GOAT ON FIRE! πŸ”₯ FGTEEV Shawn, Chase and Duddy play GOAT SIMULATOR in SPACE: HA HA HA HA HA Part 2

THIS GOAT IS ON FIRE (*s inging*) why you singing? πŸ™‚ This goat is on fire (*singing*) Its FGTV GAMEING Already everybody hi guys My name is FGTV Daddy *chase screams* This boys name is FGTV Chase, AND THIS LITTLE ONE IS FGTEEV SHAWN today we are playing goat simulator but in space on the ipad ok shawn your maby gonna be out cause you can’t see FGTV Shawn there’s FGTV Shawn Alright We’ve got Goat Sim-a-lator Woah, what’s that? Goat sim-a-lator in space!!! it is brand new to us mabybe not to you guys What?!? You wanna tell them something??? *baby noises* Ok go Chin tickle with my hairs Shawn why are you naked? Everyone look at it we’re playing naked baby simulator. its cleary funny You can move his legs (WEEEEE( ok this is ok you can move h is legs you can move his arms You can check his diaper Yay AUGH LOOK, LOOK, LOOK! EWWWWWW HELP HELP BE RIGHT BACK! Alright, took all the poop out of the diaper (shawn( does my diper taste good? Chase: Not my jet!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here, you wanna taste it? poop poop poop pee pee pee diper diper diper oh ya Mm, chocolate! I like that grass right there, that was nice grass Here why don’t you hold him Shawn and then I’ll play the game WHAT ABOUT THAT HOLD HIM! Is that funny Shawn? no how about this ill try to play with shaun Ah Shawn you can’t be so wiggly Ready? Chase: Woah what’s that?! Chase: What’s that? Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait! You’re outside Chase: What’s that? Oh that’s a jump pad, get to it Chase: How do you get to the jump pad? GET TO IT *baby noises* how do you get to the jump pad? Go Shawn Go! Wha-yeah there we go! We’re going inside this little, oh look at this thing! This is like a jump pad I think AHHHHH,Shawn! okay I can’t game and play with babies Shawn I almost just lost yo- OH MY *whoop* baby noises OOHH MMYY *wwhhooppp* Shawn you gotta go you are like messing up this This gameplay session yeah you do Say your ABC’s quick A, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k Here you go Shawn you slee- you go on the table No!!! I’ll just I’ll hold you by the pinkie toe in case you fall off Chase: DADDY!!! no!!! I’ve got the pinkie toe bro I’ve got it! Chase: DADDY!!! I’ve got the toe don’t- Chase: DADDY Okay fine I’ll hold him by his hair We’re just kidding guys I would never Wait what- It’s just jokes FGTV jokes So if you wanna get his money *infant vomit sounds* EW OH AHHHUHG *screech* Chase: Dad touch it. Touch it! ((WHAT?!)) I’M NO NOT GONNA TOUCH HIS OWN THROW UP so if you want to get his money aHHHHHUgHHHH Yeah! He’s scared see stop! dad!!! He doesn’t wanna touch it! Hey Shawn, re-eat your food Chase: Ewwwww! Alright I- seriously I gotta go clean this up- we gotta We’ve gotta give Shawn to Mommy because he’s not as cooperative I gotta get one of those little baby things that I just keep ’em right here and he’ll just sit on my chest as I game *baby whines* Oh, he doesn’t like that idea Nevermind I’m not gonna buy one of those things No no! Stop trying to get his foot to touch it! Okay we’ll be right back Wait! Where am I? What the? Im lost? WAIT! A BRIDGE! *deep voice* Yayy bridgee!! *high pitched* I don’t like bridges Ohh no parkour No, I’m bad at parkour! Oh my God! I mean “oh my gosh!” aaHHHHhh Just get away! I’m bad.. I’m bad. I’m really bad. NO! I died! No I didn’t nevermind Guys I’m like so lost, i’m like…*shakes head* ((R.I.P Headphones)) Im just gonna get my booty *Screams* Ah, Hello Alright, we’ve got, we’ve got rid of Shawn *Dramatic Music* Ew! I just *Argh* Shawn: Daddy!! Look…. see that- that’s baby throw up! Be right back, again! Alright so now that we’re back EW Don’t show us your butt! *pffffft* ohhhhhh my goodness I don’t know how to get out Like this.. ready? ya Chase: oh my goshhhh and then jump ooh lets get this guy let’s get that guy wait wait wait oh hello oh we’re on a skate park ooo no no ohhhhh there’s
another rocket we already got one of these I think Let’s get a second one yay
look how much booties *gasp* o we’re almost there all right so this guy here let’s
see what happens when we go up here hello sir if I was you I’d be pooping in
your pants a little bit *pffffft* oh good boy he just he just did it and now- no no no no go sleepy watch this wait … aauughh what All right that’s it huh ya Awe wait so he can’t hurt people in this thing? Alright get off the car
get him chase get him get him chase get him chase, punch that donkey in his face…
what’s that from? Chase: um Chase’ corner it’s Jedi’s~ oh my god… but kid- let us in this instant Chase: I GOT IT! Dad: Thanks okay
is it a QR code? that’s a QR code Let’s look at Jedi. You ready? Hellooooo Jedi
we must lick you- Chase: I lick you! Academy done new mission try the oh thank you try the centrifuge
okay that’s enough now one one lick per day oh was that a bite or a lick? okay fine it
was- ow ow! You ok? owwwwwwwww i sorry Goat’s lick Jedi’s butt *disgusted* aww is this the pizza guy? Get him *Lick noise* follow me pizza man Lick Jock Mon Dormo okay… Not sure if I want to Aw yeah! OK! Sir! Did you order pizza? oooh.. what the…. poopies! access denied? we were just- okay that’s weird alrighty did anyone order pizza? get in here pizza guy! Get in here!
I’ve got your pizza Don’t worry YOU SIR! Eat your pizza!! Is someone pretending to
sleep? Can’t fool me! Yes give me your all your money ooo is this the central control service panel? oh yes bring em! Chase: DADDYYY Donut thief?! Fend off the guards WAIT… There’s guards?! There’s guards! Where’s the guards?! Guardies~~ where’s the guards at? PIZZA MAN Don’t just walk on top of hard drives what was that noise? Chase: I don’t know oh my goodness Go to the door, go to the door~ Let’s see if you get lasered. Let’s see if you turn into laser slices of goat ah man He’s doing the Harlem shake! Do the Harlem Shake~~ Or was that the Gangnam style? He doesn’t know how to do the dab Chase: HE’S DEAD! I think so too.. Let’s head bet him
to really make sure Julio Julio Juilo let’s pull him through the wall Both: Oh! what…? OH okay we got out! *screams* whao what what…. we got a spacecraft We got a space craft! Should we go do it? Should we go see it? Shawn: yea Where’s our personal space craft? Alright so we’re going to
find a personal space craft. oh… is this it? This does not look like a personal space craft *gasp* what’s this thing? Aww he’s rolling around in his little goat pen. so that’s not that that’s
not our space craft Chase: Yes it is uh huh oh gosh oh we’re going fast How many G’s are we supposed to do? 10 G’s?! This is a messed up alphabet! abcdefg
g g g g g g g g g g 20 Gs?! Oh should we just like fly out of
this thing maybe that’s what we’re supposed to do
all right we’re gonna we’re gonna catapult WAAAHHHH ha ha ha Aww…. that was not very fun stop what you put your finger in your butt?
Get outta here I don’t like Butterfinger.. (ooh roasted) It’s nasty I prefer Mounds Alright that’s it. Get off.. Thank you I beat up Chase. He’s gone. I beat up Chase. I beat up chase. I kicked that Chase up in his face. Oh a jump pad!
Ready? An- Chase watch this, watch *face scare scream* oh I didn’t make it. Let me try that again *scream* YEAH! OWW . I just bumped my head
whoa Both: AH! Chase: A BOMB! boing~ oh no no no ! Too far, too far, too far it’s your fault sir now I must headbutt
you AW is that a marriage proposal?! oh! SORRY marriage proposals gone wrong can we going this door? oh yeah what happened? Did you
break the game? Chase: NO! I think you broke the game.. Chase: NO I DIDN’T! You broke the game a little
bit. try to push me he made me he made me do it you okay what’s in here open up open
the door don’t spray me with perfume oh hello what’s in here go do it outer space
please oh yeah that’s earth here you go yes what are they doing push-ups get him
get him get him now don’t jump over the you tring to jump on him ha ha ha ha ha *inaudible* is my friend he said that oh no uh oh ow ow ow ow ow look we’ve licked a fan so if you guys see us in public we we will lick you too Just kidding ah whats in there woah aww get her shes got money sorry again! oh yeah we got money Chase:Life savers! Duddy:life savers I love that *pause* candy Alright sooo lets get some more life savers look at that its like a Hanukkah lightsaber! 1 2 3 4 5 6 they’re missing one! kid:7 8! oh ok! Chase:gasp Chase:9 10 11 12 13! Duddy:14 15 16! We DO know how to count! I wanna go out there-wait what was that what was that-wait! Ok lets see if we can do it,lets attack her quick-quick! yeah!haha Chase:BWaaaah! her butt! Chase:BwaaaHh!! Chase:Oooohhh… I licked her leg! Jump,lets bring her out.I think she wanted to get off work early anyway.Wait we’re trapped in there? Only one way-only one thing to do AH!We blew right through it!I think she didn’t make that blast,i don’t think she survived Kid:(Gasp) Ooohhh.. Wow… His head looks like a toasted marshmellow Get her And… Kid:Get up! Adult:Got her! Fire estin-gwisher!…estin-gwisfer? Why did I sat estin- There he goes Kid:AH!Im on fire! Ah!!ah!ah!ah!! *music* This goat is on fire! his butt is on fire sorry sir you’re not
a goat quit licking so looks like this is a highway so we are waiting for
someone to come through so we can lick them don’t get any ideas
alright hello what’s this down here Oh what the
I found a special archaeological grave (Subscribe to FGTEEV) can lick the meteor out of here Wicca
comment is it gonna follow me now come on come on come on come on come on come
on come on come on comet can I pull a comet oh is it in the air oh my
goodness we put ahhh it’s gonna crush me I almost got
lost in the crater okay come on comet I know some nice push uppers that would
love to be bulldoze I get this guy possibly because mad
what a say can’t believe yeah oh oh forget this get this guy come on come
on no no come back here I’m here I just want to lick your vehicle
oh that’s it let’s follow him what’s down here well yeah water and a jungle
something uh sir what are you like playing a virtual reality game not
anymore let’s wait for the next guy where’s it
when’s the next vehicle coming oh here is what’s it wait but hey yeah I missed
it where is he he’s right I’m saying they’re fine like a little tiny monkey
okay way to get ready get ready it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming
ready in 1 2 3 now yes I licked the Hoverbike ow all right let’s just see
where we go well this is a fun ride don’t drag me through water please I’m
allergic don’t do it don’t do it oh okay here it
goes yes speed limit slow down dude speed
limit is zero 8 o 80 backwards wait you’re going the wrong way we’re
doubling in a crash don’t let go where is he bringing us to are we going
to Walmart I totally got to buy some goat food – I totally gotta buy some
goat cheese that dinner that did hurt should we just get off here yeah this is
a pretty bad ride chase is trying to unlink the motorbike stop
no no oh look is this a library oh it’s a library let’s go in the library see if
there’s any money hello sir get off the computer is the
library supposed to read books what are you what are you okey ah why are you
looking at that that must headbutt you oh thank you jeez what’s in here hi I
would like to check out one book yes okay it is called what’s the book called um
Chasey doodle that’s called chasey doodle featuring no
it’s not featuring oh no that’s the other book what do you what are you
doing why are you wiggling on the door like that
oh there hello ours is the crowd kicker let’s go back to the crowd quicker cloud
clicker cloud clicker you click clouds that’s weird sadness is gonna be mad at
you oh you always click my clothes we’re back to the domes look is that gonna be
our spaceship carrier because we may only need 146 more dollars well hello
oh you’ve got monies foamies and blow him up blow them up did I get money I
didn’t get monies ooh what is that is there a visible guy right there
the invisible guy felled when his hat is still floating that’s
pretty strange let’s just head but his hat well that was weird and you sir give
me your monies yes I’ll be there are we there are we there no no we still
need more Moniz I still need my mommy I wish my mommy was here
mom mom I love you so much I didn’t know this game was so magical grants all my
wishes oh goodness gracious mommy at $54 I could borrow I’m just trying to get a
spaceship carrier move this rock I’m gonna this rock I’m gonna go this rock
then we’ll go for this rock see monies shit
dude they’re proposing again inch up alright at people’s people what did I
tell you about proposing there’s no marriage allowed in space and hurry
hoppy wait I didn’t get them okay I must head button
alright you sir head but no no no back up back up
look at it won’t look at that bud walk all right AM boom yes we get it did we
get it – we get it well where is it
we unlock this spaceship carrier really no no find anything you heard me – oh yeah
alright guys well at that ouch that’s it for this video
ah oh that’s my hair ah ah oh okay secret alright that’s in this video
thank you so much for watching we can’t find this spaceship carrier so chase
don’t shut up the video so people they There’s FGTV Shawn Ok so what I was trying was when I get to find the carrier I’ll show you some of that gameplay Peace Out Stop turning off the camera alright guys thanks So basically what I, what I wanna say is that chase keeps turning off quit turn Chase your gonna stop that Stop! *Screaming* quit turning off the camera Ah Ah Ah AH Defeated ! Chase your a goat. thank you to all the subtitelerrz and the comunity

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