Gerald F. Kilpatrick – Candidate State Treasurer

hello my name is Gerald Kilpatrick and I’m running for state treasurer as an American Constitution Party candidate politics as usual has failed us are you tired of dishonesty and politics we are the party of integrity liberty and prosperity we believe that all elected officials should be public servants and trusted to represent you not roll over you we feel that government is the most ineffective inefficient and expensive way to get anything done government should only be involved to keep things fair to keep us safe and to prevent criminal activity so you might be asking yourself what this is have to do with this State Treasurer office we need someone who is a fiscal conservative from a truly fiscal conservative party to the Democrats out there I say stop raising our taxes to find your pet projects that we can’t afford that don’t solve the real problem and to the Republicans I say stop following the money we do have in to your cronies and Country Club buddies this runs up the cost of projects making them unaffordable and creates yet another problem as a CPA with a master’s degree and 36 years of corporate small business and personal accounting experience I want to do something no one else seems willing or able to do I want to kick out the lobbyists and the high rollers looking for a handout I want to restore integrity in government the state treasurer’s office holds the checkbook let’s make sure every dollar spent wisely and openly accounted for we seriously need to establish that Colorado people’s bank that is not federally insured so that the marijuana industry can bank here legally as far as para the budgets have been and are unrealistic you can’t solve the Parra problem by using fantasy budgets since 2010 the unfunded liabilities have grown from 21 to 32 billion dollars a 52% increase I’m running for state treasurer because I actually care about others for years I have volunteered my services to nonprofits and to people who could not afford a CPA my family and I are willing for me to take a pay cut in order to serve my community and state treasurer it’s that important to us drilled Kilpatrick for State Treasurer

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