GoBearTV Ep 19 | Simple Secrets To Save On Your Grocery Bill

Hi GoBearTV viewers! Remember me? I’m Mary Lim-Tay, full-time tai-tai. Eh, you like my new look? Nice right? I just want to introduce you to my hubby, Mr Lim Tow Kay. Please, please, please, just call me TK. You know, people always say, “good things must share”. So today, Mary and I are going to reveal to you our secrets to saving on grocery expenses. Ya, we’re actually on our way to buy our groceries right now. Join us ah! Eh, where did I park our car ah? Eh, it’s there lah dear, there. Oh okay okay. Let’s go, let’s go. Here’s our first secret. Use co-branded credit cards for the supermarkets you shop at. Such credit cards will do anything from unlocking bigger discounts and cashback to giving you exclusive rewards. Mary and I love coming to Sheng Siong to buy fresh seafood, so it was a no-brainer to get the Bank of China Sheng Siong Card. The Bank of China Sheng Siong Card allows me to get up to a whopping 12% cashback on my Sheng Siong spend, and up to 5% cashback on Grab and taxi rides. You can apply for the card through GoBear, just like how I did. And let’s not forget that it’s Wednesday today. On Wednesdays, senior citizens above the age of 60, like my dear dear here, can get 3% off their grocery bill here at Sheng Siong. Here’s secret number 2. Check for promotions and offers before your supermarket visit. If you’re a discount diva like me, you’ll never pay full price as far as possible. So always plan your grocery shopping list around what’s on sale! You can check out the latest supermarket deals in newspapers, online or even at the supermarket itself. Just look out for your supermarket’s noticeboard. It’s shocking how much you can save when you buy in bulk. The more you buy of an item, the more you save on the unit cost. And that’s our third secret. Here at Warehouse Club, you have access to larger products, value packs and exclusive imports, all for a reasonable membership fee. But remember, buy only what you need. Groceries that you can’t consume or use before they expire is just wasted money down the drain. Hello? Fatimah ah? Eh, gather all the girls around my place tonight ya? We’re gonna split the Warehouse Club groceries and then we’re gonna have a potluck, okay? Here’s secret number 4. Don’t forget about wet markets. Sometimes, traditional is best, and you will find fresh food at good prices at your neighbourhood wet markets. But you know what I love best about wet markets? Being able to buy small amounts of ingredients. So you spend less and waste less! And if you’re a regular patron of a stall, make friends with the owner! You might get special discounts on your purchases. Hair this shiny and beautiful needs tons of conditioner. And hair this black needs lots of hair dye. Lucky for us, there are health and beauty stores all over the island that charge way less, and I mean way less for any toiletries and beauty products as compared to the big chains. Don’t be surprised to find your favourite toiletries and beauty products going for far cheaper than the regular selling price. And this is our final secret for today. After a long day of shopping, it’s time for us to head home. But we have even more secrets to save on your grocery bill, so keep a lookout for the next episode by subscribing to GoBearTV right now so you won’t miss it. And if you have any grocery bill-saving secrets of your own, don’t forget to share in the comments below. Until next time, Bye bye!

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