GET PAID ON INSTAGRAM! 10 BEST Tips for Beginner Freelancers and Social Media Influencers

– Hi everybody, welcome
to my YouTube channel. My name is Elise Swopes. If you don’t know who I am, I’m a photographer, graphic designer and a social media
influencer on Instagram. I’ve done really fun projects with Apple, Google, Adobe,
Adidas and so many more. So I have so much information to share. And make sure you follow
me on Instagram, @SWOPES. Today we’re gonna get into the top 10 tips for beginner freelancers and
social media influencers. I’ve definitely learned along the way what not to do and what to do. So I have enough tips to share to really assist you on
bettering your business. First and foremost, the
most important thing is having a good mindset. Your mindset is gonna set the tone for everything that you do. Because you’re gonna be tested through people you don’t know, your family and friends, even yourself, you’re gonna question if it’s
worth through all the struggle but you have to know that it is. And that’s what’s gonna make you stand out from the crowd. Between someone who’s gonna give up initially from the struggle and someone who’s gonna persevere. So make sure that you
have your heart in it and make sure that you’re not overthinking absolutely everything. Just go and do it. Number two, find your niche. A lot of people sometimes ask me how to find their passion? Well, it’s easy. Sometimes it’s not as easy for others but here are few steps, additionally, that will help you find your niche. So figure out what you want to sell, who you wanna sell it to, and how you want to sell it. The more specific you are about what you do the better. You have to be a specialist at your craft. Because when people think about this thing that they need help with or that they need assistance with or that they need you to do, they’re gonna think of
you specifically to go to. And think about it this way, if every single person in the world went to you for your
one very specific niche you’d be completely overwhelmed. There are people who are
making billions of dollars off of basic screws inside
of a remote control. And just think about it that way. You don’t have to do something that’s absolutely crazy
or out of this world to really make it and be happy and comfortable in your life. Don’t overthink how, think what. What do you love doing, what are you passionate about? And what are you good at? What do people compliment you on? Are you a good listener, are you a good writer? And if you’re thinking about maybe you love photography but you’re that great at
fashion but you love fashion, be a fashion photographer. And maybe even get more specific, figure out who you want to help. Maybe you have people in your family who have disabilities. Maybe you have a lot
of kids in your family. Maybe you just love helping people. Something associated with whatever that passion and that skill is can be even more detailed specified to a type of person or people or group. And last but not least think about how you want to do it. Will it be special occasions, will it be one-on-one? Like I mentioned before, you could either do
long-term or short-term. You’re tight for cash though
and you’re doing something that you really are not passionate about and it’s in the long
term you will be unhappy and you will feel like
it was not worth it. So make sure that whatever you’re doing for that little quick
buck is for short-term. So that’s basically a few
tips to find your niche. And once you find your niche build a website, have a website, have a homepage, have an about page, have where all your work is and all your examples of what you’ve done. Also have a contact page. Make it easy for people to contact you. And on your website to make
it look more professional have a facts page, a privacy statement, a terms page and a return policy. This is gonna make sure that
all the bases are covered so that no one has to email
you and asking extra questions. And it really just makes your
website look more trustworthy. You can easily find blank versions of all these kind of statements on Google. So just Google their names and then you’ll find blank statements where you can fill in your name and you can copy and paste
them onto your website. Another tip that is so, so important is making sure that all your content is being spread about on
different social platforms and it’s really easy to do this by using different apps like
IFTTT or other ones like that where basically if you
post something to Instagram it will post that same picture of video throughout all these
other different platforms. So if I post something to Instagram it will post to Pinterest. And that’s really easy and you
don’t have to think too much or kind of spread yourself too thin when you’re posting. And then more people will
be able to find your work. Also word of mouth is
still huge these days. It will never, never not be the top form of marketing and advertising. So make sure that when you are going out you’re putting your best foot forward, you’re always communicating well, you’ve goa a business card and if you don’t have a
business card use your phone. Cause now we can show people our work through our Instagram’s and our website and this is the best way to get business. And also share your knowledge, you could easily be hired to do panels, you can do talks, you can do classes, you can do all types of things. And let me tell you, no matter what, even if you share every
single one of your secrets no one will ever do exactly what you do because they’re all individuals and they’ll always have their own opinions based on their experience. And I’m telling you, don’t be
afraid to share your secrets, it’s the best kind of thing
you can do for your business. If you guys are liking my tips so far please like and comment below and please subscribe
if you haven’t already. And follow me on Instagram at @SWOPES. Also hugely important is to have something of your work in PDF form whether it’s an EPK, an
electronic press kit, or a resume. Make sure that you’re not just attaching images and wording in email form. You need to have an attachment
that people can save to look at later. So that they can reference
you for future projects. And if you don’t what EPK is, an EPK is where you’re gonna
have all the information about who you are, the
work that you’ve done, the work that you can do, your numbers, your statistics, your insights, all this information plus your contact, make sure you have that in there for sure. Be easy to get a hold of, you guys. This is the most important thing. So as long as people
have all this information in one long document to
pass on to each other you are in good shape. Also, within your website
be collecting emails, have a newsletter list where you can send out all
the things you’re working on, all the new YouTube’s or
podcasts or whatever it be that you can send to people. And with the algorithm on a lot of these social
platforms these days it’s so difficult even with
your notifications turned on to see the work that you’re
sharing and talking about. With that being said it is so important to have a proper email address. Make it easy to say, don’t have a ton of numbers,
have a ton of symbols and make it easy to share and remember. And also have a nice
signature within your email. Have your website, have
all your social links and then maybe your
logo and then your name. And the most important
thing are contracts. Contracts are huge. Make sure that you always have
a contract no matter what. If someone’s just trying to communicate on the phone with you all the time make sure you have whatever they’re talking about in writing, whether it’s email or in written form or something or another. You have to have these communicated. So within a contract you’re
gonna have a scope of work. And a scope of work is basically exactly what you will
be giving to this person or they’ll be giving you or whatever is expected
out of this situation. And you’ll also have the time frame. How much time are you putting into this, when’s the due date, when do
you have to give edits back, when do you have to actually post, when do you have to actually share, when is it actually being
shared to the public or when is is finally
being able to be revealed. These certain things
are extremely important when putting together your idea and considering your scope of work. And that does bring us
into the payment terms. So the payments terms
will be very specific. Sometimes they can be a net 15, a net 30, a net 45 a net 60, a net 75. Net basically means those are
the amount of business days that you’re gonna have to wait to get paid because certain agencies
and different brands and different departments have different ways of collecting money and processing different invoices. So you just have to be aware
of what those nets are. And then also considering that when you’re putting the
due date in the invoice. Make sure that it says exactly how much you’re expecting to get paid. Maybe sometimes you
might get paid up front, maybe make it half, whatever’s agreed on is within this contract. Also, make sure that you’re
discussing ownership. How are these people are
gonna be using the content you’re creating or whatever you’re doing. Are they gonna be using it for a year, are they gonna be using it for five years, are they gonna be sharing
it on their Instagram’s or their Twitter’s or whatever? Are they gonna be printing
it, is going to be sold? This information is what
you’re going to consider when you’re thinking of payment. And then also, how many edits or changes are you gonna be allowed to make? Some contracts will also
have considerable things about terminations. So sometimes if the project’s
just canceled overall, you’ll still get the same
payment in the contract. And then sometimes there’s other things about basically if you mess
up, if you do something, If you don’t turn in
something on the due date, they can easily terminate
this entire contract and you will not get paid. And then there’s sometimes
things about health insurance. Sometimes you need worker’s insurance. So whatever it is
throughout each contract, make sure that either you’re talking to a lawyer, an attorney or you’re just Googling whatever things that you don’t understand because a lot of people
will try to one up you. But sometimes if you ask
to take something out someone will easily
say, no problem for me, let’s just remove it, sign the contract, you’re easy to go. After you’ve got your payment terms, you’ve signed whatever,
you’ve done your gig, you’re gonna invoice. I would suggest invoicing right
after you get the contract. In some instances, the agency will start running
that contract immediately. The easiest way to
organize invoices, I think, is through a ton of different apps that you have on your phone. Unless you wanna use them
on your computer as well, that’s totally fine. There’s things like
QuickBooks, Invoice Simple, there’s a ton of different things that you can really try out for free but also you can pay for. They’ll really assist you
in organizing invoices. They’ll help you with bookkeeping. It’ll help you organizing your finances. Apps like Mint are extremely helpful even though it is sometimes surprising to be told that you’re over budget. I think sometimes it’s extremely helpful in order to build your business if you wanna start from scratch. Make sure that you’re
following your credit as well. Different free things
like Credit Karma and Nav, they will assist you
even with helping you get credit cards that will match with you in what you’re doing. And also it will assist
you on letting you know if it will approve you for
a loan or whatever it is. Also consider having an LLC or making yourself into a business instead of just connecting
your personal taxes with all your work because you can do a
ton of nice write-offs. It’ll definitely help you when you’re building your business. That’s the top 10 tips I have for now. If you guys have any questions at all or any requests or any
comments, whatever it is, please comment below. Please like the video and please subscribe if you haven’t already. And please follow me on
Twitter, on Instagram and on Facebook. I will see you guys next time, take care.

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