General Credit & Loan Information : How to Build Business Credit

You have your business and now you are thinking
how to build credit for your business. Not a problem, I’ll be able to show you how to
do that. My name is Adriel Torres and I’m the owner of ultimate credit today dot com.
Business credit and personal credit are similar in some ways and different in other ways.
The difference first is that obviously the credit is based on your business, your tax
identification number and personal is obviously based on your social security number. Now
to obtain business, obviously you have to have a business first. Most lenders out there
will give business credit to individuals with good credit personal good credit, and that’s
the way to establish. Now if you have bad or non existing personal credit it may be
little tougher to get a business credit so you have to have at least for the most part,
six twenty score for most lenders to give you, to consider you for a business also based
on your personal credit. Some lenders will give you the loan or the credit just on your
business once you provide some of the personal information as a guarantor of the loan or
the credit for your business. And that’s how you obtain business credit. My name is Adriel
Torres I’m the owner of ultimate credit today dot com. Thank you very much.

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