Gary B.B. Coleman – The Sky is Crying

The sky is crying Can’t you see the tears roll down the street The sky is crying Can’t you see the tears roll down the street I’ve been looking for my baby And wonder where can she be I saw my baby early one morning She was walking on down the street I saw my baby early one morning She was walking on down the street You know it hurt me, hurt me so bad it made my poor heart skip a beat I got a bad felling, my baby she don’t love me no more I got a real bad felling my baby she don’t love me no more Yah the sky’s crying … Can see you see the tears roll down my nose

100 comments on “Gary B.B. Coleman – The Sky is Crying”

  1. Hope Burks says:

    This brother is genius, so smooth with blues

  2. vinicios oliveira souza says:

    Irmãos brasileiros, alguém por aqui? Levantem a mão por gentileza.

  3. Bruce Kramer says:

    Both the guitar and organ work on this tune are outrageous. That is all.

  4. Justice Heart Liberty says:

    Nobody has other songs to sing

  5. Apoorv Mishra says:

    I love to listen this song when it's raining outside heavily , alone and drinking bourbon.

  6. Sianni Thompson says:

    Soul sailing

  7. Limbo says:

    Son todos re bobos bobinas

  8. Guepard Tacaut says:

    Relax. Ouf je me pose. MERCI 👍🤗🎙

  9. padrianateodora says:


  10. el oudghiri Ahmed says:

    Me on 18 08 2019 at20h at casabanca morrocco

  11. Irene Ginori says:

    Listening in Florida August 2019. Devil Dolls are awesome!

  12. さんマテウス says:

    Amazing song.

  13. Rach Pilling says:

    A treat for your core ,John Martyn version is also heart warming and Stevie van,love music

  14. Caio Cesar Cesar says:


  15. Black Wolf says:

    I'm listening to this because a 38 year old French woman broke my heart

  16. LUCASMACI 21 says:

    Muito bom tem alguém em 2019 brasileiro

  17. Ger J B says:

    I was supposed to be sad, but it's impossible with such a musical masterpiece

  18. Himal rulz says:


  19. Robert Hunniecutt says:

    Here in Concord Ca. the sky cries but it seems nobody is listening, hustle here and there and forget about what really is important-LOVE for our fellow humans, mislead-mabey, but most souls are worth saving!. Thank you for this version, soul yes smooth and mellow Please check out Elmore James and Sonny Boy Williamson – Roots of the blues ! PEACE !!

  20. Robert Hunniecutt says:

    A few of the photos are of Wayne Shorter – Jazz tenor saxophonist/writer, Kenny Burrell Jazz guitarist/Writer , Art Blakey Jazz Drummer of the Jazz Messengers "the guy with the cigarette" – many great jazz musicians came out of the Jazz Messengers – Thank you ART BLAKEY and Elmore James

  21. elmikesito says:

    Imagina esta canción dándote a la chica que te gusta. Seguro nunca va a olvidar ese momento contigo.

  22. Carl Hilliard says:

    Yeah…….margate kent uk

  23. Yoongi Senpai says:

    Look at what a lover can do…he showed me what i love….this music

  24. Tichaona Munyaradzi says:

    Wow!!! Therapeutic to the soul

  25. pareq natiq says:

    with all respect to Albert King, Stevie and the other greats
    but this version is the best ❤️

  26. Writingjob Positions says:

    People need to understand how deep blues is.
    This is music that comes right from the soul.

    Black men paved and slaved and the pain came through
    the music. So deep…. rock and roll was born.

  27. خالد الغامدي says:

    اتوقع انا العربي الوحيد الي يسمع ذا الفن الفاخر 🍻🚬🚬💆🏻‍♂️

  28. Chawe Gamedze says:

    Wow! it's amazing music

  29. Ayelen Rodríguez says:

    Argentina San Juan

  30. Anima Vesta says:

    20 AUGUST 2019 xD

  31. Amir Ehsani says:

    Just came here by accident and OH BOY WHERE IS MY WHISKEY? Legendary music

  32. Rugile Railaite says:

    when you're listening to such music, you realize that you're having "The time of your life"… blues never dies

  33. Tennille Jolly says:

    Chilling unwind time. August 20, 2019

  34. N Russell says:


  35. Denis says:

    Canada, Cranbrook, BC

  36. Jr Mania says:


  37. Robert Barat says:

    Best Blues

  38. Mari Yogui says:


  39. Antonio B. Fernández P. says:

    I’m living in Sydney, Australia… Such a beautiful performance…!

  40. David Brewer says:

    Is this the original artist? Composer?

  41. AKDOGAN Wawn says:

    Lyrics arent good and meanful enough but music is ok

  42. Jonas Belo says:

    Música pra relaxa bebê um fuma 1 e fica bem a vontade. 😎🍃✌

  43. chkm8k21 says:

    Most excellent!

  44. Alex Ronaldo says:

    Listened yesterday first time, can't stop since today. This is the best version, thanks Mr. Coleman. I'm from Munich, Germany…

  45. GerAES Fuchs says:

    me, my friend!

  46. Rita Fabian says:

    I love blues😍😍😍

  47. amin yousefnejad says:

    The best song I've heard for a long time

  48. Samuel Swensson says:

    Listening from OR. August '19

  49. Ana Paula says:

    Maaanoo que Música!

  50. matias paredes says:

    With my dog Lemmy driking red wine from Chile

  51. Anônimo23 23 says:

    Depresion joined in the chat.

  52. Tristen Kitts says:

    Got four coors banquets in me drinking with my adopted dad it's a great night to be alive much love from Montana

  53. Rooturaj Patel says:

    why is it not on spotify

  54. blackout says:

    this shit is the best of the best.. from muddy to the 'greats'.. we should be ashamed to not call this man a great. He is, in permanent fact, one of the forefathers of greatness. Bow your heads.

  55. Федя Костров says:

    It's wonderful!
    I'm from Russia
    Listening at August, 23, 2019

  56. Christopher Ashford says:

    Who came here looking for Arnold?

  57. Selma Pz says:

    Fuck me

  58. Ivona Lacic-Reichel says:

    I m listening for the first time…

    Speachless… Pure pleasure ❤️

  59. adriano del Hoyo Grande says:

    Get fucking relax

  60. SJ B says:

    So much feeling

  61. Elvis Vladimir Hernandez Navarro says:

    Me llega al corazón, es pasional, relajante y s expande en todo mi ser.

  62. Smoke at least one says:

    RIP JIMMY. Heard this today and thought I’ll show this to him when I see him again.

  63. Misprinted Lies says:

    me:)…bad ass

  64. DJayroe says:

    Who else is listening to this is 2069?

  65. amel coulais says:

    Algerian from Paris

  66. Amr Hsham says:

    نجم علم

  67. shawn mutt mollett says:


  68. shawn mutt mollett says:


  69. shawn mutt mollett says:


  70. shawn mutt mollett says:


  71. shawn mutt mollett says:


  72. Thawan estewart collins estewart collins says:

    it is exactly 1:32 am and I slept listening to these wonderful blues songs … I am from Brazil Rio de Janeiro.

  73. Thawan estewart collins estewart collins says:

    Must be great making love to the sound of this fucking good song

  74. lilian canto says:

    Que som maravilhoso!!!!

  75. Sophie Williams says:

    Why are we letting the Devil bleed into everything that's suppose to be so beautiful!

  76. Youssef Zaiougay says:

    مع تحيات عربي مر من هنا


    Ééééé do Brasil, Bastos SP

  78. Zeynep Önen says:

    A masterpiece.

  79. Dominick Thibault says:

    Quebec Canada. ⚜

  80. Ezequiel :v says:

    Listening from Argentina❤️🇦🇷

  81. Evandro vacco says:

    Maravilhoso, amazing, beautiful

  82. Kürşad Aksel says:


  83. portugal kingdom says:

    26 de Agosto 2019… Alguém aqui?

  84. valdez57700 says:

    Phuck! That's good !

  85. Marcelo Shirata says:

    BR 2019 ?

  86. Eljefe Castillo says:

    Q bien se siente estar relajado. Escuchando esto hermoso

  87. Fernanda Liberato says:

    Boa noite, com um bom vinho e um suave blues!

  88. Francisco Gilvan candido says:

    amo blues a melhor música do mundo muitas viagens gosto quando fumo um baseado e pego minha guitarra e toco blues

  89. tariqo16 says:

    This is my tea/coffee music

  90. Calledby Grace77 L.P. says:

    GREAT STUFF! Stevie Ray did this remake justice!

  91. Nodnarb The King says:

    Thank you.. all I can say is thank you

  92. Anis Meradi says:

    Algerians any one here ??

  93. Çağan Çakır says:

    vay amk

  94. DRK NZT says:


  95. dirt y violencia says:


  96. Studio T says:


  97. Wendell Cotham says:

    It made his poor heart skip a beat and now he will never be the same never 😁✋

  98. Wendell Cotham says:

    Well Don's tones just to be straight up honest I really don't care very much anymore because I have learned to live with or without so I really don't give a fuck period because I refuse to let anything to be my master read Paul he was saying I can do anything but not all things are profitable but I want be master by anything

  99. Sté TerraCerame says:


  100. Luz Carrero says:

    She can’t cry anymore,But Still see tears dawn streets,Don’t you worry where She could be????🌧🌧💔💔🤩🤩

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