Glenn Austin – CFO Dash Core Team – Consensus 2018 NY – Dash Dinheiro Digital Brasil.

[Music] [Music] hi everybody rota here from – digital cache Brazil I’m here at consensus 2018 the most important blockchain cryptocurrencies conference in the world in new york at the – booth brand new booth great logo the brand new logo as well and i’m going to be talking with glenn he’s the first and a new addition to the – core team glenn welcome how are you great how are you doing I’m great man this conference is insane a lot of people a lot of conversations your brand new addition to the team let’s talk what what’s your background and what’s your new role at the – core team now absolutely from a background perspective I come from the traditional banking world so I spent two years in Investment Banking two years in bankruptcy consulting then went over to business school and in the last 15 years I’ve been in a number of finance and strategy roles at Morgan Stanley at UBS and at Citibank so what’s your new role at – now you’ll be you’ll be hired by the core team and who you’re working with yes so I’m the chief financial officer of – group now very excited I work with the management team very closely with Ryan Taylor as well the CEO he kind of passed his responsibilities as CFO over to me okay so now you’re the one taking the heavy load that actually right used to do all these by himself before right yeah that’s right so I think I took a lot off his play kind of freed up a lot of his time to focus on other things that are strategic and dealing with a lot of the financial management of the team submitting proposals to the network and just handling the budget and forecasting process here at – all right so let’s talk about this addition of this position how important it is this position in a decentralized autonomous organization running by masternodes like – so I think it’s key we do have a decentralized structure but – core group itself is incorporated so actually a corporation so we have funds coming in all the funds coming from the dash Network and then we have a number of expenses going out right to pay for these type of conferences for vendors to pay salaries we have about sixty people on the payroll so handling all of that is very important from a financial management perspective and then we also want to budge it out and figure out in the future what kind of expenses we’re gonna have and who’s gonna manage that and how much three to allocate towards that so I’ve been working a lot on the forecasting and the budgeting of the – core teams finances basically so what can you actually now say to the community that you gotta bring to the table to help the entire core team and also the entire – community worldwide so I really want to work on transparency so I think the – core group in the past did a wonderful job in terms of managing finances I think we could provide more transparency so look for a post in the next two or three days where I outline what it is that we requested in May from the budget but then in addition in the future what are we gonna request we’re requesting and funding in June and the July budget cycle as well so that you can kind of start looking ok – core team is probably going to request 15% of the funds in June but 30% of the total – Network funds in July would implications that does that have for proposal I might bring to the table excellent you’re gonna be sure to the team congratulations welcome we’re happy to have someone like you as well with tons of experience but participating the core team once again everybody this is glad we’re here at consensus 2018 right here reporting for – digital cash Brasil I’ll see you later [Music]

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  1. Canal Mais Bitcoin says:

    Otima conferencia! Rodrigo

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  3. halfasheep says:

    Excellent introduction to Glenn. Nailed the audio too despite crowd! Thanks guys

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