Generations React To Try Not To Look Away Challenge (Biggest Fears Game)

– Oh, my god. Aaah!
Aaah! Aah! Aah! Aah-ha-ha. – No! (shrieking) Oh… no, no, no, no, no. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today
we’re doing a challenge that we get the feeling
you might not necessarily enjoy. – Oh, no. – (FBE) You’ll be participating
in a try not to look away challenge. – Oh, no! Heck no. – You’re gonna show me
my deepest, darkest fears. It’s gonna be problematic. I’m gonna be really afraid. – (FBE) This time,
we’ve added a little twist. – Oh, no. Okay. – (FBE) We reached out to the cast
and asked what their biggest fears are are we’ve incorporated
some of those fears right into this episode. – I knew this was
gonna come back and haunt me! – (FBE) So after each video,
we’re gonna have you guess which generation the fear belongs to.
– Okay. – (groaning) Why?
You guys are terrible. – Oh, bees. – Bees don’t bother me. – (narrator) The bees are being
summoned by a secret signal. – Bees are so nice.
Oh, wait, sorry. Sorry. (buzzer) – (narrator) One that causes them
to act with a single mind. – Is this the guy
who’s voicing the guy who– Oh, I was talking to you.
Crap! No! (buzzer) – That is amazing. – Oh, that dude’s
being covered in bees. – How’s this guy covered in bees? – That’s cool. – I wrote that I’m scared of bees
because I’m deathly allergic to them. – (narrator) As he
brings a swarm into our world, people are forced
to confront it every night. – Oh, it’s so close to his nose!
It’s so close! – What if it goes
in his eyeball or his nose? – Girl, same! – Yeah, girl, same. – (anxiously) Aaah, the nose.
Aaaaaaah! – It’s a good thing
he has a lot of nose hairs. The bees can’t get in. – He doesn’t even have
a bee keepers costume on. – (FBE) Which generation
do you think the fear belongs to? – Probably adults. Kids show no fear. – Kids. – Teens. – Kids. – Elders. – I’m gonna say kids. I remember when I was
teaching in elementary school and there was one bee. – Kids are more afraid of bees. – Kids just because I feel like
when you get a little bit older maybe you’re less scared of it. – I was always most afraid
of bees when I was a teen. – Here’s the tea. I’m deathly allergic to bees. Being in the same room as one,
I’m like (whimpering)… because I could die. – (FBE) All right, so
the answer actually is a teen. – Ooh! Dang it. – Awww, dude. Well, I mean, listen, rational–
it’s a rational fear. – Nice! – I was just putting
my own life experience– I’m old enough now. I got all that wisdom to draw upon. – Oh, [bleep] that! – Oh, no. I really don’t like spiders. – I saw this on YouTube
and it was hilarious. – No, don’t squish it! – (cameraman)
There are babies coming out! – Ooooh, what?! – Whoaaaa! That was a spider and its babies! – Oh, my god! – You idiot. – Oh, my god. Aaah! Aaah!
Aaah! Aaah-ha-ha. – Aaaah! (moaning) (whimpering) – (cameraman) Jesus!
They’re little babies. – It’s gonna be all over his house. – Interesting.
It was like a science class. – That’s horrifying!
Oh, my god. – I’m gonna say adult. – That is a kid. – Adults. – Kids. – Kids React. – Kids. – Kids. That’s a living nightmare. – I want to say elders
because they’re the ones that have to take the responsibility
if there’s a spider in their house. They gotta kill it themselves. – Kids because kids
are afraid off spiders. – I don’t like things crawling on me. I can’t even handle
one little rolly polly. – (FBE) This is kids. – I feel like the older you get,
the less fearful you are of spiders. – It’s about the age where
they’re kind of afraid of creepy crawlies. – That is a nightmare, even now,
that’s a nightmare. – Hey! I feel like kids
are always scared of bugs. – Yeah! Kid fear. I don’t have arachnophobia. I think spiders are
actually kind of cool looking, but having them in the house is scary. – (vomiting) – Ew! – Nope! No, no.
(buzzer) – (man vomiting) – Why is he doing
this on camera though? You don’t gotta do that. – Oh, [bleep] no! No! I can’t, I can’t,
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. (buzzer) – That is so much!
Oh, my god! Are you okay? – Nooooooo! (gritting teeth) It’s that sound! – Ewwww! Why is he recording himself?
That’s nasty. – (man vomiting)
– (feigned gagging) (buzzer) – (man vomiting)
– (scoffing) – (queasily) Aaah! I’m so competitive.
Why do you guys do this to me? Aaah! (exclaiming) – I would say probably a teen. – A teen. – Adults. – Definitely an adults thing. – Elders. – This is an adult. – I’m just gonna say kid. – I’m gonna guess teens. – Adults. As an adult, you
don’t want anyone to see you throwing up. – That was me. That’s adults. – (FBE) This is an adult.
It comes from Scott. – Damn! – Oh, my god.
How are all of these wrong? – No one likes that. – Scott has a fear of throwing up? Oh! Okay. – Vomit, dude.
The grossest thing. – I’m pretty fine with it
but that was right there. (approaching footsteps) – Oh, no! It’s Slenderman! No, no, no, no, no. – [Bleep] this! [Bleep] this!
I’m not. No! (buzzer) – Oh, this is so scary. (silence) – Ugh, I just know its coming.
I just can’t. I can’t. (buzzer) – I hate the dark. – Oh, I feel like I’m playing
one of those video games. Something’s gonna pop out at me. (approaching footsteps) – Okay, happen already. – When’s it gonna happen?
Stay looking. (static)
Okay… – No… (shrieking) Oh! No.
(buzzer) – Is it gonna come– AAAH! (laughing) I hate it!
(buzzer) – I know what’s going to happen! I’ve played this game
a bajillion times. He’s gonna turn the light on
and then the scary face is gonna come up! (babbling) I don’t like spooky video games! – I do not like getting jump scared. That was not easy. – (FBE) Which generation
do you thinks fear belongs to? – I think kids. – I would have to say that’s an adult. – I would say teens. – Gosh, that would be kids. – I’m gonna say elders only because
we’ve done some gaming with them. – Adults. – I’m gonna go adults again. – Teens. – Kid’s fear. Like me, I’m just really scared
of jump scares. – Mine because I put literally
“all horror games LOL.” It’s so scary! – (FBE) This fear is from a teen.
– A teen. Of course, of course,
of course, of course, because they love
playing those spooky games. You know? Why is
Five Nights at Freddy’s a thing? – I am not good at guessing this. – Well, I didn’t ever know
I was such a good judge of people. This is amazing me. – Are we going running?
– Yes. Yes, we are.
I just have to go pee. I’ll be right back. – What is this?
What film is this? ♪ (tense music) ♪ – What’s gonna happen?
It’s so dramatic. – What’s wrong? – Is she forgetting? – Oh. Oh, is this like
Alzheimer’s or something, like she’s forgetting
where the bathroom is? – Oh, this is sad. Is she losing her mind? – Oh. She’s forgetting. – Oh, I think this is Alzheimer’s,
like forgetting where you are. (approaching footsteps) – (man) Allie?
– Oh, that’s so sad. – (Allie) I couldn’t find
the bathroom. – Aww, this is sad. – (man) Let’s get you cleaned up.
– (Allie sobbing) I don’t know where I am. – Oh, that’s so sad.
That’s so sad. – My grandma on
my dad’s side has Alzheimer’s and I remember growing up,
stuff like this would happen. – (FBE) Which generation do you think
that fear belongs to? – Elders. – Elders. – Elders. – Elders. – Elders. Just the idea of not being
able to remember simple things like how to even eat or use a spoon. – Is that elders? – Adults. – Adults because I think we’re all,
as we’re getting older, afraid of getting
dementia or Alzheimer’s. – Maybe this is the elders
because that seems like a pretty justified fear.
That’s scary. – That’s my biggest fear. The one thing you
have or comfort you have when you’re older is your memories,
and to lose all that, I can’t think of
anything more terrifying. – (FBE) This is a fear
by an elder, by Catherine. – Yeah, I definitely think
as I grow older that will become
a bigger fear of mine. – That’s tough. Yeah, I have a family member
who passed away from Alzheimer’s. Yeah, that one’s difficult. – That was depressing! I’ve been tense, numb,
almost in tears. This is a rollercoaster of emotions. – See, elders
have more realistic fears and then you look
at us and we’re like “BEES.” – That’s a disgusting shot. – Ugh! Where does the tongue begin? – Why are they chewing like that? – What is this? EW! She’s swallowing it whole! (gagging)
(buzzer) (chewing loudly)
– OH! – Ugh, no! Aaah, stop! – I’m very sensitive to mouth noises,
so this is killing me. – That’s disgusting
but I don’t fear that. – This is so– no!
Absolutely– this is so gross! (buzzer) – What is going through people’s minds
if they film this [bleep]? What the hell’s wrong with you people? – That was easy. Just because they’re chewing food,
nothing’s gonna happen. – (FBE) Which generation
do you think this fear belongs to, kids, teens, adults, or elders?
– Adults. – Adults. – Adults. – Adults. They might see
kids doing it a lot, just chewing with their mouth open. – I would say a kid. – Kids? – I’m gonna assume an adult. – Adults just because I think
they would get grossed out. – Elders. As a generalization,
I feel elders have a lot of manners and proper etiquette. – This is a personal fear of mine,
so I know this video is for me. – (FBE) So the generation
that’s scared of this is an adult. It’s Tori.
– Yes! Something I got correct. – Oh. I’m not doing
too well with this, am I? – Yeah, baby!
I know people. I know their thoughts! – Oh! Yeah, no, she’s told me
that she hates people that eat with their mouths open. – Good job, Tori. See, that’s why we get along. – It’s not a real fear
that could kill you or hurt you in any way. It’s just something
that has always brought a shiver down my spine
or has grossed me out completely. – I wasn’t as scared
as either really sad or just disgusted, honestly. The horror one got me. There was no way
I was gonna not look away. – I don’t know, man. Other people’s fears
are not always necessarily yours. If my video would have been in here,
it would have been a balloon popping video
and I’m sure people would have looked at that like, okay, so? But for me, it matters.
It’s scary. – Thank you for watching
this disgusting episode of React. Shout-out to Rosaline Rose. – Subscribe and hit the bell
so you don’t miss an episode and shout-out to Forever Happiness. – Thanks for watching. I gotta go watch
some cute things. Bye! – Hi, guys, JC here,
a producer here at FBE. Make sure to check us
out on Instagram to get a behind-the-scenes look
at how we put all these episodes together.
Check us out at FBE. Bye.

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