Good Girls – Ruby Is Packing Serious Heat (Episode Highlight)

I don’t get it.
I thought we were connecting. I mean, I was so nice. – All right, well,
nice isn’t gonna cut it. both: Whoa! – Are you serious?
Don’t point that at me. – Relax. I’m just gonna scare
him a little. – Damn, gangsta.
– Relax. – Who are you? – I’ll be right back. [funky music] ♪ So, Mike, my friends–
[gunshot] – Oh, my god!
– [screaming] [both screaming] [all screaming] – [screaming] – Oh, my God!
– You shot him! – I didn’t mean to! – I thought you said
it wasn’t loaded! – There must have been
one in the chamber! – You shot me in the foot!
– I’m so sorry! – Oh, Big Mike!
– What can I do? – Stay away from me.
Just stay away from me! Take what you came for
and get out of here. The box is in back that way. – Okay, come on.
– Okay. – [whimpering] – Forgive me, Lord Jesus.
Have mercy on me. I did not mean
to shoot that man. I pray to Thee for forgiveness
for all my past transgressions. – It just needs a Band-Aid.
It was a graze. – In the foot. – He’s being a baby.
He’s gonna live. – May not walk again,
but– – He’s about to get
the best free care socialized medicine can buy.
– We should all be so lucky. – I shot a man.

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  3. A E M T says:

    I just love her face xD i cried the first time i watched this.

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  7. Lorna Levi shoeswomen says:

    why the sister have to have the gun ahhh

  8. Kyra says:

    LMAOOO the repetitive screaming

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