan Gowda….I am from Mandya I love 2 things …1. MS Excel and 2. Being a software engineer.. …oh both are same…. Oye who asked your story ? Tell me where are you working ? Infosys Sir Oh it’s a nice factory….my brother’s son works there itself is Prakash Kundar….do you know him ? Sir ..first of all it’s not a factory’s a company…. in fact there are more buses in our company than the no of employees in some companies…. So how to identify Prakash or someone … Is it a joke to get job in a company like Infosys….. Actually I had an offer in Infy too….but I choose Flipkart . What Flipkart? Are we out of our mind to waive off loan of delivery boys ??get out Sir I am not a delivery boy….I am technology analyst….. What ever ….d-e-l-i-v-e-r-y b-o-y Now tell me why should be waive off your loan?? I was in love sir … Who you ? Mine is like “ondanondu motte ya kathe” film story I too loved a girl …that too a northie …. our combination was like Ragi ball and Paneer butter masala….. “Don’t fall in love …even if u love don’t fall for personal loan ” I did not know this saying Sir….. “Why is love always in shopping mall ” – I did not know this truth also sir…. My girl used to always say “chahiye chahiye” for everything but I did not have money even for a “chai”… I thought as “Jidhar soch udhar personal loan” and got a personal loan and bought her everything … I think your story is interesting….. Ayyo leave it ….I don’t know if I had interest in life but interest was there at the bank What’s that? Everyone says “Today software engineer are tomorrows filmmakers” Actually today shetru, batru, dolly, chitte pataragitti were all doing coding one day but today all are writing movie stories …. I was also not working at office and was telling stories everyday then I realised why should stop this story writing and do a short movie ?? After that itself I opened a channel called NamduK Please subscribe like comment to NamduK channel and don’t forget to bang the bell icon I wanted to do something in life
In fact I had told this to a friend back in childhood That day he listened to it without saying without a word…. one day after so long he called me and told me he had a wonderful business opportunity and asked me to come to CCD After hearing it I was surprised that why did this idea not come to be before ? What kinda business is it ? As per business norms I can’t reveal the name of the company …. No sir Hai will you get to the point or not ?? Sir I only watched films in multiplex …. in fact my girl very much liked popcorn with caramel cheese and nachos with mayonnaise…. and water …no no only coconut favoured mineral water she used to have sir….. But what to do sir ? She went and settled with a northie guy because he was at on-site and sent me “happy friendship day msg ” sir….. Sir whatever u say ….the value what H1B has got is not there for Aadhar card… For panneer butter masala always butter roti is the correct combination and not Ragi balls …. Don’t take it to heart ….what happened later ? I took a loan and did a short movie …..I gave it to YouTube for round the world distribution So that Netflix and Amazon would come searching for me to my native ” jademaisandra” But I did not even get the views as much as I invested ….. I was standing in silk board signal and begging people to like share and subscribe to our channel …. Sir I was dreaming to become like KEB or Nati factory in Kannada … but now with this loan … My life has turned into a sad story sir Haii what are you saying…atleast explain it properly ? Sir you just have to pay 2.5 lakhs and purchase a product… In simple words it’s chain business You are at centre ….there are people in left and in right … .then below that another left right ….Same way keep continuing … And u will keep on earning….actually many people have made millions out of this Then how are you so broke ….. Sir they became millionaires from our money itself sir…. to make 4 people as millionaires they will bring 4 lakh people to road…that’s there scheme sir…. First when I was in college I did something called D-Bizz…I lost money …. Then I joined Myway….there I lost friends also along with money Then some friend with a tie and an MBA degree came to me and advised to get a personal loan and join Y-Net….. Now I don’t even have money to buy mosquito net ….. Hmm I was in that frustration itself …. In my home they suggested to get married and told me all my problems will disappear So I got married ….the girl is very simple. But those relatives of hers are very expensive….. I spent 5lakhs only on “beegara oota” We got 10 lambs from bunnur….. and from the gifts they gave….I could not even pay 2 months of EMI All of them had two extra pieces and now when I ask for some money…..they say to come afterwards….. Now I am scared to even have a baby…. even the diapers I need to buy in EMIs and above if 18% GST It’s your phone…please pick it…. Sir it’s from the bank….if I don’t repay my loan…they are scaring me to put NPA and send a notice You spent this much money for just a short movie ? Sir…we are IT people ….we don’t live for us..we live for the society….. We buy apartment to maintain status We buy car because we have car parking and buy mobiles because we have exchange offers buy TV just because we have big billion offer …… Also even though we drink only old monk but to update in Instagram we go to pubs…. Even though we don’t have necessity we buy in brand factory and put it in FB….. To maintain all this don’t we need money ….don’t we need loan Are you not ashamed to take loan for such things ?? Sir …these bank folks while giving loan will place gorgeous girls to do all the calls and while recovery they place guys on the call This is where I was screwed …. I couldn’t say no to girl and I took loan…. Personal loan is like full meals of an Andra mess.. you feel like your stomach is full but after half an hour you are again hungry If we r married to one….husband and wife quarrel but if you are married to two… the 2 wives quarrel among each other ….. For clearing loan of HDFC ..I took loan in ICICI…. Then AXIS bank gave a better offer …so I took loan there Even part payment is available I took all this not because I had the need but only because of greed Now I am thinking of leaving all this and do my job honestly sir….. Please waive off our loans Sir….. Till now we had only waived off loans of people who did not have any money Now I am realising the difficulties of people with money as well…. You can enjoy by taking loan but never take personal loan….. I understand your concerns….I will recommend to waive off your loans….. Sir actually there is a business proposal for you….one guy in left and one in right you can add….. get lost bastard

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