Getting an Auto Loan in 4 Steps | FAIRWINDS Credit Union

Most of us don’t buy music or book travel
the same way we did decades ago. So why do we still buy cars the old way? (Record scratch) Today, it has to be easy so we can get back to binge watching and ordering takeout. FAIRWINDS is here to help your car shopping
accelerate into this millennium. With a full-suite of easy-to-use car buying
options available from the comfort of your home … where no one has to notice your pizza
crumbs. Step 1: Apply online at
to get pre-approved for your auto loan. Step 2: Get confirmation from us of your approval
terms. Step 3: Shop for your new wheels online. Or get out and kick the tires Either way, you’re sure to find the one. Step 4: Sign for your loan at home, or wherever
you may be, and that’s it. Now you can spend more time enjoying that
new car scent. That’s the ease of getting an auto loan with FAIRWINDS.

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